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  1. From childhood I have doubt in my gender , at first I thought it's temporary , I have always treated like a boy thanks to my dad , I won't blame him but he was the reason I have a question mark infront of my gender , forcing me to address my gender as a boy and think like a boy , I think he wanted me to be more confident but it just made things worse Now I am stuck in between being a girl and a boy , I have no interest in girly things and act like a girl ,at first I thought I am just a Tom boy but this desire of changing my gender end me up in several depressing episodes , I recently cut my hair and I liked it . But here is the thing I like boys ! If I am a boy am I gay,now I just adresse myself as gender fluid but no desire of being girl , and my pronounce are he/her . Am I gay or straight What to do next 😞💔
  2. I was out with my friends at a gay bar in my hometown in California, A super cute boy approached me and asked to dance. We kissed and exchanged social media and left. He was from a different state about 600 miles away, and he was just visiting for the weekend. He asked if he could take me out on a date and I said I would love that. We met on a Saturday and planned our date for Monday but we ended up going back to the same bar and seeing each other again the next day on Saturday. We spent the whole night together, dancing, kissing and flirting. We went our separate ways, he was staying with a friend and I was staying with my parents (we are both 21 and In college). The next day we had our date and I picked him up and took him to a pretty spot on the beach and we had a great time, we ended the night with some of my friends at my friends apartment because it was near where he was staying. We planned on seeing eachother one more time before he left, I was going to take him to the airport. I picked him up for the airport at 7:30 AM and we got coffee and cuddled in my car and kissed again before he left. We made plans to see eachother again, he wanted me to come with him to Hawaii, Coachella, New York all this! We kept talking on snapchat for a week and a half after he left, flirting and giving eachother compliments, asking about eachothers day and everything. Then, one day two weeks into talking, everything just changed. He became super dry, stopped asking about my day and giving me compliments. I started getting super insecure, I thought "am I not good enough?" "Did I do something wrong?" "Is this normal for a long distance situationship. I never truly planned on dating him, he lived 600 miles from me, I just wanted him to be someone I can see again when he comes back to California (he says he comes to my hometown every month or so) or maybe travel together with this summer. It seems like he has lost interest, but I might just be overthinking. We still talk, he never leaves me on read, but its just dry. I want to be able to have my hot boy summer, dating around and meeting new boys with no strings attatced (and im not necessarily talking about sex, thats not very important to me)but he is the only boy I am talking to at the moment so he is all I think about. All my friends say I need to give him the same energy he is giving me, but I dont want to lose the possibility of seeing him again. He is so cute, smart, fun and sweet. What should I do?Should I try to plan something for him to come visit or should I let him make the move? Help!!!
  3. I've known him 10 years (knew him before prison). We recently reconnected. He's in prison for a non violent crime (no lectures about him being a 'bad' person pls) and has five more years. For the past year we've been talking he doesn't act sexual or romantic. When he tries it sounds awkward and fake. Whenever I confront him (wudnt a prisoner be horny as h*ll?) he says hes 'scared' to seem like hes just after me for my body. It just doesn't seem normal to me. He's hinted that he got 'VERY' close with his cellmate, and is depressed this guy left, but won't elaborate. He seemed straight when we were together, although he always loved jelly jars in his butt. He says hes a 'dom'. Could he feel emasculated? He does seem depressed and has a lot of health problems (he weighs 450 pounds). Do I just ask outright are you gay? He could just not like me anymore but hes not interested in other women either. I'm slim and cute lol. One reason I ask is I don't want to get HIV when he gets out.
  4. My husband and I have been together 2 1/2 years, we have a beautiful daughter together! I recently caught him pegging himself in our bathroom, which wasn't so surprising to me as he did tell me he did that when we started dating! anyways recently we been getting into arguments because I was being the bread winner when he was making mire money than I was! found out he was doing drugs and that did not sit well with me, we have a 18 month old daughter, and I have 2 boys from my previous marriage! He started segregating himself and locking himself away in the garage/mancave! I started getting suspicious and went through his phone, there were tonnes of gay porn, tranny porns on his devices! there was also gay apps to which he was trying to get hook ups with men! he told them he was a closeted bi looking tor FWB & PNP! I confronted him and he says he has never been with any other than me and that he would never cheat on me! technically he cheated when he started putting himself out there
  5. My wife and I have been married for over a year after dating for two years. We met online and found out we practically lived across the street from each other. We are both mid 30s and don't really have any arguments What are your thoughts here... am I at fault or is this 'normal' and I'm just making a big deal over nothing? So we were just chatting on the couch and she mentioned doing a cycling thing with a (gay) friend of hers. I said it was a little inconsiderate of her to just plan something with him because it has often happened in the past where they go and do their thing and I am lumbered babysitting the gay couple's adopted son. Sometimes this happens with the partner, but often this is just me alone with this kid... and sure, he's a nice kid, but it is the principle that they plan stuff and just assume they'll have a babysitter without asking whether I am ok with it. Anyway, I told her I was upset that she did this again, I wasn't going to be lumbered with babysitting without being asked as I'd made my point clear last time. She told me these were her friends and I wasn't invited. I asked when it was and she told me the date so I looked in our shared calendar and it turns out she had booked FIVE DAYS in Scotland for this event! Not inviting me is one thing, not considering me is another... but not EVEN TELLING ME?! This wasn't her way of telling asking me, this was already done and booked! I told her she was wrong to do that and she just shrugged, hasn't even apologised. I've been working upstairs today when she asked me about lunch and I was a bit distracted. She said "oh you're still in a huff" (words to that effect), and just left... Is this me just being sensitive? ...she did this before to me... she has a female friend that I don't particularly like (sleeps around, a bit immoral) and one day she just says out of the blue "oh Jane is staying over in a few weeks" - our house, again, no discussion or approval.
  6. I've been feeling really confused. I'm 23, female, and recently got out of a relationship with my ex-boyfriend. I truly loved him, and we had a great sex life for about the first year. However, over the last several months I started to have a lot of questions about my sexuality. I fantasized about sex with a woman sometimes while we were having sex, and sometimes while masturbating as well. It impacted our sex life because I started to feel like there is this whole other side of me that I haven't explored and don't understand, and I felt like I needed to explore it. I decided to try to call myself bisexual and see how that felt. Sometimes that felt ok, but then I also began obsessing over the worry that perhaps I'm just gay. Some background; I have anxiety and OCD, and wonder if me obsessing is related to that (HOCD perhaps) or if I'm just blowing up everything in my mind because I've never actually explored being with a woman, so it's all this huge unknown. I know that I have truly enjoyed sex with men in the past, and I've genuinely fallen in love with them. I miss my ex a lot, I still love him even though the relationship ended. I've never had significant feelings for a woman. However, I can't get this fear out of my head that I'm actually just gay or something. I know that I have been experiencing sexual attraction to women. I also know that sexuality if fluid, and perhaps mine is more fluid than others in that I felt very straight for 3 years (from about 19-22). Before that though I did question my sexuality and wondered if I wasn't straight. I always liked men though so it was easy to mostly ignore. Now that all these feelings have come back again I am really confused. I wanted to feel satisfied with my ex, I loved him, but I kept wondering what it would be like to be with a woman. I can't tell if I am just feeling all of this intensified curiosity because I've never been with another woman, or what. I want to learn to accept these feelings in myself. If I was bisexual would it still be normal to feel a need to explore this other side of myself since I have never acted on these thoughts? Any insight or advice would be helpful! :)
  7. A little bit of a backstory, my boyfriend of a year was over and took a shower and I tapped his phone to check the time when I saw he had a message from someone on Kik. Knowing what most people use Kik for I got a bad feeling and decided to go and get my phone and download the app, sync my contacts and boom. Underwear pictures for both his profile and background picture and his username was saying hes a bottom. I obviously get upset but being timid I kinda rush to get him back to his house and talk to him over text (might be weird to some of you but my anxiety will get so bad I legitimately wont be able to speak words). At first he tried to lie and say it was a really old account but I called him out and told him I saw he had notifications from the app. He eventually tells me he was questioning his sexuality and thinks he’s bi but he wants to be with me. Long argument later I tell him i’ll still talk to him but can’t promise I’ll ever trust him or feel the same about him. About a month maybe two go by and he’s a state over visiting family and I’m suspicious and obviously not trusting him still and decide to download Kik again and message his profile just a simple “Hi.” And surprise to me he messaged back all flirty. I text him again beyond hurt and this point and he begs me not to leave and he’ll never do it again. I had gone through hell and back with this boy and didnt want to start over again after I distanced myself from friends and family. So I’m still with him. All of this is making me feel like I’m actually going CRAZY, I’ve downloaded and redownloaded Kik at least 20 times in the past 4 months making sure he hasnt been on that account but he could’ve always gotten a new one and gotten smarter about hiding it... So I started searching names that were similar to his Kik name, Snapchat, Instagram, even his ps4 name. When that wasnt good enough I started looking through gay Kik groupchat members looking for someone that looks like him. I’ve gone through hundreds of groups and profiles not sleeping because of it (tonights episode has me at 5am right now). I feel so paranoid and scared of finding something. But I don’t know what else to do and obviously me not trusting him has effected our relationship, I lash out at him unintentionally because I’m still angry and hurt because of it all. I just can’t get the thoughts of him sending pictures to older men (he’s 17) and the fact he considered himself a bottom. I really dont know how to end this.. So I’ll just say thank you for reading and any advice is much appreciated.
  8. I’m a heterosexual male and I have a gf who I’m very close too. I enjoy anal stimulation and my girl friend has done it for me. It started of as just anal but now I get these crazy dreams where I am dressed as a female (sometimes) giving oral and engaging in same sex anal. I have urges to want to do more than what she can give me. does that make me gay. Even though I love her to death and want a future with kids and her. What might the dreams mean? What should I do?
  9. I have been dating my boyfriend for just about 9 months now. I am 23 and he is 25. Going into the relationship I was a virgin and he was not. He was single for a long time, basically 20-25, and in that time he went through hell. Battling drug addiction, getting kicked out of school, the loss of several loved ones, severe mental health issues. He comes from a broken home and two fathers who both abandoned him. I have diagnosed OCD and am being eaten alive by retroactive jealousy in what has amounted to my absolute worst fears in a relationship. I knew all of this going into it and was okay with it but I did not know the full extent of his sexual history. He lied to me about it and about a week ago I fully found out. Before I go into detail I feel that I should say that he’s been an incredibly loving and kind boyfriend. He’s sweet and does so much for me. He has told me that Im the reason he’s putting his life back together and since we met he’s gotten a job he loves in the career path of his choice, he got a car, he’s going back to school and he’s made progress with his mental health. I feel honored to have been there for him and helped him so much in such a short amount of time and that he would’ve done all of that for me. He has been totally loyal and good to me. What’s eating me up inside though is that in our relationship he definitely seems to prefer topping, while he was almost exclusively a bottom before me. I found out after questioning, which only after going online I realize I shouldn’t have done, that he likes rough and degrading sex and had many casual hookups. He initially told me he’d been with around 10 people. I now know it to be more like 30. This was happening right before we met and had not occurred throughout his adulthood. There were extended periods where he was basically celibate but it seems like when he got out of rehab he used this as another way to fill a void. I’m hurt, ashamed and disgusted by what I know. I don’t understand it at all and can’t seem to get a handle on my thoughts. I know he would send nudes and even had a sex video that he would send to hookups. This has turned into my absolute worst nightmare scenario. He told me the reason he didn’t tell me is because he was ashamed and didn’t want to believe that he really liked those things, or for me to see him in that way. So now I’m also hurt that he wouldn’t tell me and that he didn’t want that with me. I know he did it partly because he was lonely in a new city, he felt isolated and wanted attention and to be wanted. I know that he was in a very difficult time in his life. I can’t stop imagining him being degraded by other people, hookups, and the way that it was rough sex. It’s unimaginable to me that he liked to be degraded by strangers during sex. It feels unbelievable that this has happened and I can’t look at him the same way. I wish so terribly he hadn’t lied and I’d been able to make a choice early on if I wanted to be with him or not. I feel so repulsed and sickened knowing that that happened. My mind is constantly racing, I constantly ache, and I feel totally heartbroken. My OCD has made this a real world nightmare and it’s like I can see and hear all of this going on. I know without a shadow of a doubt that he loves me and I can’t imagine my life without him. I don’t know how to meld his actions with my values however and I also don’t know how to get over everything I now know. I’m literally sickened. I can’t eat and can barely sleep. It’s plaguing me every minute of the day. I’ve lost over 10 pounds in a week because of this and I need help. I need advice on what to do and what to think. How to correct my thoughts and how to come to terms and be able to deal with this. Or if it’s too much for anyone to deal with and I should save us both agony and end things. I’m sure it’s even worse because I have no sexual history of my own but I think it would be difficult for anyone to bear. Please help, any advice and know how is much appreciated.
  10. I have been through so much in my life. 1. I am a victim of abuse and because of that I am unable to stand on my own two feet because whenever I see a powerful authority figure, I run away. I was slapped hard when I was little for all the little things I did and as a result, I don't have the mental capacity to defend myself and physically. I was slapped, beaten, threatned, verbally abused, locked into a room by my uncle, my mother and father - all because I didn't do what they asked to do. This might be what you call childish or naive but when you have been physically tormented, it affects you psychologically and apparently, being a guy, I am being told to suppress my feelings because I have to be the 'tough' guy. No course of justice and I am stuck here hahaha! All I can do is laugh away at the misery of life and then the distance crying starts... As a result of this amount of abuse, who now my parents have started to act all nicely to me, I don't really care anymore about what I want to be. As the years went by, I was bullied at school because kids thought I was gay because I was with my twin brother and we were looking out for each other. It's quite funny that I am as straight as you can be, but I have nothing against gays but in the 90s being gay was considered 'wrong' and it still is. Then I contracted thyphoid from an overseas trip - that was fun Then, I lost the sensation to the left side of my face and my hearing was almost lost Then I ran into a drunk pedestrian which I have to fork out funds to fund my jaw surgery and the insurance company wouldn't cover it. Don't ever hit a pedestrian. I sleep for 3 hours in most nights and have become ultra sensitive to everything and paranoia has set in because of this car accident and no way in hell am I going to take drugs because i know my root of my problems is the jaw. I then get a nasty surprise from simply asking if someone was single and had an order placed against me so I could never contact this person ever again - all because I asked if she was single, and shared a track I made. I know they say that nice guys finish last, but what's wrong with being nice? Now I am scared of even approaching anyone all because I might offend someone - is it because I am not some snobby white collar successful person that's of position of authority? Should I give up finding anyone?
  11. My fiance broke up with me this week. I am destroyed honestly. He told he thinks he's gay and he needs to explore his feelings. I'm trying to be understanding because I love him but it hurts so much. We never fought. We were perfect for each other. We lived in an apt together and the past few months we started looking for a house. We found the perfect house. He started becoming distant and I thought it was just stress which he agreed. I thought things would get better once we finished moving. He put the house all in his name because I have little to no credit and he makes more money. I had a bad feeling about this but he reassured me. The day he closed on the house he broke up with me. I feel betrayed. Did he plan this all along? He says he's only been questioning his sexuality the past couple months and before he was completely attracted to women. He said it's like a switch flipped in his brain and now he's not attracted to women at all. He told me if he doesn't like being with a man that he would call me. I can't handle this pain. I'm really struggling with this new reality.
  12. Hey y’all. Ive been with my boyfriend for a little over a year now. We are in a long distance relationship but spend a few months together, and a few months apart. He says I’m the one and he wants to get married, have a kid, provide for our future family & talks about our future often. I really love him too and this may be the healthiest relationship I’ve ever had buttt he is far from your average male & theres some BIG questions I sometimes have about his sexuality. Its confusing because he lives in a very liberal society (more so than mine relatively) with a lot of openly gay people and fairly non existent gender roles. He is 31 now, so I have no idea why he wouldn’t just be himself/come out if he was. He seems to truly and genuinely love me. Our sex is frequent and good and its obvious that he’s attracted to me as well as other girls... although Ive know very gay men who are wierdly attracted to women too. However, theres a lot of things that most people would find suspicious at best. First thing I noticed about him is he is REALLY into fashion. Now thats of course normal with many straight guys but he will spend loads of money on “fly” outfits. Soft cozy things, silky pink things, sparkly fabrics, and has more shoes than I do. He trims his beard obsessively bc he can’t stand it not looking perfect. He’s a bit ocd though so that could be part of it. But more than just fashion for himself, he’s into dressing me, almost like his own little barbie doll. He has a look that he likes in particular which is this 90s r&b thing and has really tried to steer me in that direction… Some might find this controlling but I don’t really mind that much, actually I think its fun that I can discuss these things with him (like finally a bf that has an opinion), and tend to agree with his taste 98% of the time. I think I look better and have embraced my african heritage a lot more for it… although I think he fetishizes women of color a little because of the music he listens to (I’m mixed race, he’s white) but thats a different topic. Anyway, he is always asking what I will wear when we go out and he REALLY enjoys shopping with me and picking out things for me to try. When he really likes something on me he will offer to pay if I’m even THINKING about not getting it. He even surprises me with me nice/expensive clothes and tells me how amazing I look in them… Although he doesn’t really take me out on dates to wear these clothes, we mostly go out as a group with his friends or work at his house (as freelancers). Although Ive discussed this with him and he apologized and promised he could change... I’m always planning things to do with him when were in my city though and he likes it. Down to every detail he is interested in my appearance wanting me to try certain hairstyles, jewelry, and is even super curious about how I apply my makeup. He even once said he wanted to do my makeup and asked if there was a way he could correct his skin imperfections without it being obvious… I ended up helping him choose a tinted sunscreen haha. Lately he even sometimes helps me reapply my lipliner/lipstick when were out! He doesn’t mind coming into makeup stores with me and giving me his opinions, also buying me stuff sometimes… one time he even tried on a black lipstick himself (I guess for shts and giggles,,, I hope??) He is creative likes to paint my nails with entire detailed scenes on them (actually he’s really good at it!), and even sympathies with me when I break one lol. Another thing is his best friend (who also dates girls and has had ltr's with them). They have been friends since high school so obviously they are very close… So i really don’t know what to think when I find out his friend always wants to sleep over, sleep in the same bed as my bf, and they have even showered together to “save time before going to the club”. Apparently this friend admires my bf’s Dck and has funny nicknames for it!!! Has even asked him if I’m enjoying it !!!! All this my boyfriend has told me voluntarily, but he still prioritizes me above his friends when I’m visiting for those few months. I mean the friend is a bit immature for his age (also 31) but this seems a little bit much to me. Ive asked him point blank in the least judgmental way possible if he’s bi or ever been into guys in any way and he told me no. He’s a really good guy though and I feel we get along great, with a lot in common, but a lot of mixed signals here sexuality wise. Sooo I’m wondering what you guys think. Just some quirks or do you think is he secretly into dudes? Again, I don’t really mind any of this behavior if thats who he is, I just don’t want to be played for a fool and feel that I should have seen it coming.
  13. This weekend a friend and i got drunk ... we are both males and are not gay... as far as we know we got really drunk and decided to go off in diffrent rooms and masterbate... one thing lead to another and we both end up giving each other blow jobs... does this make us what? we both have had girl friends in the past and never usally practice any of this after it was done we realized what we did we talked about it a little bit... and both said we would never speak of this again and coldn't believe what had just happened.... what do i do... now it is kinda of hard talking to him and kinda not are we gay bi or just drunk... doing dumb stuff? -Samsung
  14. I have been dating someone for the past 5 months. We've been through problems, fights, and everything regarding my past. Time and time again we get out of it. There was a time, 2 weeks after we met, when we weren't talking to each other. I went to a club that night adn slept over a guy's house(im gay and im a guy btw). I slept over "Jack"s place. We didn't do anything and I just needed a place to spend the night cuz the club closes at 3:00 a.m. I told "Kirk" this but, he doesnt believe me somehow he can't seem to let go till he has spoken or talked to Jack himself. I don't know where Jack is cuz he left the town and dont know any contact info on him. I was thinking of doing a "test" dump with kirk to see if he does love me. What do you guys think of this? What should i do? I just need input from different people
  15. I am not gay so I want to ask something of people who are homosexual. Many straight people I know are very much repulsed by a homosexual "checking them out." This is natural and expected, since they are attracted to someone of the opposite sex, not the same sex. But for people who are homosexual, say there is a guy who likes another guy (he is gay). What if a girl started checking out the gay guy-WOuld you feel repulsed in the same way a hetrosexual would if a homosexual checked them out? I am straight and don't like gay men checking me out, so if i was gay, i wouldn't want straight women checking me out? Can someone help with this? Like is it the same for homosexuals as for hetrosexuals?
  16. I have been in a relationship for 6-years & we live together. (I am 30) I have been miserable now for 5 years. I don't feel like the relationship is working. She loves me, but I just don't have those same feelings. I have not touched her (meaning sex, kissing) in 5 years. (She wants to have sex but I dont) I fight with her over insignificant things. I have been fantisizing about other woman (noone inparticular, just ones I make up in my head). I just feel like she is controlling. I have no friends. I used to have friends, but they are all gone. I am living a miserable existence. I tell her I need some gay friends & losing weight, but she gets jealous & mad. Saying that I am going to meet someone else & leave her when I lose weight, etc. If I am on the phone or receive a phone call she "jokes" that I am talking to my gf. I have no life. I can't go anywhere alone without her being with me. We don't go out b/c it is a miserable experience. If I talk to other people at a bar (women) she gets upset & starts fighting with me. When I take a day off from work she does to. Isnt it enough that we ar together 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. I need some free time. I want to see other people. I want to know what it is like to be in love. I can't take it anymore. My self-esteem is so low. I am afraid of leaving her. Afraid that I won't meet anyone else. Afraid that I will be alone. I feel old. I feel ugly. I have put on so much weight b/c I am depressed all of the time. I am not blaming her for these issues. She is a great person. I love her like I would love my sister & that is all. I just dont want to be intimate with her b/c I am unattracted to her. I am afraid to break it off. Thinking that I am making a huge mistake. I am posting here b/c I have noone to talk to about this. No friends. My family doesnt know I am gay.
  17. If you are homosexual how do you know? Could you think you are strait but then start to think you are gay? Or do you pretty much know your whole life? Thanks. -Logan
  18. I need help! I was snooping at my boyfriends house today (we are both professionals in our 30's) and I found several pair of womens underwear with stains in them that look like a man had worn them. I also found a box with womens clothes, make-up, and sex toys. In addition, I got on to his internet and found where he had been surfing sites about transvestities, gay and anal things. What should I do...is he gay?? bi???
  19. For those women who have been with guys that later confessed they were really gay, what were the signs? How do you know if the guy you are with is? i know this is a general vague question, but there might be valid signs that i never saw before that i should be seeing.
  20. im so confussed i came out with being by to my friends last year and they made a big deal out of it it got me so upset but now they still go on about. one of them keeps saying how do u know ur bi as uve never had a relationship with a boy and know thinking the same what am i ment to do i dont kno any gay men!! all ikno is i look at men the same way as girls but how can i be sure??
  21. Hi there, i am a closeted gay man, i have been in love with my best mate since he and i were in the final year of school. He has been a fantastic friend to me over the last 12 years, through the ups and lows of life. He is very attractive and hence has had a string of girlfriends in all those years. his current girlfried have been for the past 4 years and looks serious, she and i are also great friends now as well. the three of us see each other most nights and weekends. I have a big groups of fantastic friends (none of which know im gay) But i feel more in love with my best mate now than ever. Im finding it harder and harded to deal with and really dont know what to do... he is clearly straight andobviously has no idea about me... Has anyone else been in a similar situation and if so what did you do, or has anyone got any advice they might be able to offer me? thanks
  22. ok this is how it is. i hate male homosexuality and i condem it when i can and im very good at it. i consider it a disease. no offense to gay folks i like the guys, i hate the act. but just recently, i realized i am hook on lesbian porn. now i know this sounds weired. are there any guys out there that feel the same way. i need help. i thought a am supposed to hate homosexuality accross the sexes. both gay and lesbians. help.
  23. first of all, I would like to apologise if this topic sounds corny, I know this is an never ending problem faced by alot of gay people and I just happen to be one of them. I am 24 years old engineering senior, I consider myself good looking as I have been getting compliments. All this while i am hiding my identity in closet , I am very discreet and never had any relationship before. recently, I am seeing one guy in my class, we are taking the same class with the same lab, I am not just someone who falls in and out of love easily, but this dude is really driving me nuts. it all started during early january 2005, I met him in a lab, he was sitting right accross me and I always caught him staring at me and when i looked back he turned away. It happened so many times until one day we were told to switch seats, coincidentlly, he sat next to me, we started talking after that, we became friend and he even sits next to me during the lecture. It seems to me that there was an instant hit off- i might be wrong - but I could sense that I am getting his attention all the time, Sometimes I can sense that he is looking at me while I was talking to other people. Well, the problem is I am not sure if he is gay or not, altho alot of his previous behavior may suggest he would be quite the cliche expected. Ever since that day, our friendship took a step closer from just pure acquaintanceship. His natural loquaciousness makes him a chatterbox, we talk about alot of things, including girls, sports, life etc. Sometimes it makes me wonder if I would like to move a step closer to him, he can be so nice to talk to. there was once when we were on the phone, he suddenly asked me how did i do on my test which i dont even remember. everything seems to fine, until one day i realise i have fallen in love with him, I love to be with him all the time but I know it sounds gay to alot of straight guy- if he is straight. He often talks about how hot some sorority girls can be, he told me he has been single for the past 3 years since high school, this makes me wonder if he is really straight? we spent more time together recently as he told me to keep him companied in library till midnight as we were having exam. i turned him down as i didnt wanna make it look so gay. I know i have turned down a great opportunity to be with him. I guess the reason I did what I did because I was afraid I would be getting false signal again, So I took a girl friend- jenn with me that night and we sat right behind him. jenn and me were making laughter during the study session and I noticed that he would turned his head back and looked at me and wondering what we were talking about. See, I am really wondering If I am getting false/mixed signals or I am seeing things in a way I want to see? Please help me, i dont know how to deal with him anymore!!
  24. I have a male friend who identifies himself as gay (not bi, not bi-curious). Before he said anything, I really believed that he was interested in me romantically, although i never ruled out the posibility that he were gay or bi. We have spent some time alone, been incredibly affectionate (how ever no kissing no sex) and there are just some things he says that confuse me. Im incredibly attracted to him, and I don't believe I am thinking wishfully, that there might be something there for him too. Is there any way to tactfully approach this subject? Is there any way to know if he is bi-curious, or just being sweet?
  25. My friend spent the night at my house and we were just messing around all day having fun blah blah. We got home from basketball practice and played a game of charades with my parents and then they went to bed. Me and my friend stayed up and got on the computer and we looked at a little bit of porn but got bored with it.... so we made a deal that we would both go lay under the covers on a separate couch and masturbate without eachother seeing eachother. Then we were talking while doing it and we were wondering who had the biggest penis and I said I'd show him if he would, but he didn't want to show his (he wont take his shirt off or socks or anything so i didnt expect him to). he told me come over here and show me, and i set beside him and after about 5 minutes finally pulled it out and then I started masturbating in front of him and he watched me. He kept doing it to but he stayed under the covers. He touched my penis with his foot 2 times because I told him to, that i didnt care. I liked it and he was laughing about it. We talked about it later and he said it was cool and I could do it again, I wanted him to show to, I am not gay but I feel like I want to compare and masturbate with him, it seems like fun. I asked him if he wanted to do it any at all when I did and he said "yeah.. i wanted to really bad for a minute .. until i came" What do you all think? do you think he wil eventually do it in front of me If i keep doing it in front of him or what?
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