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  1. After a second date with a girl we went back to my place. I was drunk and she agreed to kiss. It got pretty confusing not too long after, though, because as we were making out, she seemed to be enjoying it. So I (happily) continued, and she quietly said "no." I got really confused, but continued making out. We then paused but I talked her into making out again. She then kissed me and we started kissing again but also quietly said "no" every now and again, which continued to confuse me immensely. She then stopped again, mentioned she had a boyfriend and left my place. We went for a walk after but did not talk about the situation, and when talking along the way she seemed happy to be with me and there was no tension whatsoever, but when saying goodbye she offered me a handshake but I hugged her instead. In hindsight I should have apologized during our conversation but since there was no tension and she didn't seem upset with me or bring up the situation and my intentions, I thought everything was okay. I followed up the next morning by sending her a good morning text with a couple of love heart emoji's maybe as a way of letting her know I wasn't just looking for sex, she read it but didn't respond. I didn't get the chance to apologize and I didn't want to leave the situation up in the air, of course, so some days after, I sent her two messages days apart saying along the lines of "Are you okay?", she didn't respond. I'd never been in a situation like this before, and in the past when I'm with a girl, she either gave me clear signals to proceed or else clear signals to stop. I really wasn't sure how to handle it, and I think I made my first mistake there. I continued kissing her and talked her into kissing again after she stopped. I think that if I had a chance to do this again, I'd just stop and ask outright for clarity on the situation before I either proceeded or stopped, but I suppose hindsight is 20/20. Instead, I continued making out with her. Eventually I asked if she wanted to just make out (implying no sex) and she very emphatically said "NO!" After she didn't read or respond to my texts, I sent a text apologizing that I didn't mean to make her feel uncomfortable but she never read it. I felt (and continue to feel) terrible about how badly I misread the situation. The conversation remained light the whole way before saying "good night." I started writing this post to ask the community if they feel there is any way to salvage the situation? I know I blew it since she ghosted me, but after a few months has past, maybe the unfavorable impression of how the night ended has subsided and she would be willing to hear or read my apology. Would it be better if I pick up the phone and call her to see whether she's interested in getting back to the way things were? In the meantime, I suppose I learned some lessons about making sure I'm reading the signals correctly, and asking for clarification when I get mixed messages. I suppose now the real reason I'm writing this up is just to get it off my chest, so that I can (hopefully) stop replaying my misstep in my head and just learn from my mistakes and move on. And if you're still reading at this point, I sincerely thank you for sticking with it! Now I just have to trust that things will work out however they're meant to, whether that means a reunion or that I'll never see this woman ever again.
  2. Hello everyone, so here’s the situation: A couple of weeks ago I decided to go out for a drink with my friends. While we were all being together in this pub, someone invited this pretty good looking guy that I heard about before, but we never officially met until that moment. We met, started talking and we were overall having a great time. After a couple of hours we decided to continue the party in the garage of one of our friends house. There was some alcohol involved but nothing too much. At one point, I started dancing with him and I noticed how we were both flirting the whole night. Eventually we ended up making out and since another friend was driving us home, we were sitting in the back seat and his hand was on my leg the whole time. We continued texting and we saw each other one more time since he lives in another city now.. we heard each other today and agreed to go out tomorrow night. I’m attracted to this guy and I can’t help but flirt when I’m around him. There is also quite a sexual tension, but I’m not sure if I should have a sexual intercourse with him. I’m a bit scared of what will he think about me if we have sex this soon but at the same time he made clear how he isn’t looking for a relationship at the moment.. (I’m a female and we’re both 20 y.o.) I would really appreciate any opinion on what to do…
  3. For months I have been thinking about the same thing but not able to get to a conclusion. I would love your help. There is this guy, and we have been friends for a few years, and then one year back, I started having feelings for him. I thought about telling him but didn't want to jeopardize our friendship. In the last few months, we have been pretty close, like talking for 3-4 hrs and then one night during a one-night stay with friends we got drunk and kissed each other and next day we both decided not to do anything about it as if it just happened in the flow. Still, after one month, we met at my place, watched a movie, had little alcohol, and kissed again but this time I told him through text that I had feelings for him, and his response was a thank-you for telling me, but nothing can happen between us, and then we only talk once a month or when we have some work or when we meet our friends together. I do miss our old friendship, but it is now very weird talking to him. I don't know should I keep my friendship with him or move on because he still affects me.
  4. New to this forum but have actually read quite a lot on the ex back and NC topics. Long story very short... 6-year relationship, she's 19 years younger... call me a cradle-snatcher, but we really understood each other for most of those 6 years. Lived together for 2 years. I should have seen it coming as all the signs were there and she actually tried to tell me many times - only I didn’t (want to) hear it :-(. She moved away in March this year but we saw each other every couple of days and she’d spend at least one night of each week. 8 weeks ago she just called it quits. Was a very cold shower and total surprise. I was upset at first and didn’t talk to her for two days, then we texted some there and back. But she was suddenly a different person - cold, non-understanding, not willing to talk about anything. All the usual stuff that you read about that a dumper does after the fact. I called her once but all I got was a brick wall. Sent a long email asking for some explanation and if we could work it out. Not sure she even read it. As I suspected, there is also a guy at play that she has been seeing / flirting with (maybe) since April. Not sure I would call this a rebound but I believe at some point in June, she would be torn between the two of us - more inclining to the new guy (for all the obvious reasons). She did keep in irregular contact a few times a week after that - saying she wants to stay friends as she cares too much for me and I mean a lot in her life. Kept telling her I am not her friend because simply I feel more than that. I went and read tons of stuff (never really been dumped in my life, haha). Went NC 4 weeks ago. Immediately started doing stuff - I’m not short of hobbies - do lots of sports but added a gym and personal trainer to occupy the mind and tire the body. Been playing the piano and guitar a lot lately (after many many years), been playing computer games in the evenings, reading advice on this forum and elsewhere. She contacted me after 2 weeks, asking to see me, which I (a bit reluctantly) agreed to, I said I would bring her magazines that were delivered for her to our place. I was never mean to her, only a bit cold I’d say. We met at Starbucks and I was trying to be upbeat and not display any sense of urgency, pleading or anything. Tried to look real busy at work (which I actually am now). She didn’t say why she wanted to meet - maybe she didn’t feel the situation was good or maybe she just wanted to meet as buddies over coffee, don’t know… She acted a bit annoyed, especially later when she asked if I was going to come to our sports trainings and events and I said I didn’t plan to. She also seemed a bit pressed for time towards the end, though she said she had plenty. I am sure she went to see the other guy right after that and maybe didn’t want to keep him waiting. We parted ways with a hug. I wanted to kiss her like I used to but she just wanted a friendly kiss, which I said no to. So we just hugged a bit more and she left. I texted her later saying it was good to see her and she should stay in touch if she wants to. She texted back that obviously I can’t have contact with her now so it’s me who needs to stay in touch. I said maybe she could come over one night to watch our favourite TV show. She said she’d like that. I left it at that and went back to NC. She texted again a week later (yesterday actually), calling me my sweetheart name and saying that a new series of our favourite show would be screening next Monday. I replied (nicely) that I would definitely watch! And she said - “you definitely should”.
  5. My girlfriend have been together for quite a long time... this might strike some as conservative, but we'd rather enjoy eachother's company, than rush into things like most people these days. We started occasionally doing things together, which I guess was classified as "fooling around". We're both still young, (she's only 17, I'm 19)... and so we decided we should stop fooling around, because we want to treasure our time together as people, and to leave that stuff until we're actually ready to have sex (we both want to wait for a year or two more). Anyway, sometimes when we're alone together, and we hug and kiss, or make out... my body shakes. My arms shake. Most of my muscles just twitch or shake. This started happening after we started fooling around (not after we've stopped). I think my body sort of naturally wants to do those things, and it anticipates it so much, that sometimes I can't stop shaking. The first time it happened, I was also profusely sweating, and basically couldn't do anything, because the shaking was so bad. I tried to continue, and it made me feel really ill. We thought I had some kind of fever, because it lasted throughout the day lol. I really don't like it... my girlfriend doesn't mind, she just wonders if I'm alright sometimes lol. I've tried telling myself that it doesn't matter what we do, because I really don't want to do those things yet either... but my body still seems to. Is this natural? Have other guys experienced this, or girls for that matter? Even though we've stopped doing those things, it still happens. Is there any trick to stopping it?
  6. Hey, all, umm...I haven't really talked much about this girl...surprisingly b/c I'm like 99.9% sure she really likes me hah...but I still have a problem. Her and I hung out a few days ago, and had a pretty good time...now she was kinda sick, but not contagious...heh, but yea, I just kinda kept her company I guess you could say and watched some movies with her. Now the problem is....I'm pretty sure I can pick up on signals that maybe she'd want to kiss or something like that.....but the problem is....I've never kissed...yea....and she's much more experienced. So how do I....how can I..god I don't even know how to ask this...what's she gonna think??? It's not really my idea to care exactly what she thinks of me, but more like....how do I let her know I'm inexperienced w/o saying that I've never been kissed? Cuz I seriously dont know...what to do if it came to that....b/c I don't know if I want to say that. Thanks all...I guess what I'm asking is what do girls think about this really...or guys that have been in this position.
  7. Here's one of my favourite poems (not by me).... SADDEST POEM I can write the saddest poem of all tonight. Write, for instance: "The night is full of stars, and the stars, blue, shiver in the distance." The night wind whirls in the sky and sings. I can write the saddest poem of all tonight. I loved her, and sometimes she loved me too. On nights like this, I held her in my arms. I kissed her so many times under the infinite sky. She loved me, sometimes I loved her. How could I not have loved her large, still eyes? I can write the saddest poem of all tonight. To think I don't have her. To feel that I've lost her. To hear the immense night, more immense without her. And the poem falls to the soul as dew to grass. What does it matter that my love couldn't keep her. The night is full of stars and she is not with me. That's all. Far away, someone sings. Far away. My soul is lost without her. As if to bring her near, my eyes search for her. My heart searches for her and she is not with me. The same night that whitens the same trees. We, we who were, we are the same no longer. I no longer love her, true, but how much I loved her. My voice searched the wind to touch her ear. Someone else's. She will be someone else's. As she once belonged to my kisses. Her voice, her light body. Her infinite eyes. I no longer love her, true, but perhaps I love her. Love is so short and oblivion so long. Because on nights like this I held her in my arms, my soul is lost without her. Although this may be the last pain she causes me, and this may be the last poem I write for her. Pablo Neruda
  8. My girlfriend has requested that tomorrow ive got to give her the best kiss in the world. Any tips to make it more interessting that just a plain kiss? Oh, while im posting: Im terrible at multitasking. Does it matter that i have to put all my effort into th kiss and cant do anything else? If so, how can i do stuff with my hands or whatever?
  9. Ok this is a follow up to my last post so you may have to read my last post to understand this one. Yesterday my friend that i talked about was over at my house. we played basketball and talked a lot about everything. we are very open with eachother and talk about anything that is on our minds. when we were talking we were talking about how it's funny how people think we are going out. then she put her hand on my leg and i put my arm around her and held her and she put head on me. she was also rubbing my leg and touching my arm as well. and we both had no problem with it. so we sat there like this and we talked and had a great time. do you think these are signs that she likes me as more than a friend, she is one of my good friends so it could be friendly. also next time we are alone together should i try and kiss her? i do like my friend a lot and i just want to know if she is feeling the same way and if i should make a move.
  10. I read all of these posts with the NC rule working out and some that dont work out. I am 21 years old and have been with my ex gf since i was 17 she was 16 i was her first everything, first kiss first sex partner basically she learned everything from me. I screwed up big time with not doing anything with my life and getting comfortable and dependent on her. she had been telling me to do something with my life for about 3 years i guess her feelings have changed a little bit over time. she says shes confused and doesnt know what she wants she is in college and has a lot of things going on with her life and i am so proud of how hardworking she is and so disapointed in myself for not seeing the signs and taking her for granted thinking subcontiously that she will be there always. i didnt do anything with my life just worked sometimes and what not. finally she had enough and said that she needs some space at first. i guess she wanted me to change and i started to change my ways but still talking to her and still seeing her, i was having a very hard time because i was getting mixed signals and would get excited real quick for example we went to the getty museum enjoyed some art and she kissed my once and i said thats not a kiss give a real 1 and she kissed me again. i couldnt take it anymore i was hanging on for hopes that might not be there so i didnt know what to do i called her friend which is my friend kind of but she is on her side. her friend told me that she is still confused and doesnt know what she wants because my changes i think werent big enough mind you im still changing and it will take time, anyways she arranged a phone call with me and my ex and she told me that shes sorry for leading me on and that she does love me she said i have a awesome personality and a heart of gold and that im very hansom but i have to let go i was still clinging on and was so affraid of the NC thing we were very honest and open with eachother. she said because i was still clinging on and keeping contact everytime she would begin to feel something i would ruin it by trying to see her call her be with her so i said i know i have to let you go and i now have no choice to accept that you are gone and if we are meant to be she will comeback to me she said yes thats right, so basically we ended it very gentle and i said to her before i hung up i said you were a bird that i loved so much and i kept you in my hands and didnt let you fly away but i see that in order for you to get back the true love feelings you once had i need to let you go and become an independent man so i said fly away little birdy fly..... and said bye she then said dont say bye i will still talk to you and you wll still call me i said no im sorry i cant call you and she said ok i was beggining to get emotional and my voice was cracking i was trying so hard with all my might not to cry and i didnt but she could hear it in my voice the last things she said was you know sometimes things have a way of working out and we hung up. now its been more then 2 weeks im ok i have a long road ahead of me i have a lot of changes to make. i am kind of a weak person and she is so strong i think this is her way of making me change and become a stronger person i dont know im still very much in a state of shock but am accepting it slowly. the NC thing could benefit me or not i guess we will see what the following months will bring she is the love of my life i love this girl sooooooooooooo much. weve been together for 4 1/2 years and im shattered is she doing this to get me to change? or is she really confused? is she trying to get rid of me gently? im getting my life on track and she sees that what should i do evryone tells me she will come around 4 1/2 years is a long time for a girl to forget especially if i was her first love. i dont know im so lost all i know is that everything happens for a reason and thats all i really have going for me I sent flowers for valentines day and called she didnt pick up but later that night she sent a text msg thanking me for the flowers, my friends tell me to be patient shell come around but i need some professional advice help me out guys pleaseeeee!!!!!!
  11. First i want to thank everyone who takes time to read this and try helping. A week or 2 ago I called my ex boyfriend..he let me go pretty quick. I took that as him moving on. A week later he calls me wanting to hang out being a sweetheart and telling me he is single and enjoying it. I told him im single too... He mentioned my bday coming up real soon and asked me what i want for my bday..from him ... I told him i don't know "a number of times"... he made me lol..I named 5 things but it took forever to get it all out of me. *full body massage *take me hiking *surprise kiss...I dont know dont ask lol *strip tease -- *make something for me and be creative Ok...So he told me that he already has an idea for something creative to make me..."what the heck is it"..Going nuts lol The other thing is that he wanted to see me today and wanted me to wear a skirt and Button down blouse. I did ...I met him and we went to his house. We watched a movie and we slowely held hands and started kissing. That was kindof one of my "presents" haha. Anyways. The day continued and he was telling me how I was making him feel bad ..I guess how i was looking at him made him feel bad. " this certain look"...so now i wanted to knwo why and kept asking what it was...I got it out of him He told me that i made him feel guilty because he broke up with me and that i never really returned many of his calls and that it made him feel bad for one. The seconde thing was that hes loved me since the first time we started dating...he told me he doesnt want to date because my dad and bro are nuts. And yes, its true but he told me one day hes going to kidnap me lol...i was kindof laughing but kindof hurt because he was so serious. Umm i told him he shouldnt of hesitated to tell me...We were making eye contact and noticed some face i made.... i wanted to tell him about what happened with me and that i am not a virgin anymore , but it wasnt my idea. Instead I told him "i think i love you to"...So now we are saying we love eachother He changed my title thinggy on my phone to i Pimp Playa...Soo im wonderin why he didnt put i Anyways My question is..Was there something else he wanted to tell me and he hesitated? He told me that he was nervous and his heart was about to rip out through his shirt if i didnt respond the way he wanted me to. I unno he was acting kindof sketchy. The other thing is...There are a few guys who are interested in me right now...what shoul di do about them? Or My ex? Or what? man o man am i confused? I appriciate all of the help !
  12. my girlfriend is coming over this weekend and i want to do more than make out, i want to please her really bad. what are some things that i can do that she would like? should i give her oral cause i hear alot of girls like recieving oral. any places she would like to be touched or kissed?
  13. I'm 31 and dating. I've done most of my dating through the internet - which has proved not to work too well for me. First off - i post a profile and explain exactly who I am and exactly what I'm looking for. I post a variety of pictures, so the woman knows exactly who she's going to meet. For the first couple days - after we start talking - everythign is great. She usually starts flirting and showing a lot of interest - then we make a date to meet. We sit, talk, have so many laughs - it would be an overall nice night. Then we say goodbye - i don't usually go in for a kiss on a first date - it's more a first meeting really, just a hug and if there is a second date then take it from there. The next day - things all change - she'll be friendly, but the interest level has changed for sure. I'm left every time wondering WHAT JUST HAPPENED? I mean sure - she didn't BLOW ME AWAY - but i still want to see her again, it's dating - getting to know someone. I can only think it's something physical to do with me - however I have no clue what that could be. My pictures say it all - there are no surprises - it's not as if someone completely different is showing up. From a female perspective - if ur reading this - and have done the internet dating thing - when/if you do this sort of thing - why do you do it? Just simply no physical attraction? I just don't get it - because I get a lot of dates, get a lot of interest shown - then we meet and even though it's a great time, full of laughs, talks, everythign is great...it ends there - GOODNIGHT AND GOODBYE. I just don't get it...i'm real confused and a bit depressed about all this.... thanks
  14. so, i just started going out with one of my close friends and today she kissed me and touched me and it felt really good. is there any thing i can do that she would like? any special kisses or any place i can touch, rub or kiss? any advice will help.
  15. Hi All, first post in a long while..I used to post here alot when I first broke up with my ex of 3 years ,1.5 years ago. It's been a long road but now fully healed and ready to find that special someone. I've dated alot since I've broken up with the ex , say about 10 women or so but for the past 3 weeks I've been dating this 1 girl in particular.. Thing is I haven't felt this way for a girl since my ex. all the other girls prior to her were just for fun but I actually really like this one but to be honest she is confusing the hell out of me.. So far we've been on 3 dates..first date we met up for some beers and chatted for 3 hours..she e-mailed then next day and said she had a good time and would like to get together again...So we did..2nd date was last Saturday and I took her out to dinner had a nice time then we rented a movie and went to her house to watch it and had some wine..good time as well..kissed her at the end of the night.. 3rd date was last night..she took me to the movies and we watched "Hitch" not bad movie by the way.. our conversation flows easily and laugh together often..anyways after the movie I dropped her off at home and in my car I wanted to kiss her again so badly but we didn't end up kissing.. told her thanks for the movie and she said she'd e-mail me at work today.. The question is I don't know how to read this girl...she confuses me..at times I think she's into me and times I don't think.. How should I play from here on then ? I'm new to this part actually.. meeting a girl I actually like alot since my ex.. Am I ready too much into things or what ?..lol
  16. I know this is something that you all have seen so much before; its another case of "got serious too young" and now she's left me. It was going okay, after almost a month of NC, but we talked last night and it took a big turn for the worse. Sorry if this is long, but I'm about to lose it and I have no-one to talk to right now. We started dating when she was 17 and I was 18. She'd had one other serious boyfriend, and she was my first -- everything. Date, girlfriend, kiss, and so on. She was this amazing girl, who was selfless and believed in love. She showed me what real life was and how to feel things (all things). I was not an emotional person before I met her. She was smart and funny and beautiful, but not typical in any of those ways. She stood out from the rest of our high school and then this past year, college as well. While we were rational enough to know that we were young and things can change, we were in love. I could not have asked for any more from her, and I was completely and honestly taken with her. I'm not a perfect person, but I sincerely believed that I would do anything for her; I knew in my heart that I did not deserve her love and that I was blessed to have it. She and I had gone "all the way," after two years. It took us a year and a half before anything we did was more than completely innocent "making out." When I started dating her, I had no idea what my values concerning love and sex were; but our cautiousness with the whole area, and our conscious acknowledgement of love as the driving force behind the passion, convinced me that sex, in any form, between two people is sacred. She taught me those values, and I came to realize that what we had was unique among our peers. College life is full of drugs, random sex, and alcohol, and I felt blessed (literally) to be above it. But she was a "pleaser," to a fault. I watched her, over our time together, fight through unhealthy friendships where the other person was using and taking and yet she couldn't ask for what she wanted in the friendship. She had this inability to tell the truth to people for fear of hurting them. She also faced pretty serious depression (self-mutilation and suicidal thoughts) which we, together and with the help of Paxcil, we able to conquer. She broke up with me about two months ago. It was hard, and I have missed her so much that sometimes it physically hurts. But, I do love her, and because of that I was able to accept that this separation is exactly what she needed in her life. She told me, two weeks in, that she was happy, and so I was content with the choice. I still hoped she'd change her mind. Anyway, after two and a half smooth and amazing years, we broke up. I am a rather conservative guy, in a lot of ways, and I'm sort of stubborn. So that, coupled with her desire to only do what she thinks I want, made her feel trapped and she needed to "break free." She "still loved me" and wanted to "be friends still, be on the same team still." But I soon found out that her voice, smile and touch rendered me helpless and I couldn't go from day to day. I had to cut off contact in order to survive. After the first month, I broke the no contact rule and sent her an email. I told her how I felt and how much she had meant to me. I was honest and sincere, and I tried to remind her of what we had, and how good it was. I couldn't fathom the idea that she would walk away from that. But I told her that I still respected her position. I couldn't help it – I love with her still. It felt good to tell her all these things that I'd never said, for whatever reason, and to just lay my entire self out on the page for her to see. It prompted a phone call, and she was finally able to tell me that she no longer loved me and that part of this breakup was her knowledge that she wanted to date other people. Hearing that hurt, but it helped me to try and move on. Another month has gone by with no contact whatsoever. I signed onto my computer last night and saw she was online. I was feeling pretty good and I wanted to say hi… so I did. It was awkward at first, but soon she couldn't help but say she missed me. She had run into my grandparents at the store where she works and she had been having a hard week. Well, for all my good intentions, I'm not very emotionally strong and so I started talking with her about it. Hope, that thing that love is built on, crept up within me that we might work things out. But she kept saying that "I'm not as special/amazing/unique as you think I am, Tom." I knew she was wrong, but it started to get confusing. Soon I could sense guilt in her words. And then she finally just stopped. She told me that she had been "partying a lot more since we broke up" and that she had "kissed other guys." Soon it was apparent that it had been more than that, as well, sexually. And so now I know that within two months of leaving our relationship behind, she has changed her views on sex and alcohol and drugs. She, the one who showed me what love is and could be, has chosen to believe that sex and love are not necessarily related (her words). I never suspected this. I thought I knew her, and I thought she respected herself and what we had shared enough to not cheapen it by having drunken sexual encounters with random guys. But "at least the decision's mine" she said. I don't know what to think. I can't just stop loving her. But I feel so betrayed! I know that it's her life alone now, and that those are her mistakes to make. But I can't help worrying about her now. This must be some kind of a backlash against what she saw to be my "old fashioned" (her words) views of life. What if she gets hurt or pregnant? The girl that I was in love with believed that love was sacred. And we were always so able to include love in every touch, every kiss. Why would she change like that? How could she? And how do I get past this now? My head is spinning. I miss her, yet I am furious that she would cheapen those things which we had shared exclusively by abusing them. I'm almost 21 years old and I have loved, kissed, dated, touched only one girl. She made me who I am, shaped me into the man I am, and she was so easy to love. How can someone change like that? And how can she still say that she misses me? Am I wrong in thinking this? I know I'm naïve, but am I wrong? Is nothing sacred? What do I do? Tom
  17. I was wondering if a girls first kiss is something that she remembers for the rest of her life. I am a 15 ( and a 1/2 ) year old female and ive never been kissed. I am thinking about it and i have someone in mind ( A guy thats 2 years older) and i dont know if it matters who it is with. AND...If it's bad, will i feel weird about seeing him again?
  18. Okay, so I met this girl online 2 weeks ago and sent messeges back and forth for a day or two, then we chatted. She told me she has never met and is not interested in meeting someone off the net. At the end of our chat, I now have her phone number and she wants to meet me. So she calls me later and reaffirms that she wants to "hang out". We meet. I took her to a lake to feed ducks. We talked a lot. Then we went out for some chinese, then went back to her place, and then walked to get some ice cream. Then we came back and watched a movie at her place. We didn't sit next to each other. She sat in her fav recliner and I sat on the couch. I REALLY wanted to ask if she'd sit next to me, but my instincts told me if she wanted to, and was comfortable enough, she would somehow move closer over time. Or she could just be shy and is waiting for me to ask her to do it cuz that's happened to me before as well. Anyway, the movie is over and we get online and we show each other's photo albums of when were were kids...and she showed me her parent's pictures and stuff. She gently kicked my foot a few times and then said "Oh, was that your foot?". lol Anyway, I asked if she wanted to go to the state fair with me...and she said she'd like it. Then we talked about going trick or treating together. And then I mentioned some other ideas, and she was ALL for doing those things with me! When I was about to leave, I opened my arms for a hug and she opened hers right back and we had a tight 2 second hug. I definitely didn't feel it was time for "the kiss" yet. I normally have a pretty good gut instinct on when to do thinsg. She had to leave town the next day for a few days, but I got a surprise text message of a smiley face from her. So I'm THINKING that she does like me for more than "just friends". I just need some affirmation. BECAUSE THIS GIRL SWEPT ME OFF MY FEET!!! And it would suck to be "just friends", but I would rather take that than nothing. What do you guys think? I also should mention that she emailed me the next day and said she had a fun time. She said that when we met, it felt like we were old friends. Is that a sign of "Hey let's just be friends" or does it just mean that she felt really comfortable around me for a first meeting and I shouldn't think much of it?
  19. Me and my (first ever) boyfriend have been going out for over 3 months now. All his friends are saying that he wants to kiss me...yet....I'm still waiting . HE"S even mentioned it before! And yet...no kiss! At first, I mean, the first time I heard about this, that he wanted to kiss me, I was so scared, I almost thought about breaking up! But now.....I think I'd like to kiss! And he's had all these opprotunities to kiss me, (movies, his house...etc.) and yet, still, no kiss! Infact, after reading all these "first kiss" stories, and how romantic it is....I REALLY want to kiss! I've heard of people kissing after a couple days, or a week, but we've been going out for 3 months!!!! Doesn't this seem a little strange to you??? Katie
  20. Ok, here's the deal. I went out with this girl from school a week and a half ago. Her and I really hit it off and at the end of the first date, we kissed. This was on a Friday. Well, that weekend, there was a death in her family and for several days, I gave her her space to deal with the emotional trauma. She called me the following Wednesday and everything was back on track. Since I go to school with her, we went out Thursday night, had a blast, and at the end of the night, we hugged and she actually made the move to kiss me. On Friday, we had lunch together, had a blast with lots of interesting conversation, and at the end of the "lunch date", I leaned over and kissed her. Her and her family did a car wash thing this past weekend to raise money so she was pretty much busy her whole weekend. I last spoke to her on Saturday morning, just to say hi. I tried calling her Sunday night, got her voicemail, so i left a message. Since the services for the death in the family was Monday and Tuesday, I didn't call, nor did I expect her to call. Well, it's Wednesday now and I tried calling her a while ago and i got her voicemail again. I left her a message again asking her to call me. Now, my question here is, should I be freaking out because I've gotten her voicemail the past two phone calls? I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt that she is really busy and can't talk, but in the back of my mind, I kind of have this feeling that she is avoiding me. Should I not be feeling this way? I really miss her and just hearing her voice right now would make me feel a lot better. I don't want to blow up her phone by calling her like crazy or anything, but I was going to try calling her again tonight before going to bed. Can someone please give me some feedback, especially the ladies off this forum?
  21. this post is about me been too shy to accpt a date with this great girl who keeps asking me out the problem is im too shy, ive never had a girlfriend, never been kissed and dont know where to take her on a first date i am really worried about the kissing though, i no shes kiss loads of lads and worried ill be a disappointment, and what do you with your lips during a french kiss
  22. Okay, here's my situation. I've been going out with my current boyfriend, who happens to be my first, for about 3 months now. Both of us are extremely shy, but can talk to each other comfortably. We talked about being afraid to kiss for about a month, and we finally shared our first little peck on the lips around our 2 month anniversary. However, a first days after that first kiss, both of us had to go on vacation and we didn't see each other for a couple of weeks. Yesterday, being the first time we've seen each other in a long time, we went to the movies, and we found ourselves making out. It was surprising and completely unexpected; we were just leaning in for a little kiss and all of a sudden, we were french kissing. We honestly don't know who made the first move or how it came to be; it just happened. We both shocked ourselves because we thought we were shy and never could picture ourselves doing that without a long talk or being extremely afraid. It wasn't that we were uncomfortable, both of us were extremely happy afterwards but couldn't believe what we had done. Here's the problem: I'll be seeing him on thursday, which happens to be our three month anniversary. Should I french him again or stick to the little kisses for a while? I don't want to surprise him by going too fast, but I certainly enjoyed last night Thanks for reading this... I know it's long...
  23. Bitter sweet Love A warm embrace From loving arms Making me feel loved Like I was meant to be in this world A bitter sweet kiss From ever loving lips I am floating on cloud 9 In never ending bliss Those three words Make the world seem right They say so much Yet at the same time nothing at all A dark soul turned to light A smile to a frown You lifted me up When I was so down I welcome you to my life And if you think you can cope Then stay and love me Till the end of time Hey guys,this isnt one of my better poems,but it is uplifiting.A nice change to my others.Hope you enjoy. ~Meagan~
  24. I have posted other topics about me n my ex breaking up 6 months ago. i was devestated & heartbroken. we were together for 5 years and were engaged for 2 of them! we broke up out of the blue cos she went to uni & we were arguing over her going out all the time. when we broke up i was badly depressed, i didnt want to do anything! but over the months i picked myself up and got back on track. 6 months down the line i started recieving txts from my ex asking how i was? telling me she missed me. i met up with her hoping to sort things out. i met her and she said she just wanted to be friends!!! i txt her and said i couldnt be her friend and left it at that. 3 weeks went by and she was txtn again asking how i was. i told her i was fine and we agreed to meet up. we did and we kissed and hugged. it was quite emotional cos of the time we'd been away from each other. we talked about getting back together but didnt come to any agreement. im happy but she booked a holiday a couple of days ago, knowing she was gona meet me and sort things out. i dont want her to go cos id like to sort things out n get back on track. it feels as if i want her back more than she wants me. what do you think! am i being ungrateful or unreasonable? any feedback would be really appreciated! at least give me 1 reply.
  25. Well i have been writing different messages of how my ex calls me and we finally have contact with eachother after about 2 months (we broke up 6 months ago) so on Saturday since he wanted to see me (well on friday he had called too, but i already had plans..) i went out with him to the movies and its so ironic how we sort of lived out our 1st date once again we went 2 the same theater, saw a funny movie, saw the same exact epople we saw on our 1st date and everything was just so weird. He would hug me and occasionally pull me towards him while we were in line but i decided not to respond to him for the simple fact that i'm not letting myself fall that easily this time. When we were inside and waiting for the people to get the theater prepared we were talkin and he was just hugging up on me and getting really close to me but i felt awkward like he was surpassing the safety zone...like its been so long and how can u feel so comfortable around me? then he told me that i was looking much better since the break up and i told him that i knew and that i felt much better cuz the time space and meeting new guys made me realize that not everyone was the same. He was kind of surprised when i said that cuz he didnt expect that coming from me. Once we got into the theater and before the movie even began i expressed mostly everything to him how i felt after the break up and how i felt that now that it was over w. that girl he comes to me and he was tellin me how he had gone out w. her to see what was out there and that he realized he shouldnt have left me behind (he went out w. this girl four months after we broke up..mind you they only got to know eachother in about 3 weeks and then started goin out) i was tellin him how i realized i was a good girl and that there was alot more out there for me and he said that just by having me as a friend was enough for him cuz i kinda made it seem as if i had moved on and didnt care for him in the same way so he was tellin me if i wanted nthing to do with him than just by having me as a friend was enough for him. After the conversation and he saw that i was getting kind of frustrated he pulled me towards him said "come here" and hugged me. Right then and there i knew that was the same guy i had grown to love. Well one thing led to another and we kissed and foir some reason it felt so right and so wrong at the same time. So right cuz i had missed him so much. BUt so wrong cuz i thought what if he's leading me on (me and my pesimistic views...) so everytime i would move he would move along with me he would always initiate the kisses he would keep on hugging me and when we got out of the theater we were talkin and he just hugged me and would keep on i would slightly push away but he would always bring me back when we were walkin he held my hand and once agin it felt as if we were b/f and g/f i felt good no worries no drama, i felt at home... funny thing is that usually when there will be pretty girls in a movie i would get so jealous and think oh my gosh what is he thinkin is he loookin at them but i felt ok this time i guess it cuz im so confident in myself now that i dont need to worry about other girls. Im tellin you this time and space did work... on sunday he called me to ask me what i was doing but i had to go to a wedding so i couldnt do anything now im just scared that i have really high hopes and nothing works out in the end ...what should i do, what do u think hes thinkin? do u think his approaches are genuine? give me advice please, sincerely, worried
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