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  1. i find it difficult to believe that those that have never walked in these shoes could ever fully understand what this is like. but really...i think it would be impossible for you to not understand certain aspects. it's still strange for me to talk about this. there are very few people that seem to get it. a choice in itself. to get it...is to open one's being to that same vulnerability. perhaps i've been conditioned by the general reaction. there are ALWAYS undertones that this whole process was a choice. alas, to choose misery would be a madness. in some respects...it was a choice. the in
  2. so my ex boyfriend which whom we i was trying to get back together a few weeks back, but because i was being stubborn and taking baby steps and being a little unconsiderate at the moment he decided i was being toxic and not giving him peace, so he told me to give him some space and not call him back till he got over how i treated him. Now he has a new girlfriend and i texted him asked him is he was happy and he told me "i am in peace which is the most important to him" my respose was the next: i am not going to lie to you it hurts a lot and i dont know when its gonna stop hurtin
  3. My boyfriend and I spent the weekend with each other last week and we had a really good time. He dropped me off, kissed me goodbye and that's the last I heard from him. He usually goes a couple days without messaging me because he gets caught up in work but when I would call it would go straight to voicemail. I had my friends try and call him to which he would decline the call but he texted one of my friends asking who it was so this is the only way I knew he was still alive. We hadn’t gotten into any arguments before he left but when I try to communicate with him on different social media’s h
  4. Greetings! I have read several articles and seen YouTube videos advising to NOT reach out to an ex on Christmas or the Holiday Season. However, my goal is not to get my ex-wife back, but simply to re-establish a bridge of communication for a potential friendship in the long-term. I absolutely have no intentions in a long-term reconciliation. A bit of history: my ex-wife left me 5.5 years ago to ''find herself'' after a 6-year marriage (she has been single since then). We have been divorced now for 3.5 years and have been in No Contact for nearly 2 years. She is still single, bitter, and
  5. Hi I'm from the UK, in my early 20s and male. I've wanted to try and reach out about how I've been feeling for a long time now but never quite found the courage. The main feeling is just of a never-ending sadness and just feeling lost and lonely. My life has no direction, sure I have a career ahead of me and that's great but the rest of my life, the personal side, there's just nothing. I never have anything to look forward to, there's never anything exciting happening, I'm uninterested in everything and every conversation and I'm always worrying and worrying about the tiniest of problems
  6. Could my friend be nuts? He said he believed he was being gangstalked? What can I say besides it sounds absolutely bizzare first of all and hard to believe. He was offended and upset after I suppose my reaction wasnt understanding at all, but he was so sad the last time I seen him, I feel bad and like im wrong? What can I do.
  7. I just need some fresh eyes on this because I am pretty upset and depressed and in a tail spin. My daughter, grandson and I rented a home together to cut back on expenses. We had spoken about buying a home together but wanted to wait a year or two to get some money saved for a down payment. At the time, she just started a new job in town and it was a great job at that. I was working Full Time too. We've lived here for 2 years now and its actually been okay. Its been nice for me to have people around and spend time with my grandson that is now a young teen. When it was time to sign
  8. I work with this very shy girl and she’s extremely confusing and hard to read. We sit near each other and she stares at me all the time. Like ALL the time. From where I sit I can clearly see her in my side vision, without looking directly at her, and she’s constantly staring at me. When she gets up from her desk, when she sits back down, when she walks to the printer, when she gets a coffee, or whatever, she sneaks glances or just outright stares at me. And if I look up and catch her eye, she’ll often hold my gaze or will sometimes blush and look away. It’s so frequent that when
  9. I was supposed to meet my best friend.Today she wrote to me that she doesn’t know when she’ll be able to meet because she has a serious problem that she doesn’t want to talk to me about. Im sad and I’m worried about her. I thought we were telling each other everything.I don’t know what to answer her.
  10. To A Stranger... Many years ago, I did not recognize the person in the mirror. The reflection seemed almost transparent as if I could see right through it. I did not want to see myself as “broken” though my heart knew the truth despite my brain telling me that it isn’t really over. You can hide from your friends, family and sometimes co-workers but you can’t hide from yourself. This is a tough pill to swallow because no one wants to feel vulnerable. When your heart has been broken, you have to find once again what was originally you. You have spent so much time, love and energ
  11. so me and mf have been together for almost a year , we met off of tinder and obviously it was physical at first , he always told me i had an amazing body but never really said anything abt my face , which was kind of a let down ( my bf is a model also lol) , ive noticed that he rarely compliments me and i mean rarely , but yet i compliment him all the time , he works out a lot so he often asks me how he looks pretty much like 10x a day NO JOKE , i take pictures of him , i hype him up , i make sure he feels very good abt himself psychically because he can get insecure but he never does that for
  12. Background story: Me and my girlfriend met September 2019 at a party because we started at the same class at the same university. At this party we were together with a lot of people from our class. We talked and so on. The next weeks we talked more and more on snapchat and hit it off. I said i liked her and she really liked me back, but every time we were supposed to meet I didn’t answer the phone and sometimes i didn’t show up. I know it was really awful and mean and I regret it so much. She still liked me and i also liked her but she ended up stopped talking to me a couple of times becaus
  13. Background story: Me and my girlfriend met september 2019 at a party. We talked and so on. The next weeks we talked more and more on snapchat and hit it off. I said i liked her and she really liked me back, but everytime we were suppose to meet i didnt answer the phone and sometimes i didnt show up. I know it was really awful and mean and i regret it so much. She still liked me and i also liked her but she ended up blocking me a couple of times because of what i was doing. I totally understand that. I still wrote to her that i liked her and she really liked me to she said. Now its oktober
  14. Hi everyone, I have been hanging out with this guy over the last couple of months. We get along really well and I would really like to start a relationship with him. When I talked about it with him he told me that we would never work out because we were too different. I was a bit shocked at first because we got along so well and we were even behaving like a couple already. It just didn't make much sense to me. I was talking to him a few days ago on the phone. He told me that the main reason that he didn't want a relationship with me was the fact that I often didn't answer his questi
  15. I posted the other day at probably the lowest point for me since the very abrupt end of my relationship with my fiancé. He has ghosted me since the split which was driving me insane as all I wanted was some answers. Well today I got what I wanted but not in the way of hoped. He still had no answers but did not struggle to attempt to make me feel bad for him. It was all about him. How he feels (without even telling me how he feels), how I'm being unreasonable when expressing my sadness over the situation and how I have no understanding of who he is as a result. He was simultaneously trying to
  16. So, I met this girl at the beginning of october last year and we went on weekly dates untill the end of the year when I asked her 2 days before new year to be exclusive. She said yes, but we kept taking it slowly and I was happy with the way things were going. We were together for about a month and a half and then she hit me with "I'm not over my ex" thing. I wished her all the best and went completely NC from that moment on. Today I went with my friends to the city where she is originally from and I have seen her holding a hand of a guy and something in me crushed. I just feel really sad abo
  17. Or did you ever? I'm genuinely curious. It's been about 7 months NC for me now, and I'm coming to terms with the fact that I think she'll always have a spot in my heart and I just have to accept that. Admittedly, 7 months isn't a long time in the grand scheme of things so I could easily be very wrong, who knows... which is why I wanted to start this thread and hear other people's stories. I've lied to myself daily and told myself that I'm over the whole thing, but if I'm honest, I'm so not. Sure I'm moving on in all the right ways and I feel better about it, but I still think abo
  18. I am 16 currently a sophomore in high school. As a high schooler I make a lot of dumb choices. A few weeks back me and my ex girlfriend had oral sex in the back of her car. I was crossed faded and I believe this lead me to film her without her permission. Ever since then I never felt so ty about myself. I want to everything in my power to get back with her because IÂ’ve never been happier with someone. After that event happened she broke up with me. We continue to text daily and still have normal conversations. I have apologized everyday since (because I regret doing it). I feel like she st
  19. Hi! Gonna try getting this as short as possible. I will really appreciate all input. I've been best friends with my sister a big part of my life. But a few years back she just quit answering my calls, text, and would never call back. She got a new friend (which I was happy about, no bad feelings because we had an unbreakable bond) and it was when she started seeing this new friend she dissapeared on me. A few months later my life got really difficult because of my anxiety getting worse. I fell into servere depression.I would tell her how I felt and I how I just wanted some support and someone
  20. My story: Was dumped 5 months ago, after a 6,5 yrs together. He was 6 yrs younger than me, and quite the introvert, insecure type. Always had issues with communication, and some anxiety problems, but nothing that made him isolated. I loved him, I helped him, supported him. Helped him write his bachelors, helped him apply for his job. We were very close with his family, and he grew up in a farm where we spent all of the past summers. He told me he didn’t love me “like that” anymore. 3weeks after we broke up, and 2weeks after I moved out, there suddenly was another girl, a coworker. So I g
  21. TL;DR: I left my girlfriend of a year and half because I was unhappy doing long distance to the point that it gave me major anxiety. However, I regret leaving her but she's dating someone else now and I can't seem to move on. Long version (if you have the time please read this): So, I was in a relationship for a year and a half with this amazing girl. We met in February of 2017 and dated till about August 2017. Then came the time for me to move abroad to study for a 2 year masters degree. At this point I decided to break up with her because I had done long distance before but it wasn't
  22. I've known a guy for years through choir. He gave me his number a while back but we wanted different things and he wasn't clear about his situation ie whether he married or not. So I told him stop the texting and contact. He never arranged to meet me in public and when I suggested dates he refused to meet me. Said he too busy. He was lazy and everything was on his terms. Then wanted to send me rude pics. Then he sent me one through an app though I said no. I think he was trying to push me into sleeping with him which i just didn't. I am now sad. Sad because I thought he was nice and genuine.
  23. Hello, I am very sad that my sister has decided to cut me out of her life. It happened after I sent her a message from my older sister who she is not talking to.i told my older sister I do not want to get involved and she started crying and said ‘I don’t care about her and you will just side with that sister’. My older sister has tried to message her regarding her issue but the other sister just doesn’t respond. Also she brought up this issue of childhood abuse that she brought up and I said I didn’t want to rehash the past and she hit the roof. I’ve tried many years being there and fi
  24. i am a kind of person who loves to share everything with his partner especially those sad moments because i believe this is why we are there for each other, but in fact my partner doesn't do that most of the time so he would rather keep it to himself or share it later with me when it's over and no longer matters! i do push him to open up to me and to start sharing because i really care and feels that this would make him feel better. however, he is unsatisfied with what i usually do. so lately i had these thoughts that im not that person he really wants and maybe he deserves someone who's be
  25. I don’t know what to do in my current relationship or what more can I do. Normally I try to talk things out if there’s anything wrong so it doesn’t build up for either of us so.If I try to talk things out calmly to even giving him space or ignoring him I get yelled at and he’ll continue being angry as well as cold to me. I’ll admit I’m not perfect I’ve snapped once or twice for a split moment, out of hurt but instantly apologized after. That of course made him even more angry with me but I can’t seem to be able to talk to him, the only time he isn’t angry or yelling at me is whenever I act hap
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