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  1. Straight to the point. I fall in love hard, once every 10 years. First time at 19, second at 29, third, one month before my 39th birthday. These are all girls that I wanted to spend my life with. I can understand why the first two did not work out but the most recent was such a heart break that I am finding it hard to cope. I'll give you a little background to the whole scenario. 38 years old, I decided that I was not going to look for anyone. Just get on with my life and enjoy myself. In February of this year, I meet a girl. She is 27. I have no interest in her whatsoever. She starts coming onto me. Asking me to sit next to her. Telling my close friend that she feels rejected because I will not kiss her. I relented. I fell in love. Maybe this was the one. We started to spend a lot of time together. She was my first for a lot of things. Not sex. The small simple every day things that people take for granted. First time we went shopping at the supermarket. First time Someone stayed over at my place, cooked dinner together, went for walks at odd times, shared songs. When she told me that she loved me, my heart swelled up. I was almost euphoric. At the start of April she decided to go to her parents to look after her mum. Due to the current situation. I would message her everyday and get a reply maybe 3 or 4 days later. Never a phone call. I started to sense that I was losing her. My guess turned out to be right. She said we had nothing in common, that we don't laugh enough. We should be friends first. I found myself emotionally compromised. I told her to come pick up her things and leave. I'll admit this was my mistake but I was really hurt. I lost the ability to make rational decisions. She comes with her dad. Gets her stuff. I don't see her or say anything. A month later she calls me. She is at her new flat. It's a mess. She doesn't like it. She's crying. Being me, I tell her not to worry. I pick her up. We collect her belongings the next day. She settles into the spare room. Then she goes completely cold. She won't talk to me. As soon as I enter any common area she walks out. I buy her flowers and she ignores the gesture. A week later she brings a guy over to the house. Albeit, she is now single and she has her own space. I tell her that I still love her and that she can have a few months to find some where else to stay. Fine, she says. The next day, whilst I am out, her dad and brother come over to the house and take all her belongings. She then blocks me on all forms of communication. No warning, no reason.
  2. Hello. I've been talking to this girl for 4 months now, it's hard for me to call it dating but it probably is? First off, it's just an online thing for now. I met her in a game and we really like each other it seems. I am someone that falls in love fast and hard, so things got intimate and personal quickly. She told me that she was falling for me too fairly early on so everything's cool right? Turns out it's not. As things start to get more serious doubts begin to appear in her mind, how I am not the right guy for her or how things are going too fast. I didn't take that very lightly and wanted to stop speaking to her but I did not manage to do that very long and after about a week or so we are talking to each other again. Honestly, there have been some red flags here and there. It often seemed like she only liked me when it suits her(?) and you know how it is when you're in love, you want to spend every waking moment with that person? Yeah I did not really get that from her. Or am I just weird in that sense? I suppose it had to do with how the doubts kept holding her back... I am not sure. One day we would spend all day together, even going to bed at the same time so we can wake up together, another she would not want to spend time with me at all or it would feel like she "forces" herself to. I don't really know. Maybe I just like her a lot more than she likes me? But there are times when it feels like she truly wants me. Like now. One thing I should mention is that she has an ex that she didn't seem to be fully over yet, as of 4 months ago, I do not know if she feels any different about it now or if it actually had to do with us not working out. The problem here is: We start being very flirty and intimate after our "breakup", there are no doubts in her mind at this point. As things get serious, the doubts start to appear again. We stop talking again. And it begins anew. This has happened about 4 times now but by now we have figured out that just trying the same thing over and over again isn't exactly working out for us, it's clear there is something holding her back. Again, all online. We haven't seen each other IRL (yet). I don't think she has any bad intentions but it's clear something is wrong. Thing is, what? And what do we do to fix this? I am trying to keep my distance for now but it's clear we both can't seem to keep our hands to ourselves, so to speak. What should I do?
  3. Has anyone or your partner overcome it? How does someone over come it and what can I do as a partner to help? My partner won’t agree to see a therapist. She is jealous of the people I slept with prior to meeting her. She also doesn’t think that I found her attractive on our first date. To be honest she is right. I did not at the time and she found out somehow but the more time i spent with her the deeper I fall for her and she is now the most beautiful to me. She just can’t get over it..
  4. BEFORE I START, apologies to any english errors I make - I am the worst when it comes to writing so sorry for that. Also, I think I am relatively young hence I would probably sound stupid so feel free to critisise. This is also my first relationship hence I would be grateful for any helpful advice. Let’s cut the chase. I’m currently dating a guy for almost a year now,. He’s a year younger than me and he just finished his senior year of highschool entering college. We started out as friends, we are both shy, antisocial people who connected on common interests/experiences. He was my first guy friend- during my teen years I did not really like being friends with guys because I was scared of falling in love sort of situation so I never went any deeper than aquaintance- level with guys. But guess what it happened anywayy :(. He is a kind guy and by kind I mean kind to everyone, sweet, sincere yet a little insecure, a little shy and sheltered. I fell in love with him because I felt a sense of connection with him during our friendship and his kind heart. Knowing he also liked me, I eventually asked him out and hence now im dating him- it’s been almost a year. I love him still. Happy with his company. However, I can’t help but feel doubt on whether I can see a future with him. I don’t know if it’s too early for me to think that being 19. I don’t intend to date unless it is on a long term basis, where I can see a future- otherwise waste of time right? I can’t imagine him being able to contribute if we were to have a family or just ias the relationship develops. Not to be rude but he is indecisive, seems to not have a mind of his own, does not have much ambition, very rarely shows initiative and most of the time I feel like I have to show him how to do things/ do things for him. He is very sheltered growing up in the family being a single child and a male at that. I find myself also to be sheltered with still needing parents permission to go out and etc. however I think he is a lot more sheltered than I am. Im not sure if this is something that will eventually dissolve overtime through maturity hence I don’t know if I should gamble on that. Should I take a break? Would a break resolve anything? Should I wait it out? Should I help him grow? Give him advice? Or as much as I don’t want it to happen- break up? I do love him still but honestly he loves me so much that I don’t have the heart to tell him any of this. I want to make it work. I have tried to help him mature a little by telling him to make his decision and to stop putting thins off. What should I do? What should I be thinking? What would you do? Please help :(.
  5. I'm 36 m & i have this friend who's 28 f & 8 months pregnant. We have known each other for about 3 years now & the whole time we have both been single, about 12 months ago i realised that i was catching feelings for her so we started to hang out a bit more than usual but then she fell pregnant to a bloke who wants nothing to do with the kid at all & i got a bit jealous so i didnt go there as often for a few weeks. Lately i have been helping her out quite alot more than usual but she still only ever contacts me when she wants/needs something & this does my head in because i think that she only wants me around so i can help her & it makes me feel a little bit used. Neither of us have ever made a move on the other but she definately knows that i have feelings for her but i'm worried that if i make the first move that it might wreck our friendship so i decided to wait for her to make the first move. its been ages now & my feelings just get stronger each day that passes but i dont know what to do? Iv been single for around 4 years now & i'm so sick of being lonely & i really need to find someone for that human touch, I'm so confused & dont know what to do? Everytime i say to myself that "today i am going to tell her exactly how i feel" I end up getting cold feet & backing out for some reason & keep it all to myself. Iv never been good at picking up women, the feeling of being rejected absolutely sucks & hurts like hell so i think thats what stops me from openimng up to her. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  6. I'm not one to hide my feelings however I feel the need to express myself. Im spoken for and so is my best friend. But over the years I've fallen in love with her. Even before me and my girlfriend got together. I love my girlfriend. But for some reason I'm feeling very conflicted. And I don't know why. Should I bury it or speak about it? Any advice?
  7. Apologies for the long winded story, but here goes; I have been in a relationship with my partner for 4 years. I love him dearly, we do a lot together and I have honestly been at my best and my happiest with this man. I do not by any stretch feel any less feeling or love towards him! He can be a little cold and switched off at times, but that is just how he is. It does not make me love him any less. However, a situation with a very old male friend recently arose where we ended up in bed together. Don't judge me or lecture me on this, I know it was wrong and I don't need to be told further that it was wrong. I feel dreadful about it; from my perspective I stand to lose everything. A good friend, my partner and possibly my sanity. The friend has been in my life for a long time, and we have always had a very close relationship, and I truly enjoy the time we spend together. We have often been mistaken for a couple on outings due to the way we behave around each other. So, for years this guy has been mistaken for my partner, we have been alone around each other on so many occasions, we have shared a bed so, so many times and nothing has happened, he knows I am not single. And to clarify, I instigated everything that happened between us recently. Now that things have happened between my friend and I, he has confessed that he would love nothing more than to be with me but would absolutely never get in the way of my relationship - and I know that he wouldn't. But part of me is now thinking 'what if...' I feel like I am falling in love... whilst being in love with my partner. Is this even possible?! I'm tearing myself apart about this (so much so that I have booked in to see a therapist next week as I have managed to convince myself I am messed up in the head. Who does this in a loving, good relationship) I am at an emotional deadlock right now. This feels more like just a one night thing, or a slip of judgement. People often say that we cheat to try to fill in the blanks in our relationship or that we are missing something with the long term partner but this is absolutely not the case! I have a very happy relationship with my long term partner... I don't know what to do for the best!
  8. okay... for those of you that have read my previous post, you know whats going on... a few days ago, she said she's falling in love with me... i dont know whether to believe her or not, i trust her, but idk now... i love her, alot... but im just confused on what she wants... first she's to busy, then we get together for the night we spent together, then she's to busy, then she's falling in love with me... and guess what, now she's too busy... and the way she talks to me, idk if its because of stress, or what... but t seems like she's just pissed off at the world... the tone she uses at least... please help, i dont want to mess up again, she could be the one, but i think she's afraid to find out or something... i am sorry i am not very good with words, but yeah... its... bringing me to my knees, i just dont know what to do or say to her anymore. and we havent seen or talked to eachother much lately... is there a mixed signal de-coder ring? please help, if she's the one for me, i cant let her slip through my fingers like my other family members have done in previous relationships... help.
  9. does anyone here think that being in love means you want to spend the rest of your life together? personaly i think being in love doesnt necessarily mean that u want to spend the rest of your life together but more that ur open to that possibility and that ur happy to just be with them n being in love is more so just a feeling, a feeling that u really care and adore them etc. u see my boyfriend says that being in love or sayin that ur in love means that u want to spend the rest of your life together. cant you be in love but not necessarily say your goin to spend the rest of yoru life toegther? alsso if your not ready to fall in love do u think u can stop urself from fallin in love?
  10. i me this person and he loves me so much. the thing is im sure im falling in love with him, we have only been together 9 mnths but i have to leave to study abroad for 8mnths and i feel like im scared to hurt him or him hurt me but do i love him but if im willing to still go overseas and not give up my dreams of living my life before getting involved again does it mean im not in love with him? just cos im not willing to not go abroad because im not ready to!!!! but is that normal???can i be in love and just not be ready ...can yo be in love with someone and not follow it hrough just because the timimng isnt right ?????
  11. Girls what are some things that guys can do that make you really attracted to them. Opening doors, handing you their coat. Real sweet things that guys do that you are really into. Guys what are some things you have done to get the girl to fall in love with you. Also I'm a real funny guy but I am one of those "gentleman" type guys. I can make some really good jokes but I don't do them around certain girls because well it just doesn't seem right to say it around them. Like swearing in front of girls, I don't do that. Well I'm just wondering if any girls out there think certain jokes are innapropriate. Their not rude or anything, they just aren't "lady like" so I don't say them. What do you think?
  12. Well see, in real life I have few friends, have never dated, heck haven't even had a woman tell me she liked me more than a friend. But on the internet, I have numerous people I can call my friends and many woman have said how much the loved me. I know people on line should not be trusted 100% but I mean every weak another girl I chat to, tells me they have fallen for me and all. But that's not my problem, see its that well in the real world I'm invisible to women as a datable person, now I an not shy or anything like that, I can keep a good conversation and all. Approach a girl, and strike up a good conversation. But heck when the school day is done I'm invisible, heck it just seems like no one sees me. It seems like the only people that see me as interesting and all are the people who hove never seen me face to face. I mean this is what one of the people I chat with wrote about me "…you do know how to treat a lady right. You are the type of guy every girl only dreams of meeting. You so sweet, honest, kind, companionate, and caring. I just wish there wisent so many miles between us…" I mean yeah, its dismissible when one person says that, but when every one I talk to online, says that, its more that dismissible. But people in real life, ha don't even see those qualities. I have asked my one friend in real life, if I talk different online that I do in real life, the answer to that was no. so I don't know what the problem. Why don't females even notice me in real life, why am I so invisible to them. And why is it they only talk to me when they got a problem, or there's no one else to talk to. Any one got any advice on how I can not be so invisible? Some times i wonder if my looks are what drive people away thask for evey thing
  13. I am not sure if you were following my posts... well if not here is a brief summary.. I met thi girl about 4 times and everytime there is s different impression .. the first part which was hosted by jer wa sthe best by far.. that was the first party that I met her and she was pulling my hand constantly to the dance floor. the second party which was at another friends house .....well I didn't see that much attention from her maybethis time I was making more eye contact, and I really liked to get her attention.. the third time it was in dowtown Toronto with pretty much the same group of people. when ever I was looking at her she looked away!!! I made a joke about her and she really enjoyed that... and refer to it again later on in the evening ( i am trying to discribe it at the best of my ability) anyhow .. today was the forth time that I met her at a smaller party and I think that I am falling for her.. so I asked for her email address and she gave it to me... so now please be honest..with me .. when girl gives you her email address .. what is she implying..or atlease does it mean that I am moving in the right direction/..... I don't want to ask her out now( as i THINK IT'S GONNA RUIN EVERYTHING).. just wanna move into the frinedship zone first.. as I understand it's extremely important.. so pleas etell me what does all this mean.. does atleast have 1/25 of the interest that I have in her or she is just trying to be nice.!!
  14. Hi Everyone, Just spoke to my ex who seems to be pretty engrossed in the guy she broke up with me for. She hardly knew this guy except through text messages and love letters he sent her, and towards the end of the relationship phonecalls. My ex said a number of times in the last few months said she was starting to have feelings for him, I told her she needed to find out what she wanted (suffered from depression and was on prescribed drugs). Eventually she told the guy she was never going to leave me - this was January. In May she broke up with me saying she was in love with him. She went to Italy 3 weeks later on a previously booked holiday and she kissed the guy (she says, I believe something more). In any case she came back saying she didn't know what she saw in this guy. Now he's coming to visit her in November for a week. One question is it possible to fall in love wqith someone by email, text message and love letters, especially when the guy you are with has given you more than you ever imagined possible? Is this just a fantasy? I spoke to her tonight after she contacted me as she's going through a hard time with work and life. Is she using me as a doormat by speaking to me like this? Or am I allowing myself to be used as a doormat? She obviously cares still, but will she ever come back to me? I am still so madly in love with her, and I can't believe how or why this other guy could make her feel this way! She's never spent real time with him, do people think this trip of his will be the deciding time? She tells me he's already speaking about moving to the UK from Italy to be wityh her and she doesn't want that because having him abroad is safe. She says she has feelings for him, but hasn't gone as far as saying she's in love with him. It's been 3 months now and I thought I could handle speaking about this guy to her, but it drives me nuts (not that I showed it when onm the phone to her). In any case I am meeting for dinner tomorrow, give her my support during this hard time of my life (although with the way she's treated me I should be telling her to stuff it, but that's the kind of person I am- always understanding of others). How should I act? What can I do to make her fall for me again, and have her realise I'm the one meant for her? I thought I was starting to get over her, but now I miss her more than ever again. I also don't know if she keeps in touch cause she misses me, she needs someone who knows her to speak to or out of guilt? Help me guys/girls/everyone. Thank you, D. The course of true love never did run smooth - William Shakespeare (A Midsummer Night's Dream)
  15. Well theres this girl that I like alot and I am tring to figure out if she is falling for me or if this is all nothing...... she is my best friends upstairs neighbor in his 3 apt complex (hes in basment she is 1st floor) and we ended up meeting her about 3 months ago when they all moved in there. I didn't hang to much with my friend and his neighbor they drank like everyday.......so I joined in with their drinking all the time and I got to drunk one time and my friend got mad cause she kept giving me shots so he ordered me to sleep upstairs in her appt. nothing happened we slept like 4 feet apart lol...... then days progressed and I started spending nights there and end up staying there the next few days each time sleeping and cuddling with her....... I sleep there alot..... we kiss ALOT when were drunk and we have had sex 3 times 2 times with a decent ammount of drinks and 1 time pretty legit not many drinks....... We have never had sex when not drinking but that may be because we are both very shy (I am alittle more) we kiss sometimes when were 100% legit but not to often like when were drunk....... but she invited me to stay the past few nights where there were no alcohol at all so I dunno.... we talk about having a relationship and she dont think it would work cause she is 23 and I am 18 and she has 2 kids.... last night she had 2 dreams about me also when she awoke she told me them right away...... I dont know where she is going from here I dont know her intentions she is allmost divorced (there separated now). Thanks
  16. There's a friend of mine that I am extremely attracted to, but I don't think she feels the same. I've known the girl about 6 months and I know her extremely well. I have liked her for around 3 months of the 6 I've known her. But my dumb self has yet to ask her out or even tell her I like her, even though she knows. Now I have talked about this with a bunch of my friends, and she knows that I have. The main reason I have not asked her out, is because I'm not too sure how she will react, basically, I don't want the friendship to decline in any way, and for some reason, I think it might if I ask her or tell her how I feel. There is one problem here, she is reading the book He's Just Not That Into You. In that book it tells all the reasons why someone like myself hasn't asked the girl out, like, he doesn't want to ruin the friendship, maybe hes intimidated by me, maybe he wants to take it slow, but he gave me his number, etc. And basically, it calls all of those excuses BS. In my case, they are not BS, that is truly how I feel. I like her A LOT, I can't even begin to describe how I feel about her. In the book, it says, "If he wants you that bad, he will ask you out." Honestly, I think I want her so bad is the reason I have not been able to ask her out. By no means am I looking for sex in this relationship. I know many of you will probably call BS on this, but I am serious. Please help me with any kind of support and guidance. How should I ask her out so she will fall for me instantly?? What kind of actions should I do that will make her fall for me?? Any support/help is appreciated. Thanks a lot
  17. my g/f who i fell inlove with just broke up with me. i don't know what to do. There's a small chance i might get her back but for the most part i think she's gone. She's the first g/f i ever fell in love with. i don't know what to do, how do i get over her. Also if she decides she wants to get back togather should i go for it.all i want is to be back with her again .
  18. I met this girl, who I only spent one day with her, but, got the chance to get to know her abit during that day... We went to a nice romantic spot, with friends, had a nice dinner, and went to the club... Heres the thing... I think i have fallen in love with her... It only took one day.... I must be realistic.... I am leaving back home in 4 days... and i might get a chance to see her the day before i leave... I want to tell her how i feel, tell her, i want to get to know her.... I would love to send her a ticket and come to Australia, just so i can show her something different.... I really care for her... But i am wondering, from people with or similar experiance... maybe trie to motivate me aswell... Should, i tell her how i feel... ( I might not be able to talk to her, cause she will be working.... if i can catch her during a break that will be good....( If not i will write a letter as backup).... I would like to get to know her more before (if) we advance our relationship.... Do i tell her how i feel, or do i get on that planee and forget... Please help!!
  19. Here's the story ... I met my ex in a grad class. Even though I initially approached him, I was totally uncertain about him, since I had been hurt before, and didn't want to deal with it again; however, the more he talked to me, the more I wanted to talk to him. He created such a comfortable environment that I totally fell for him. After 2 months of spending 4 - 5 nights a week with him, I really feel like he is the one for me. We are so similar, yet so different, that I feel like he is the perfect match for me. Since we were both finishing up grad school, during the time of our relationship, we both came under a lot of stress. Also, I was really insecure of myself sometimes, since, as I mentioned, I have been hurt before. thereforeeee, sometimes, we would agrue over small things. However, we would make up, and that would be the end of it. I wouldn't think twice about the agruments. One Friday night, we spent the night together, and everything was fine. Then, Sunday night, he calls me to tell me that he thinks we are too different to live with each other forever, and he think we should end this now before it goes too far and we are both hurt too much. Right now, he is in a different state for work-related training for 12 weeks (gone 4 weeks now). Last week, I told him that I wouldn't call him, and he could call me whenever he felt he needed to talk to me or missed me, and left it at that. Haven't heard from him in 9 days. He is from India, and that he has never had a girlfriend (he is 24 and i am 23) -- I am Indian American. I think his perception of "love" is all roses and wine ... and when arguments came up, he thought them as "irrepairable differences". I know I am doing the right thing by establishing a NC rule for myself, but just wanted some positive stories and support out there. Can a man be uncertain about things and then revert back? In the meantime, everyone enjoy their weekends ... I'll be trying my hardest to enjoy mine! Thanks for "listening" (reading)! Blue
  20. any advice is welcome... my boyfriend and i met all the way back in november over the internet. that night we talked for hours and hours, all night. we ended up exchanging phone numbers and the next day ended up talking on the phone for hours...lol...we have everything in common its crazy, and we only lived a few hours a day. before we even met we decided that we wanted to try being in a relationship. i know that sounds a little weird, but we did. and it worked out pretty good, we met up with eachother finally new years eve, and it was the greatest. we had/have even more fun together in person. since then we've visited eachother lots of times, so far we've seen eachother every other weekend. really the only problem that i have right now is that we haven't gotten to talk that much in the last couple of days, and we usually text eachother all day long, but he hasn't sent a message in a few days. he calls me still, but only for a few minutes. but this weekend, i was just there, and he told me that he was falling in love with me right now. i know i'm probably sounding just a little crazy and paranoid just becuz we've hardly gotten to talk since i left, but i'm just scared. i'm never met anybody like him before, and i've never felt the way that i do for anybody before. i really really like this guy. he's just so perfect. i've never been with anybody for over a few months and this is about the time where things start going sour for me. somebody tell me to stop being so paranoid....or that i'm right for being paranoid and maybe something is going on...or somebody please tell me something? sorry for rambling...thanks for any adviec that i get. angie
  21. Here is another update. This is for myself more in order to admit how idiotic the mistakes and choices I made and just the whole thing was. I heard from the guy I was infatuated with, and thought I fell in love with. No, I don't think I actually was after all. I'd never even met him in person, and he wasn't my type if we had met. He can be cruel if he wants to. Why he can, who knows. This will sound crazy to some of you. Through all the dumb mistakes, I have had a wonderful man for a husband, who talked me through and helped me to see clearly about this man, my choices, life and situation very patiently. We've had too many ups and downs and still do, but I'm liking him more everyday especially in light of such people as this other ex so-called "friend". How did I ever....? Many of you responded with genuine concern, some shock, but still that was genuine concern for what's right. I know this and I don't disagree with any of you. Anyway, this other guy now accuses me of trying to slander him on this forum, which I am not interested in doing. If that's what he thinks, I can't change that. I explained as I needed to about someone you know nothing about, which makes this a safe place to vent hurts we have from others. I came to this forum to vent, which is what I have done. I'm not interested in ruining people's lives. I realise that I was a fool to choose to even spend time on the net chatting with the other guy and he's truly someone I wish I'd not wasted my time with because it distracted me from important endeavors. Yet I was stupid enough to choose and allow this to happen, not to mention other idiotic mistakes in contacting him after the fact. I won't go much into detail, but he out and out lied to me about himself and what he had said, which doesn't need explanation at this point. Sheesh what a manipulator. He says he doesn't read this forum, but obviously his girlfriend does, apparently. So maybe he *has* been reading this forum. Who cares? Back to it, I apologized for some stupidity on my part. I hate some of the mistakes I've made, but at least it's never too late to keep learning from them. Have you ever just wondered why you end up doing the stupidest things and can be deterred and detracted from more important things in life when you're not looking for what you need in the right place? Still the guy is a jerk and I'm grateful to move forward from this. But how could I have ended up making choices to even go *near* there? 11Flower
  22. Well for the past few months, I've been friends with this girl I've known. I first liked her, and started trying to get close to her...well after a while I knew I was being too pushy, and so decided to break off...I knew also she wasn't interested...we'll we continued being friends and a few months later, I realized I've fallen in love with her...yet I don't mind. We're still friends, and not the best of friends..yet it doesn't bug me, if she likes someone else, doesn't like me, or is possibly dating someone. If I do tell her, I want it to be because I know she has feelings for me...if she doesn't...oh well...I don't mind...
  23. I fell in love with someone over the internet.We used to know each other because we were neighbors and he went to school with my sister but we haven't seen each other for about 10 years now because we live in different states now.We met again in our hometown's website,started out as casual friends which eventually grew into a full blown romance.We have this cyberrelationship going on for a year now until recently I said something which offended him which ended with a break up.He wanted to see me naked via video cam which I refused,he asked why and I carelessly said that I don't trust him completely yet considering that we haven't even met in person during the course of our relationship.I just didn't feel comfortable giving so much of myself until we take more step other than chatting,emailing and occasional phone calls.I really felt that he loved me and I never thought that he will give up on us that easily.I apologized several times and tried to explained to him what I really meant but his mind just seemed to be made up that things between us is not going to work.I know I should just forget him but it's a lot easier said than done.Although we never met during the course of our relationship,the pain that I feel is all too real.Thanks for any comment.
  24. Hello guys, Ok i met this girl last few months, she's nice and all. I started to ask her out few times and she agreed. We had a great time, but all of my friends say she's very weird cos she never falls in love with any guy even though lots of guys chase her. I know she considers me friend but i want more than just friends. So tell me how to get this girl? What tactic should i use now? Thanks
  25. And I really thought she was the one. After 6 months of friendship we started what looked to be an eternal relationship. We made promises that we'd be together forever and we shared everything and talked about anything. Or so I thought. Over the past fortnight, and maybe longer, she's been meeting a guy we were both friendly with. She'd started college and as she didn't know anyone, I gave her my blessing to meet him. I trusted her with my life and I really didn't think anything could happen. Then she continued to meet him, going to the cinema and such like and I started to take a dislike. It seemed she'd rather be with him than me. So, after a fall out last Friday, we talked and slept together and I told her how I felt etc, that it was hurting me when she was with him and that I didn't want her to see him. She promised she wouldn't. The first 3 days this week she was with him from after college until late at night. The thought of them being together has really torn me apart and it had to end. But now I don't know what to do, I feel so low and she's messed my head up. She keeps texting me saying she loves me, that she'll never love anyone like this and then saying she doesn't know what she wants. I asked her, that if this was the case, to take some time and decide what she wanted but yesterday she took this other guy to her mother's wedding - in my place. It's hard to explain how I'm feeling just now though, it's a difficult time and I really can't handle this. Several thoughts have crossed my mind, ending my life being one, because I dont think I can go on without her. I feel like I need her in my life and I just feel so empty without her. But I know I can't have her back, I know I can't trust her again and I know it wouldn't work. It seems like she's already made her mind up anyway. I don't really know what brought me to this forum but I guess I just need some advice. It's probably not the first post like this and I doubt it will be the last. Thanks for listening.
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