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  1. Oct 23 /2019 I was diagnosed with diabetes. And before that with hypertension. I still have time to turn this around. Right now my A1C is 6.9. And on meds my blood pressure is 105/75. Monday night I am joining a diet support group. I want to lose 50 pounds by next Christmas.
  2. my mother started taking diet pills not too long ago (a month or two). i hated that she was taking them becuae i never thought that they were healthy. she's always self conscious about her weight, especially since she stopped working out (and yes--she looked GREAT when she did--but she lost the time to do it). she's 46, about 5'2-5'3, and i'd guess her weight is about 145 or so. she's not FAT fat, but she does have extra flab all over. she used to hardly ever eat. she'd skip breakfast and might eat an apple or something for lunch (that is if she even ate lunch) and she'd only eat dinner if she cooked for the whole family. otherwise--she's have a small salad. we are just about as southern as we can be so our food is not exactly healthy around here (really sweet tea--lotsa butter on everything, countlese potato chips..and so on) also, i recently found out i'm hypoglycemic (my blood sugar gets low--and i need to steer away from sugar, carbs, and starch) so i've gotten my family to buy healthier foo for me--and my mom will eat it with me. the other day she mentioned that her pants were fitting a little loose, and they were. she does look a little bit better. the next day (wednesday) i noticed that I had gained weight...a pair of pants didn't fit. i was already bigger than i'd like to be, and i already needed to start working out again, but this made me feel terrible. in reaction, and i know i shouldn't have, i took one of my mother's diet pills without her knowing. that day i felt GREAT. i was just in a really good mood all day, and i didn't munch on stuff like i usually do. i didn't stop eating all together or anything. i just ate more sensibly, and i didn't have those little cravings for something to munch on. the next day, i didn't take another pill because i sorta felt bad for it, and thought it was wrong, but that morning i felt really tired and sick. i dont know if it had anything to do with the pills because there has been something going around at school. i may have had a fever, but i went to school anyway and over time i felt ok again. in a way i am conviced that these pills may not be as bad as i thought they were, and they do seem to be working for my mother. but in another way, i know that there are better ways for us both to lose weight....and i know that i shoudln't but i will probably keep taking them until i drop a few pounds, and until it warms up outside so i can't get back into running and such, my question: are diet pills really that bad? is it ok for us to take them? are they addictive? any and all input is appreciated
  3. Ok, I've seen a lot of topics about wanting to loose weight and everything, so I'm going to summarise a couple of things...please feel free to add your own stuff. First lets go with a diet. Here is what you don't want to eat: Mayo Soda, or any sugar drinks Chips, you can still eat baked chips Bread is good for you, just don't have it every day Law loff the milk, find calcium somewhere else Don't eat too much sugar, and fruits have a lot of it don't eat any type of cheese stay away from fried food Don't eat anything that has more than one gram of saturated fat per serving Thats about all the bad things I can think off... Here are some things you can eat... nuts, if you buy mix nuts they have calcium plus othe good vitamins and minerals, don't eat more that one or two teaspoons a day. pancakes are really good for you, the come with a lot of calcium and protein, when you crack the eggs make sure you take away the yellow yolk out, you don't want to eat it. And use water, or low low fat milk. There are tons of things you can eat that are healthy, just look in your fridge and wip something up. remember that exercise is more than twice as affective as the diet, and also it has its benifits... No matter how much you weight, there is no excuse to get your heart pumping, if you can't go to the gym than walk or run around a park or around the block, keep your heart pumping. The best way to loose weight is to raise your heart rate by 100% and to do that you need to challenge your body, run as fast as you can, walk, job, swim, etc. anything that make your heart pump even faster, the harder you work your body the better results you will gain. Keep at it no matter what, you will see results as you go, they won't show up instantly, while your at it you might want to workout some muscles, will your chunky its easyer to gain muscle, thats a tip for all you skinny people, get chunky then hit the weights and eat a lot of protein. For the cardio I just mension try to do it 3 times a week for about 20-30 minutes, if you are really dedicated you can workout even harder. Just to warn you right now, if you loose weight too fast you will have a lot of loose skin, if you take it slow your body will tighten up the loose skin as you go, and run a lot of lotion with vitamin E on your stretch marks every day. remember to warm up before doing cardio, when you warm up do some stretches and basic exersices, if you do you will get better results....because you body will start burning some carbs before it actually starts to go into the fat, if you warm up for lets say 10-20 minutes, byt the time you are doind intense cardio you will only be burning the fat, and you can watch the pounds melt right off you. at this rate you will be loosing about 5 pounds a week...remember that it get harder to loose weight further on, so try diffrent types of cardio... if you are dedicated you can loose 50-80 pounds in one year, and after you do the worst thing you want is to gain it back, so keep doing your exersices. Also for those that don't like to eat... here is something for you, at first you will loose weight, but then when you start to eat back again your body will store a lot of fat, and you will end up fater than what you started with, and with the lack of food, your body metabolism will not burn the calories as fast as it did back then, and it the long run your body will end up gaining a lot of weight, and also your body will start to break down the musles, and you will become a lot weaker. remember to keep a healthy body, it is recommended to buy some multi-vitamins, they cost about $15 and they can last you about 3 months, and always eat something before you take your tablet. Thats about it, just keep at it, and trust me, you will see results. Anyone can add-on to this.
  4. Hello, I hope I'm posting in the right place on the forum. If I'm babbling in the wrong direction, my apologies. I've been with my current girlfriend for almost exactly 2 years. I moved in with her a couple of months ago. I've always known since we were just friends that she had some pretty bad self esteem problems. She never liked her body, and thought herself plain and faceless. Well, things have gotten worse in the past 2 years, and I worry about her and the future of our relationship. I feel to close to the problems at hand, and really have no objective way of thinking about how to deal with it. So I'm constantly in a state of confusion when she breaks apart. I hope someone on these forums can help me be a better boyfriend about the matter... When we first got together she weighed a little over a 110-115lbs. Well, her metabolism seems to of slowed down now that shes entering her 20's. As a result, she gained about 40 pounds very rapidly which also caused a lot of stretch marks. This has caused her already pre existting self esteem problems to escalate rapidly. Every couple of weeks we go through the same song and dance of her crashing in a heap of self hatred. Anything can spark it. Last night I think it was a commercial with some women in it with very slim figures. You know the hollywood ideal. She muttered that shed never look like that. Its for this that I sometimes hate watching television with her. She compares herself to everybody. Things are at the point now that shes claimed celebacy for the fact that she sees herself as some sort of moocow during sex. This is clearly not what I think, but what I think doesnt seem to matter so much to her as what she thinks about herself. She claimed she wouldnt have sex again until she felt better about herself and lost the weight. Last night she told me she didnt think we'd ever have it again. She also cut herself in a blaze of self hatred, after I took the condoms away from her that she was trying to cut in half (for the fact that we'd never use them again). Then she locked herself in the bathroom for half an hour. Luckily without the scissors. She eventually settled down and came out. But I know it'll happen again. I just dont know what to do. Its hard to support her sometimes, because it feels like nothing I say matters. I wish there were something I could say, (like they always seem to do on TV) that'd make it all better. But I dont believe there is. I've tried helping her diet, by going on a diet with her, but it wasnt even a week before she gave up. I just dont know what to do or say anymore. Sorry for this post being so long and scatter brained. I guess its a bit of a reflection on how the matter is in my own head. Thanks for taving the time to read this.. if anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate it a lot.
  5. Here's my plan, i am going to go into the begel joint, and say hi and leave her with a card in an envelope that says this: Hi, There are just a few things I think you should know. For one I think you are beautiful, smart, funny, and have a one of a kind personality. I also want to thank you for the other night, I had a really good time hanging out with you, "Thank You". Secondly looking back I wish I got your phone #, I had to have been drunk not to. (actually was) I just feel really guilty because I can't stop thinking that because of something really stupid that I said or did, could mean I may never get to know you. So whatever it was I take it back. If you got to this part of the note, I know there is a possibility you might be thinking this; well don't worry, I wont be switching to a begel and coffee only diet, I prefer meat!! Anyway, if you should get the urge to hang out or say whats up, or are boared, or need anything feel free to call me at 222-2222. But whatever the case may be Good Luck P.S. I look at the painting and I still dont get it. (inside thing with her) my name is paul in case you forgot.
  6. Is it true that a man's diet, stress level, hormones, etc, can effect the color of his sperm? I don't mean to gross anyone out or anything, but my husband has been spewing yellow sperm... It is the holidays and we haven't been eating how we normally eat, and we have drank more alcohol over the passed couple weeks than usual. Should we be worried about this?
  7. i have a friend who is in a family that only eats raw food. my teacher gave me a book on it too because she thinks it would be really good for my diabetes. so i am doing it and it isn't easy, expecailly when i don't really have any recipes for it. there are a lot of people that eat like this and they have recipes they just can't cook it. the deal is you can't eat anything cooked, processed, or any animal products such as dairy and meat or even huney (as far as i know). it's maily vegitables and fruit and you can have socked nuts, soy beans, and grains (as long as they are not processed or cooked). is there anyone here who eats like that? i wanted some recipie ideas if there are any floating around the site. Im gonna ask my friend but it's his mom who prepares things so i might not know for a while, i tend to forget to ask. well thanx, love Qtpie87
  8. Hi, I have been working out on and off for the past 10 years, but I just started working out consistently over the past 2 weeks. I am not a fan of suppliments, partially because of hypochondria and fear of side effects that could possibly occur. Protein shakes are the only thing I will take, and even then I wouldn't take it as much, maybe 2-3xs a week 60-90 minutes before I lift weights. I was wondering if there was anyone out there, male and female, who have noticed results when just working out and eating right, compared to taking suppliments. I know suppliments are supposed to speed up the muscle building process, but how much longer will I notice results without taking suppliments, with just protein shakes and a proper diet?
  9. Hi all, As some here may know I've started working out in the gym to get big. Anyway I also changed my diet to get as MUCH protein as possible. I drink half a gallon of skim milk a day, 3 cans of tuna a day(luckily I like tuna ) fish and lean red meat most days. The thing is that since I've changed my diet I've noticed that my face has gotten some red blemishes, not acne, just red blemishes. I thought eating this healthy stuff I shouldn't get these blemishes, it's nothing major it's just a little disconcerting. I've never had any problems like acne before so what do you guys think is going on? When I was into junkfood my face was fine! Weird.... what do you guys think is going on here Thanks in advance!
  10. I'm trying to find the perfect meal plan that will give me the energy to study but also a meal plan that won't put fat on my abs. Right now I'm 140lbs at 5"2, and I have a little fat that I'd like to get rid of on my stomach. I've had a hard looking body before, but that was back when I drank protein shakes, ate lots of meat, and lifted weights. That diet was just too expensive when you throw in the chicken and beef and protein shakes you have to buy. Cooking the meals takes a lot of time that I don't have. I run 5 miles, 5 times a week and I also do 100 situps before I run, and I try to keep a healthy diet but temptation gets to me. I only buy Amy's microwavable dinners and Boca breakfast burrito's. For lunch, I'll try to have a can of chicken salad with crackers. I only drink water and tea. When I'm getting tired during my studying or reading, I'll have tea and soup. Its just sometimes when I'm feeling the craving I'll buy mocha's and danishes or crouscants. For instance, I ate chocalate for Valentine's Day. On a workday, I'll have rice for lunch and egg drop soup with rice for dinner.
  11. Hey, So I've been working on gaining weight this year. I'm sick of being the tiny girl, and really i feel disgusting. If you are curious about my size you can ask. I've started going to the gym...I don't do much if any cardio...because when I do I lose weight like crazy. I've been focusing on lifting weights and its been going pretty good. Since Christmas I've gained 7 pounds and feel great. I'm getting good definition too. My doctor also recommended I start taking whey protein because my diet is lacking and I lift so much. But the thing is my weight has stopped...and I can't see myself getting over this little hill. I'm at my highest weight that I've ever been at and haven't ever gone past this. Am I doing everything right? Or is there something I should be doing different? Also...I take my protein after a work-out...is that the best way? Thanks in advance mel
  12. Has anyone used a diet pill that has been effective and safe?
  13. My grandma keeps saying i've put on more and more weight. Last time i checked i'd lost some but i guess i've put it all back on. She keeps saying it over and over again. Telling mum i should cut down on my intake. She said that i shouldn't eat anything else cuz i'd had enough today and that really i'd eaten to much. I feel so horrible right now. But whats worse is that if i suggest a diet she says no i'm obsessing with my weight to much. Its like she wants me to stay like this so she can continually pick on me. I feel so huge right now and i was wondering if theres a way to lose weight quickly. So that i can feel good about me and not have my nan on my case.
  14. Ok, for those who remember my recent posts about fitness, I apologize, it's just that each time I come up with a new concern or maybe I just read something new, and I figure it's easier to get replies by starting a new thread. Anyway, I'm gonna start with the details once again: I turned 19 pretty recently, but when I was almost 18 already, I weighed 245lbs, and started a very strict diet (I probably should've stopped doing earlier) and in 6 months I was at 200lbs. I stayed at 200lbs for a while, then kept on dieting, until about two months ago after visiting a nutritinist that told me that diet was no good for me anymore and that I needed more calories because I was already at a healthy weight (180-185lbs... I've been oscilating in that range ever since, depending on my activity level, so I guess the reason my weight varies is just fluids and stuff). Anyway, my problem is that I still look like crap (my butt literaly hangs... I mean, I tried on a pair of size 34 jeans, and the waist was the perfect fit, perhaps even a little loose, but they felt so tight around my butt and thighs even though they were supposed to be "relaxed fit" God, I know I'm sounding so NOT like a dude right now, I apologize, I won't do that again, and no offense meant to ANYONE, please), and I've got sort of this excess flab all around my body, but there's more of it in some specific parts of my body, and it's like fat but very light and soft and not THAT thick, I dunno what it is, but I'm guessing it's just excess body fat left, then. Anyway, since my visit to the nutritionist at the end of november, I've pretty much worked out every day. In the beginning I did weights and cardio every day, but made the humongous mistake of doing exercise in the morning with no glucose whatsoever in my blood. I fixed this and I try to eat an energy bar at least 30 minutes before working out. Then I changed my routine and started doing weights only 2 days a week (upper body on one day, and lower body on the other), so I do monday, wednesday and friday pretty intense cardio for at least 30 minutes, then weights on tuesdays and thursdays for 30 minutes as well, I guess. Now, I know results aren't supposed to be immediate, but after reading this: link removed I've started to wonder if this is my problem. I do 30 minutes of pretty intense cardio, to be honest. Perhaps that's not what I should be doing? Maybe I should be doing as that site says, and do maybe 60 minutes of not so intense aerobic activity such as power walking or jogging at a moderate pace instead of running like I do? Or is that just bogus and I just need to stick to my regime a bit longer? Please, any tips are welcome. PS: I do not aspire to ever look like one of them male super-models or hollywood actors who can afford to work out 6 hours a day or those professional athletes with 5% body fat or less. But this just can't be the best I'll ever look man! That'd just suck...
  15. I'm just wondering what type of supplements are other people currently taking. I think I may need to starting taking some, but am not sure which ones. I think I have a pretty poor diet . . . I don't really eat that much veggies or fruits. I eat chicken most of the time and rarely eat any red meat. Also, I eat a lot of carbs I don't consume a lot of dairy products either so I'm thinking maybe I need to start taking some calcium supplements? But I've heard that I need to be careful about taking vitamin supplements because if you don't know what you're doing, you might over consume some unecessary vitamins and it might actually do you more harm than good . . . any advice?? Thanks!!
  16. Kind of an embarressing post but it is all too true. And I am scared it may be interfering with my health. For starters, I normally go to sleep at about midnight and wake up to get ready for school at about 6'30 in the morning. I am not even getting seven hours of sleep normally, at 14 years old. I do not eat breakfast, I am never hungry in the morning. Instead I have two cups of coffee. I leave for school, at recess I do not have something healthy, normally either a chocolate or a cold coffee (ice coffee). At lunch I normally have a regular lunch, salad or a wrap but with that I normally have another coffee. I barely ever drink water during school. When I get home I wait until 4'30 to go up the street... And buy 2 cans of diet coke. I know, it is an appauling diet. But I believe I have unhealthy caffeine problems. Normally later that night I'll have another coffee. Perhaps partly the reason why I do not get enough sleep. This has really been nothing on my mind until lately. I have noticed I've been getting headaches, not enough sleep, drinking more and more coffee, falling behind in class, appearing cranky and sad. I don't smile much either. I've always got something sad keeping me down, I feel low for no reason and I drink caffeine during those periods of low self esteem. Although I think lo self esteem is also caused from the low self esteem depressing music I listen to? Is it? Is this going to endanger my life? 3+ Cups of coffee and diet coke a day? Is it the reason why I am always low, sad, on-the-edge and down? I don't try and drink so much caffeine. It is a habit I have been in for a long time now. Only now is it actually showing it's effects and I am scared I will die... It is completely reconfiguring my day-to-day way of life and it's scary. It's the equivelent of an adult on smokes. My parents both are addicts of alcohol and smokes, so falling into the habit of caffeine at 14 isn't something I want. Caffeine is more of a relief to the fact that I feel down so much. How can I get rid of the problems? P.S. I don't see the problems physically. I am in great shape although I do not do excercise much, I am a little under the average weight of my other friends, which was tested during a school fitness program where we had our weight measured. I just don't want to die from it, at 14.
  17. I'm an 18 - almost 19 - year old guy and, although most of my life I did only a very moderate physical activity like dance and light athletics, I had a quite stable body. Yet in the last two years I started doing more cardio, going out more to parties, etc. and probably somewhere I did a mistake and broke the balance that I had... When seen from far, I still look quite proportional, however, when it comes to intimate situations I can't hide my "breasts" (or mounds of fat in the spots where women have breasts?). And also my tummy has become huge! Now, especially these to things: breasts and tummy! How can I reduce them? Before starting to develop muscles, abs, etc. I would really like to get rid of my breasts. Should I regulate a diet? Are there any good sources on internet that are also reliable and aren't those usual programmes that you must pay for? Thank you so much!!
  18. Well...a few weeks back I posted in pregnancy forum cause I thought I *may* have been having night sickness and my period was late and I was overall feeling gross for 2 weeks. Over the past 2 weeks I've been noticing a strange smell while taking a shower...like moldy. The place we live in is BRAND new...it's only a few months old and we are the first ones to live in this unit - it's a 2 story townhome...so I didn't possibly think we could have mold growing anywhere and I assumed I just needed to wash the bathroom rugs. I also started using the air vent while taking a shower...I normally keep both doors to the bathroom open because it's a bathroom without a window and I like it fresh in there. Whenever I'd turn on the vent the smell would WORSEN. So this past Monday I went in the bathroom, sat on the toilet and happened to look up...the airducting vent in the bathroom is lower than the normal ceiling...so there's like a foot difference...well all along the ducting part of the ceiling the paint is like melting and there are huge bubbles in the paint...and some of those bubbles are starting to LEAK!! I knew right then that we indeed have a mold issue. Last night I couldn't get to sleep, just thinking about what exactly is causing this. I realized that I started smelling the mold shortly after we started using the A/C - it's obviously never been used before and it works great...but we started using it only 2-3 weeks ago. I think what is happening is that up under the wall and in the ducting something is wrong...like maybe the ducting gets too cold with the air flowing through it and then when we take showers it gets hot in there and the vapors condense on the outside of the ducting...the water condensing on the outside of the ducting is thereforeeee trapped between the ducting and the sheetrock - this is my theory at least. Seeing as how I only came to this conclusion last night I'm gonna wait till tomorrow when my BF flies back home from San Diego and we're gonna go talk to the management and have them come fix this ASAP. At least we're still renting at this point cause I wouldn't wanna pay to have this fixed. I will insist they fix this immediately because I now realize its been the cause of my ongoing sickness for the past few weeks. I haven't changed my diet yet I am constantly feeling nauseous and my headaches get worse each day. I've also experience two bouts of diziness while just sitting and not moving. All of these are commone symptoms I've read about while doing research. Found from this website: link removed My breathing has been affected lately and I've had a few bloody noses as well, plus a constant runny nose and sneezing. As soon as we get back from the management office tomorrow I will let you all know what is gonna happen...and I will probably go and visit my doctor to make sure I'm not gonna have permanent damage or anything. Just wanted to share this and see if anyone else has experienced something similar...it's so odd for a brand new house to have this issue.
  19. I was just reading the "What did you eat last" thread and it prompted something in me. My partner goes to the US (mainly LA) once or twice a year as her dad is American and she always comes back telling me she can't believe the size of the food servings there and how much take-away choice there is and how much take-away is eaten. I always thought she exaggerated and that the US diet was much like Oz (or Oz was much like US). But reading the thread going on in here it does seem like not much fruit or vegetables is eaten. Is this true? How often would you eat take-away per week? Is fruit and vegetables expensive in the US? Is takeaway food cheaper than eating fruit and vegetables?
  20. Hi all Well I have just joined a gym yet again for a year and I need info on how to get fit, I need to lost some fat of my * * * and other parts and to get healthy alos I need help with diet to eat better. I eat one meal a day at 8pm I go to bed a 1am and sleep until 7 am. I dont drink or smoke. I eat very littel during the day as I have weat aligy so bo brad, pasta beer etc. So what I need is books, web sites etc telling me how I can lose fat and tone up and get better for some one with Cilicaks.
  21. I quit smoking 30 days ago. since i've just replaced the smokes with ridiculous amounts of junk food. Since I quit smoking I am hungry all the t ime. I am very thin so i am not gaining weight, however, i am hungry by the hour and it is getting out of hand. I have also been depressed over a break up for a while and i am trying to heal from that too. Is this normal? Should i be eating before bedtime. I am actually 15 -20 lbs under what someone my height should weigh. I am 160 and 6'1. Today I ate two chocolate donuts, apple juice, soda, burger king, a pretzel, a hamburger fries, a slice of pizza. I know that is ridiculous and my diet is horrible. I have never been one to cook because of my schedule. What are some ways I can start to at least eat healthy without cooking 2 hour long meals. I live alone, I don't really know how to cook and I am out of the house most of the day. Any suggestions?
  22. i dont have a hard time loosing weight but keeping it off i guess i never transition from loss to maintain state i lost 80 lbs and gained back 60 - lost 40 gained 10 - lost 20 - gained back 50! i dont know what to do but this has been over the past 2 years. overall i went from a high of 186 to a low of 122 to now at 158 i think about this all day and its a source of a majority of my pain/bad feelings i dont think i have had a slice of cake or ice cream without jealousy since i was 12 there is never a time i am not embarking or ending a diet - but after the loss gain cycles it sucks up your motivation and sometimes i just let myself go for 2 weeks and binge and then freak out when a event is coming and work it off i want to maintain a healthy weight of 140 for a LONG time i just dont feel motivated anymore. also i am all out of diets and fed up of doing it right and yo yoing on the "doing it the right way" programme. i guess i need motivation more than anything since i already know i am capable of loosing weight the right way! does anyone know of good diet progress sites or forums that they belong to or can recommend.
  23. I have had lots of help from you all over the last few months, I just wanted to thank you all, and post this little update on what I am doing about my depression. I have stopped being so forward, and looking for a new g/f. At the end of the day its easier to get on with people when you dont have a neon sign above your head saying "desperate" lol I have changed my diet, need to lose 3 stone, and i am getting info from gyms, just to buff myself up a bit. Its a shame that the way you look is so important, but a good personality will take you only so far, so why not eh? I have stopped talking to a lot of people who are bad to me, people who upset me or use me! Hey, i have even started talking to my ex. Looks like she still loves me so much, but i must admit i am worried about what she might do to me emotionally, as she put me in therapy after our relationship ended in January. I am also doing well at work, looks like a promotion is on the cards in the new year! Anyway thanks to all again! Any advice is welcome on me as i stand. Ben
  24. Ok, I've lost some weight, and even though I still don't feel or look the way I'd like to look (haven't reached my target), I feel really good. The thing is, I dunno if I've also lost some muscle mass. I mean, I've been at it since like september 05, then stuck to it seriously and in like december I straggled a little bit, but I successfully maintained my weight, though. But since back then I haven't really worked out (I used to run, but I didn't lift, though). I've done some pushups here and there (sometimed I'd do 50+ every other day for 3 weeks, but then I'd stop, just to start over again). And well, before I lost the weight I certainly couldn't do 30 pushups in one set, but now I can (I dunno if it's just b/c I'm lighter, or if I've conserved or even gained strength). And I tried lifting a couple of days ago, and I still could do the same amount of weight. But the thing is that my arms look so much... skinier, I thought maybe I lost muscular mass, or maybe I just lost a lot of fat... I dunno. I've lost well over 40 lbs, and I'm looking to lose about 15 more to reach a healthy weight... So, I guess all I'm asking is that since I wanna keep going with my diet, isn't there like a way to get stronger and maybe look a little more built (not necesarily big, just... I dunno, not all skinny. I dunno, I'm not THAT skinny, by nature, but I would very much like to look a little bit more built) while doing the running and the diet? Btw, I didn't get the diet off of a book, and I certainly didn't make it up. It was my doctor, and I think he knows what he's doing, cause it's worked for me...
  25. Hi guys, Since about saturday afternoon my leg muscles, particularly my calves, have been sore, and I can't fgure out the reason why. I usually walk about 1.5 miles each way to work and back every day, and have been doing so for the past two months, so i like to think my legs are in pretty good shape. I don't think I've changed anything recently, with the exception of my diet slightly (a result of getting to the end of the month and waiting for the next paycheck). Anybody experience this before? Anyone know of a good treatment for sore muscles? Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks, Mtastic
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