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  1. Hi, I had a conversation with my BF yesterday. He lives far but he was at our favourite place yesterday and watching a show that we first watched together when we first met. it is a show you can walk up to and watch and I think he often goes anyway. He sent me a pic of it and made me all happy. Then he said he misses me which I said I did too. We have two weeks booked away together soon. I said I can't wait to see him and then he said thank you for everything. He has never said that before and I wonder is that a sign of something wrong in the relationship. I know how can a positive thing be a bad sign. Then we chatted about a show we might see when we are away. Then he says he had to go and I thought no problem he needs to rest he works hard. Then today no messages. Which I am glad as we talk everyday and I think it is best to chat every couple of days rather than every day. I really tried hard not to message today and I have stuck to it. I just hope he still wants to meet up as I am really really into him. We have flights and hotels booked and I have arranged to be on the same connection flight as him and paid for his seat so we can fly together. I just want to hold his hand. We both like planes so that would mean a lot to me. Any advice on the thank you for everything, or am I looking into all of this too much. Thanks,
  2. My story is about long distance relationship (LDR) start from i've been oversea (travel alone). And I met this guy on the street and he came to talk to me. Then, he took me to many places and he is really polite and romantic person (make me feel like I'm a princess) like he bought necklace with his name and gave to me to remember him when we apart, gave me rose, asked DJ to sang a song for me, we always hold hands. He asked to spent overnight with me, but I refused (we kissed and hugs). On the last day, I saw he was crying and he told me that our relationship won't end here. So, I gave him my email and phone number. (I haven't saw his mobile phone during he was with me). After 1 month, he called me back and said that he missed me so much. We chat and video call every day around a month after that. We talked about our future, relationship and always romantic (we promise to share eveeything, no liar, honest). But the problem happen after he started to build restaurant business. He said that he was very very busy to take care of his business. After that I feel like we were starting apart slowly. I asked him around 2-3 times in a week that what's happen?, new girl? and please said the truth. He said that he just tired and I'm always in his heart (for a last week, we just talked like couple conversation per day). Then, the last day that I asked him, he said that give me some time, sweetie. I said ok.....our last conversation around 5-6 days ago. Well, I'm really not sure that what does he mean? Should I contact him back or wait for him to contact me back? Thank you Hello world :)
  3. This guy and I have been dating around a month. One afternoon came that I didn’t hear from him all day, and I ended up coming on too strong in how I reacted to that. He admitted to me that it spooked him a bit bc he didn’t think we were there yet. We both agreed we still wanted to spend time together and get to know each other and see where this could go. A week after having this talk, I asked him out to the movies. He happily accepted right away. We set a plan and the next day we went. After the movie, I expected the night to be over but he asked if I wanted to go grab a bite to eat. So we did and spent another few hours together. 2 days after that I went to his job to meet up with a friend, on a night he doesn’t usually work, but he had ended up picking up a shift so he was there. He seemed happy to see me, he was attentive, came over many times to make conversation, walked me to my car, flirted a lot, told me to call him the following day. When I asked if he wanted to do something he said that he did. I called the following day around 6pm but no answer so i left a message just saying if he still wanted to do something to give me a call. Yesterday I text him about a work situation and he messaged me back a lot with some good advice but nothing was said about the missed phone call the day before. It has only been a week and a few days since we sat and discussed the incident that spooked him and caused him to pull back, and since that conversation we’ve been in each other’s company twice but he hasn’t been holding my hand and kissing me like he used to. I feel like things should go back to the way they were before if he still likes me. And his in person actions seem to say that he does but I don’t know if maybe I’m just expecting too much too soon. I don’t want to question him on any of this yet again seeing as it hasn’t even been a full two weeks since we talked out everything. So again, am I expecting things to return to “normal” too quickly?
  4. Hello, I'm new here. Romantic relationships weren't something I thought about until recently, as I never go looking for them so this is all pretty new to me. I don't really know how the whole relationship thing works For context, I'm 20 and there's a guy I started talking to (he's 21) over a year ago (in 2015), and we live 80 miles apart. We first became internet friends after bonding over our tastes in music and art, and have been speaking everyday since we started. After a few months of talking he came to visit me for a week and had a great time. We laughed so much. On the night before he went home, we kissed. I then went to visit him a couple of weeks later and also had a great time there. This time there was a bit more kissing and cuddling. Regardless of this, we hadn't really established what our relationship was. We're a year on now, and the most recent visit was 2 weeks ago. We only planned a couple of days, but he extended his stay and invited me to go back with him for a few days. During this time we have become even closer and he has said that he loves me a few times. He hugs, kisses and holds hands with me in public however we're still worried about being 'caught' by parents and family. When we're apart he always says he misses me, and sends me pictures of his day which makes us feel closer, especially with the distance between us. I also do the same. We FaceTime regularly too. We haven't really spoken about being in a committed relationship, although I would like to be. I just need some advice about what to do next. Should I ask him about our relationship? Or should I wait to see what happens? I've never felt this way about anyone before so it's kind of scary and confusing. We're both very shy people which might be the barrier, I don't know. Any advice or anecdotes will be much appreciated.
  5. I haven't been part of the forum long but of the few days I've been here, it seems like a lot of posts are regarding... problems in relationships. I thought I'd change things a little bit and bring up a lighter ...more pleasant topic: what do you love about you significant other? Some things to list for me: - The way he comes home and I am the first thing he looks for. - The way he randomly hugs or kisses me just because. - The way he lets me lay on his chest until I fall asleep. - The way his hands feel when we hold hands and when we cuddle. - The way his hands feel when we do more than hold hands and cuddle - The way he understands me how no other person can. - The way he laughs - The way he talks about something he is really passionate about - The way he talks about what he loves about me
  6. I got talking to a girl a while back and we really clicked, but unfortunately for me, she had a boyfriend, who just happened to be one of my friends... We were out with mutual friends and ended up sharing a taxi back, whilst in the taxi I felt her reach to hold my hand - we spent the journey holding hands and smiling whilst one of my (other) friends was sat in the front completely oblivious to the situation. This happened 3 weeks in a row, which to me signals that she must like me? Anyway we started messaging each other on facebook and spending literally hours talking to each other online, things seem to be going pretty good and it was all really flirty, and the same goes for when I see her out. This goes on for a couple of weeks until I get a message from him (my friend) saying he's seen the messages and telling me to back off. They end up breaking up after a 1 year relationship and she seems devastated. We stopped talking for a week or so, and now we've started again and have been talking for around 3 weeks now, not so much as the first time around but again, it seems really flirty. I don't want this to just be an online relationship or end up in the friends zone, but I can't help but feel it's going in that direction... The thing is, I'm really falling for this girl and I want to know if things can go any further between us, but I don't know how to ask? Or even if I should ask at all? They've been broke up around 3/4 week now...
  7. This is my first real relationship with a girl. I've been going out with my girlfriend for about a month now. We usually just hang out around the house together and enjoy each other's company. Most of the time we watch movies together. The only thing we've really done is kissed on the lips a few times. When is it right to make out with her? I really want to but I don't want to mess up the moment. Should I do it when we're watching a movie alone at one of our houses? Also, when we're watching the movie should I put my arm around her or does that annoy girls? We do seem to hold hands a lot when the movie is on, but sometimes we just sit there. Sorry if these are stupid questions...I just don't want to mess it up.
  8. I am going nuts trying to figure this guy out. I even get conflicting advice from friends. So I thought i'd ask in here. I am 45 years old and the guy is 28. I know that is a huge difference but I look and act like i'm in my 20's. Anyway, we are coworkers, and shortly after I started there, he started asking me out on dates. I was super busy all summer so we were only able to get together twice all summer but he still kept asking me every weekend if I was around. Once summer got over and I got more free time, we started hanging out more. Then he moved to the town I live in and he's been asking me to hang out more. At work he will sit with me on break now where before he would go sit in his car. He told me I am becoming a really good companion (his words), and he has more fun with me than he has with anyone in a long time. I caught him taking a picture of me when he thought I wasn't looking, and he told his friend about me cuz his friend said "did she touch your p____", lol Anyway, he says I make him smile and laugh which he rarely does because he is on anti depressants because he had a lot of bad things happen in his life including not having a girlfriend or sex for the last 5 years. One of our coworkers told me he gets attached easily (he liked her too, before). She also told me he wants a relationship and likes me. He told me he doesn't even really need to have sex, he just wants someone to cuddle with on the couch and watch movies, hold hands, etc. I am going to a 2 day festival for NYE and getting a hotel room and I invited him and he spent $200 on a ticket so we're doing that next weekend. He asked me recently too if I wanted to exchange gifts for Christmas and I said yeah. Well the other night was the first night we came to my place where I have a loveseat (he just has single chairs at his place so we couldn't sit together), and I thought finally something would happen. I tried to sit close to him and give him signs that I wanted to hold hands, cuddle, etc. but instead he leaned away from me and didnt put his arm around me or hold my hand or kiss me or anything. He's never even hugged me. Also when I asked about our Christmas thing, he said he'd let me know when he knew what day would work, but then he said he will probably sit home and play video games most of the day. So I thought ok he must not be that interested. Then last night he called me and said he got home from his family's Christmas early so we could hang out if I wanted to, but I was already in another town with some other friends. He sounded super bummed and I said 'have a good night' and he said 'i'll try'. Later I messaged him saying one of my guy friends is coming to that festival too, not the hotel part but just for the festival. My guy didn't respond to the message even though he read it. And all day today...nothing. Not a single peep from him. For the last few months he's messaged me every day and the last month it's been every few hours. So this is abnormal. My guy friend thinks he's jealous about him going to the festival with us, and also feels rejected that I was at my friends last night and couldn't come over when he called. But I dont know why he'd be jealous when the other night he didn't wanna cuddle on the couch, oh and when I told him I found a cool present for him, he said he was just gonna get me some candy. CANDY! I am sick of the mixed messages!!! and yes I know I could just ask him how he feels, but I dont want things to be awkward at work if he says he only likes me as a friend. I was expecting things to progress either at Christmas or NYE, so I will probably find out next week since we'll be staying in the hotel alone together. But I just thought i'd ask for opinions, I am going nuts today trying to figure out why he suddenly went quiet on me, he never does this! If he's so jealous, why did he act like he didnt wanna touch me the other night on my loveseat? He knows I like him, why won't he even try to kiss me, we've been 'hanging out" or "dating" or whatever this is for 5 months now!
  9. Okay, so I've known this guy for almost two years but have only really gotten close to him during the past two months. At first, it seemed like things were going really well. I loved talking to him, I wanted his attention, and I really cared about him as an individual. The problem is, though, he told me he loved me only a few weeks in, to which I replied with that I didn't really think what he's experiencing is love. We're both eighteen, and I've had a really disastrous experience before with someone who got too attached too quickly and that's made me even more wary. Recently, he's been showing me a lot of affection (says I love you and compliments me a lot, and tries to hold hands at moments where I don't want to) and it's actually made me really uncomfortable/put off. I feel like if things continue this way, I won't think that the positives outweigh the negatives any longer and will just feel suffocated. I know that this attachment partially comes from the fact that he has an unstable family life and has never really had a romantic experience before - so he's most likely clinging on to whatever he's got. This makes it difficult for me to sort of step away, because I really don't want to hurt him. I'm completely lost and disillusioned. Any advice?
  10. So this is very hard for me to explain. Im so confused and frustrated that i just can't understand whats happening to me. Im 16 and i have reached a point where i am starting to discover myself. I found my passion in life(public speaking). Well technically i found it about six years ago but i finally achieved a goal i have been working for ever since. Anyway i have this friend lets call her Ling. Me n this girl were previously in a group of four friends but lately due to one of the other girls we have been abit broken. Ling has lately lost her best friend so im the person she trusts the most right now. I want to be a good friend n everything but everytime im wif her i feel lile everything is perfect. I have nvr had a boyfriend or any serious crushes because my parents are VERY strict and kinda traditional. I did have a small crush on this one boy just a few months ago. lets call him Jacob. So at first Ling and i were very close because i felt that she needed someone there when she just lost her best friend.I trusted Ling so much that I told her so many things no one else knew about me, not even my best friend. She told me some private and personal things too. I found out that she had an ex that was also female and how she nvr saw herself as lesbian but it happened but she doesnt regret a thing. She also currently tells me about how some ppl liked her but she didnt want a relationship with those ppl. She also told me about her crushes and how they rejected her for her bff that she has fought with(they kinda just grew apart. I tried to fix it but that is another story)but now she makes them regret their decision. We got really close and i told her about my crush on Jacob. This was abit of a shock as i nvr had crushes and i definitely nvr told anyone. He was actually my first crush. Soon after i became extremely close wif Ling so close that even my best friend told me i was always wif Ling, out of class and nvr around. But this was only a coincidence as me and ling are the top students so we end up wif each other alot. I dont know y but i have been getting this urges everytime i am around Ling. For example this week we had to go check out the stage for a drama competition (obviously im acting but Ling is stage manager cause i made her join .she is abit too nervous for acting but i might change her mind). We went check out the stage n it was an hour drive from our school. Me and her sat in the back seat in our teachers car. I sat against the door n she in the middle with a guy at the other side. We all ended up sleeping. When i woke up i saw her head on my shoulder with my hand under her arm (area of the elbow to the hand) i was so tempted to grab her hand and kiss her gently on the forehead. I thought i could hold her hand and pretend to sleep again. It felt almost perfect. I was almost going to hold her hand when she woke up and moved to hold my entire arm tighter as she leaned against my shoulder again to sleep back. I was frightened but it felt amazing the way she held on to me. This is not the first time something like this has happened and everytime i just somehow enjoy just sitting there with her hugging me. It feels great. I want to tell her but im scared if she doesn't feel the same it may ruin our friendship and i like being the one she can talk to when she feels completely broken. But she is just amazing i mean she can make almost any guy in class fall for her if she spends enough time with them. Somehow i think in someway tat for her this might just be an awesome friendship. Wat do i do? Do i tell anyone? Do i tell her? Or do i just mantain the friendship and ignore wat im feeling? Or am i just over thinking? (sorry so long) (and sorry if it is abit dramatic) pls help me
  11. i just got out of a 10 year relationship. he physically moved out a week ago but we have been roommates for about 2 yrs. there was no relationship, no romance, no touch, no feelings. i am starving for attention in that sense and im not sure what to do. i have been so alone for so long. i tried to get close just to get rejected over and over. my self confidence is down the toilet but im still young and i want to feel like a woman again. when is too soon to start dating? what is the right amount of time to get back out there. he was my first serious relationship.i really dont know what to do. i feel like ive already mourned the relationship. i mean he has not touched me in over 3 months. and before that it had been 3 or 4 months. even holding my hand or hugging me seemed like a chore to him. now he has moved out and i feel like this is me time. i wanna be happy. i wanna feel attractive but when is the right time?
  12. Okay so to try not tell a log story, I met a girl on tinder , when we met we go on well hooked up (don't have sex) bit went back to her place and fooled around we instantly became comfatable next to eachother the next week the same thing happend but I stayed 2 days then the next week I stayed the whole weekend with her in her room we talked we flirted we cuddled we would even give eachother random kisses on the forehead and so on really romantic stuff how you'd treat someone special anyway, I should say that she split up with her ex a month prior to all of this and still has some element's of him left in her room ontop of occasionally talking about it, while I stayed with her we went out for a meal held hands came home she even cooked a meal and put a movie on you an see how nice this all is she even told me how she would sort of miss me when she went on holiday, she was gone for about 3 weeks we talked on. And off and we became a tiny bit distant however we started talking again o gatherd sheet boys over there as she told me but didn't do anything not that I asked but yeah , anyway out of no where she stopped messaging me evermorning then throughout the day so I did my best to not let it effect me, we didn't talk for a few days but the days we did before this she wasent as bubbly but insisted nothing was up she seemed off, that weekend we didn't talk she went to a different city for the day and put it on snapchat I could hear another guys voice talking to her as she recorded something and seen his hand, presumably a guy she was with maybe her ex , I asked how was her weekend looked fun" she replied yeah was fun etc , the question is it's really ed my mind , I don't know where I stand or what's going on why is she randomly like this , worse part is I do really like her now and for her to just go like this, just wanted to know if anyone could shine some light and solve this for me
  13. There's this guy that I really like. At first I thought he was cute and apparently he thought I was cute too. We talked on msn and I’m so much more open on msn so I told him that I think he's cute and he thought the same about me which was great... then we went out to the movies last weekend, and i had fun but there was one problem... he didn't try anything like holding my hand or kissing me or anything!! Then the next day we worked together (which was his last day) and at the beginning of the shift we didn't really talk, and towards the end of the shift I started talking to him more and before he left he's like "ill talk to you on msn" and then he left. lol then we didn’t talk for like 2 days straight going on with him? does he even like me anymore?! helllp!!!
  14. Be brutally honest please. Since I have never done of the typical teenage/youth things that we are bombarded with on TV (and real life). Here's the things I've never done. Never as in never. holding hands, touching, hugging, kissing (both tongue and 'regular'), sex. I'm not really looking for advice on how to do these things since it's 5-10 years too late anyway. I'm 22. But if I get a woman, and she finds out these dark secrets, how repulsed will she be? Is it possible for me to hide the truth? EDIT: Yeah but I haven't even done the non-sexual stuff that most people do when they're 13-14. Making out for example.
  15. Hi group After my gf brake up our relation I have been analysing it so that I can do the "balance" between the pros & cons. I could identify some issues which I must work on so that I can enjoy more my next relationship. However, some things are not clear yet for me and I would like to know your oppinion and, above all, what would you think and what would you do in case this happened to you. So, let's say you meet this girl and, as soon as you start a relation with her, the following things happen: - On your first night of love she says to you that, until that day, she has been sleeping with her ex-boyfriend altough she doesn't want any relationship with him anymore. - She tells you she doesn't want a long term relation - She tells you that I can not find what I want in a relatioship with her (I came from a marriage that ended almost 7 years ago) - She don't want you to be seen, by her friends, together with you. The justification was that she doesn't wants to do that until she knows that the relation is strong (their friends might start to think "Oh, another boy friend!") - She tells you if someone do her something that she wouldn't do to another person, she would finish the relationship right there (ex, getting late to meet her without call her (It never happened to me but this was an example she told me) - etc, etc Now, imagine she tells you these things in the first two weeks of our relationship and it was told, not in a caring way, but with a "warning" tone instead. Looking back to the relationship, all these things made me fell insecure enough to spoil the relationship, by being always acting with extreme caution, and that made show a person who is cold and affraid to take a more intimate gesture like hold her hand, give her a hug, give her a kiss, etc. Basically, it seems that while I was looking to find the good things in her, she was looking to me trying to find the bad things. How many of you can identify with me? What would you think? What would you do?
  16. ok im one of those sits-in-the-corner kids (14 yrs old), im not really good a talking to people so when i do have to interact with people (esspecially girls) i get wicked nervous and in church the other day i had to hold hands with this very cute girl that i like (shes 2 years younger than me my hands were like just pouring out sweat and it was so embarrasing , i could tell she wanted to get outta there...any advice on sweaty palms?and this girl, what should i do im in 9th grade shes in 7th, but ive never liked a girl this much before and im definitly not the best looking guy out there and that doesnt exactly help.. what do i do!?
  17. History I'm 29, she's 23 7 years dating on/off Years 1-1.5 happy Years 2-3 breakups & both got physical with other people Year 4 another breakup - 9 months - During I was physical with a girl Year 5-6 together trying - I wasn't up/down - positive/negative, told her I didn't want children anymore (deal breaker) This year January: broke up Asking her to try again [*] April: Sent long letter & flowers - "I've made mistakes, I want to be with you" [*] Met in person. Her: distant, asked for space, to date other guys to be sure. [*] Had lunch, talked laughed casually, held her hand, arms around her for hours. By end of day she "didn't want to leave" Space Next day started space Weeks after: I made 2-3 romantic gestures (anniversary day flowers etc) - talked/laughed 1-2 hours after each May: She said past weeks felt nice like a relationship - but doesn't want it right now, still not sure about me. Started full no contact space, so she can date others without feeling guilty, until I visit her again June: Told her I'd visit end of month. She asked it to be casual "No flowers, holding hands. Not ready to date you" - suppressing her emotions "Lost confidence/trust in you, don't know if I can get it back" "I feel like I gave you enough time to figure yourself out while we were together and wondering if it's too late now" "Need time & space to figure it out so I can see other guys" "How would you feel if I went on a date with someone else?" "Not asking you to wait around" So she has a lot of walls up against me right now, but is okay to meeting up. What things should I be doing & how should I be acting when we meet and speak? What attracts a woman back to you at this stage?
  18. My boyfriend and I have been together almost two years. Up until a few months ago, things were really wonderful. He was very attentive and thoughtful, just an all around great guy. Our issues seem to have started over Facebook, believe it or not. I decided I wanted to be open about our relationship (it's my first interracial relationship). I felt bad about not being true to him or myself and caring more about what other people think. I felt this was being disrespectful to him and our relationship. So, I changed my status to "in a relationship". Everyone was genuinely very happy for me as they know I have been on my own for a long time, after coming out of a long abusive marriage. Well, he didn't seem like he was anxious at all to "advertise" our relationship and didn't want to change his status. I should mention that I have seen him liking several other single women's pictures on FB constantly, rarely comments on any of my posts. It kind of hurt my feelings. No woman wants to see their man paying attention to another woman. Anyway, after talking a little about it, he decided to change his status. He was getting so many nice comments, but the next day he deleted the entire post off his page. I also suspect his status is only up there for me to see and no one else. Shortly after that, I saw that I could tag him in the status, so I did. Of course, he had to approve it. It sat there all day and he didn't do a thing about it. I finally asked him about it. He said he sees no need to, again, advertise our relationship on his page. I let it go. After that, anytime I post anything on my page that includes him being tagged, he deletes it off his page. We had a discussion about it last week and he got so mad about the whole thing he would barely speak to me. I told him I didn't understand why he was being like this. Once we made up, he told me he loves me, feels he treats me very well, wants to know why I'm so insecure, he's tired of being accused -- blah, blah, blah. It's not really a Facebook issue, but more of an issue of why am I a secret? You can't identify me on your page? So, today I posted something about football season and tagged him. He's a huge football fan, got me interested in it, and we're supposed to get together for a preseason game tonight. I realized that it was not appearing on his page and quickly figured out that he has to now approve my posts. is this all about? It's downright odd at this point. It's like he does not want certain people on his page seeing me. And, I know it's not the interracial issue, because we've discussed that many times. I've also realized something. When we are out, especially in his neck of the woods, he will walk way ahead of me, won't hold my hand, sometimes doesn't introduce me when we run into someone he knows. I have a bad feeling about all this and wanted to get some input. Thoughts anyone?
  19. Ok so I met somebody on holiday who lives in a different country than me. Ever since I got back home we text and FaceTimed everyday. I made the decision to fly out and see him and it was great at first, greeted me with flowers and a kiss, he was holding my hand and being touchy feels which I liked. First day was great.. he had previously told me he liked me and I even found some doodles (he’s into graffiti art) that he did on the way back on the plane and I could see he wrote my name and said “I miss you”. Anyways, 2 days have gone by and he’s changed! He isn’t kissing me no more, he’s not as touchy feely and feel like he ain’t into me anymore? I’m pretty sure he just moved into the living room to sleep as one of the pillows has gone and he isn’t in the bedroom? Like I’ve met one of his close friends and his mother whilst being here and they both welcomed me in and I got on with them but now he’s just like drifting? Maybe I’m overthinking but just feels a bit you know? It’s almost like he can’t be bothered anymore.. and I go home tomorrow so you would think he’d be making the most of me being here. What do you guys think am I overthinking or has he just decided it’s not for him? He also smokes weed and I take into account how chill it makes you so that could have an effect? He has no problem having sex with me but honestly he is a gent and has respect for women, just feel like he’s drifted these past couple of days and I don’t know what to think.
  20. So i've been dating my gf for two weeks. She is 23 and i am 26. We go to the movies. We kiss and hold hands. But whenever i call her to ask if she is missing me she doesn't reply to me or she will hesitate and say no. I ask her why and she says it's just her. I am just confused and frustrated. I brought up sex topic with her when we were talking on the phone in the bed and she said she was not ready. I understand we are still at the very early stage of our relationship and i am not forcing her to do so. So what do you think i should do to make her miss me more or clingy or something?
  21. I'll try to make it as brief as possible. A guy I met last summer and I reconnected this summer. He is a very nice guy and would give me hugs. We met a lot of times during the summer and the past last week met and did activities together at least four times. There were events which were both in group and also just us. Before that however, during one such group event he held my hand and interlocked fingers. He was very affectionate the remainder of the outing but when we were parting ways he went in for a hug but I was a bit drunk so I didn't hug him at all. After that for all our outings, our hugs were initiated by me and were different cuz I don't initiate generally and are not really the affectionate kind and I am not generally a touchy Feely person. Anyway so him and I met couple times and all of the times I planned the entire thing, he would help but for the most part it was me. I live two hours away but really feel connected with him and wanted to know if he might have mutual feelings. I was in his city for the summer for work. Whenever we hang out in groups, people assume we are together even though we just talk. We have not discussed the day we held hands nor have we discussed dating ever, not even our past dating wise or anything. I like him and was wondering how to bring it up or what would you do. Might I add that we know a lot about each other's lives and dreams and likes.
  22. I (17 and in high school) have been dating this girl I've liked for a long time and known for even longer. From what I can tell, we like each other a lot. The first few days were all I hoped to be. We kissed, held hands, went to the movies, etc. But recently, I've noticed she doesn't interact with me as much. She doesn't seem to be by my side as much. She runs off with her friends and doesn't say a word to me sometimes. This could very well be me being paranoid since this is my first real relationship. Or it could mean she has lost interest already. I don't know what to think.
  23. I'm going to hold my hands up and admit that I'm an idiotic hopeless romantic. In the last two years I've broken my own heart 4 times. My relationship history is confusing, but it all started with the break up of my first serious loving relationship. Followed by involving myself with unavailable men and then being the unavailable woman to an incredible man. I feel that in all of these instances I've broken my own heart by not giving myself time to recover and be on my own to grow stronger. After my most recent breakup of an 'almost relationship' a week ago, I find myself thinking of all of my exes. I'm missing them all in their own unique way and my heart feels so broken and heavy. I had 2 amazing guys in my life, I ruined those relationships. The first by cheating and the second by leading him on because I was too afraid to be alone and lose him How do I shift this sadness? How do I let go of all of the heartbreak I've caused myself and the horrible mistakes that I've made and just be at peace with myself? I'm 23 and this all seems too much to bear at this age
  24. Alright so I'm not a usual clubber, I went to a club called Mirage. I was with a group of friends, standing on the side drinking my drink all of a sudden my hand was grabbed and i was pulled to the floor by the gorgeous goodlookin girl and her friend, so I started dancing with her, we got close she asked me where im from and we talked for a while, im not the best dancer but I was really close to her we hit it off, i may have been of rhythm. But yeah she picked me I danced she held my hand and pulled me and said she wants to find a guy for her cousin ( that other chick) so she pulled my hand and i follwed her as shes pulling me. This was my first experience such as this.... after a while some other guy pulled her from me and she sat with him, I made a mistake by not holding on to her tight enouh but after a while she came back too me... then she said she said her friend wants to goto the washroom and they left didnt come back.. At the end of the night, I went up and approached her in front of her friends and said "hey im just leavin the club now, can I get your number"? She replied with "i'm sorry i dont have a cell phone", I said ok and left... looked back she was looking, As i left the club i looked back she still looking. I dunno this is the first time i asked a girl for her number, rejection isnt bad, but she picked me and we danced soo much i dunno what i did wrong... i wanna improve... but this was amazing I'm from vancouver,shes from Seattle.
  25. Hi guys...not used this for a long long while. But I think I'm just not getting something. Met a woman on an App. Chatted for just under a week. We discovered we had so much in common. I'm a teacher, she's a paediatric nurse. I have an 8 year old kid, she has a 7 year old. But also our whole attitudes to life seemed to match on our attitudes to enjoying ourselves, risk taking, humour etc. On paper at least I have not found someone to have so much in common ever and I'm 42. She is 37. We laughed and joked and flirted. We agreed to meet up on the Saturday for drinks. By that point we had already joked that she would be coming back to my place after the date. She said she didn't like one night stands and was even worried she'd stay single and on her own. So we went on the date and had a great time. We talked no end, got fairly drunk but not so we were falling over blind drunk...we were still in control. We kissed and we did indeed go back to mine. We did have sex. In the morning she held my hand and cuddled in the bed, and she initiated morning sex. She didn't rush off home and only left because she had to collect her child. The only thing I found strange was I actually found out that she had bought a spare set of clothes in case she did come back to mine. I walked her to the station a few minutes walk from mine and had a kiss goodbye. We then texted and joked, flirted and I teased her for the next couple of days. And then this morning she text, really sorry to write you this but I've been thinking a lot, I had a really good time on our date, I am a lovely guy...but I didn't feel enough spark!!! I mean this woman might well be lost to me and that is disappointing considering how much we both agreed we had in common. But that's just life. But I cannot for the life of me figure out how there was not enough spark. Yes she can blame the drink for coming back with me and having sex at night. But she held my hand in the morning and initiated sex in the morning when obviously we were no longer drunk and came for a cuddle. I find it hard to believe at 37 years old she was just after fun and having sex when she specifically said that is not what she was after. I mean I could have been a bit too keen afterwards by texting her a while after she left. But she replied well enough and quickly enough to all my texts. Really though....even if this one is gone....I don't wanna make whatever mistakes I make again because it's annoying. I'm bored of dating...I only agree to go on a date rarely and only if I think theres a spark beforehand. I want a relationship, not to go on dates and not even get a second one when the first went so well. So just looking for any ideas?? Am I missing something here. Thanks guys
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