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About Me

  1. I started this to write down my dreams... which lately have been pretty interesting. A few weeks ago I dreamed that an ex of mine died. I figured that was maybe my way of symbolically being over him, even in the subconscious realm. But then the other night I dreamed that he was engaged to someone. Then we come to last night... I was alone in the house I grew up in. I don't live there now, so it was strange that I even was there. But I was there all by myself, and he stopped over. It was raining really hard outside so I let him in to get out of that. There was a 12 pack in
  2. I know I spoke about my career choices many times here . I’m not very happy with my job . I’m more of a medical billing assistant or administrative assistant just to clarify . I haven’t gotten very far in medical billing . My thoughts are wanting to be an elementary school teacher . However , the issue is there aren’t too many elementary school teacher jobs in USA . Another option I looked into was SLPA. SLPA is essentially a speech therapy aide . I didn’t have the grades to get into speech therapy school. Overall , I wanted to work with children .
  3. Hello! This is my first time posting here, and I’d really, really appreciate some help/advice! I’m a Junior in high school and there’s this guy from my grade with whom I’ve shared the same classes since Freshman year. At school I’m a rather quiet person so I don’t have many friends. Since last year he would occasionally ask me random stuff out of the blue. Once he teasingly stated in front of me and his friends that apparently I wasn’t allowing him to sit next to me in class, but the thing is he’s never even asked me... He also always teases me about being scared by the ball when we
  4. Not sure if this is the right place to post - my apologies in advance! I currently work in the same university from which I graduated a few years ago. I also received my graduate degree there. There was a professor I had once in undergraduate and once in graduate school. He is beloved and a great teacher - confident, empowering, tough but teaches great lessons. He is currently 72 years old (married with children and grandchildren) and still teaches occasionally in the graduate program. He occasionally made comments to me and other girls about our appearance. Nothing crazy - "you look
  5. This could potentially be quite long, however I would appreciate any guidance. When I was at school, aged 15, I was emotionally manipulated by one of my teachers who was a woman. I, myself, am female and it was an extremely confusing time for me as I had never had any feelings towards a woman before I had met her, aside from looking up to celebrities and other role models. The first time I met her she took me in so easily, I was mesmerised by her charm, her essence of being was something I had never seen before, so confident and bubbly. Anyway, after a month of having her teaching me, we st
  6. Ugh. Here I go again letting my feelings get the best of me. My husband’s cousin (who is supposed to be my friend) is constantly talking negatively about my job (I’m a teacher). She CONSTANTLY makes comments like “ugh, I would hate to be a teacher” “I don’t know why you would want to spend all day with other people’s kids” “teachers barely get paid to do that ty job” “school sucks, I can’t wait for summer” “I feel bad for my kids that they have to go to that hell hole every day” I’m getting annoyed to the point that I don’t want to be around her. It’s really bothering me and making me feel l
  7. Like the title says, there isn't really much room for advice in this situation anyway. So let's just go through a little rundown on how life in college should ideally function. You write graded research essays, cool right, well not really, because you see there's this template that they keep posting on each Module's page on how research essays are graded, and they mention very specific criterion along with their assigned weights, all of that is fine and dandy until one as**ole professor decides that they are going to mark papers in a radically different way from everyone else in the department
  8. I realize that this post is going to make me sound like I’ve been bitten by the jealousy monster, but I promise that’s not the case. Basically, I am a teacher, a fellow teacher that I work with has a history of lying and cheating. For example, just a couple months ago when it was time for our big end of year test that counts for our evaluation, several of her students told other teachers that she cheated by telling them the answers on the test. When this information was presented to admin, they did nothing. This same teacher is the coordinator of the after school/summer program, which pays ext
  9. Hi everyone, I just graduated from a university and earned my B.A. in political science. I am at a complete loss at what to do next, I have no idea. This is a big question but how do you figure out what you want to do? Where do you even start? I am currently working as a substitute teacher. I love my job as a sub but I do not want to transition to becoming a permanent teacher. I would appreciate any thoughts and advice.
  10. A girl I’m fairly decent friends with, and slightly a crush on unexpectedly asked me to prom on Valentine’s Day. The teacher was in on it and sent me on a bogus mission for her to ask me. The problem is she has a boyfriend who is younger but old enough to go. Like an idiot I said yes, now we are talking moreevery day. I have classes with her all daylong, unlike him who only has one (im in it too okward as heck). I’m really starting to lose my mind now, not only because of prom but I kinda like her. I also should mention people say I lack a certain filter and usually end up being pretty blunt o
  11. Hi, My female professor emailed to say, "I'm here if you need me." I was wondering what she really meant. She is my dissertation Chair and mentor. We communicate on academic issues relating to my research. Any thoughts or input would be appreciated. I'm a male.
  12. Hi guys, I'm new around here, but I really needed some advice because my mind is a mess right now. It's going to be a little bit long! So I go to a dance academy since 4 months ago and around 2 months ago I started to have a crush on one of my teachers (I'm 25 and he is 30, so age is really not my main problem). About a month ago I learned from a friend that he finds me attractive too, but he told him that he wasn't looking for a serious relationship, and that he didn't want to play with me. I already knew he was into me because honestly he was really obvious in some of his actions, but
  13. Hey everyone, My professor recently emailed us to say that the reason several of her classes were canceled was because her mother passed away a few days ago. I feel really horrible for her, and I would like to email her back with some kind words, but I'm having trouble finding them. I don't want to say anything that'll sound rude. Any suggestions?
  14. Who initiated a relationship with his/her teacher and sees him/her frequently enough to say that you're friends ? Well, what have you done and what degree were you at ? Do you think it is nonsense to ask a teacher to be friends (by inviting him/her to some activities) ? I never read/heard about people that did so and how it happened. Do you think that it is normal for a university student to seek teachers as friends ?
  15. i know i could be called much worse things than "pretty" and while i appreciate the compliment, it somewhat bothers me. today was the first day of classes and one of my female professors said i was "pretty". this is not the first time i have been called this. i have been called pretty many times before, even in childhood. i feel it somewhat makes me less "manly". i don't think i have ever been called "hot" or a "hottie", which would be nice. i've been told that i am "cute" and/or "adorable" and while this is great and i do like getting those compliments, i feel average looking peopl
  16. Hi all, It has been a while since I posted on these fantastic forums that have helped me get over three breakups, but I have spent a couple of years being single since my last relationship ended, and I have been trying to work on issues that I undoubtedly have/have had. One thing that I am struggling with is how I react to a perceived wrongdoing by someone, however minor it might be. I'm sure everyone reacts differently to such scenarios, but what I do is go extremely quiet, ignore the perceived offender for hours, build and build this negative image of the person in my head, get in a
  17. I have worked as a preschool teacher for almost 6 years at the same location.I have had some medical issues for the last 3 years.My boss knew and has several Dr notes explaining.For the last 3 months I have been on leave.I was planning on returning 8n a week but today I recieved a text from my boss saying "When you return I should probably mention that the preschool teacher spot has been filled.I will have to see what room is even available for you". When I responded asking why my spot was given and what room I would be in she ignored me.I still haven't heard back.She knows I need to be with o
  18. NOTE: I used this Instagram account to post a meme, and did not assume the identity of anyone else nor did I use any photos of real people, or assume the identity of anyone else. I've only had this account for two days and have made it impossible for me to use again, and I wouldn't anyways. I took extra precautions though anyways. So, I have an interest in this guy, and I decided to follow his Instagram with a fake meme account I made. I don't know why I didn't make a real one in retrospect, but I'm not going to take the chance of making a second one with my true identity because that wo
  19. Hi all, so I realise my situation may be quite controversial not only in terms of age gap but also profession, but please hear me out before sending any hate. I'm 17, almost 18, and graduating in a couple of months. I have a rather flirtatious relationship with my single 27-year-old "teacher" - the reason I'm putting quotation marks is because he isn't a classroom teacher, but more of a part-time tutor able to be likened to the position of a sports coach or an instrumental tutor. The funny thing is we started off despising one another: he appeared to be stuckup and ego-centric so in return
  20. I've ruined my life by listening to my family instead of doing what I wanted to do. I have a Master's degree in Fine Arts that is totally useless. As soon as I set foot on that college campus, I knew this path was not right for me but my family encouraged me to stick with it. I ended up doing so poorly in my classes that many times my professors advised me to choose another career. It took me 8 years (yes EIGHT) to finally get my Master's. Of course, I cannot get a job in my field no matter how hard I try. For the last 12 years I've been working in retail and I absolutely HATE it! Even though
  21. When I was younger, at school, a teacher showed me a lot of attention and always helped me with work. He was very enthusiastic, although not everyone gelled to him and his manner. I did, however and at my young age, became infatuated with him. I wished to see him every day at school, I wished for him to help me with my work and I wanted him to like being around me also. Over time, we began to email each other and I felt like he was my friend. Someone that I could confide in, someone who would help me and someone who actually cared about me. I felt I was special to him, and being a child, I was
  22. i am in year 10 going on year 11 but i am not sure how to study for my exams and i need ideas i am really unsure how to study i have spoken to my teacher and they dont seem to have any ideas that are suitable for me if u can help me i would be grateful
  23. Hi, I am currently new, and this is my very first post! Currently I am dealing with a toxic friendship, (sometimes I question if I really am, I am having on and off thoughts about my friendship with my "friend" and I am too afraid to confront her) So ever since the start of my school year, I have moved to a new school. I made friends quite easily, and I instantly had a close bond to a girl named "May" (fake name for privacy reasons) May and I always hung out aside each other and trusted each other quite well. It was just her and I until another girl, lets call her "Anna", came across to
  24. So I've been crushing on this guy at the gym for almost a month now, I just wanted to post my story just if anyone would ever need any kind of help, well ... here i have this for you. SO I joined the gym almost two months ago now, I didnt know anyone there nor i knew a thing about fitness but i've been really into it for awhile. I saw this guy checking me out while doing my hips trusts, since he was a gym instructor i thought i would be probably doing something wrong so it made me so nervous, i didnt looked at him but i could feel his eyes on me. I wasnt interested in him, but i ran into hi
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