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  1. Okay, so my girlfriend and I were buying weed. There is a feature on Facebook messenger which allows you to send friends money similar to Venmo. She sends me her portion and for the first time ever I ask her if she can spot me for my portion. She sees my message but decides to send the money the following day in the afternoon. This made me want to ask her “Hey, did you have to think twice before lending me money? Lol”. The reason I asked her this question was because I was feeling resentful since I’ve spent hundreds on weed and other things on her. Well she immediately replies, “you’re un
  2. I messed up. I have with the only person ever in my life to care about me for me, for the past 2 years. We have had a rocky relationship however, there were plent of good moments together. We also adotped a dog togehter about a year in (he is like both our child). She moved in with me almost instantly and we rent a house, along with my father. I have issues with drinking and smoking weed. I have not been there for her sexually like i should have been for a good while of the relationship, and admidlty could have been more affectionate. We had a 4 day seperation about 4 months ago bec
  3. Hi, my boyfriend (27 y/o) and I (19 y/o) have been dating for the past few months. Normally I do not get involved with guys who smoke cigarettes or weed as I find the smell distasteful, however, my current boyfriend used both. I brought it up that I did not like the smell and asked if he would be willing to quit. He has been very considerate and has made an effort to quit smoking and reduce the amount of weed he smokes, however, I can tell that he seems unwilling to quit smoking weed. It's only been about 3 months since we got together so I'm not sure if it's too much for me to ask for him to
  4. my BF has smoked weed for 6 years .. mostly every single evening after he finishes work and at the weekends. i have wanted him to stop for ages (though gave up mentioning it ages ago as i knew he only would when he is ready) and he finally decided that he wanted to seeing as a few of his friends have and say it's the best thing they ever did... he is on day 7 of not smoking it and he is having the most severe mood swings i have ever seen him (or anyone) have ... totaly over reacting about things and flipping out at me over nothing , shouting n screaming at me and saying some really nasty th
  5. I posted not too long ago about my husband's central core disease and the difficulty we were having within our marriage regarding his treatment and medication. Everything has gotten a bit better during the last few weeks, in part because I've been able to get our attention better focused on our 6 month old daughter who likely has CCD as well. My husband had a doctor's appointment last week and his doctor increased his Tramadol (Ultram) and Vicodin. He is now taking 6 Tramadol (50mg) per day and 3 Vicodin (10mg). She wasn't comfortable raising the Vicodin anymore at this time. She had do
  6. During the 5 days after I moved out of his house, suprisingly I only felt exhausted instead of being devastated . Had a few down moments but that was it. I thought I really loved him, how come I don't feel that bad after break-up? Anyway, last Saturday I went to his house to pick up the rest of my stuff. We were quiet friendly and he hugged me a few times. Then I mentioned that I wanted our sex tapes to be erased. He refused and told me he wanted to keep them. So we started fighting but he just wouldn't do it. I know he had a sex tape of his other ex gf and one time he even said if I would li
  7. Me and my girlfriend has been dating for 4 years , I've done a lot for her but we were on and off when I met her she never smoked until now . I've asked her to stop smoking and she refuses to , I asked her to choose one me or weed she says weed so we break up then after a week or two I missed her so I texted her telling her that I will allow her smoking just to see if I can atleast try and see if I could handle it but I can't . She isn't trying to stop smoking and she's not even trying to stop so what should I do ?
  8. I recently posted my concerns as my boyfriend of just over a year smokes weed everyday, and as he's going through a stressful time at the moment, he cannot sleep without smoking it. I've been trying to help him through his stresses but he still smokes weed every time that I stay over even though I only see him once a week, and will often be moody/not speak to me for the night with little explanation other than "I've had a bad day at work". I've always been very committed in relationships and have never really enjoyed being single. I spent the past 2-3 years hoping that I'd find someone that I'
  9. I just got ghosted from a 9-month relationship with a woman I deeply loved...it has been hard on me. I went to a therapist and was diagnosed as codependant - which I agree with. One of the exercises the therapist had me perform was to create a list of what I didn't like about the girl, and another list of why it was good to be rid of her - I was shocked about how bad she really was for me! Alchoholic, addicted to weed, her kids didnt like me, etc. So I now know she was the wrong person for me and brought nothing but drama, negativity, and pain into my life. But she keeps popping into my
  10. I think I have to get this out of me. I’m struggling. I’ve met a wonderful woman, she is kind, generous, caring and sweet. She ticks so many of the boxes it’s unreal. Plus she likes me (!), and not only is she willing to accept me for who and what I am but also accepts that my past is less than savoury. She is a wonderful woman, and far more than I deserve. Trouble is, I can’t stop thinking of my ex. I was with a troubled girl, named T. She had issues, she was suffering from PTSD, taking anti-psychotics and other drugs. She was also self-medicating with alcohol, weed and the occasi
  11. I have been with my girlfriend for a year now. When we got together she was open and told me she liked a little joint at night. That’s cool! Used to smoke it myself in fact. The cold hard truth is, it’s not a little joint at night. More like 11/12 from waking up to going back to sleep at night. She spends approx £70/$100 on the stuff every week and we are both working adults. She doesn’t like socialising much out of the home due to a) being stoned and b) lack of money. I have been really gentle to see if she would cut down or stop but she says she doesn’t feel ready and that it helps her
  12. So in the middle of April I went to Key West with two of my closest friends. My friend Carl had offered to take us all on this trip promising to me to take care of me, make sure I was fed, safe, had fun etc., I trusted him, he was my best friend. We showed up and turns out we were staying at an all gay hotel (i knew i was going to be all gay but not this much...) naked sun bathing all gay nude back pool/bar area, there was a lot of temptation. About the third night in I had hit a wall, too much booze, not enough food (as Carl had mysteriously started panicking about how he spent all his money
  13. Hello Thank you for taking the time to read. I met this guy back at the beginning of March and hit it off straight away. He’s 41 and I’m 25 (we discussed the age gap further a few weeks in and both agreed it wasn’t an issue. We have similar interests, hobbies and are both very outgoing) lockdown happened on the day of our fourth meeting so I thought it would whittle out. It didn’t and we spoke everyday and had phone calls etc. Feelings were reciprocated and we were both very excited to see each other again. I ended up having a cooling off period at his place middle of April as I sadly lost
  14. Ok so I met somebody on holiday who lives in a different country than me. Ever since I got back home we text and FaceTimed everyday. I made the decision to fly out and see him and it was great at first, greeted me with flowers and a kiss, he was holding my hand and being touchy feels which I liked. First day was great.. he had previously told me he liked me and I even found some doodles (he’s into graffiti art) that he did on the way back on the plane and I could see he wrote my name and said “I miss you”. Anyways, 2 days have gone by and he’s changed! He isn’t kissing me no more, he’s not as
  15. So I met this guy on an app he's from the middle east.he showed me his picture but I want to make sure he's who he says he is so I might ask for another.anyway he's very sweet even though I'm in the United States and there's a lot of problems between are two countries.the problem is he's to positive to the point it's like he's trying to control how depressed I am.often times when he gets like that I switch to another app but it's a little annoying at times cause he believes he can fix me.and I'm like shouldn't I have some leeway into how I'm supposed to get fixed.im terrible at making relatio
  16. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 2 years now. He has always been a great guy, until he hasn't been. He is always attentive, generous, and I sued to believe, honest and faithful. We had been having some issues for a few months because I asked to cut back on smoking (weed) habit. I never asked him to quit because I acknowledge that he enjoys it but it was excessive, to the point to where he had to smoke first before we had sex. We were living together and I felt maybe I could establish some boundaries so that we could both be comfortable. Anyways, he cut way back and we decided
  17. Hi, I am a 37 year old single Mother of 3 children ages 17, 11 and 8. I have been in a relationship with my partner for 4 years. I own a company and I also possess a MBA. My partner who ks 41 is always there for my children and ensures that they eat dinner, do chores, he takes them to the park ECT. The thing missing is his ability to want to work. He doesn't want to work on a job, but wants to work for my company. I do not want him to work for my company, because he doesn't follow direction from me when he worked for me previously. He doesn't contribute financially to the househ
  18. This is my first time posting here so im not too sure what to expect . I am a 19 year old guy that has been in a relationship for 2 years with a girl the same age . Everything is going extremely well, we communicate and respect each other dearly , and face our problems head on and we love each other so much . But lately there has been this problem : I enjoy smoking weed. mind you i only do when it is with my best friends , and only once or twice a month to have some fun. For the first year and a half that i was doing this my girlfriend was pretty silent about it and wanted nothing to do wi
  19. So. I've known this guy for a little over two years now. We are a part of the same team and have a lot of mutual friends. He's funny, cute,trusting, dedicated, caring, etc. Up until about 3 months ago, I only saw him as a friend. Something happened and we just started talking more, developing feelings for each other, and we're sort of "dating". Now, I have a few rules for myself when it comes to dating someone. I haven't dated a person in almost 4 years..due to a bad 5 year relationship. But those rules are; can't be younger than me (or at least 21) and can't smoke (cigs or weed). Now...I'm 25
  20. Hi I hooked up with my current boyfriend roughly around one year ago, we weren't serious and were mainly hooking up for one thing. I pretty quickly developed feelings and couldn't help but feel a connection, but the feelings weren't returned and his treatment of me from the start was not nice and not how I would be expected to be treated, even some of the comments he made to me were hurtful and Rude also sleeping together on nights out and not contacting me after. I felt hurt and used as I seen him with numerous women inbetween times that we still hooked up. I know we weren't together but I
  21. My partner and I will be celebrating 10 years together next month. She smokes weed. Always has. I hate it, always have. It has been a source of contention for us throughout the years, her promising not to smoke around me and then breaking that promise and lying about it. Multiple times. Hurt feelings on both sides. It's been fine for awhile, she smokes when I'm at work or asleep and she cleans up so I don't have to smell it. Then last week she tells me she borrowed money from me. No big deal, happens all the time. She always pays me back. But she won't tell me what it's for. I'm thinking it's
  22. Hey, So would really appreciate some advice as I'm so confused right now. I manage a property for my mum as a landlady and me and a tenant got romantically involved our relationship has been perfect ever since I have never questioned what our relationship status is as I felt we were good so why ask There were odd times when he wouldn't message me for two days straight and that would frustrated me a little and other times he's so into me bringing me breakfast in bed running into my room in the morning and waking me up with cuddles spends all day with me in bed watching movies we've been
  23. Hey all, I'm a 25 year old guy and I've been dating this girl for just over a year now, and we've essentially been living with each other for the past 6 months ish, staying at mainly her place 6-7 days a week. Just for context I recently graduated university and I'm moving about 5-6 hours away from where I lived this year, and hence 5-6 hours away from the girlfriend. We were really happy up until a month ago, when she started acting quite hostile towards me, especially when she was drunk. When we started fighting quite a bit, and she told me a lot of her acting out (drinking lots, fighting
  24. I asked my boyfriend the other day if he has been smoking pot and he said no. However, yesterday when I was in his car, it smelled like weed. He confessed that he's been smoking with his friends for a month and told me he lied to me because he knew I would freak out. I do not approve of smoking pot so it's somewhat understandable. But, he has a history of lying in the past and I'm not sure if it's going to change. So I broke up with him, but now I feel I am being over dramatic about the situation. I also feel it is right to mention he had plenty of opportunities to tell me the truth throughout
  25. Hello All I haven't been here for a long time, been Married for a couple years and I am glad this site is still alive and active. Thank you all! I won't say my marriage is perfect it's far from it but a lot of the issues has to do with how my family is. They seem to interfere sometimes and to her this became a big deal. Fast Forward, She thinks I don't appreciate or respect her or don't care about her but I do. I sponsored her and she has Canadian PR now because of me. I did a lot for her and she keeps thinking I value my family over her and I don't! Even her family would agree that I wa
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