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  1. So I (35M) met a very nice girl on Tinder 1,5 months ago. We already knew each other from over 10 years ago but have not talked since we were younger. Our conversation was awesome from the very beginning, she initiated conversations, shared pictures of her daily life etc. After the first date she said she definately wanted to meet again and so we did. I spent a evening and night with her (no sex) and it was wonderful, I actually think I let myself fall in love with her at that point. I thought we were moving in a good direction but I started to get other thoughts very soon. After I spent
  2. Hi, I'. A 34 yo female. I'm in love with a colleague for a long time and I have initially thought of telling him about my feelings before leaving the company as he has been a friend and is nice to me as well.. but recently I found out that he suddenly got in a relationship. There's still something in me that would want to tell him but I'm thinking if that's just being selfish. Should I just keep it to myself?
  3. Hey, hope everyone is doing as well as possible during these times. I'd really need some objective, unbiased advice from someone who's preferably more experienced than me when it comes to romance and relationships (so pretty much anyone lol). This might be long though, so bare with me. Basically, I'm a woman in my 20's. I don't have much experience with relationships so I find it hard to trust my judgement in this case. I usually stay away from romantic involvement - I have avoidant tendencies and I'm also really busy with studies and establishing my career. Other than that I'm prett
  4. Hi I meant this guy last month and we went out to eat. We were just hanging out and having conversation. I am 49 yrs old woman and he is 33yrs old. We had a good time. Anyway I had sex with him after we went out that day to eat. We have had sex a few times now. I have started to get feelings for him. He has made comments lately about that he is happy that I am into him. He doesn't want me having sex with anyone else. After the first time we were together he told me that I satisfied him and not to worry about him having sex with anyone else. Last time we were together he was more passionate abo
  5. Hello everyone, I have been in a very beautiful relationship with my girlfriend who is also my best friend. We have been together for over 2 years now and I love her morethan anything else in the world. 5/6 months back we started having problems, fighting over silly things and the stuff I say hurts her very bad, these things happen quite a lot recently and last night she told me she is feeling numb. She told me I have become a different person than the one she fall in love with. I ask for her forgiveness and I do the same mistakes all over again, I act immature and silly. I dont know what to d
  6. It's actually a little more in-depth than the topic title, but here are the breakup messages... "Hey. I have been thinking a lot about us lately, and where our relationship is headed. I'm feeling uncertain about our future, and I don’t think that's a good sign. You're really special and you deserve to be with someone who is ready to give you that relationship you’re looking for. We are a great match in many ways- you're attractive, funny, and we have fun together. But for whatever reason, I'm not feeling strongly enough about this, and I know at this point in my life that it is import
  7. We have been arguing a lot recently. He always go outs drinking all the times and it always me asking him out and we had this conversation quite a few times. Latest argument was he got annoyed that I booked a restaurant and he did not want to go after he first made a suggestion to go elsewhere just for a drinks at a bar. I in the end was willing to compromise and said we can both places. But then he suggested that I should eat something beforehand and then go out for a drinks at the pub anyway. He was already out at this point with his brother and dad and said to do what I want and he would
  8. Hello all, I've spent two years living abroad in a great city. I've made many new friends, developed my career and learnt a new language/culture. I originally planned to spend 7 months here, but I enjoyed it so much I stayed. I have been dating the most amazing man I've ever met for the last few months. We are falling in love, and I know he's serious about me. However... I am starting to realise I'm not sure I want to live here forever. It's not my home, it's not my language. I'm actually not that far away from my family (1hr plane) - but thinking longterm, it's still far from them.
  9. Straight to the point. I fall in love hard, once every 10 years. First time at 19, second at 29, third, one month before my 39th birthday. These are all girls that I wanted to spend my life with. I can understand why the first two did not work out but the most recent was such a heart break that I am finding it hard to cope. I'll give you a little background to the whole scenario. 38 years old, I decided that I was not going to look for anyone. Just get on with my life and enjoy myself. In February of this year, I meet a girl. She is 27. I have no interest in her whatsoever. She starts
  10. Hello. I've been talking to this girl for 4 months now, it's hard for me to call it dating but it probably is? First off, it's just an online thing for now. I met her in a game and we really like each other it seems. I am someone that falls in love fast and hard, so things got intimate and personal quickly. She told me that she was falling for me too fairly early on so everything's cool right? Turns out it's not. As things start to get more serious doubts begin to appear in her mind, how I am not the right guy for her or how things are going too fast. I didn't take that very lightly and wa
  11. Hello, I'm in a pretty tough situation and want to gain some insight in how a person on the other end of this situation feels and thinks. I'll try to keep it short but complete. My (22,m) girlfriend (22) and I had been together for a year when she left to study abroad in Italy. Three months in, I planned to go visit her. Two weeks before I left, I discovered she cheated on me. I was angry, sad, frustrated and confused because our relationship was incredibly strong before she left, and she had a big anti-cheater mentality. We talked a lot after I knew and I knew I still loved her. She may ha
  12. I’ve been in a relationship for 9 months now but I still don’t feel like I’m in love or falling in love with my boyfriend. Our conversations don’t go very deep it’s usually just about family and friends and their lives. I love having deep conversations and I want to be able to talk to the person until the cows come home. The thing is the guy is such a decent guy and he will do anything for me. He even took me to Paris for my birthday, he holds the car door open for me and is such a gentleman but I just can’t bring myself to love him. Our relationship also lacks intimacy..I don’t want to hurt h
  13. Hello everyone, I would like to know if there are others out here that feel the same as me nad how do you cope with it. My story is quite strange I know. At 31 in March 2017 I had my first kiss, I went to a couple of dates with a guy, but I knew I could never fall in love with him and stopped it. A week after that, I started going out with someone else, I asked him and after a great first date (in my opinion of course) he said that we had to do it again, that week we saw each other five times, eh eh, I know I know, it is the tipical cliche'. However I could not believe it, I could not
  14. This is not going to be a rant as I have already had my share of ranting offline, this is more of a unanimous decision from the unbiased online audience, while this maybe subjective but I will just try to keep it short and simple I have been "seeing" this girl for a good 5 months now and in the beginning it was all very casual, I didn't have any hopes or wasn't even seeking anything but things started to develop, that's how usually things happen to me -- you don't expect it or want it but eventually it does happen and I fell for her While she stated in the beginning she is a free spirit
  15. Hi there, my name is Konstantin I have a really BIG problem and I am asking your help and your advices. I have fall in love with a lesbian. I have told her that I am attracted to her, but unfortunately she's a lesbian. She told me the same night when I express my obsession to her, she told me "If I ever get back to straight (because she was straight before) I will be the first person to know. What to do to bring her back to straight?? Thanks for your time and sorry for my English
  16. I’ve been dating a guy for 6 weeks now. We are both divorced, have children, full time jobs and live 50 miles from each other, yet, we manage to see each other once or twice a week when we don’t have our kids. I have completely fallen for him so now my emotions are involved and I feel hurt when I’m not with him because he just goes MIA. He was never the next texter, I’d get something maybe every 3 days, but at least when we have plans, I will get a random “good morning beautiful, only two more days :)”. Now, I just don’t get that anymore. What confuses me though, is that when we are on a da
  17. Hello eNA, I’ve been with my girlfriend for nine months and I can honestly say it’sbeen perfect. WeÂ’ve met (and like) each otherÂ’s families, never argue and are supportive of each other. We spend quite a bit of time apart for work but there are never concerns expressed about what we’re doing or who we’re with. Until her most recent trip. She’s away on an adventurous mountaineering, rock climbing, nature, hiking trip and falling in love with it all. I’v been great for the duration of our relationship to keep the negative, self-sabotaging thoughts away but I can’t help it this trip
  18. My wife loves cosplay. She goes to festivals and conventions and has a respectable following. I don't like going, because it's hard to watch all these other guys leer, hug, kiss and flirt with my wife, and when I don't go I imagine all the fun she is having without me. She gets upset if I appear angry, but it's hard. Is it my own insecurity that causes me to feel this way? Two years ago she met a younger man, they had a couple months where they hung out and we separated for a time as she fell in love with him and wanted to see if she could be happier with him. Right after we separated, h
  19. Hi everyone. I’m struggling with something and I would appreciate your advice. Those of you who follow my threads may know that I am a nearly 30 y.o. lesbian woman who’s had plenty of bad dating experiences in the past few years. Ever since one girlfriend left me in 2013 I cannot seem to find happiness in love again. Now it’s been about 8 months since I last dated, let alone talked to a woman who interests me. Right now I am talking to a woman I met through Tinder (awful medium btw), and I have this feeling we kind of connect which is a rare thing for me. Downside: this woman says she th
  20. Hello, I am writing here cause I have an interesting story. I know this guy for 6-7 months in my university, but we never have had so much contact. He is one of the sweetest guys I have ever meet, stressfree, logical, so respectful with me and other people, has good humour is intelligent, doesn't speak too much, and so on... has made me fall for him. I don't usually fall that much for crushes, they are just temporary. But this one is different. I have seen him during this months being so nice to me, waiting sometimes to have the road togetehr home from uni, smiling at me once in a while
  21. Has anyone or your partner overcome it? How does someone over come it and what can I do as a partner to help? My partner won’t agree to see a therapist. She is jealous of the people I slept with prior to meeting her. She also doesn’t think that I found her attractive on our first date. To be honest she is right. I did not at the time and she found out somehow but the more time i spent with her the deeper I fall for her and she is now the most beautiful to me. She just can’t get over it..
  22. BEFORE I START, apologies to any english errors I make - I am the worst when it comes to writing so sorry for that. Also, I think I am relatively young hence I would probably sound stupid so feel free to critisise. This is also my first relationship hence I would be grateful for any helpful advice. Let’s cut the chase. I’m currently dating a guy for almost a year now,. He’s a year younger than me and he just finished his senior year of highschool entering college. We started out as friends, we are both shy, antisocial people who connected on common interests/experiences. He was my first guy f
  23. I'm 36 m & i have this friend who's 28 f & 8 months pregnant. We have known each other for about 3 years now & the whole time we have both been single, about 12 months ago i realised that i was catching feelings for her so we started to hang out a bit more than usual but then she fell pregnant to a bloke who wants nothing to do with the kid at all & i got a bit jealous so i didnt go there as often for a few weeks. Lately i have been helping her out quite alot more than usual but she still only ever contacts me when she wants/needs something & this does my head in because i
  24. I'm not one to hide my feelings however I feel the need to express myself. Im spoken for and so is my best friend. But over the years I've fallen in love with her. Even before me and my girlfriend got together. I love my girlfriend. But for some reason I'm feeling very conflicted. And I don't know why. Should I bury it or speak about it? Any advice?
  25. Apologies for the long winded story, but here goes; I have been in a relationship with my partner for 4 years. I love him dearly, we do a lot together and I have honestly been at my best and my happiest with this man. I do not by any stretch feel any less feeling or love towards him! He can be a little cold and switched off at times, but that is just how he is. It does not make me love him any less. However, a situation with a very old male friend recently arose where we ended up in bed together. Don't judge me or lecture me on this, I know it was wrong and I don't need to be told furth
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