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  1. So I just got into a new relationship, and we met about 2 months ago. We get on really well and he’s honestly the kindest person. He pays me compliments, he’s honest, he’s very affectionate and always cuddles and kisses me and doesn’t mind PDA. It’s just that he seems to decline sex whenever I mention it. I have asked him why, and he said he wants to make sure it doesn’t mess the relationship up because he wants us to last. So it’s a case of me being ready before him? We have done other little bits and fondled but even then I’m the one who initiates it first and when I perform sexual acts he d
  2. I'm hoping someone here can offer a bit of advice. My husband and I have been married 4 years and things were going pretty well until a few months ago. We've always been quite "open" in our relationship and before we got married we occasionally saw other people for casual sex (in my case of both genders) and it was fine, it was kind of our mutual agreement that we would be honest about it rather than cheat. When we got engaged we made a vow to no longer have sex with other people, not because of any religious beliefs (we are both atheists) but because it felt right to make that promi
  3. I started this to write down my dreams... which lately have been pretty interesting. A few weeks ago I dreamed that an ex of mine died. I figured that was maybe my way of symbolically being over him, even in the subconscious realm. But then the other night I dreamed that he was engaged to someone. Then we come to last night... I was alone in the house I grew up in. I don't live there now, so it was strange that I even was there. But I was there all by myself, and he stopped over. It was raining really hard outside so I let him in to get out of that. There was a 12 pack in
  4. Maybe Im the only one here but I have realized over the years (I'm 23) if/when I have casual sex with someone that I don't like enough to be in a relationship with I dont like kissing her. I just feel like sometimes passionate kissing during sex should be saved for a person that you are emotionally attached to/care for/love if that makes any sense. I know it sounds weird; putting the carriage before the horse so to speak; but it happens! Maybe it's a guy thing??!!! Anyhow, I was just wondering if anyone else felt the same way or have had similar experiences??
  5. I'm not really sure where to even begin, but I think I'm starting to get a drinking problem. I don't drink every day and I don't crave it, but I do go out for drinks at least once a week. See the thing is, I don't just have a few drinks. I drink so much that I am not in control of my actions and I do really stupid . It's like I just don't know when to stop and the amount of alcohol that I actually consume is ridiculously high and whenever I'm really drunk I always intentionally make bad decisions, especially with boys. I sleep around and I have gotten with people that I'm not even into at all
  6. After a few weeks into the dreaded online dating world I actually had a date who didn’t ghost day of, which was refreshing. Also, I think she looked better in person so I was pleasantly surprised. We met up and had a couple drinks and talked and laughed and did karaoke for almost 6 hours. Time really flew by and we seemed to get along really well. I walked her to her car at the end of the night and we hugged and I went for the kiss, maybe shouldn’t have. She give a really quick peck but felt like it was mostly me. Got in her car and left but seemed to be smiling and happy. Must’ve read t
  7. Long post - but I really need advice, so I’m going to tell the full story (including his side). My boyfriend (P) and I met through a mutual friend in our junior year of high school. The first year was amazing - butterflies turned into love, and I was extremely happy. Things took a turn when we decided to attend colleges 12 hours from each other. During our freshman year, P made a strong circle of friends very early on. In that group was a girl ©. They spent a lot of time together, and eventually I became suspicious. I asked him over and over if something was going on, and he alwa
  8. My girlfriend and i, both 27years, have been dating for 3years and hope to marry soon. A year ago her old schoolmate staying abroad got in touch with her prior to his visiting home. His conversations appeared flirty, i made my reservations known and was told by her im overreacting. During his 1month visit, they had a couple of outings(with other old mates) including a night out at the club. This was an issue because she refused going to a nightclub with me several times for some religious bs or whatever. Her excuse here was that another lady friend really wanted to go too and she didnt wa
  9. I don't understand. I am hurt, yes. Why do they do that? I don't understand men. I went and got involved emotionally. I have crushed on a man for awhile. It is a coworker. I know I sound like I'm 17. I'm not talking about overt flirting or anything. When we were in the office, I did catch a vibe, but I also got mixed signals...there seemed to be attraction, then not...I think all of us can relate to that. Things advanced. We started texting outside work. It turns out this "vibe" was accurate. I was pretty excited and happy about it. Yes, I know, work relationships are
  10. So i've recently met a girl who i currently have strong feelings for. Lets call her N. She's my sister's classmate at university and i've seen her around for a little over a year but hardly ever talked etc as i had a gf then.. but since then ive become single. So anyway.. this all began about a month ago. My sister invited her to my bday party. I added her on FB and we began to hit it off. She would drive everyday to our office (where i work) every single day for 2 weeks even though she hated driving and just hung out with my sister studying or whatnot in my sisters room while i work. Messagin
  11. Hey. Im [21m] am lost. Lets call this girl M [21f]. M and I have a past. We were friends back 2 years ago and kissed at a party once. We both thought that the other person didn't have feelings that way and just wanted a friendship. She had a bf of 4 years at the time but she was on the edge of breaking up with him because he was pretty abusive. She dropped out of our UNI and went home, and got into a relationship pretty much right after breaking up with her ex at the time. Her ex told her to not talk to me cause he knew we kissed. That was 2 years ago. Friendship gone. Fast forward
  12. So I Met this Girl at an Event. Im also a Girl. We went to drink afterwards and I got tipsy and asked her to kiss me. It worked and she took me to her apartment, but as we were going there, I got completely drunk. We had sex but I forgot everything about it the next day. She told me I said horrible things about myself and I need therapy. Yet she agrees to see me again and she invites me to her apartment agai next week. I find her manners way too bad. She doesnt let me talk at times, she calls me names, shes really strict to me for no reason. Ive been bullied before, so I overreact. She explai
  13. My wife recently admitted to me about her kissing another man. The guy she kissed they knew each other growing up. They started talking through Facebook and turned into a every day thing checking up on one another. She went out with some friends girls night out. They were at a bar and happened to see him there. Her fiend left and she stuck around and hung out with him. As they were saying good bye he kissed her and she didn’t stop him. She explained it was a quick peck on the lips. The next day she change her number and deactivated her Facebook and never spoke to him again. What should I make
  14. Hi guys...not used this for a long long while. But I think I'm just not getting something. Met a woman on an App. Chatted for just under a week. We discovered we had so much in common. I'm a teacher, she's a paediatric nurse. I have an 8 year old kid, she has a 7 year old. But also our whole attitudes to life seemed to match on our attitudes to enjoying ourselves, risk taking, humour etc. On paper at least I have not found someone to have so much in common ever and I'm 42. She is 37. We laughed and joked and flirted. We agreed to meet up on the Saturday for drinks. By that
  15. Hi, there are two people C and M. The background is that in S2 I started to have feelings for C and he also liked me but I wasn’t ready then. But the thing is I also had feelings for M and I always seemed to crave his attention and have since then for some reason. I’ve never known how he feels about me. Now in S5, C and I started dating, it hadn’t been long, about two weeks, but he likes to move quite fast and can be kinda full on sometimes but I need to take things slower which when I told him, he agreed to. So not long ago he kissed me and I really didn’t like it but I like him? When I h
  16. Hi Everyone, So my GF broke up with me 4 months ago now. She said we're both very young (20) and she was overwhelmed by how serious it was + not experiencing life independently yet (we'd been together since school). For the last 4 months we've been in limbo, seeing each other most weeks, sharing a bed, kissing etc. but none of it has worked and we're still not together. I said last week that i'd had enough and i wanted to do NoContact until she comes to a realisation/ decision about our relationship or I am comfortable seeing her solely as a friend (and not trying to win her back like i
  17. Hi , my fiancé and I have been together for a year. We originally started talking online (Instagram) while he was overseas in Nepal. We talked and talked for a month and when he got back we went on a date and hit it off straight away.. we were together for 2 months when he told me that while he was away he had a one night stand (while we were talking) I was really hurt at first but forgave him and thought I had moved on.. I had also kissed a guy before we had met in person. We are getting married next month.. and I am reallly struggling with what he did :( we are really in love.. it’s just my
  18. Hi I am trying to make sense of this situation. My ex dumped me 1 month ago after she returned to the country after being away for 6 months and didn't feel like dating anymore but wanted to be friends. We were together about a year and a half and lived together for about 6months, I refused her offer for just friendship and went our separate ways. She texted a few times asking about getting our stuff because I had some of her belongings and she had some of mine. We exchanged things a couple weeks later, then she texted me again a few days later asking about the model of something I had becau
  19. So I met a girl I like and we've met 1 to 1 four times now, a short mini coffee, two evening dates and a day date. The first evening date was so good, and the was some chemistry there and afterwards she text me to say she was looking fear to the next time. In fact it's been quite difficult to replicate the high of that night. After the second evening date I text her first and she replied positively but then the next morning she said she "wasn't looking for anything other than friendship at the moment." She recognised it was a weird thing to say and I wouldn't like it, but she still wanted t
  20. Hi All, So I met this girl a while back, and about 5 months ago we started to re connect although she lives in a different country. We ended up becoming very close and talking everyday, getting to know each other, and it was very natural. I told her that I found her to be so nice and I really liked here, but that I understand the distance and its too far...and she agreed as that is not what she wanted but that I am really perfect. After talking for so much she said that maybe it was better we talked less and I said no problem, but that ended up not changing as we still ended up messaging almo
  21. Hi folks. I have been "dating" a man from high school for 6 months. I'm in my mid-fifties. In that time we have spent ALOT of time together because we have similar interests. I have grown to love him and I tell him often. He tells me that he loves me too. The relationship is progressing at a very slow pace which is ok but he seldom shows any affection towards me. I want to kiss him he pulls away. If I touch him in a way that could lead to intimacy he questions my motives and pulls away. He won't let me touch him! He seldom touches me. When I question him about it he twists things in such a way
  22. I really like this guy who I have known for many years (although he is a little older then me). Tonight we went to a function at a concert. We were jumping around and dancing (although there were 5 of us we spent most our time together), and when he left to get a drink he would caress my lower back, and when he came back he grabbed my waist from behind and his hands lingered for a few seconds. When he dropped me home after I thanked him for a really nice night and went to give him a hug, and instead he held my cheek and kissed it. I got nervous as I didn’t know what was happening and said good
  23. shivanihal

    On lying

    I am absolutely and only in love with my SA, whom I've been together with for a year that has been a rollercoaster ride for both of us. We started off open, with me being the quiet type that prefers to not kiss not tell and him being a bit more, well, careful with that (though he never articulated that he wanted to know himself). I had a ONS while we were dating, about which I came clean only a few months later when I was drunk-mad at him for not telling me about having sex with a mutual friend, very mature, I know - also the main reason for even sleeping out for me was that I felt I had to, i
  24. So I'm an 18-year-old girl in my first relationship ever. I've known him, my boyfriend, for three years already. We're classmates and have a lot of things in common such as our interests and plans for the future. He's ridiculously intelligent and has a truly calm and kind personality. I really never saw him as a possible partner but one day he started showing me clear sings that he liked me: he held my hand, hugged me tightly, kissed my head, and so on. I felt truly loved and so we started dating. We've been together for more than a month now and I really love him: I think his personality is j
  25. We met a couple of months ago through an online app ( even though we kind of knew who each other were already). She was recently separated. She confessed she had always wanted to get to know me. We dated and saw a lot of each other from the start. I was trying to take things slow and was unsure at first because our families kind of know each other and I felt it might be a little awkward. She didn't seem to care and later neither did I. We probably crammed about 4 months worth of time into a few weeks because we saw each other so much. She told me that I was the best thing that ever happened
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