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  1. It doesn't matter. Think about how it would feel if you bought a friend a gift and they didn't even open it..I disagree that Valentine's day is for couples..it can be for anyone you care for imo.
  2. I don't know. We always do stuff for each other..We bought each other a ton of gifts for Christmas. I bought him a book nothing personal..I didn't buy sexy underwear or nothing like that. I think he likes someone else and wishes he was with her. The more I think about it that probably the reason he is acting like this. In general I buy people gifts all the time. It's just something I like to do.
  3. That's the part I don't understand..He always buys me gift so I thought I would buy him something and just let him know I appreciate him as a friend..I don't think I'm clingy because he always asks me to hang out at his house..But he says we are just friends..
  4. I texted a good guy friend of mine and told him happy Valentine's day you are a great friend. He actually got mad and texted back oh your starting this again. I have no idea why he got so mad..I bought him a book and candy and a card telling him how I appreciated out frienship..When I gave him the gifts he got even more angry and started yelling at me. I was so hurt. He never opened the gifts and never said thankyou..what did I do wrong?
  5. I'm going to conseling and i plan on moving away. That's the only chance I have I think is to move farther away.
  6. He's leaving notes under my door saying that he doesn't love me but he will always take care of me. He left me food and stuff like that it's weird..then he texted me I told you I would always take care of you..it's strange I'm trying to go no contact with him but I'm also cared of making him mad..I honestly don't know what to do..Here is the even stranger part i broke up with him before because I found out he cheated..I thought finanly he will leave me alone..He never moved on never stoppex coming to see me..I tried being his friend to keep him calm if you get what I mean..nothing I say or do
  7. Thankyou..I been we two abusive men..one was physical one is emotional..But the emotional seems to hurt worse and the scary part is I never know what to expect..But it seems to be a pattern with me. I need to figure out why I choose these type of men..All I can say is that in the beginning of each relationship it seemed okay and i took it slow but I never saw the red flags until I moved in with these jerks..and yes it's very hard to break free
  8. I just wondered if anyone has had suffered from emotional abuse.Itkinda feels like living in prison..Don't talk, why are you so stupid? Why are you so fat? Your hair looks ugly, why do you wear it like that..This is what i got told weekly almost daily..why did I put up with it? Because no one believed me that why. Yeah I even got hit once, I even went to court several times, tried to get a restraining order..went to conseling, went to a women's abuse center..No one helped because he's realated to the sheriff, was very good friends with the women that ran the women's shelter and he works for th
  9. Oh he always says with every girlfriend that he has had that he had to support their lazy ass
  10. I'm not sure what he means by the note. I don't ask him for anything ever
  11. He already showed up at my home at 5 am..He left me a note under the door saying he will always take care of me just like he always has. He is crazy
  12. I don't know if I'm over reacting but my ex is a emotional abuser and the way he broke up with me seems strange I thought..He 're me out and then later texted me and said I need to find someone that loves me unconditionally that I deserve that. Then he said he doesn't love me and that we are friends and that he cares about me alot and he will always take care of me..I told him i dont want to be his friend and he said don't say mean things I'm a good friend and he will always do whatever he can for me..I'm like why? It's over I don't want you it's no surprise. He kept saying he doesn't understa
  13. Went out with my new boyfriend for new years. We want out with a few of his coworkers. A lady in paticular that works with him kept asking my boyfriend personal questions all night long..She's married and her husband was sitting right next to her..I could tell he was getting upset too. At midnigmidnigh the lady jumped up out of her seat to take a new years selfie with my boyfriend. It pissed me off. She totally ignored her husband to be next to my boyfriend.
  14. Oops miss typed. I meant I stated that I thought it would be fun for both of us to go to a exotic dance show.
  15. He cheated on me in the past..He blamed his cheating on me saying I was pissed at him when he cheated. I dated to go to a exotic dance club I thought it would be fun for both of us..it was a dance show for couples but he didn't want to go.. He talks about his ex girlfreind alot..I get sick of hearing about it. We have alot of history togethet that why i stay and try to stick it out.
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