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  1. Okay soooo, I have known my current boyfriend for over 10 years. We have been the best of friends since we were 13. We have only been dating though for the last 9 months or so. But before that, he always had girlfriends as long as I have known him. He was in a serious relationship for 6 years. Dating a lot of girls before and after her, slept around a little etc. he has NEVER given off a single gay tendency to me, never seemed attracted to men, never showed a single sign. We got into a relationship last summer and moved in together. I went through his phone one night and there was a gay dating
  2. I've known him 10 years (knew him before prison). We recently reconnected. He's in prison for a non violent crime (no lectures about him being a 'bad' person pls) and has five more years. For the past year we've been talking he doesn't act sexual or romantic. When he tries it sounds awkward and fake. Whenever I confront him (wudnt a prisoner be horny as h*ll?) he says hes 'scared' to seem like hes just after me for my body. It just doesn't seem normal to me. He's hinted that he got 'VERY' close with his cellmate, and is depressed this guy left, but won't elaborate. He seemed straight when
  3. Sorry for my long post. I’m hoping you can take the time to read. Sorry for my bad grammar. I use to be fat. Really fat as a young adult. Actually all my life I’ve been fat. I was 390 pounds. I didn’t care about my looks. so now I went from 390 pounds to 185 pounds. Diabetes free. No more high blood pressure. All I did was change my diet and the way I was eating. I stood positive and motivated. The reason why it took me long to lose weight because of my ADHD. I was having a hard time understanding the labels behind foods and calories/Carbs. It took me awhile but I did it. I’
  4. Disclaimer... my spell check add-on doesn't work on this forum and I'm about to leave for work so I don't have time to re-read everything. If there are mistakes, sorry. My birthday, my Mom's birthday, and my brother's birthday all fall within a week of each other. So my family usually gets together for dinner sometime that week to celebrate. Well, that get together is happening this weekend. My brother and my Mom have both met my girlfriend in passing. They haven't really hung out with her though, it was just a quick Hi nice to meet you kind of thing when they were at my house.
  5. I am a 45 year old woman professional and in great shape. I recently met a 23 year old male at a restaurant that I frequent (he works there) and he has been pursuing me. At first I was bit freaked about the age difference, but now find him quite attractive. Im really out of the dating game, but want to check this guy out. My last relationship was with a man, similar to my age who is gay and has never come out. Im looking to have some fun and enjoy life while you can in these crazy Covid times. I find engaging with this man a little odd. Is this what 23 year old do? FaceTime f
  6. Recently I found out that my boyfriend has hooked up with men (well at least 1). Not proud of this, but I went through my boyfriends facebook messages and found messages to a guy back when he was in high school saying he was single and talking about hooking up. We are in our mid-twenties, and there has been nothing since that I saw. I am so disturbed mostly because he has been hiding this from me. I do feel like he is attracted to me and we have a good sex life, but I can't shake this conversation I read. I am ashamed of violating his privacy so I would like to just put this behind me and n
  7. My husband and I have been together 2 1/2 years, we have a beautiful daughter together! I recently caught him pegging himself in our bathroom, which wasn't so surprising to me as he did tell me he did that when we started dating! anyways recently we been getting into arguments because I was being the bread winner when he was making mire money than I was! found out he was doing drugs and that did not sit well with me, we have a 18 month old daughter, and I have 2 boys from my previous marriage! He started segregating himself and locking himself away in the garage/mancave! I started getting susp
  8. This is a can of worms. A massive can of worms for me that has stems from years of contemplation, anxiety, and therapy. I'm a guy. And I'm into (select guys). I am open and loving of people of all sexuality, but when it comes to myself, I can never accept myself for who I am. I have always wanted to just be in the group of normal straight teens who like girls, but wouldn't actively consider being with a male. I dare never to hate someone because they are gay, but deep down in myself I really don't like that I am attracted to other guys. I've dated a few guys and have done a little more wit
  9. Met a guy at an open mic night about a month go, who was very unambiguously into me at the start and asked me to ask him out. I thought he had a nice face and I was a bit interested but he's not my usual type and I was still shaking interest in someone else. On our first date he concluded I wasn't interested in him and wasn't worth it, I walked away with the opposite impression and wanted to see more. Next time I saw him in the first 5 minutes he'd told me I don't know what punk music and, upon hearing that I'd gotten a bad performance review from work that I alienate people (totally not th
  10. My husband is an alcoholic. According to his family its been so for a long time. He has on many occasions promised to stop and has stopped briefly but it never lasts. Goes off for hours lying about where he is, hiding drinking, etc He can see no issue with his actions and I am worried he is gaslighting me by normalising his behaviour and making me out to be at fault. He had a long term younger female 'friend' . former employee, who he used to go out drinking with and a gay friend the same age. The female friend nonsense came to a head a few times he could not see her behaviour even though ever
  11. Me and my boyfriend have been together for about a month now (I know not that long) and we have run into problems. I seem to never be able to get a hold of him and he ignores my texts and calls. I have panic disorder (he is aware) and it results in me having panic attacks and crying myself to sleep at night. I told hin that we were done but now I am trying to figure out a way to fix things. I asked him if we can talk about things in person and have gotten, to no surprise, no response. I need to save my relationship but have no idea how to do so. Some additional information: I will be 17 soo
  12. I’ve been dating this guy for 1.5 years. He’s 34 and I’m 26, he’s had several girlfriends in the past that didn’t work out for him which I’ve alwsys wondered why. He’s good looking, has his career set, educated, well spoken, has tons of hobbies and friends. I also liked that he didn’t talk to other women, look at pics or porn. He claimed he rarely masturbated as well and our sex life was great!! The other day, however, I found a large chest full of realistic looking dildos, massively sized and of different colors (bbc included). There were at least 15 of them in this box.. I confronted him
  13. I've been with my boyfriend for 2,5 years, and we've been living together for about 1,5 of those. Like every couple, we've had ups and downs, but by far this is the best guy I've ever been with, and I really saw my future with him. Today we watched a documentary together about straight camps and conversion therapy, and it's a subject that's touchy for him. He grew up in a very religious household, and coming out and coming to terms with his sexuality has not been an easy process for him. As a joke I asked him if he would remove his sexuality if he could, and he replied and he replied "who
  14. My wife and I have been married for over a year after dating for two years. We met online and found out we practically lived across the street from each other. We are both mid 30s and don't really have any arguments What are your thoughts here... am I at fault or is this 'normal' and I'm just making a big deal over nothing? So we were just chatting on the couch and she mentioned doing a cycling thing with a (gay) friend of hers. I said it was a little inconsiderate of her to just plan something with him because it has often happened in the past where they go and do their thing and I
  15. A little bit of a backstory, my boyfriend of a year was over and took a shower and I tapped his phone to check the time when I saw he had a message from someone on Kik. Knowing what most people use Kik for I got a bad feeling and decided to go and get my phone and download the app, sync my contacts and boom. Underwear pictures for both his profile and background picture and his username was saying hes a bottom. I obviously get upset but being timid I kinda rush to get him back to his house and talk to him over text (might be weird to some of you but my anxiety will get so bad I legitimately wo
  16. I've been feeling really confused. I'm 23, female, and recently got out of a relationship with my ex-boyfriend. I truly loved him, and we had a great sex life for about the first year. However, over the last several months I started to have a lot of questions about my sexuality. I fantasized about sex with a woman sometimes while we were having sex, and sometimes while masturbating as well. It impacted our sex life because I started to feel like there is this whole other side of me that I haven't explored and don't understand, and I felt like I needed to explore it. I decided to try to call
  17. I’m a heterosexual male and I have a gf who I’m very close too. I enjoy anal stimulation and my girl friend has done it for me. It started of as just anal but now I get these crazy dreams where I am dressed as a female (sometimes) giving oral and engaging in same sex anal. I have urges to want to do more than what she can give me. does that make me gay. Even though I love her to death and want a future with kids and her. What might the dreams mean? What should I do?
  18. I have been dating my boyfriend for just about 9 months now. I am 23 and he is 25. Going into the relationship I was a virgin and he was not. He was single for a long time, basically 20-25, and in that time he went through hell. Battling drug addiction, getting kicked out of school, the loss of several loved ones, severe mental health issues. He comes from a broken home and two fathers who both abandoned him. I have diagnosed OCD and am being eaten alive by retroactive jealousy in what has amounted to my absolute worst fears in a relationship. I knew all of this going into it and was okay with
  19. I have been through so much in my life. 1. I am a victim of abuse and because of that I am unable to stand on my own two feet because whenever I see a powerful authority figure, I run away. I was slapped hard when I was little for all the little things I did and as a result, I don't have the mental capacity to defend myself and physically. I was slapped, beaten, threatned, verbally abused, locked into a room by my uncle, my mother and father - all because I didn't do what they asked to do. This might be what you call childish or naive but when you have been physically tormented, it affects
  20. My fiance broke up with me this week. I am destroyed honestly. He told he thinks he's gay and he needs to explore his feelings. I'm trying to be understanding because I love him but it hurts so much. We never fought. We were perfect for each other. We lived in an apt together and the past few months we started looking for a house. We found the perfect house. He started becoming distant and I thought it was just stress which he agreed. I thought things would get better once we finished moving. He put the house all in his name because I have little to no credit and he makes more money. I h
  21. Hey y’all. Ive been with my boyfriend for a little over a year now. We are in a long distance relationship but spend a few months together, and a few months apart. He says I’m the one and he wants to get married, have a kid, provide for our future family & talks about our future often. I really love him too and this may be the healthiest relationship I’ve ever had buttt he is far from your average male & theres some BIG questions I sometimes have about his sexuality. Its confusing because he lives in a very liberal society (more so than mine relatively) with a lot of openly gay peop
  22. Hi guys, I recently joined here to talk about my recent break up and to hopefully help me with my journey of moving on. I'm sorry if this post is a long one but I'm seeking any advice anyone may have. I am a gay man who was dumped by my ex of 1 year 3 months ago. When we first met I felt an instant connection with him and quickly fell in love with him. He was everything that I had been searching for in a partner. Kind, thoughtful, respectful and deep. Things were so good in the beginning of the relationship. Text book perfect in fact. Slowly things began to change around the 7 month mark
  23. Basically this is how I feel sorry for how bad the English is going to be when I get angry I start to talk abit weird but you should be able to understand, and the spell check on my phone is abit weird in some parts but you'll get the jist, I just don't know what to do have a read - I don't get it serious yea I try bare hard and want to speak to her and see her but get constantly get shutdown now her phones broke so I can't speak to her for however long and she won't dm me instead cause that just won't happen I just want to know what to do man why can she just take me I swear there's somethi
  24. My very good friend Jack has been openly gay for a few years now. He as always been affectionate towards me. Now, I never noticed that he is this way with his other friends. Recently we have been spending quite a good amount of time together, almost like co-dependents. We have spent many nights together in the same bed in the past. It has never been for anything more than companionship. Well one night a few weeks ago, we were in his bed and not snuggling like we sometimes end up doing, which has always been very innocent. This time it was dark and I had my back to him about to slip into sleep
  25. I hope this is the most appropriate forum to post it. I’m going to tell you something that never told anyone in my whole life. I think I can do it because English is not my first language. I fell in love for first time before the age of 6. That would not be so bad, if not for the recipient of my love was another boy. Although I realized that was not totally normal, I was not too concerned. Time was passing by and I kept falling in love. At my teens I fell in love with a girl too. But most of my platonic loves were for boys. When I got 25, a girl was set at me. I agreed with it because I
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