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  1. Oh good lord, well I got some info off the web {thankyou Bill Gates for the web} and I've taken two baby asprin and took a hot bath...just gonna take a couple asprin every few hours like it sais on the bottle, get some sleep {to minimize pressure to the tush} and pray that my bum gets better. If it's not better in two days {maybe counting today maybe not depending how I feel when 'the moment' comes} Then I guess I'll have to tell my mom *shudders* I thought only old people got these damn things! Then hopefully I'll get some sort of cream or something....bah. If not then more drastic{sp?} measures will have to be taken...oh good lord. Never even thought something like this was possible...In the words of John Cleece: "What a stupid problem to have, yes it's a valid problem, but it's so stupid!" *sigh* thanks bunches mates you've been very helpful
  2. Hello all, I'm so pissed off\totally embarrassed right about now, I got a hemeroid. I don't know what the hell to do, and it really stings. Do they go away by themselfs? {Please God please!} or is this something I have to get looked at by a doctor...*cry* So embarr * * *ing. {Well if you don't laugh you cry ya' know?} I'm sorry to bug people with this embarrassing problem, but I don't want to tell anybody else if I can bloody well avoid it. {So I post it on the World Wide Web? Go figure.} Does anyone know what the best way to handle this is? Thanks -Gunther
  3. Girls calling guys is fine, if it's two days after he was supposed to call you, then call him. I'd be thrilled if a girl called me...then again I don't know any girls.
  4. She may just be upset at the moment, and just needs a day or two to cool down, but yes try to explain to them what is wrong and why you did whatever it was. Then if she isn't big enough to accept your apology then that's the way things go sometimes.
  5. The mind you must understand doesn't want two things, it does not want to be hurt and it does not want to be embarrassed. It would appear you are almost certainly embarrassed by something, whether it be your weight, the way they might react to what you say or do, or the way you dress, I'd be willing bet that your embarrassed about something, as a result you fear you will be hurt either emotionally, mentally, or physically. It is not at all uncommon for these things to manifest into panic attacks. That would be my advice, so -if- I'm right then all you need to do is find what embarrasses you and eliminate it. Hope that helps. Of course if this is not an option, maybe just have to learn to live with it, it's all a state of mind mate, gotta roll with it sometimes. Best of luck!
  6. My advice does not change based on what you have told me. He has no intention of ever letting you see his parents, or getting married to you. You obviously sense a problem in the relationship or you would not be asking for validation from this forum. I'm familiar with this type of relationship, and it isn't a pleasent one. I can't tell you to do something, but I can tell you if I were you, I would try to find a new relationship. It really has nothing to do with you doing anything wrong, I think he is just using you. Perhaps for sex, or perhaps as a crutch. But either way, you deserve to be treated as a lady, not as an object such as a crutch.
  7. If a child is told to go to his room with his sibling, and the sibling leaves, would not the other child leave? If he left you behind, then why should you wait for him to return? If he had intended to take the relationship further, he would at least proclaim his love twords you. It would be ill-adviced to tell you to stay in this relationship.
  8. Gaydar is only a suspicion of gayness in people. Most times it is neither confirmed nor denied, so the people only claim to have it. Anyone can tell if you catch them at the right time. It's not impossible that he changed his mannerisms around you to negate the idea of him being gay. Perhaps because he values your opinion, and didn't want you to think less of him because he was gay, until he told you himself.
  9. Life is like a ladder, those who are above pull others to there own level. When there is no ladder, you must make your own. Feelings rule many men, when what they do not realize is that they rule there feelings. If one chooses to find contentment one makes his own and pulls themself to a higher level. Try to find contentment in your life, then try to elevate yourself by doing things you find enjoyable. I truly hope you can find contentment, even if it is in the smallest of things.
  10. Well, I had a similar question a couple years back, it was suggested to me to make a CD of music she likes. It doesn't say that your together, because it was obvious we wern't, but it made her feel special on her birthday. Not for everyone, but it's a gift that can't really backfire on you.
  11. Though there is validity to what eternal has said, allow me to offer you a different view on it. The main thing here, is everything you are attempting socially has become so easy that you find no interest in it. This was pretty much spelled out by you already. The only logical solution is to find a challenge. sense you are a sociologist, I'm sure you know that happiness in humans is often defined by pain. To find happiness one must first suffer for the end result. This may seem mechanical to you, but it's how it is done. For instance you stated that you liked that girl that you work with, you failed that challenge by not getting her to talk to you first. Now if she had, that would have brought you great happiness wouldn't it? You hopefully know I'm not just picking at the wound of her not talking to you first, the point is that having that girl talk to you first would have brought you happiness, but she didn't. thereforeee there is still some aspect of social interaction you don't comprehend, or at least cannot manipulate fully. Which is a good thing. Humans need to have challenges or things that they can't comprehend or life looses interest. { But I don't know if it's just you and me or you, me, and everyone else; but I don't think that it would be that hard for me to get laid every night by a different girl, if I were truly inclined to do so. When a woman goes to a bar or a club, they arn't coming for the free peanuts. They are coming for the beer and the guys. Now you sound pretty smart, but this may all well just be drunk talk. But it sounds like you really just need to find a girl, who you can't just jump into bed with. Maybe you should try more sophisticated girls? maybe someone in college that can understand more of what your putting down. But try to stay away from the co-ed dorm rooms.
  12. I would just get out of this relationship while you can, this guy doesn't sound like good news to me. He's very likely to cheat on you if he was trying to see you while he was still married to his wife. I just wouldn't trust him, just my opinion.
  13. Okay, here is a tip, if 'he' is going to have sex, and knows it before hand try to masturbate about a half-hour before it makes it harder to ejaculate the second time around, and it will make 'him' last longer. It works on a degrading scale to....according to a friend of mine that is. lol
  14. Do not be ashamed to state the way you feel, as opposed to what you think, sometimes men have to be told. Some of us arn't the brightest creatures when it comes to love, and need to have things put bluntly to us. If however you liked him that much, why didn't you choose to try to be with him? It is true you can't make anyone feel a certain way, but you can influence him, and show him, that you are the woman for him. Perhaps if you just approach him and try to find common grounds you may build on that. Show him you have some of the same interests, and try to do things with him that you both enjoy. Then maybe you can end up being very happy together.
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