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  1. I look on this forum a lot to see if there are any new stories about people getting back together with their ex's. I do it just so that I can have some hope, and I really hope someday I can post my story on here to give others confidence that having hope pays off. In the meantime, I am going to make a list of actual stories of people I know that broke up and got back together. Please post your stories here too and we can put a little bit of cheer into this forum. 1. My friend was dumped by his girlfriend of 4 years. They were broken up for a year and a half and he tried everything to get her back. One day he was with his friend talking about her and she called him right then to talk about something trivial, and he went over to her house. They got back together and now they are engaged. 2. My friend's sister and her husband broke up for four years and now they are married with 3 kids. 3. My friend broke up with her high school sweetheart when we were 19 and they got back together a few years later and have been together ever since. 4. My other friend broke up with her high school sweetheart when she was a sophomore in college and they just got back together and now they live together. 5. A friend of my ex's was so sad about a girl forever, talked about her all the time when we were out at the clubs, couldn't believe they broke up, etc....now they have been back together for over a year. 6. My friend and her boyfriend dated for a few years, broke up for 9 months, now they are engaged. She says their relationship is better than ever now they are back together. 7. My friend was hung up on this guy forever, he would go back and forth and never commit, now they are living together and she is going to have a baby. They are really happy and in the end it worked out great. That is just some of the stories I know off the top of my head. Please post any stories of reconciliation that you know of so that we can have some cheer in this forum.
  2. i'm almost shaking too much to ... to type this.. i don't .. want to die.. but it's killing me to live like this.. i ... i can't live without my mikey. i can't live with everybody.. hating me... because i can't do any thing. i can't be with them, i can't be without them.. i can't even cut myself right now.. this knife's too dull... and i.. i don't want to.. but i dont' know what else to do.. please.. tell.. me .. what to do.. i'm sorry... i've... calmed down some now.. whew..... ok.... but when you're rocking back and forth, whispering to no one in particular, "dream with me baby" and begging, ..... you know there's something wrong with your head. heh. as for my m... heh. as for that guy. he... i supposedly spoiled his plans for seeing me, because my parents are butt holes, and won't let me see anyone from anywhere. that and this part i didn't tell him, i can't see him yet because i haven't had that ... weird.. "sexual reassignment" crap done yet. so... yeah. he got mad, because i can't go visiting him and whatever, i spoiled his plans. me. my fault. i'm trying to ... fix my body, i'm bleeding for him (yes, i'm a cutter, i'm not going to say it any prettier.) i'm crying for him, i'm doing everything i can to speed up the whole change process, and... he... frack. i'm just... blown away. he's mad at me. the only one i've ever loved so hard, so... much. and he just.. walks away. just tosses it away. for what? nothing. i'm sure he's just as hurt, but he doesn't understand ...why. i'm just.. at a loss as to where to go from here. i was living day to day based on him. when i'd see him next, what i'd do, where i'd go.. what i'd do after high school... i changed my entire life plan around just for him. i suppose this is heard here often, but i'm not used to it. i've only had one other bf before (both online.. yeah, real stable.) and.. he just left one day and never came back. so... that was a kick in the pants, let me tell you this. i just.. don't know what to do. i honestly felt like dying. still do, but with much MUCH more sarcasm. man... i just need some help with.... how to... deal with this garbage. and i dont' mean "breakup advice" because that's not where i want this to go.
  3. Hey I've been goin out wit my boyfriend for just over a year now and im a bit worried that things r starting to change between us. At the beginning of our relationship, everyday we spent together id come home smiling and we'd always txt each other about wot a great time we had. Now when we go out together we still hav a gud time and that, but hardly ever say how we feel about each other. I mean I still really love him Im just worried all the excitement in our relationship has gone already. He hardly ever tell me he loves me or complements me anymore , and I don't think he misses me as much wen I go to university as he used to (im at university 2hrs away from home but see him most weekend) I sometimes worry he maybe starting to loose interest. This is my first long term relationship so I don't kno if they always go this way. Just wondering if anyone could give me advice plz
  4. well my ex and i broke up over 7 months ago. we had not been talking until about a month ago.. we were both transferring to a new university (the same one) and we were both a little nervous. i guess he needed me there for support because he contacted me and we started hanging out again.. things were going WONDERFULLY and we were seeing eachother a few times a week. we spent valentines day together (his idea) and i seriously thought we would get back together. well this past friday he got angry and pretty much told me to get lost because i got mad (not even really mad, just asked him not to use the word with me )when he jokingly called me a b*tch.. well he said we can't go on the way we had been, we need to be just friends because thats all we are, that he doesn't ever see us getting back together... the same old stuff he has been telling me all along. well thats not the bad part, i took that and i left. i didn't contact him all weekend and i was just feeling sort of like "whatever" about the situation. i was tired of being his friend when it was convenient for him, or when he NEEDED me in his life. he got comfortable with his new situation (living away from home) and no longer needed me.. whatever.. well, here is the kicker last night at 1 we get a call from my dad, he and my grandpa were out of town visiting my aunt and my grandpa had a heart attack and passed away. i am very upset by all of this, but still sort of in shock and it hasn't really sunk in. this morning i called my ex to let him know (they were close when we were together) he wasn't happy to be getting a call from me, he did sort of the "what" answer.. but he said he was sorry and if i needed to talk i could call him. well just about 30 minutes ago i was REALLY feeling down and i called him, like he said i could.. he said that he coulnd't really talk because it "costs him (well my mom) too much because i don't have a lost of mintues left.. if you want, i'll call you when i get home and give you the number at the appartment" i said "no, thats alright, i'll let you go. bye" and i hung up. i COULND"T believe it, i would spend ANY amount of my money/time if he EVER Needed to talk to me, about anything... i am just floored by his comment and can't believe it. its not like im just some stranger to him, i was with him for over 2 years. i spent days/nights talking to him when he was stressing about his MATH classes for goodness sakes. i stayed TWO hours after school so i could meet him after his class to hang out because was having a bad day, and he can't spend a few minutes using his presious money to comfort me a little bit when im going through this??? i just don't get it. do i really mean THAT little to him?????????????
  5. Here are the facts: 1. Went out on a 1st date 3 weeks ago - both of us had a great time (he confirmed this and also reiterated this to me a few times) 2. Both of us have been busy - we're in different grad school programs and last week was midterms - and have been unable to really connect again (or at least very limited communication - short phone calls or emails) 3. I had an evening planned with my buddies for Fri nite and invited him - he accepted and seemed to be looking forward to hanging out 4. Evening comes...he's stuck finishing a paper (took longer than he expected)....but he was going to finish and meet us 5. We already finished the 1st part of our evening (8:30PM now) and moved the party to a 2nd location - I call to check in and let him know. He apologizes for being so late and will meet us at 2nd location - asks if he can bring his buddy (of couse, no problem) 6. 2nd location....it is now 9:30 and he is not yet there....he calls says that he is done with paper and buddy is picking him up..will be at the location by 10PM (again apologies) 7. 10PM - still there at location (hmm....I am annoyed) and no phone call - but of course by this time, I am irritated and will not be bothered to call 8. 11PM - party breaks up...still no sign, no phone call. Girlfriends all say don't bother calling him...he's rude to not have checked in by now...so I don't call....and am fully annoyed 9. 11:20 he calls...says he's at the location but doesn't see me...I proceed to tell him that we've left...was not a byatch about it...just very matter of fact. He seems now very sheepish and rather uncomfortable. Apologizes again...and again....tells me that this is really not how he wanted it to turn out...he really wanted to see me...but his buddy that went to pick him up was in bad shape and needed to talk......blah blah blah...sorry sorry sorry...I tell him that I understand that things come up...but I didn't appreciate that he kept me waiting the entire time and did not bother calling me - that was rude. Told him that he's got some major points to score back..... 2nd chance? Do I make peace offering? What to do?
  6. ok...I am 18 and am out of high school. i ride horses alot and really didnt have time in high school to go out. so im pretty "novice" if you will. and i am looking for ways to meet guys my age. or just any dating advice...just any little snid bits you might have that would help other people in my same shoes thanks all...
  7. Hi guys, I guess this fits into this category, but i'm not totally sure. Anyway, on to my latest problem: About three weeks ago i started talking to a girl who contacted me via online personals (not the girl I was posting about at that time, but coincidentally someone else entirely). Thigs have been going pretty good, its basically long distance for now as she goes to a college about an hour and a half away and neither of us owns a car. For the last three weeks we've been conversing via email and Im, which has been going great, we exchange fairly long emails with ewach other at least once a day, and when we talk on IM its usually for several hours at a time. So based on that we decided to start talking on the phone, and had our first conversation friday, and just had another one today. These didn't go as well, I seem to freeze up when on the phone, and just can't think of anything to say at times other than "thats great' or "thats funny" or some other basic answer to what ever her topic was, although eventually we could get a decent conversation going, but sooner or later i would go blank again. Each conversation lasted only about 30-45 minutes, with her ending both conversations. I got the impression after the first conversation that she thought I was losing interest, so the next day i sent her an email letting her know that i'm not the best phone conversationalist. One of the things we have discussed periviously is that we both suffer from a great deal of social anxiety, especially when meeting new people. She seems sympathetic to my problem, and willing to be patient while i try and acclimate myself to talking with her on the phone (I rarely talk on the phone beyond calling family or someone to meet up to do work during the school day). I'm glad she's being understanding, but i don't want to leave her bored while i search for something to say, and i don't want her to have to carry every conversation we have. So can anybody give me any tips on how to better conduct myself on the phone? Its not like I don't have things to talk to her, its just that i can't seem to come up with anything good while i'm talking to her. I'm guessing as with any other anxiety issue i've faced, it will get better the more i talk with her. Any advice would be helpful, mtastic
  8. Is there any hope for me i find my self a highschool student... I have no where to think about what i can do to support myself. The Honest truth is im so dumb that if i was as dumb as jessica simpson i would be three times as rich. I really am stupid and i think i have no hope. I love cars, im just not smart enough to get into a school to learn about them. Im very unsure about what to do....Plain and simple i am terrible at school, not a bad kid, not troubled. Just terrible academicly. Am i destined to be a failure in life or will i find someone or something that can help me.
  9. I'm certain you all remember me mentioning my girlfriend Ashlee a while back. I worshipped the gal. Recently, we broke up. She found another guy while I was sick last week and apologised to me after breaking up--she thought it was a stupid mistake. Being really hard to anger, I smiled and told her it wasnt stupid. She's young and shouldn't quite settle down with a steady boyfriend yet. The...conversation I had with her was a bit eccentric in itself. allow me to post an excerpt--screennames dubbed for security reasons. (About this, we live in the same town, but in different parts of the rural areas. It doesnt help that she's in middle school and I'm in high school, either. We were so close and yet so far apart lately.) Now to the advice part. I know she broke up with me--that's strikingly obvious. But we left each other tonight on rather good terms. She kinda left the future open. We decided to still be able to talk to each other--keep our numbers and screennames... What I want to know is...we still really love each other, we just grew apart. Do any of you think that there may be hope in the future for us getting back together? Don't get me wrong--I am upset about this. But I can't be mad at her--she's right, its hard when we hardly see each other anymore. And my friends think it's weird that I'm not mad at her for "cheating" on me. I put it this way--leaving her a few emssages after she left.
  10. Ok so now I'm TRYING to play hard to get, same guy as before, just now he knows I like him, it's up to him right?.. So yesterday we had our course, the other girl (who we're both friends with) asked if we'd like to go for a quick drink (we tend to do this after the course sometimes).. and "he" was standing next to her.. and I said, "Yeah... are you guys going?..." and looked at them both.. and then "actually no I'd better not.. i'm meeting my best friend..see you next week thought." So his reaction was a bit weird. Like a very short "ok. bye.".. like he was almost annoyed, maybe surprised is more the case? A few minutes later, he turns back to me and says, "do yuo need a lift to the station?" it was late at night and he's quite chivalrous, he always walks me when i have no one else to walk with.. but this time there's a whole grp of us.. and they'd already offered to drop me at the station.. so I said, no it's ok.. Should i take these as positive reactions to my playing hard to get? A) He shows concern, b) he's a bit surprised when I do say no.. Also he asked me A LOT of questions last night.. about my uni stuff that's stressing me out, he always asks me about things that i am stressing about, and tries to kinda reassure me.. Am I reading too much into it AGAIN? QM
  11. ok im new to this site and me and my girlfriend are in a long distance relationship during the school year, for college. anyways i went to see her last weekend and i haven't gotten her to orgasm in a very long time. we don't have sex i usually finger her and give her oral. i've gotten some tips on what to do and i tried it on her and she said it felt alot better than last time, but i still can get her to orgasm. is it her? is it me? whats going on?
  12. I am really stressed the past few days. (by the way I get stressed easily) I am a high school freshman. I will become a sophomore next year. I feel that I am not taking enough AP courses ( advanced placement). I think only in United States they call that AP. Anyway, can anyone give me some suggestions? By the way anyone know any good summer programs?Preferably in Massachusetts. I want to improve my math so I will feel confident to take AP math in my junior year. Thank you in advance.
  13. Ok, so my ex gf told me a week ago she got a new boy friend. I told her thats nice, and its good she found someone. But something that confuses me is her actions. Like, today at school during band we watched a concert choir from a college in Ohio, this state. Well, she started flirting with me. Rubbing her leg against mine and caressing my hand. I mean, I dont really wanna publicly go back out with her but this is just too confusing. Any comments?
  14. Well I have been thinking quite a lot lately about changing careers. I currently work in Engineering and have to be honest and say that there is a lot of pressure that comes with the job. Ok it pays very well but it does bring a lot of stress and work. So I was wondering if there are any school teachers around (even trainees) who could give me a few pointers about taking up this profession as a career. I understand that I will have to take quite a pay cut in wages but was wondering what king of wages, work/life balance there is in the profession? I haven't quite decided yet, if I would like to be a primary (4 - 11 year olds) or secondary (11 - 16) school teacher. Again some pointers might be beneficial. All I would need to do is to go back to university for a year to do my teachers training since I already have a degree in Engineering which I would use to teach mathematics, with probably a science subject as my secondary subject. btw, I do plan to speak to the Local Education Authority when I go back to work next week, but any help/insight would be appreciated, especially from those in the UK.
  15. I feel like I'm surrounded by a bunch of opportunists in my life lately. Not all of them, but some. I constantly feel like I am being used/or at least trying to be used by people in my life. For example, I was friendish with a bunch of people whom my ex boyfriend was good friends with. Of course after the ex and I broke up, I basically ended up gradually stopping talking to these people. Now that they find out that I have an internship at a place they think is "cool" they are talking to me and asking me to get them an internship. In addition, other people in my class have been asking to get them an internship where I am currently interning. Two of these people are friends whom I don't mind helping out because I don't feel they are trying to simply get something out of me. I'm doing it because I want to help them. Others are just people who pounce on the opportunity. Its frustrating and hurts me because I see people who don't normally bother to give me the time of day, suddenly speaking with me simply so that they can gain something from me. I mean I also want to intern there again next semester, and now these people are all asking me to get them internships/applying for one there and possibly taking away an internship that I want, and I am the one who has been interning there before they even knew about it, I'm the one who looked into it and went to 10-20 job interviews last semester while they were goofing off. I tihnk they should look into their own things and stop trying to bite off of mine, which I've worked to get. I should've just kept my mouth shut about the whole thing but I told one friend of mine about the internship and suddenly the whole world knows. Ok that is just one example, I feel like every guy I meet lately that holds a remote interest in me only has it because they just want to use me.. I'm getting to feel like I will never meet a true person that i can trust enough to want to marry and have them truly love me. I don't know, I just feel like some people are constantly trying to simply use me maybe because I seem like a pushover to them, but I really don't think I am one.. its frustrating and angers me a lot of times. I used to be a very idealistic/optimistic person but overtime my expereinces with people are making me feel very bitter, untrusting, and angry.. my family says I am way too negative. What's the best way to deal with people like this and try and turn it into a positive experience?
  16. hey everyone well about halfway through last year i wanted 2 live with one of my 3 sisters because i wasnt happy with the area i was living in and i was really depressed. anway so they all gave me false hope and led me to believe it was ok to move with them then changed their mind. i never really opened up to them until i was led to believe i was getting out of here and then i started to. the funny thing is not one of them apologised for doing that. im not hurt at the fact i couldnt go but the fact they led me to believe i could and then burst my bubble. ive tried to tell them how much it hurt but they just said your only 16 and i dont want you 2 be my responsibility. the funny thing is if the situations were reversed id still take them in even after the pain they caused me. so basically i forgave them i dint 4get wat they did and accepted i got 2 more years in this hole. but now its 4th week of school and i get depressed for no reason sometimes but other times i feel fine all i want to know is does anyone know a way i can stop these random depressions. and how can i stop it
  17. well once again I have a Big problem! I love this girl so much, but i think she pushin away from me. here's the scenerio: well I really don't hang with her since are lunch for school has changed but yeah since this happened she been blowin me off. last week she blew me off and said that next week we will be together. so the weeks comes and she says she can't go, good thing I had back up plans so I went 2 my Ex's Jam. then the next day I asked her wut she did last night she said that she went 2 her friends house. Now im really madd and I losin feelings for her. Is this a sign that she doesnt want me anymore or am i just jumping to conclusion??
  18. The highlights: Brother introduced me to a girl about in early November, spent 2 weeks E-mailing and talking over the cells, spent the T-day break together, spent the next few weeks e-mailing and celling, spent the 3.5 weeks of xmas/semester break together, had the talk about me being here for one last semester (4 hours from Mpls/St. Paul) and she was onboard, she surprised me by coming out here for 3 days after I returned from the break, and than it started to fall apart. She stated that we moved to fast, didn't establish a friendship and she needed her space. Hmmm, what was the 4-plus weeks talking establish and if we moved too fast why didn't she slow things down? Okay, my two conclusions and these are just my opinions: 1-I was a BF of connivance and she was along for the ride, never had any true feelings, if she did, they weren't enough to sustain "us." 2-She could not handle the distance and decided to end it as easily as she could 3-She is waiting to see if I end up with a job in the TC's and than she will pursue another relationship with me, which just tells me that she cannot handle difficult situations in relationships AND likes them to run as smoothly as possible. Heck, relationships are tough, but why make them any more difficult? So, what do you think? Did we move too fast or was I option number three? Oh, she wants to do the friendship thing, but I personally find it difficult to move to a friendship state after being in an intimate relationship.
  19. Here's the shortest way I can describe my situation. I dated a guy for 2 and a half years, a time that included 3 or 4 major break-ups. The last one was huge, and it was promised by him to be the last. That was back in June. Then in December, after months of no contact and what seemed like absolutely no chance of rekindling the relationship, he called me on my birthday and we started talking on the phone again. We proceeded to hang out on new years eve as well as new years day (the first time seeing each other in 6 months) and now it has gotten to the point where we hang out every weekend he is home from college and we act like a couple..cuddling, kissing very passionately, joking just like old times. THe only problem is that we haven't discussed where we stand relationship wise, and i just want to make sure we are both on the same level. I am more than excited at how things are going because I have wanted to get back together since the day that he left me, but at the same time I don't know how to bring up the subject of "getting back together" or our "relationship" without him feeling pressured or scaring him off. I am really happy with the way things are but I don't want to just be a friend with benefits to him but I don't want to mess things up either. Does anyone have any good advice as to what would be a good way to approach the topic in a way that won't scare him but will let it be known that I am not okay with just hooking up and that I want to move towards starting a relationship again? THanks in advance for your time. .. BTW...The reason I need help with this is because he asked me to come visit him at school this weekend which I know will lead to things happen physically between us. I don't want to leave not knowing where we stand because I feel like that is very violating to myself if we hook up but aren't together. It's weird because this weekend just happens to be what would of been our 3 year anniversary...
  20. Long post, but I would really appreciate some advice because I am hurting badly right now. I have been going out with my girlfriend for about 11 months. I met her at the beginning of my freshman year at college. She was my first with everything. I was never with a girl before. I didn't expect my first relationshup to be so intense, but we connected SO well. Emotionally we moved very fast, but we didn't do much more than make out for the first 2-3 months because she was still not totally over her old boyfriend and they hadn't really broken up yet, although they went to different schools and had agreed to see different people. After she broke it off completely with her old boyfriend, we really became close. We became inseperable. We were both in love and if you asked anyone who knew us, they would probably assume we would eventually get married. The year finally came to a close and now i would have to leave her for 3 months during the summer because I live in a different state. During that year, we basically couldn't live without each other. We weren't complete without each other. The first time she mentioned a break was almost a couple of months before the school year ended. It was with the intent of getting back together, but she just felt we smothered each other too much and that we needed other things to occupy our time. We didn't really follow through with the break because we had fallen into this cycle of being so dependent on one another. Over the summer, we talked all the time on the phone and it wasn't until about a month ago that her frequent calls stopped. I also noticed that she wouldn't say I love you unless I said it first and that she just didn't seem as excited to talk to me. This all started about 2-3 weeks before I came out to visit her. When I came out to visit, I thought everything would fall back into place. It seemed to be that way the fist day or two, but then I could tell she still wasn't the same. She wouldn't kiss or hug me unless I did it first. Finally, 3 days before I left to go back home, I asked what was going on. She said she needed a break. That she felt bruned out and needed her own space and did not want a boyfriend right now. I was deeply hurt because it seemed like her feelings for me had changed so drastically and quickly. I can understand her feelings, but she also said not to count on getting back together which I don't understand. I asked her if this was really just a breakup and the end of it, but she said that she knows she wants no boyfriend right now and may or may not want to be with me in the future and needs time to see how she feels. She also said another boyfriend is the last thing she wants right now, so it's not like she wants to date other guys. Since I got back from visiting her, I have called her once and she has called me once in a week. I am trying to respect her wishes of a break and stop a lot of the contact I had with her. She said she doesn't want it to be like we can't talk just because we're on this "break." I am really afraid of losing her and I don't want that because I really believe we have something special. Also, next year we will be in the same dorm and she live in the floor above me. Also, we have a class together and my two best friends which will be my roommates are also her two best friends! So obviously we will see each other a lot still. She also says that she will always love me and I will always be her best friend, but she has lost some of the romantic feelings for me. So she is not IN love with me I guess. Right now, it really seems like she doesn't want to get back together although she doesn't want to totally close the door yet. I really want to get her back. I am still in love with her and she's all I have right now. I am so confused and don't understand why this happened. We had so many good times together and only got into silly fights sometimes over dumb things. How is she just able to get on like this without me? I have given her my whole heart and treat her with love and respect. We are alike in so many ways and I feel she is the only one who has really understands me. I see her again in two weeks for the start of the next school year.
  21. Hey all, I'm a sophmore in high school but im only 14 i look about 17 though and im really mature for my age cos of the stuff i've gone through in life. Anyways i wanted to know if because of my age juniors that are 17 won't want to date me while im still 14 even though i'm just a year below them, but really have 2-3 years in age difference. Thanx for reading my post, i hope u can help me out
  22. Well see, in real life I have few friends, have never dated, heck haven't even had a woman tell me she liked me more than a friend. But on the internet, I have numerous people I can call my friends and many woman have said how much the loved me. I know people on line should not be trusted 100% but I mean every weak another girl I chat to, tells me they have fallen for me and all. But that's not my problem, see its that well in the real world I'm invisible to women as a datable person, now I an not shy or anything like that, I can keep a good conversation and all. Approach a girl, and strike up a good conversation. But heck when the school day is done I'm invisible, heck it just seems like no one sees me. It seems like the only people that see me as interesting and all are the people who hove never seen me face to face. I mean this is what one of the people I chat with wrote about me "…you do know how to treat a lady right. You are the type of guy every girl only dreams of meeting. You so sweet, honest, kind, companionate, and caring. I just wish there wisent so many miles between us…" I mean yeah, its dismissible when one person says that, but when every one I talk to online, says that, its more that dismissible. But people in real life, ha don't even see those qualities. I have asked my one friend in real life, if I talk different online that I do in real life, the answer to that was no. so I don't know what the problem. Why don't females even notice me in real life, why am I so invisible to them. And why is it they only talk to me when they got a problem, or there's no one else to talk to. Any one got any advice on how I can not be so invisible? Some times i wonder if my looks are what drive people away thask for evey thing
  23. I dont know why but my bf is all of a sudden being more loving. Hes always hugging me and sitting by me and stuff. We have been togeather for a long time and have been living togeather for a year and a half so its not like we never see each other in fact we sometimes get sick of each other. Well all of a sudden hes allover me like flies on well you know. He wants to have sex all the time too. I think it might be because Im gone alot now. I have just started my fall semseter of school and I never get home till 7pm on most days. But could there be anything else? And I dont mean like is he cheating on me because I know hes not. But there has to be something or maybe Im just thinking to much about this.
  24. I'm really struggling at the moment and it is starting to make me a little bit depressed. I will try to keep my story short. I have always lived in the same small town but I wasn't encouraged by my parents to make friends at school (they preferred me to have friends in the church I was borught up in). So I was never very popular at school, with few friends. After that, I went to college in another city and made some good friends there, but many of them were from Europe or overseas, and despite being in touch with them via e-mail, they are not in my every day life and while I was living in this city making these friends, I was still not reacquainting myself with people I went to school with, and I have a strong desire these days to get to know some of the people I went to school with who still live in my small town, where I am back living now. I have a good job and meet a lot of people, but it is not always appropriate to pursue social relationships with customers of the firm I work for. I have found myself becoming romantically attracted to a couple people I have met through my job, and I am trying hard to not think about them, but it's not easy. Each time I am at the mall or walking in the park or whatever, I sometimes see old faces, people I know the name of, but who I have never spoken to before. My confidence as got worse since I returned to the small town, from college in the city. But I am really trying hard to improve my confidence and make it consistant. A while ago, I said hi to someone in the street but they showed no interest in speaking to me, despite the fact we went to the same school when we were kids. Little incidents like that kind of knock my confidence, so I often find myself not taking opportunities to talk to people. And the suburb where I live doesn't help things very much, as the neighbours are the most friendly people in the world and they go everywhere in their cars, but I walk or take the bus, so it's not often than I pass any neighbour by in the street. There's even a girl I like who lives in my neighbourhood, but whenever I see her, she walks with her head looking down at the sidewalk, which doesn't make it easy to start a conversation with her. I really want a girl back in my life, as my last girlfriend (I was with her for a year) was from the city where I went to college, so again, I didn't spend as much time in my home town. And I've tried all the stuff like evening classes, going with my parents when they do the grocery shopping, going to the library, going to bars and cafes with the few friends I have in the town, but it never seems to go anywhere. Weeks can go by without me spotting a face I know, probably because a lot of old faces have now moved away with their jobs, college or whatever. Maybe it's not important for me to get to know people in my town again. Maybe I should concentrate on the friends I have in the city where I went to college (it is a 90 minute train ride), but I work hard and don't have the time to commute all the time, to socialise. Maybe someone will relate to my situation, but I just wanted to express my feelings.
  25. my ex and i have have gone out for about 2 years and we broke up about a month ago. she wanted to have no contact with me until we got back to school which is in a few days. she instant messaged me a week ago asking what i was up to and when she was going back to school, i responded casually. yesterday she emailed me the exact date of when she was going. i did not reply to the email. i want to know how i should act or what i should do when i talk to her. she broke up with me b/c her mom doesnt approve of me(not because of how i treat her but more or less my ethnicity) her mom tells her that she shouldnt be commited right now she should to see other guys, she is gonna transfer to another school( just a few hrs away no biggie for me i can drive to see her when i can) and she wants more guy friends. so since she broke up with me i am still confused about which one is the real reason or maybe a part of all of them is real. the breakup caught everyone by surprise even her sister was surprised. things between us have always been GREAT but her moms disapproval of me really gets to her. i am also wondering what she thinks about other guys as well. i am her first serious bf and even while we were goin out guys hit on her and emailed her for dates n stuff, i did not act jealous or let it bother me cuz i know she loves me, but does she miss all the attention a single girl gets? maybe shes bored of me? i just dont know what to say or how to act toward her once we talked in a few days. we will have not seen each other for a month. need sum advice of what to do
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