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  1. i think some of you are missing my point...i already know what she did in japan was cheating and i told her that and she promises it would never happen again..she has cheated on me, i know that, she knows that! my question is, was what happened last weekend with my friends girlfriend a display of her not being able to fully let go of her bisexual nature? although she didnt exactly do anything really physical with her aside from putting her arm around and being kinda close to her at times, and asking if she swung both ways...im just asking everyone whether or not that whole display of extra
  2. this is the original post from the first topic -
  3. this new incident is only pushing me further to wonder whether my GF can TRULLLYY let go of her bisexual side or if its just something she says she wants to do just for the sake of wanting to keep this relationship alive...i dunno what to believe at this point My girl has never lied to me up until this point and has always been 100% open about everything, but its still hard for me to believe everything, because right now i believe the "other side" of her can come on at anytime, and thats what i cant trust
  4. I thought i had made it clear that i was not comfortable at this point of her engaging in ANY type of sexual contact with any other person besides me, whether same sex or not. If she is going to "close" and "friendly" with other females, it will at this point make me feel uncomfortable, and that is something i feel from the way she defended herself on the topic that she wont be able to tolerate me telling her not to do, thats just the vibe that i get
  5. Well if some of you who read my other post a few weeks back, it was about how my g/f slept with another female while on a trip out of the country, with another classmate, and told me as soon as she got back. She stated she only did it because i told her i was i was alright with her bisexual views. I never thought her being with another female would enrage me so much so i let her know i felt. She was very sorry for it and begged me for forgiveness, so I forgave her on it because she said she was willing to let go of that side of her and only be interested in me and no1 else and that nothing of
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