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  1. I had to have a Diaphamy done and few months back as my cells were changing. Haven't had sex since the operation so i'm not sure if that was the real problem.
  2. My ex cheated on me 6 years ago and he had a cheek to come back into my life a month ago asking me back i say NO thanks. You will never trust him again. I wouldn't
  3. Why would he see a prostitue. I think thats very sad if people do that.
  4. I agree Batya33 - i remember when things used to be so easy when i was much younger. Getting in a relationship is so hard
  5. Thanks people! Haven't been to the gym for a while now. Bet get back and lift some heavy weights for my chicken legs before the summer comes.
  6. So sorry my thoughts are with you
  7. You should repeat affirmations at least 100 times a day, 3 isn't enough or even write them down 100 times. I love and approve of myself I feel good about myself I am safe etc
  8. I have been used for sex many times Does hurt and makes you wonderful does anyone want me for who i am? Guess i'm not going to give in anymore and if they want me they must wait
  9. When i have a guy in my life who knows they feel the same way about me thats when my confident person and yes it does make me feel really happy. But when i'm alone i feel low and ugly. It's not good to be this way be need to feel happy being on our own instead of depending on people.
  10. awwwwwwww poor cat! My cat died last year and he had to be put down. Really miss him What's wrong with your cat? Can't they do anything what so ever? Maybe take him to another vet
  11. Hate being alone too by hey that's life. Lot's of people out there it's just finding the one you want ;-)
  12. For the past week haven't been feeling very good with myself. Men disapear from my life, they never want to stick around no one than a week. Don't feel as confident as a used to and it's worrying me so much. Has anyone noticed if you feel ugly and you go out you don't get much attention from the oppisite sex or if you feel good within your like a magnet?
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