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  1. no, thanks any ways the rumors died but a bunch of ppl still believe them
  2. thanks guys...i also go to youth group with this girl (tonight ) and shes in the band, and when im done learning the bass then i can join the band. hopefully this will help me talk to her a little easier...and playing in front of a crowd is sure to help me gain confidence..and the reason i dont want to date a 9th grader form my school is cuz we live in a SEMI-middle of nowhere, and almost all the girls are wanna-be gangsters ect,ect and there were also a few bad rumors going around about me not to long ago now everyone in my grade thinks im perverted
  3. ok im one of those sits-in-the-corner kids (14 yrs old), im not really good a talking to people so when i do have to interact with people (esspecially girls) i get wicked nervous and in church the other day i had to hold hands with this very cute girl that i like (shes 2 years younger than me my hands were like just pouring out sweat and it was so embarrasing , i could tell she wanted to get outta there...any advice on sweaty palms?and this girl, what should i do im in 9th grade shes in 7th, but ive never liked a girl this much before and im definitly not the best looking guy out there and
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