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About Me

  1. I started this to write down my dreams... which lately have been pretty interesting. A few weeks ago I dreamed that an ex of mine died. I figured that was maybe my way of symbolically being over him, even in the subconscious realm. But then the other night I dreamed that he was engaged to someone. Then we come to last night... I was alone in the house I grew up in. I don't live there now, so it was strange that I even was there. But I was there all by myself, and he stopped over. It was raining really hard outside so I let him in to get out of that. There was a 12 pack in
  2. I know I spoke about my career choices many times here . I’m not very happy with my job . I’m more of a medical billing assistant or administrative assistant just to clarify . I haven’t gotten very far in medical billing . My thoughts are wanting to be an elementary school teacher . However , the issue is there aren’t too many elementary school teacher jobs in USA . Another option I looked into was SLPA. SLPA is essentially a speech therapy aide . I didn’t have the grades to get into speech therapy school. Overall , I wanted to work with children .
  3. Hello! This is my first time posting here, and I’d really, really appreciate some help/advice! I’m a Junior in high school and there’s this guy from my grade with whom I’ve shared the same classes since Freshman year. At school I’m a rather quiet person so I don’t have many friends. Since last year he would occasionally ask me random stuff out of the blue. Once he teasingly stated in front of me and his friends that apparently I wasn’t allowing him to sit next to me in class, but the thing is he’s never even asked me... He also always teases me about being scared by the ball when we
  4. Six months ago I started studying an Australian Sign Language (Auslan) accredited course at a government community college. My experience of the Auslan course at this community college has been really terrible. The problem is that this community college is the only place in the whole state where you can study sign language which is actually professionally accredited. You can do community courses but you don't get an actual qualification from them. I started studying Certificate 2, which is the lowest level course you can do at this community college. They don't have enough teachers and they ha
  5. Not sure if this is the right place to post - my apologies in advance! I currently work in the same university from which I graduated a few years ago. I also received my graduate degree there. There was a professor I had once in undergraduate and once in graduate school. He is beloved and a great teacher - confident, empowering, tough but teaches great lessons. He is currently 72 years old (married with children and grandchildren) and still teaches occasionally in the graduate program. He occasionally made comments to me and other girls about our appearance. Nothing crazy - "you look
  6. This could potentially be quite long, however I would appreciate any guidance. When I was at school, aged 15, I was emotionally manipulated by one of my teachers who was a woman. I, myself, am female and it was an extremely confusing time for me as I had never had any feelings towards a woman before I had met her, aside from looking up to celebrities and other role models. The first time I met her she took me in so easily, I was mesmerised by her charm, her essence of being was something I had never seen before, so confident and bubbly. Anyway, after a month of having her teaching me, we st
  7. Ugh. Here I go again letting my feelings get the best of me. My husband’s cousin (who is supposed to be my friend) is constantly talking negatively about my job (I’m a teacher). She CONSTANTLY makes comments like “ugh, I would hate to be a teacher” “I don’t know why you would want to spend all day with other people’s kids” “teachers barely get paid to do that ty job” “school sucks, I can’t wait for summer” “I feel bad for my kids that they have to go to that hell hole every day” I’m getting annoyed to the point that I don’t want to be around her. It’s really bothering me and making me feel l
  8. Like the title says, there isn't really much room for advice in this situation anyway. So let's just go through a little rundown on how life in college should ideally function. You write graded research essays, cool right, well not really, because you see there's this template that they keep posting on each Module's page on how research essays are graded, and they mention very specific criterion along with their assigned weights, all of that is fine and dandy until one as**ole professor decides that they are going to mark papers in a radically different way from everyone else in the department
  9. I realize that this post is going to make me sound like I’ve been bitten by the jealousy monster, but I promise that’s not the case. Basically, I am a teacher, a fellow teacher that I work with has a history of lying and cheating. For example, just a couple months ago when it was time for our big end of year test that counts for our evaluation, several of her students told other teachers that she cheated by telling them the answers on the test. When this information was presented to admin, they did nothing. This same teacher is the coordinator of the after school/summer program, which pays ext
  10. Hi there! (I am not native english speaker, so sorry for some mistakes.) More than two years ago, during my MA studies, I met a teacher at my university, who helped me a lot with many things, gave me advices etc. We understood each otehr well, I would say that we found each other sympathic and though we knew each other for a short time, we looked like we are very good friends (I was 25, he was 37, but he looked younger). I have to say that in the country where I live it is a choice of the teacher to be friendly with his students and it isn't something bad. Once we met in a café and talke
  11. On Tuesday in one of my University Modules(Classes) there was this girl sitting opposite me, but to the right, so she weren't directly facing opposite me, if you know what I mean?? Well anyway I caught this girl staring towards me multiple times, I was too shy to give her a look, I could feel myself shaking due to my Anxiety, I thought to myself "I bet she's thinking I'm an ugly loser or something" but I caught her smiling a little bit. A little bit later on in the class, I caught her looking again, and I gazed back, and made eye contact with her, what's strange though is that she didn't look
  12. I am currently an office manager/HR (its a small company, so I guess a little of everything?) and am finishing my degree. In efforts to focus on something other than my breakup, I'm trying to set new goals for myself. I have toyed with the idea of going on past a bachelor's, but I haven't really decided if it would be what I really want. Anyway, I wouldn't want to be a full time professor, but maybe teach a couple of courses a year either at a university or a community college for supplemental income. Does anyone do this and or have insight into it?
  13. Hi ENA, I started dating a teacher a little while ago, we have had a handful of dates which have gone seemingly well. There is fun conversation, I have cooked for her a couple times, things are getting more intimate as well. There was even a 2 month vacation with zero contact in between the last couple dates. As far as I can tell we are having a great time. So school is gearing up; she gets busy and non committal on plans for the first time. I know many people say well she has to make plans or she isn't interested; which has got me freaked out. My anxiety has been kicking my ass with thi
  14. I was having a conversation with a man I like and we were talking about genres and the types of authors he likes. He likes drama books and when I named 3 authors he said that E. Lynn Harris is one of his favorites. E. Lynn Harris was one of the first African American male authors that featured black male characters who were either on the Down Low (hiding their homosexuality) or living openly gay. Do you think this means the guy I'm talking to may be bisexual or is having those types of feelings? Or that he just genuinely appreciates the writing? (He has a Bachelor's degree in English and i
  15. I've been working in a volunteer capacity for a student organization, and I've come up with a project that several of our partners are interested in collaborating on. I'm graduating in a few months, and the student organization isn't interested in carrying it on after I graduate; our partners are, however, and they'll be applying for a grant based on it. It would be my dream to keep working on this project, and I'd like to submit a proposal to our partners to hire me either on an existing grant or as a consultant to work on the project, especially since its my brainchild and I have a lot o
  16. Background: I come from a dysfunctional family. My mother was abusive and destroyed my self esteem, as a child. At school, I was ostracised and quiet to the point of being considered a mute. The brother that is closest to me is highly intelligent, more intelligent than I. As I highly value intelligence, I believe that I developed an inferiority complex from exposure to him and my mother. All that being said, I am very close to my brother and love him dearly. My grades at school were poor as I had no motivation and did not believe that I was intelligent. I did not try and even if I had, I w
  17. Last year at school I bugged my friend a lot ,I was always talking to him and always walking to him to class. He was bother by it and he talk to the teacher and the teacher talked to me about it. That I can only talk to him once a week and I broke the contract and the teacher found out about it and made me stay away from my friend for a month! Well the month pass and I still not able to talk to my friend ,we can say hi and whats up that’s it! I tired writing letters to my friend but he never response to them or tires to talk to me. I asked for a meeting but he did not want to meet. Well when
  18. Hi everyone, I just graduated from a university and earned my B.A. in political science. I am at a complete loss at what to do next, I have no idea. This is a big question but how do you figure out what you want to do? Where do you even start? I am currently working as a substitute teacher. I love my job as a sub but I do not want to transition to becoming a permanent teacher. I would appreciate any thoughts and advice.
  19. Alright, to start off, I'm 21 years old and recently I've found myself quite interested in a woman who I go to school with. We've had a couple great conversations, but I was left with the feeling that she might be older than I thought to begin with. I'm beginning to think she is probably somewhere between 24 and and 30. Now I'm not judgmental, myself, on too many levels, and I once dated someone who was 6 years older than me for about 6 months. I'm also a bit weird, I take my health very seriously, and I run at least two miles and work out most days of the week, I'm in pretty good shape. I'v
  20. once my (ex)boyfriend asked me if i wanted to go out with him and i agreed. I later had to cancel on him last minute because my professor had decide to have an extra class. I later apologized to him, to which he replied that it was okay, because he met another girl there and they had a good time. I got jealous, so he started calling me crazy. I asked him why he cheated on me and he said we werent in a relationship in the first place and all the promises he made to me, and the times he said he 'loved' me, and the all the romantic stuff was just to make me feel good about myself. And according t
  21. Ok, firstly, I don't know for sure that this guy will ignore me, but I predict/suspect this is what will happen... Basically, I'm a college student, and on several occasions , my English professor (who is about 30, I'm early 20s) has flirted with me. The last time I saw him, however, instead of coming over and chatting as usual, he briefly said hi and hurried off. Today, when he was sitting next to another prof who I was in a conversation with, he didn't even acknowledge me (nor the other prof), just kept his eyes fixed on his ipad, no hi or bye. There are a few occasions in the next sem
  22. Annoyingly I have developed a crush on one of my professors. He is a lot older, the crush makes no sense and no I don't expect/want anything to happen. However, we were having a meeting and speaking about normal college things and he suddenly got on to talking about his personal life and how he lives alone, a 15 min meeting turned into an hour and a half. He then said that he normally has a night with some students to celebrate the end of the year and invited me. I imagine this is in a friendly way, but I know me going is not good for getting over this crush. After this chat I started followi
  23. So as I have previously mentioned in other posts, I am having a problem with infatuation. He is a professor and a lot older than me, at first I thought it was just a one sided crush, and although it was obsessive I could handle it. However, after our chat when he went into detail about things going on in his life and to keep them confidential I'm just really confused? As a professor there are a lot of rumours that go on about him. For example, he is know for being quite promiscious. However, these are rumours and I have no idea if they are actually true or not. He also mentioned to me that h
  24. Before I start the story, I'm 14 years old, have never had a girlfriend, am tall, nerdy, and have been called cute by girls sometimes. So after school when going to extra help, i met this girl who also has my chemistry teacher, but a different period. She approached me by asking me what had happened to my arm (I broke my wrist and I had a cast on) and she asked to sign it. I thought nothing of it, but a few days later in extra help she initiated conversation with me again. We've had these encounters about 4 times now, and she's always the one to ask me a question like what I got on my test or
  25. I have an enormous crush on a former teacher. He was my teacher over a year ago. I have since graduated from the school - but am in the same field as him. These days I am single and thinking of him a lot - perhaps using fantasy to cope with the stresses of my new job. I think he likes me too. Should I add him on linkedin and send a message to see if he replies? I really think the only way I will drop this is if he tells me he is not interested. Honestly I like him so much I would be somewhat ok with hooking up with him for fun.
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