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  1. Hi All, I have a question. I have a male coworker that acts weird around me. So when I first started at this company I was heavier and the gyms had not opened yet due to Covid, but when they did, I lost 11kgs, started working out regularly, I have gained muscle, I am fit and I eat as clean as possible. I have changed my wardrobe and am generally more confident in myself. He spoke to me for the first time in June this year and he started asking me if I was married, etc and I said no, I’ve been single for 6 years - he asked why, I said because I don’t want what other people want...I am
  2. I work with this very shy girl and she’s extremely confusing and hard to read. We sit near each other and she stares at me all the time. Like ALL the time. From where I sit I can clearly see her in my side vision, without looking directly at her, and she’s constantly staring at me. When she gets up from her desk, when she sits back down, when she walks to the printer, when she gets a coffee, or whatever, she sneaks glances or just outright stares at me. And if I look up and catch her eye, she’ll often hold my gaze or will sometimes blush and look away. It’s so frequent that when
  3. I don't understand. I am hurt, yes. Why do they do that? I don't understand men. I went and got involved emotionally. I have crushed on a man for awhile. It is a coworker. I know I sound like I'm 17. I'm not talking about overt flirting or anything. When we were in the office, I did catch a vibe, but I also got mixed signals...there seemed to be attraction, then not...I think all of us can relate to that. Things advanced. We started texting outside work. It turns out this "vibe" was accurate. I was pretty excited and happy about it. Yes, I know, work relationships are
  4. Hi, I'. A 34 yo female. I'm in love with a colleague for a long time and I have initially thought of telling him about my feelings before leaving the company as he has been a friend and is nice to me as well.. but recently I found out that he suddenly got in a relationship. There's still something in me that would want to tell him but I'm thinking if that's just being selfish. Should I just keep it to myself?
  5. Hi there Well this has been an ongoing issue hence the reason why this is starting to get to me. I know this has annoyed others who i have worked with as i work in a notorious y profession. Well I just hate it when i am saying something to someone and they stare at someone when I am saying it like I am stupid. Like today, i was telling someone my view on something and the b*tch i can't stand just stared at him like i am stupid or something. Thank god she is leaving in 4 weeks. I do have low self esteem and confidence and i am working on it but i hate this passive aggressive behaviour. L
  6. Hi all, I recently started a new job and as most people, have been working from home the whole time. I got hired at the same time as another male coworker (same level) and I sensed something odd from him from the beginning. He asks the most trivial questions (fine, tons of people are like that) and literally monopolizes the manager's time by requesting various meetings to perform his tasks. Anyway - he organized a get together on Friday with a few coworkers and our manager, but only two of us showed up (the manager & I). When he entered the room, he proceeded to kiss my cheek (by th
  7. I recently exchanged emails with a guy I work with whom I like very much. I was venting about various work frustrations, which is not something I ordinarily do with anyone in emails, but I suppose that day it reached a point where letting off some steam helped. It was the friendliest we have been with each other in months, and we talked about a few personal matters too, like how he's going to be a first-time dad soon. All of 2020 we have generally only said hello on passing, or a quick conversation about something work-related on a break, but by and large, we tended to avoid each other an
  8. I have a coworker who I’ve been friends with for years, including prior to becoming coworkers. We work for a large organization where many friendships organically arise. She and I are among a large group of friends but we used to be fairly close. Over the past couple of years, she’s had conflict with a number of our work friends- she seems to be the common denominator. The work friends have all seemed to move past the conflict but one-by-one she’s alienated herself from each of these people particularly in social settings. She and I have never had conflict but it’s reached the point wh
  9. Hi all. I just moved in as roommates with a fellow graduate student a month ago. I am just editing this to simply say that I think I am taken advantage of financially. At the same time, we go to the same school, work with the same people and have the same professional cycle. As a matter of fact, I had felt kind of manipulated into accepting this arrangement. My original plan was to move in a different apartment in the same building, and live alone. I could afford it and still can (his situation is more complicated), but he asked in a way that implied that my continued admission in this profess
  10. Hi I have an issue and it's really starting to bother my day-to-day life as I'm beginning to feel pretty unwell. The more I think about my issue, the more unwell I feel, but at the same time, my mind just keeps wandering around the same issue, thinking it over and over again. So, I've been with my girlfriend for 10 years and I love her more than anything and at the same time, she's also my best friend. We talk about everything and during the 10 years that we've been together, we've hardly ever had any arguments. For these 10 years, I've hardly been able to pin-point a single thing tha
  11. Hi everybody, First off, I need lots of advice. I recently got broken up with by my ex. We were together for 5 years and I thought he was the one. We also work together, so as you can imagine it is a difficult situation. In the beginning of our relationship, I couldn't shake the feeling I was a rebound from the last woman he was with. I didn't acknowledge that as much as I should of I got with him when I was 22 (he was 38). I had just got off of drugs and was seeking a stable man. Well, fast forward and we had a great relationship despite some bumps in the road. He blames a lot of my behavi
  12. Hi, At work im in a situation with a colleague (and to be honest I really like her), I wouldnt say conflict (yet). A week or so back, I heared her tell other coworkers she despises/hates me by coincidence as I was walking past a room where she was having a conversation (she doesnt know I heared). Cant say this was a surprise since she almost never talks to me. Today I was working on setting up some workstations, and she and another coworker apparently were texting eachother, she had to walk out of the room because she was laughing so hard about something the other coworker texted her. Ofcou
  13. There’s a guy I work with (we’ll call him Scott) who I’ve been interested in for a while, and I could tell he was also interested in me because I catch him looking at me a lot. We’ve never approached each other though because we’re both pretty shy. On Friday one of my coworkers invited me out for drinks after work with some of our other coworkers, including Scott. So of course I went. Everything started out fine.. we were all drinking and laughing and having a good time. When the person who was sitting next to me at our table went home, Scott came over and sat next to me and was holding my
  14. Long story short I've been dating a guy in work for three months now. We both have strong feelings for each other but he said last week that he is too afraid of a relationship and getting hurt that he can't give me the committment I want (he told me these worries at the start) He is very conflicted over this as he wishes he wasn't afraid. We cried together for hours when having this whole conversation about committment. Another thing to note is that during the whole conversation we both said we still care for one another and things weren't left bitter or awkward between us. After the c
  15. Guys how do you know when your husband talks too much about a coworker ? He's worked with her for 10 years and she is a real chatterbox by all accounts . I've met her a few times and she is really lovely, as is her husband. We are all a similar age. I've never really had concerns until recently as he brings her up 4/5 every day. We have both had babies in recent years and she is always talking about her babies, giving advice as hers as slightly older than ours . When husband talks about her in the evenings it's generally stories she tells him about her kids or advice she gives about them.
  16. Would you guys choose a job that is 15 min from where you live walking, but which is a new one, or another one where you feel more connected with people since you have been working there for one year and you have very good colleagues there, but which is 20 min by bus and which means that during the whole day you cannot get home during breaking hours? All the other conditions are the same. P.S consider that some relaxing at home is really important when working 8h + 2 breaking hours just like in both of these places.
  17. basically i have a coworker who i have gotten close to and hang out with outside of work so i would consider her a friend. she knows that i was kind of interested in our other coworker. he's honestly kind of an f boy and will do subtle things like snapchat gym pics and rub my arm and shoulders. then also talk about how everyone wants to bang him. so this is honestly not so much about him, im so over wanting guys like him. its that she at first essentially said she doesnt want him so i can have him, which already rubbed me the wrong way bc our friendship was new and i was like woah what mak
  18. Before I begin, I know I'm a terrible person and I do not condone any of what I did. A few weeks back I was away on business, while away I met a new colleague, we connected really quickly and seemed to have a lot in common. The days were long so of an evening it was a relief to have a drink. Most of our other colleagues went off to bed early most nights, leaving him and I left until last orders at the bar. One night, he invited me back to his room to "raid the mini bar" as we hadn't finished drinking yet. I had assumed this was all innocent, we are complete opposites of eachother, he's long h
  19. This summer for the first time ever, I (20F) had someone who seemed genuinely interested in pursuing me. He (19M) was my coworker and this, combined with the fact that he was very flirty (gave me "player" vibes) made me hesitant to be involved with him in a romantic sense. After getting my number, he consistently texted me, complimenting my appearance, asking about my day/saying good morning, telling me about himself etc. Sometimes we would spent the whole day texting each other. As time went on, I began to grow fond of him (as a friend) and eventually began to really like him. It felt like
  20. So a few months ago we got a new hire at the store I work at. So far “Connie” has been doing a great job and I really enjoy working with her. (I’m also a girl btw). The times we work together we actually have a lot of fun. We joke, laugh and I get excited when I know we are scheduled together. We’re also the same age (early 20s) and share some common interests. I’m only there on the weekends though and I don’t get to see her as often so I would love to be friends outside of work with her but I’m not sure how. We talk about work a lot but I want to try to talk about other things but don’t want
  21. Hey guys need a bit of advice on how to move forward on a quite complex relationship break up. Pardon me for the wall of text. Last year I started seeing a 'coworker'. I quote that because we do not work directly together, but we see each other a lot at lunch times, staff meetings and social events related to common work friends. That's only when we are around since our jobs involve a lot of travelling, staying away from town for weeks. Things started well, we saw each other a lot, but at the same time we were both pretty relaxed about our relationship expectations. We had a deal where w
  22. I have been with my company for over 7 years and have developed a healthy respect and rapport with my colleagues and internal partners, being a reliable expert in my area's responsibilities. I am not someone with massive ambitions to climb the career ladder, so I have not pursued other roles within the company, having stayed in my position and becoming a semi-senior (still reporting to the same manager, but being treated on a similar level). I have just received a call from an ex-colleague who has targeted me as a candidate for a new role in their company. He has described it attrac
  23. Hi there everyone, i am new to this forum. Hope you're all well! Apologies in advance for a long incoherent ramble, but i am at my wit's end and would appreciate some advice! I have a problem with a work colleague I have a huge crush on and it's been bugging me for some time. I suffer from mild social anxiety but have much improved over the years and generally have no problems whatsoever talking to people, colleagues, strangers etc. I hate public speaking though and making phone calls. eek. But I think people would never guess I am shy at heart as i come across as funny and confident
  24. First, I'm new here. Thanks for letting that happen. Secondly, I'm a 53-year old male, separated/divorced over 4 years. Father of twin teens that are the air that I breathe. Marriage ended unexpectedly, still not sure I understand why she refused to even attempt to save it. But we remain as friends and coparent very well. I'm monogamous and have dated a few women but nothing beyond a few months. All my life I thought I knew what "love" was. And it's what I have always looked for. But between observations, discussions with others - friends, coworkers, etc. during my marriage, an
  25. My fiance and I were together for 14 years and broke up in January and I'm still not over it, so I'm moving 1000 miles away to Florida to "start a new life" and work and go to college and everything. In the back of my mind I feel like if I go so far away it will mean that there is no possibility of my ex ever coming back in the future, even though he's been dating his coworker since he left. He also told me not to go because I'd hate it and that's playing over and over in my mind. I'm having a really hard time with the anxiety of moving forward and starting over especially so far away. Any adv
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