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  1. Okay - question time: I have tried to rekindle things with my ex. It's been rocky to say the least. He reached out to me after being dumped by his girlfriend late Jan 2020 (I had been in NC since October 30th). I determined I wouldn't make the same mistakes as before - given that we're long distance - I committed to actually seeing him in person. I succeeded in visiting him twice. Both times - they were rough. We had our differences. I had difficulties dealing with his hot and cold behaviours. It was really hard on me. He admitted that he was being mean to me - and felt bad about it.
  2. Ok so it's been almost 9 years since I came on here, it just popped in my head.. enotalone! SO I've been with my bf for a year now, and we are still getting to know eachother's quirks and feeling each other out since we were doing long distance for most of our relationship. The issue I'm having is that, he is a great, warm, loving boyfriend, sweet and sings to me and is silly. He is such a genuinely good person, and I feel like the lucky one. But he is also a super laid back football player type that will kiss me in public but I have to initiate it usually. I always seem to interpret his l
  3. I wrote a little bit about this in another post but I am here for more advice. Here's the last post for context: https://www.enotalone.com/topic/444735-a-sudden-change-in-long-distance/ My boyfriend visited me in the midwest at the end of February and I felt a little different probably because I keep pushing him away. However, he made me so happy again and it was so much fun. It felt good to be together even if it was different. I just found out that he is 99% sure he is moving out west and I am still unsure whether we should date into the summer. He wants to stay together but understands
  4. Y’all...I just really need to vent because I can’t even believe there are people out in the world who do this to other people. In early January, a guy messaged me on Facebook after I left a comment on his band’s Facebook page. We get to chatting and find out we have a lot in common. I’m recently divorced, but haven’t actively been dating. I figured if someone showed up in my life I would go with the flow. He lives 1000 miles away but is originally from where I live, and has plans to move back once he receives the COVID vaccination. He said he had only planned to stay out there for 6
  5. I have been dating my boyfriend since half way through my senior year of high school. We just made it to our one year this January and are doing long distance in college. I go to school in the midwest and he goes to school on the west coast and we live in the same town in the midwest. Things went so well last semester and we did not even visit each other once. We were both fairly distracted as we acclimated to college life and it worked great. We would facetime daily and keep each other updated, it was healthy and enjoyable. We went home for winter break and I only saw him every other week. (N
  6. So, I (20 F) have been in a relationship for 4 years now and from the last 2 years its been a long distance relationship. My partner(20 M) is in the military and is undergoing training from the last 2 years and he has more 2 years of training left. So, as he is in his training period he is not allowed electronics which means he can't text or call or video call and he is also not allowed to come out of his training camp before the training camp is over. So, we just talk once a week for 10 mins as he gets to use the local phone for 10 mins once a week (but sometimes he calls once in two weeks an
  7. Hi everyone, I'm sorry in advance if this turns out to be a long post or if it sounds overly emotional/confusing. I am in desperate need of advice and have no one to turn to. Right now, my mind is a mess..I am shocked, sad, and drowning in my own tears My story: I'm in a committed LDR for the past 4 years with my boyfriend. He lives in Texas and I'm in Canada. We have made frequent trips during that time as well as spoke on the phone (and internet) every day, multiple times a day for hours. He has already met my family and I flew to another country to meet his father. Since the begi
  8. Hi, everyone: My boyfriend (of almost six years) and I hit a rough spot a few days ago. Here's the background first: My boyfriend is 12 years older than me. He started working with this young woman, who I have actually met many years before they started working together. We were in a young professionals organization together. She's about three years younger than myself. I was like a mentor to her. We stayed in touch via LinkedIn and have been acquaintances ever since. I always thought she was the go-getter type, very ambitious, in a way where she makes networking a priority and forge
  9. To make a long story short here we go.. My senior year of high school (2006-7) I dated a girl a year younger than me. We were our first boyfriends/girlfriends. We were our first makeout and foreplay. We didn't have sex, basically because she was scared of getting pregnant. We broke up because she thought I was being too serious and looking back I was your typical high school anger fueled jealous type. Shortly after our breakup he dad moved out. She got a new boyfriend a few months later, quickly had sex with him and basically went nuts with guys through college. Throughout all of this I
  10. Seriously. For so long, I wasn't meeting anyone. Now, I AM meeting people, but there always, ALWAYS seems to be something in the way preventing anything from happening. Think I'm exaggerating? Here's the jist of my love life for the past two years: - Fall back in love with ex-boyfriend. He says he only wants something casual with me. - I ask a guy I've liked for ages out on date and tell him that I like him, he freezes up and literally says NOTHING. - My best friend falls hopelessly in love with me. I feel nothing for him whatsoever. - I meet someone AMAZING, who I am crazy about,
  11. I am 22, and I need advice on how to sort out this situation with my family. I feel very guilty about the whole thing I live and work about 300 miles away from home with my boyfriend. My family do not know I live with my boyfriend, they are highly against it - not because of him, but because my mother doesn't agree with me living alone and seeking employment rather than further education. This is because I left medical school with a degree, but did not carry on to medical training to become a qualified doctor. I basically studied for 3 years to achieve an undergraduate degree and l
  12. Hello everyone! I don't know if you remember me... I'm just gonna give a quick summary of everything that's happened so far. If you already remember the story feel free to skip ahead to the last few paragraphs and sorry it's sooo long. So we were classmates back in college since the year 2012. I always liked him but never let him know. Back in 2014 he started dating this girl and he was REALLY into her. They were about 22 back then. She was his first real girlfriend. They dated for a total of nine months and about 3 months of their time together she got a scholarship to Italy so it was kind
  13. Long post - but I really need advice, so I’m going to tell the full story (including his side). My boyfriend (P) and I met through a mutual friend in our junior year of high school. The first year was amazing - butterflies turned into love, and I was extremely happy. Things took a turn when we decided to attend colleges 12 hours from each other. During our freshman year, P made a strong circle of friends very early on. In that group was a girl ©. They spent a lot of time together, and eventually I became suspicious. I asked him over and over if something was going on, and he alwa
  14. Brief overview for context I was dating someone locally, going very, very slow because although I was curious, I wasn't smitten. He was though, right from the start. Then there was a fork in the road because mid pandemic he managed to secure a seat on a plane traveling back home and, reluctant to maybe never see him again without at least kissing I broke the touch barrier and that experience felt right in a way that, had he been staying local, I definitely would have wanted to date. We can't because of distance but we have stayed in touch and he has been consistent in expressing feelings for m
  15. I have a bit of a strange request. I am currently in an LDR with someone who used to engage in casual sex and FWB. He's completely loyal and devoted to me and obviously gave all of that up once we got into a relationship. Personally I have very little sexual experience because I always figured it is something to be shared with someone special. And while I'm sure that I must have met people in my life who have engaged in casual sex, I've never met anyone who's admitted to it so it is a very 'out there' idea for me. I've never understood how someone as sweet and caring as him could do somet
  16. So, this is the first time that I decided to talk about what I've been battling internally on and off for months now. Just to keep it short I'm in a relationship with someone who is almost my equal. We get along, and we have a lot of the same interests, he is loved by family, by my child. But I don't know if my feelings are as strong for him as they once were when we first met 3 years ago. From meeting him three years ago, we had went our separate ways in year 2, and dated other people. I met somebody who was the complete opposite of me during that time, and the relationship was so good, every
  17. Okay so Max and I met on bumble, but immediately after matching they were back to living in New York and I was still out at school in Minnesota. We never met in person, but were fast friends. We flirted, but I was clear that I didn't want a long distance relationship. We were both seeing people, and Max soon started a monogamous relationship. I was pleased, but didn't hear much about their partner. I regularly pressed Max not to flirt with me, as it was confusing to me since we were not in a romantic relationship. But I valued our friendship, and knew that there were feelings I couldn't quite
  18. Hey guys! This is actually the first time I'm writing on some forum or asking for this type of advice but sometimes it's nice to hear the opinion of people who are completely objective. I really hope that someone will have a patience to read this long text. Okay, I'm going to try to write as much as it can so you can get a clearer understanding of the situation. I've been in a long-distance relationship for about 1,5 years. My bf is one of the most amazing people I've ever met as it was our relationship to some point. It happened totally spontaneously but we got so caught up and liked
  19. I (27, nb) have gone through a lot of big changes this past year. Ive found something I am extremely passionate about, good at and has helped grow my confidence immensely as a person. I also ended up meeting someone (27, m) a little over a year ago and fell madly in love with them. They currently live halfway across the country from me. I have struggled a LOT with being able to balance my passion and having an LDR but when we would visit eachother it felt so perfect. Ive been through a string of awful abusive relationships ever since I started dating and have a lot of familial trauma. I
  20. Hey, So I’ve been talking to this guy I met on Instagram for just over a month now, and haven’t had the chance to meet due to covid. Nothing special about how we started talking, he followed me, I followed back and then he DM’d me and since then, things have been going great. We exchanged socials from there after talking for a week or so. We have loads in common and get on like a house of fire. We were texting and calling everyday, talking for hours etc etc. All that good stuff that comes when you’re first getting to know someone. He was very mature and communicative, so all around no pr
  21. Hi guys. I've been in a long distance relationship for about 9 months now. We've managed to stay extremely close all through the pandemic and lockdown so far. With him flying to me several times and me managing to fly to him a few times. Inbetween we have always been in regular daily contact. Always open and very affectionate with each other. He has always been blowing very hot since we met. He has always been consistent with contact and about his feelings. We have been slowly making plans for me to make the move to live with him most likely in the new year sometime. So far so
  22. Hi guys! It’s been a long time since I posted here & I have been through some relationships that really taught me a lot.. Some of these things were to really be careful with trusting & opening up to just any guy.. I’m going to tell you briefly about my past relationship just so you could judge better for the present one! (I’m really sorry this is going to be looong but I’m a sucker for details..) I don’t know if I mentioned before that I wasn’t the type to be that serious in relationships (although I’ve always really wanted a serious one) & the reason I was like that is beca
  23. We are in a long distance relationship for 1 year already. She is amazing, she makes me a better person and I really love her. I know is the same for her since she told me she has never loved anybody as much as she does to me. However, we are always having conflicts over the same stuff again and again. She is always having guys flirting with her, sometimes she even hangs out alone with the guys. I told her how uncomfortable it makes me but she told me that she doesnt like them but she only does it because they pay her the food and icecreams. I was really uncomfortable but learned to trust her
  24. Hello, A little back story, I have been with my partner for 2 years total. First year we dated casually and we've been exclusively dating for a year now, all long distance. I am normally not a very needy person and we both usually handle time away ok with a phone call once weekly, texts throughout the day, and seeing each other once or twice monthly when we can make out schedules work. I am a single mom and he is currently finishing up his commercial pilot training (will be done in May). I am absolutely in love with him, and he says the same and I have never questioned it or him in the pas
  25. Hi everyone, This is my first time consulting the internet for relationship advice. So bear with my brevity if there aren't as many details as there should be. Anyways, I have been in a relationship with a girl now for about 3 years. I proposed to her January of this year and everything has been going fantastic. Just a couple months ago, she met my mom's side of the family and we had a blast (we are currently long-distance). However, I started to be complacent with little things in the relationship. I wouldn't respond to all of her messages, I wasn't the best listener, etc
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