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  1. Like the title says, there isn't really much room for advice in this situation anyway. So let's just go through a little rundown on how life in college should ideally function. You write graded research essays, cool right, well not really, because you see there's this template that they keep posting on each Module's page on how research essays are graded, and they mention very specific criterion along with their assigned weights, all of that is fine and dandy until one as**ole professor decides that they are going to mark papers in a radically different way from everyone else in the department. "oh you thought you had to include a "Theoretical Review" in your essay before you start digging into the studies that are based on actual data and stuff like that, because that's what's actually written in this freaking template that is supposed to comprehensively communicate the standardized marking criterion for all modules, hence you can find it on each individual module's page, well think again, because I decided that I wanted the entire paper to be made up of only that second half of this criteria, and those 800 words worth of theoretical analysis you've put in there is totally worthless to me, haha gotcha. Now did I communicate this clearly enough, oh yeah there was this one time during class that was literally a month or so before this whole quarantine situation settled in where I vaguely talked about the structure of the paper without highlighting the critical exclusion of one of the main marking criterion despite the fact that the question I wrote myself says "highlight the different schools of thought that study the relationship" , oh sorry didn't I tell you how that I personally considered each individual study to be a "school of though" in of itself, did you make the rational mistake of thinking I was referring to the theoretical part of the essay that's expressly mentioned in the marking table, well boohoo for you I guess, life's not fair , deal with it or kill yourself, whichever's most convenient for you blah" Ranked among the top students in my cohort for two years in a row, only for this piece of sh#t to come and deal my GPA the dirtiest hand it's been dealt since I first enrolled in this garbage overpriced uni. It seems that even in the presence of a standardized marking criterion, professors still find a way to abuse their power just so that they can have things their way. And of course I could go and whimper to the head of the department about this, she'll come up with some bullsh*t justification or try to make me out to be the one at fault when clearly the opposite is true. Okay whining is over I guess. Does anyone else have stories about crappy encounters with university professors?
  2. Well I have been thinking quite a lot lately about changing careers. I currently work in Engineering and have to be honest and say that there is a lot of pressure that comes with the job. Ok it pays very well but it does bring a lot of stress and work. So I was wondering if there are any school teachers around (even trainees) who could give me a few pointers about taking up this profession as a career. I understand that I will have to take quite a pay cut in wages but was wondering what king of wages, work/life balance there is in the profession? I haven't quite decided yet, if I would like to be a primary (4 - 11 year olds) or secondary (11 - 16) school teacher. Again some pointers might be beneficial. All I would need to do is to go back to university for a year to do my teachers training since I already have a degree in Engineering which I would use to teach mathematics, with probably a science subject as my secondary subject. btw, I do plan to speak to the Local Education Authority when I go back to work next week, but any help/insight would be appreciated, especially from those in the UK.
  3. Hey there, Has anyone ever had a crush on a teacher? There so annoying! I mean it's not like the teachers are ever going to date you. I have this crush on one of my school pe teachers and it's tearing me up inside because every other girl in gym class fall at his feet and worship his exact move! What is worse is that sometimes I feel unattractive and I think 'well even if he was allowed to date students, he wouldn't date me because there are girls more attractive than me anyway Because we have female techers for gym EVERYTIME this male teacher walks in every girl is like constanly gauping at him and watching him very carefully. I hate teacher crushes because you know it will never work out. I'm leaving school for good soon and I'm not sure I bare leaving him there! Is that pathetic? Miya
  4. First off I'm 15, a sophomore, never kissed and have never asked a girl out on a date before. I've had one girlfriend my entire life, which was for roughly 3 days in the 8th grade (April 2003)... Okay so now its the start of a new semester at my school this week. Some of my schedule got changed around so I have a new world history teacher (& my mom is a history teacher but not at my school) and class. On the second day of the semester, this girl named Lauren was transferred into my class. During second semester last year, me and her were in the same drama class so I know her a little bit from that class. Last year I asked her to be my valentine and her response was neutral because we didn't know each other very well and I basically got over it quickly.. Now we're in a class together again, but I haven't really talked to her since the end of school last year. I think I'm starting to develop a bit of a crush on her again. I'm now more mature and know that I have to get to know somebody a good bit before asking them out. So I want to talk to her and get to know her better. Since I haven't talked to her in a while, I'm not quite sure on what to say to her..? Also, considering the previous situation I was in with her, should I even try to get her again? A few months back this one guy I know told me that she liked me last year--but I don't know if this is really true or not... What do you think I should do?
  5. Ok there is this guy in my second period that I really have a big crush on He seems to like me too, but I'm not sure (this is where you guys come in) OK I'm just going to give you all the things he did that made me think he likes me (I've never done this before so bare with me) He always make eye contract and hes always whispering that he thinks the class is gay and trys to make me laugh. When the teacher makes a stupid comment to someone he always turns to me and shakes his head laughing. (He shakes his head ALOT) He seems to try to look at me when I'm doing work (I sit in the front of the class, teacher's assistant) then asks if I'm having fun. One time when we had a Sub he sat with his friends in the back I always take roll when Subs are in the class so he came up to my desk leaned real close to me and asked if I wouldn't mark him absent (he was like nose to nose close) when passing out a test I miss counted a paper in his row he said "we need one more over here, thanks Babe". And hes always telling me the time when i didnt ask him. That what makes me think he likes me but these are the things he does that get me confused... Me and him sit next to the door so when the bell rings we both walk out at the same time, but he never talks to me even when I'm walking side by side with him. This one time I was standing in the lunch line right next to him he didnt seem to notice either. He was asking me a question just moving his lips for me to lip read (i'm not very good at by the way) so i asked him what he said he seemed annoyed that I said "what" after that he got his test back he seemed kinda happy so I asked him what he got (just to talk to him) he just struged his shoulders like saying I dont know. then he told me he got a "C" then he stoped talking to me for the day.. Ok well i'm done can you PLEASE help me If it helps everyone says he never had a g/f before but when he likes a girl he starts to become mean to them (whats up with that?) Please Please help me I really like him and if he doesnt like me I have to TRY to get over him. Thanks!
  6. Hey, i've been flirting with this girl in my class. Well, she's very flirty with me, i'm not sure if she acts the way she acts towards me with other guys, cause there is no other guys in my class. Its a pretty strange situation, even the teacher is a woman, and pretty good lookin' too. Anyways, she acts cute around me and even says "i'm so cute" (about herself).... which i found kinda cute, but also funny- and strange- ... Well, the other day i tried being more direct and a little bit more forward- and the response that i got wasn't what i expected. It appeared as if i turned her off a little. She's giving me all the signs that people here have posted about. She smiles a lot when she looks at me. She stares at me for long periods of time. she always sits next to me. oh yeah, she admires my work. Its almost as if she is enjoying the "chase" - she gives me enough to keep me interested and then pushes me back. but whats more interesting is that when i push her back, it feels as if she becomes even more attracted to me. I've more or less come to a conclusion that she wants to be 'wooed' or however you spell the word. She wants me to be more suave about it- more romantic. She's pretty much given me the thumbs up to try..... but thats the problem... i don't know how. and thats my question to girls here, Do you want to be romanced into a relationship? do you enjoy the chase? or are you so impatient that you just want the guy to come out and tell you he wants you? and how? i've heard this a couple of times "the chase is better than the catch". and for the most part i agree aswell.
  7. Man, where should I even start? I suffered from depression and social anxiety for all my life up until a year ago. I worked hard and beat depression and was well on my way to over coming my anxiety. Well that all changed now. I transferred to a different college (UW-Madison) because I thought going to Madison would have more prestige and people would be more impressed by me being there, than at the college that I was at. (which was a little school in the middle of no where) So I got here thinking things would even be better now, because with all the work I had done with myself I would be strong and make all sorts of friends, be on my to acheving my goals in the field I want to go in, find tons of women and go on lots of dates, blah blah blah or should I say bs bs bs ? I hate this school. The academics are horrible here. My professors do not teach anything, nor do they care that they aren't teaching anything. I just misserably failed a calc test, but since the professor told the class that everyone would fail it ( which they pretty much did, only a couple people out of 300 or so even got over a 60 percent) I guess I didn't exactly fail in the terms of the class. The TA's are completely useless to me, one I have no idea what he is saying, another just makes the class more confusing. I don't know why I bother going to lecture because the only way that I learn anything is by reading the books. So I have gone from loving school and being very foucused on it to not even caring about it anymore and thinking about dropping out. The people are stuck up. I have tried to talk to people in classes, but they don't seem to really want to talk to me. I suppose if I where to disscus the finer points of wasting your life on beer and parties they may be interested (I am being sarcastic in case you don't know, about there being any fine points to being a no life drunk loser). There's a girl I like in my physics class, but I don't think she likes me really all that much. I try to talk to her all the time, and I'm doing my best at giving her a chance and not pushing her away like I usually do with people. But, nevertheless I feel as if she hardly sees me. I suppose if I had any confidence I would ask her for a date. But I always feel as if I have nothing to off anyone, because I'm too much of a closed off person. I'm very emotionaly sensitive, and because of it I have high walls built around myself too keep me from constanly feeling hurt. The walls are a part of me as much as my love of physics is a part of me. You know why I feel like I'm worthless to other people? It's because I don't do a whole lot with my life in terms of going to social things, mostly like parties and bars. I feel worthless because I would rather volunteer my time to a cause that I deeply believe in. I feel worthless because I love animals and want to fight for their rights, because I would to try and share my vegan ways with other people. I feel worthless because a lot of times I just want to be alone, I just want to read books or stay inside myself. It is not because of depression or fear, it is that I just enjoy it like most people enjoy lots of friends and people. I feel worthless because I have figured out who I am, and I have accepted that and don't want to change what I am. So why does it seem that no one accepts me? I can't change my past, and can't change my memories of my childhood and make myself remember that I had a good and happy childhood. I'm sorry to all those that I've hurt and treated badly over my life. I'm sorry that I'm a guarded person and that I try my best to be different from everyone else. I'm sorry that I care about things, and believe there is more to this world than just my self. Well enough of this. I have no idea why I'm even typing all this, not as anyone would think much of it. Just another depressed young male trying to get people to feel sorry for himself when it's his own fault. ugh, time to go waste another hour in disscusion bye bye.
  8. Yeah, this girl in one of my classes she always will be doing something to get my attention. First like 3 weeks ago she'd stick out her leg and rock her foot back and forth towards me. A while after that it stopped. Then after giving her a few looks of my own; she notices me. So she's playing around with her hair then she looks back towards me to see if I'm watching. Next thing is when I'm getting help from the teacher she comes by my desk (got up to sharpen pencil) and then bumps her leg up against my desk right next to me it wasn't like 5 inches away it was right in front of me and probably intentional. And today, she'd turn around in my direction and what it seemed like she'd space out and play with her hair but look above me except it wasn't directly at me...let's just say it was good enough to see me from her peripheral vision (women have a better vision peripherally). And while I was sitting down (teacher was sitting right next to my desk grading some tests) and she'd come past by and brush either with her coat (no arm contact on my hair/head) and sometimes it'd be a light brush of her arm on my head or something like that. So I'm going to go leave to go to gym, and so the little 2 minutes before we leave she comes my direction (wasn't looking at me but was like looking at the lights or some fake body language excuse lol) and playing with her hair. I didn't really look at her all day. Even though I could of. I would be ok with talking to her, but theres like nothing to talk about that's the thing! If I asked any open-end questions she'd obviously know I like her. Then it ruins my chances. So yeah, post any feedback on what you think specifically girls because they know these things.
  9. so this guy, logan, i really love him. i already talked to you guys about this a little last time, but this is sort of a new question. anyway i love him. and i get really shy around him because i don't want to look dumb or say something dumb but i just realized that the only thing im doing which is dumb is not being me, im being me just not all of me. the shyness is holding me back from telling him completely how i feel about him. he is always flirting with me and i know he used to like me, i'm more then sure he does now just cause of how he treats me and hes touchy with me and stuff. but i try to tell him and i write him and he always comes up to me and says i need to talk to him vocally and i know this sounds dumb but i always end up saying i can't and it was dumb anyway so it didn't matter. but it does matter, and he knows it too. what do i do? how can i handle this with out looking like a dork. He was going to move when he graduated next friday, but now he swares up and down he's staying, so now i really wanna do something about it. I also need to take care of some of this shyness twards him because im not shy around others ever, just him, and i'm giving a speech my teacher asked me to write for him for his graduation and read it up infornt of everyone. im happy to do that, but im afraid i'll get nervous because it's about him and i wrote it.... am i a nerd?
  10. Hi, I'm not sure if I've already asked this here. I looked through my old post, but can't find anything. Well theres this guy I'm crazy about! and because I let my stupid shyness and insecurity get the better of me, I missed my chance! He seemed to like me too. I haven't seen him or his friends so I have no way of contacting him and I really want to ask him out badly! I feel more confident now. I looked everywhere for his phone number, but I can't find it. Even if I did find him I wouldn't know how he feels about me. I thought if fate wants us to be together then something will happen, but maybe fate brought us this far and now it's my turn to do something. I think he was gonna ask me out a few times, one time his friend embarrased him, one time I was talking to a teacher about something so I didn't get chance to catch up to him (he was waiting and looking at me all the time and I was the last person except the teacher there) and another time my friends called me about something and my crush looked kinda peed off cos we were alone til then. I really need ideas! I don't wanna stalk him. So what could I do? What realist things could I do to find him and ask him out? I would be sooo grateful for any ideas!! - A frustrated lust sick starkitty
  11. Today I just took my last final exam and man was that hard! The professor really does make you think. But anyway, done with this semester! No more school until Janurary 10th or so. I don't why I'm posting this!
  12. I have no problems talking to girls, in class etc where there is common things to talk about and I already know their names due to the teacher and stuff being there and saying their name. However, I need some advice on confronting random girls in the mall, etc. How do I start the conversation off after Hi? What do I ask to get their names? Do I just come straight out and be like "So what's your name"? Also, after I figure out their name, how do I ask for their number? Just come straight out and ask again? If someone could do an example conversation I would be most appreciative...Thanks!!
  13. ok heres the deal, i now this gal from one of my language classes and shes nice and all right. i saw her at the cafertia and she waved at me saying hello and i said hi back. we chatted about our new substuite being all strict and all and that our new teacher will be back ah thank god. shes seemd nice and really talktive, i asked her if she was going take courses in the summer she said yes and i said i was going to take courses in the summer too. i told her i had a pic on hot or not and she said she would never do that as it would be so embarsssing, and that when she sees it she give me a 10 and e mail me. thats when i asked from an exhange in email. i gave her mine and i asked for hers with her e mail she also wrote down her msn messenger. i did tell her my problems with a girl i liked and hoiw i got rejected and she gave me some advice and we role played-pretend u are the girl and i am the guy thing. 2 days ago i msn messengered her she didn't respond to "hi how u doin" i wasn;t on mesenger for long, today i said" finished one exam one more to go" she didn't resond back. it did say jen(away) but i messeenger her anyways while she was online, she doesn't respond. then like later in 5-8 minutes later shes offline. so why didn't she respond to my messenger while she was online even though away. btw she did mention she has a bf which i don't care i jsut want a female friend to hang with. it be nice , what should i do to make her now i just want to be friends and nothing more. i never had a female friend. i am 24 but told her i was 22 -anyways i look young and she is 18. what should i do if she still doesn't respond. she a nice girl but also ncie and talktive to everyone guys and gals. i could be the finals lots to study and not much time to chat, but what happens if this still continues on after the finals what should i do. just drop it hey
  14. I have always had a "thing" for much older men. Even when I was in third grade, I remember having crushes on guys who were in sixth grade. I am very mature for my age and a great student/researcher (I am a Grad. student.) My problem is this: I'm attracted to and bewildered by my 59-year-old professor who is married (he married ten years ago) with a young child. This professor is a big name in his field and everyone has told me that it is very difficult to get close to him. Well, from the first day I sat down to listen to his lecture, his eyes were glued on me and he always looks at me with a certain affection in his eyes. I am the only girl in his class and at first I was wondering whether he was so kind because I am a girl. I was told by other female students that he was not at all kind to them. However, everything I've asked him to do he has done for me (to my classmates' great envy.) He even had to bend the rules to get me promoted and to get me a grant for some research in Europe, something I am told he's never done for anyone. Other students send him e-mails and he never replies but he always replies to mine. Now, I am a gifted student and have had excellent grades throughout college. However, why does he ignore other people and go out of his way to get things done for me? Is he attracted to me or does he just think that I have potential to succeed and others don't?
  15. hi if anyone could offer advice on the following situation I would greatly appreciate it. Last November my girlfriend and myself broke up after three years together. we have been though a lot together and I had moved over here to Denmark to be with her a year and a half ago things had not been right between us for a while and so when I moved out I thought that it would give us the space and time we needed to find if we were to be together. since then we have spent christmas together at her familys and she is helping me learn the language of my new home. she has said that I am not too read into her helping me as anything more than her being my teacher I understand that but I suppose what I am asking is how do I get her back? Over the last couple of monthes I know that she is the girl for me what do i do ? it is hard to be strong and I am scared that she will find another boyfriend what happens if this happens? my thoughts are that I allow her to teach me danish and get on with life and hopefully with time she will rediscover why she was attracted to me in the first place and we will have a chance any advice on this would be great thanks to anyone reading this
  16. Lately, I've been feeling really lonely. My parents are constantly fighting, my brother is in college, I don't see my friends anymore, and there are all these kids who are older than me who pick on me because I wear Invader Zim Shirts(my fav show), wristbands, and black pants most of the time. Everything is going downhill. I also like this teacher at my school and the people who do know make fun of me for it. I don't what to do.
  17. Hi, i really don't have a question... i just feel ashamed and stupid. Today the girl I have a cursh on came into my classroom and stood by the door waiting for the teacher to finish talking so she could ask him a question. Well I sit right next to the door where she was standing, and the whole time she was in my classroom I didn't even say hi. (she knows i like her but i have yet to say anything to her in person) I just want to kick myself real hard right now. Oh well... and thx for reading.
  18. First of all, let me explain my situation. I've always been straight until now, have had 3 boyfriends, and I'm 19. I've never really fell in love with a female, but every now and then I'll see a girl and think, "yeah, that's the kinda girl I'd like to be my girlfriend if I were a guy". So recently I've started to have feelings for one of my *As and it's a she. I like to get her attention and really enjoy watching her...and I feel like I really want to be with her, in a relationship. I"m really confused becuase first of all, does this mean I'm bisexual? I'm usually the kind of girl who goes for guys, and I actually feel like I have the same motivation to go for her. BUT...she is my *A and I have no idea whether she is straight or bi or homosexual. And as much as I would like to tell her how I feel for her, I'm afraid that this will have a negative impact...I don't know how she will feel... It's so frustrating becuase I have no one to talk to this about and I really like her...and it's really hard to become friends becuase if I actually initiate or invite her out, it will seem odd since it's almost a student teacher relationship (she's 3-4 yrs older than me). What should I do? Thanks ahead for your input!
  19. Personal Info: S/W/M/28 I am currently attending a community college. I like what I see here so I hope someone here, male and female, can help me with a very confusing situation here. Also, I would like to greet everyone here with hello since this is my first post. I am glad to be here. This is my story: About a month ago, I had to take a makeup exam. The day I took the exam the teacher sent me out in the hallway to take it. Towards the end, I was running up against the clock trying to finish up the test. As I was about to finish, a girl approached me. Asking me a question, I think she may have felt like I brushed her off. She asks me the question, I answer, she responds with ''Oh'' and walks off slowly. She just catches me at the wrong time. I wasn't really trying to brush her off. I was just trying to finish up the test so I was stressed at the time she tried to approach me. I inadvertently came off wrong. After completing the test, I turned the test in. As I was making my way to my next class, It dawned on me that maybe she was just looking for a reason to talk to me. I brush it off thinking nothing off it; it isnt no big deal. Well, about 3 weeks ago I was walking through an empty hall way. As I get to the top of the stairwell, out of nowhere she is right in front of me. Shes bent over a table filling out a form right in front of me. As I'm making my way back to class I'm thinking well that was strange. I let it go thinking nothing of it again just chalking it up to coincidence. About two days later, It just so happens that she ends up passing me at the same time I pass her. Everything I do as I walk towards the next building she does. She is mirroring my body language! At this point, I'm not thinking about brushing it off again. I'm starting to think everything she's done up to this point is being done on purpose. Well, about 3 days later. Exact same thing again-instead of mirroring my body language this time she does this-bends all the way over I guess to fix her hair. Her damn hair looks fine. Just this past week, two more strange occurrences transpire: As I'm walking out class, I turn to my right to make my way down the hall. The hall is empty, but I sense someone behind me. I stop; It's her, but she's walking with her head down to the point where I can't see her face; all you can see is the top of her head. I begin to make my way out the door. At this point she's going the other way, walking normally again. I know this is hilarious to read, and it is. At this point, I'm wondering what she's doing. Is she interested in me or not? She has been giving off buying signals to make me think she's interested, yet if she thinks Im about to approach her it seems like she clams up? I'm completely confused is she interested or not? My theory- the whole time has been she was just trying to get me back interested in her after she felt like I blew her off. Maybe because I didn't hit on her like other guys do she was just trying to get my attention. I apologize for such a long post, but I felt like I needed to add every detail since this started a month ago. Will everyone here, guys and girls, tell me what they think shes doing?
  20. This girl I know (A diffrent one) has been acting weird toward me lately. We were kindda cool last year since she would allways laugh at me and stuff and we would talk alittle and I would mess with her in a playful way. On the first day of school, I see her and I say 'hey whats up' and she says 'hey how are you doing?' Well we shair the same class this year but she sits ahead of me and faces me. (The tables are round.) Well after the 1st day, whenever I'd say hi to her, she just either says nothing or says hi in a unhappy way. Thing is, today, the teacher used her as an example and you know how the class looks at the example. (I was too) But when I looked at her, she gave me a long 30 second stair and even if I turned my head and looked back at her, she was still stairing. All I want to know is if she's mad at me or dose she have something else in mind...
  21. Ok let me lay the scene, for some months now i've been attracted to this girl in my sixth form who is good looking and really clever. Perfect right? Well I had a party on saturday and invited most of my yr as a ltl get to know each other, well we were dancing pretty close with each other all night and then when it started to wind down she dragged me round the side of my house where we got off, we then later hooked up another 3 times. It was amazing, but we started to text each other the following day and she started to talk about this crush she has on a teacher at school and later that day we decided it was jst a drunken thing. Yet I want it to be more, and I don't know whether she does or not. Does anybody have any advice for me? We've been getting on pretty well for the past few months and i dnt want to risk it by mentionning something that is way off base. Thanks in advance NB
  22. How do I explain without putting a biased spin on things. I'll do my best. My wife and I were married for 14 years. We married at 19 (me) and 18(her). She left me in the beginning for someone at work in our first year of marriage. We broke up for 6 months. She moved back with me and we had 3 great kids together. I put her through school and she is now a 1st grade teacher. We were sooo close as a couple. Last year in August (still very close), we moved to AZ for a one year stint for her as a teacher. We agreed that it would only be one year because she needed some more teaching time to be fully credentialed as a teacher. Then we would leave. As March rolled around, she (32) began changing her appearance from conservative to more "young-ish" and was overly concerned about make-up (eye-liner, blush, etc), she only used to wear lipstick. She told me she just wanted to fit in with the other teachers who were younger. I, being the loving husband obliged her, telling her that she looked great. Then one day in late March she told me that she was feeling like being on her own, since she never experienced that way of life--since I snagged her right outta high school. She even said that she was signing for an addtional year there. This place is a desert hellhole. I couldn't imagine living there another year. Why was she so compelled to stay? I was devastated. I thought: After all of these years and 3 beautiful kids, you pull some crap like this? She then told me it was me. I was too controlling, etc. I was not. But I began to analyze myself and began believing that I was a controller. She also began stating faults in me that I had never heard before, stuff that never mattered to her before. Subsequently, I became the best husband in the world for 2 months. She told me it was too late to try. She agreed that I was the best, but she just wasn't "there" emotionally. There was nothing I could do to get her to change her mind. I was so depressed and scared and blindsided by this. I thought everything was great and she led me to believe this also. We left one another at the beginning of June. She went on vacation to Mexico & Texas with my kids and her parents, stating that if there was a chance for us, she would have to realize that with time away from me. She returned in July. She wanted to end it. BTW, she went off and got a breast job and a tummy tuck during this vacation!!! She said that she was taking the kids and moving to anycity, AZ to live alone with them without my presense nor input. I filed for divorce and forced her to give me partial custody (40%). I'm fine with that. I live away from them. Just yesterday, I picked up my kids for the weekend and they said that mommy has been hanging out a lot a fellow teacher guy who also teaches first grade (they are not amorous in front of my kids, but let your imagination do the work). She has "hung out" with him (taking my kids with her) dozens of times. They (the adults) are frustrated with the kids as she is trying to spend time with him and she yells at the kids more now than ever. Even spanking them for the most ridiculous reasons as told by my oldest kid. The guy she is working on is 28 and never been married, no kids. He is even spanking my youngest (I'm pissed off about this and will confront her on this when I return the kids). I think they are very frustrated with the kids being everpresent since I get them in the daytime while she is at work. and on every other weekend. She gets them nights and every other weekend. I think that they had been having a fling since March. I was soooo stupid to think that she was leaving me because of me. She is just a infidel at heart. Access was easy for them at the school since their homeroom doors are side by side. I was such an idiot for not picking up on this! My heart is broken that this guy was the reason she left me. No wonder every change I was making with myself was futile. She was at the point of no return. It hurts that the person I trusted and forgave for her first indescretion would do this again. I want her to beg for me back (which may happen if they are as frustrated as they seem with the kids always around). He may even be violent, since he thinks spanking is an okay method to discipline someone else's kid so early in the bonding process. I personally wouldn't touch a new woman's kid. I want her back, but I would not take her back, though. Do you know what I mean? She would be tainted to me. She was a virgin when I met her, so you can see my point. How can I go back to a place (physically) that some guy had just been? I am torn. I feel defeated, but I don't want her back. I couldn't live with what she had done and it would haunt me forever. I need to move on, but i want her to suffer the emotional turmoil like she made me experience. I want her begging and pleading for me back like i did to her just months ago; though, I won't accept her back. I am not violent. I am actually a catch of a husband. I've been recently told on separate occasions that I was "gorgeous" by girls at the local dive bar, so, I'm not ugly and I am very fit. I cook, clean, repairs, very accomodating in many aspects. She just doesn't know how to leave an attraction at work, just that. Seems like a pattern for her. I don't know what to do. Let her go? Come to terms with things and move on? I love her a lot, but again, I can't bear the thought of another man being with her and if she were to come begging back, how could I accept her? Will she even come begging back or am I just blindedbythelight? She may never come back. Confused....
  23. Hi all, I'm 27 years old and still suffer form doctor phobia - I avoid visiting any doctor that might ask me to remove any of my clothes or perform procedures more complicated than taking blood pressure, even if it does not involve needles. It also spread to other parts of my life when I refuse that Yoga teacher touches me during the class to show the correct posture performance. As an opposite to needles phobia, this fear is not commonly understood, even by doctors, so they always take me for a very stubborn, uncooperative patient and get angree. On the other hand I'm happily maried and have no problem to go to the pool (for example). I'm not familiar with any other adult that has such a problem. I will be very glad to hear from anyone with similar problem or from person who can relate to this. Does anyone have some tips of help? I have posted this cry for help on two other forums, but received no response. Hope this forum is more appropriate. Thanks, Kathy
  24. It's urgent because it's coming in 3 days and i still need time to decide. My fellow friends and I are going to participate in a choral speaking competition. It's compulsory for everyone in the school. The problem is that the majority of my group consists of another race. At first i thought it'll be ok but since they start to discriminate me and another 2 friends who are the same race as i am. They found fault with everything we did , every single mistake will be taken out for discussion. On Friday we were told that we had a practise this morning. Me and a few of my friends turned up but the conductor did not. We sat like fools. I hit the roof. Now i plan not to go for the competition.My parents have decided to talk the teacher but i mange to stop them in time because i fear they might make things worser(they're over protective over me).In return i offered to talk to the teacher.I know its not right but what else could i do, my parents wouldn't even allow me not to go to school that day.I wish i hadn't told them .Please give me some advise.
  25. he went to school one day and the teacher told me he pulled his pants down and had girls rub it.. He has not even learned about that yet! I have a feeling this will lead to MAJOR future problems
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