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  1. Hi everyone! I'm in major need of advice. So. on June 10-17 I was out of town for work purposes. When I got back later that week I grabbed my boyfriends laptop to play a movie and his e-mail was on the screen. There was one particulare email that stood out to me so I opened it. It was a back and forth email with a prostitute/escort. I confronted him about this and he felt very ashamed and swears nthing happed that he was just curious and extremly horny and desperate while I was away since we hadnt had sex for a 1 1/2 weeks. Let me also add that the reason we hadnt been sexual was becasue we w
  2. Greetings! I have read several articles and seen YouTube videos advising to NOT reach out to an ex on Christmas or the Holiday Season. However, my goal is not to get my ex-wife back, but simply to re-establish a bridge of communication for a potential friendship in the long-term. I absolutely have no intentions in a long-term reconciliation. A bit of history: my ex-wife left me 5.5 years ago to ''find herself'' after a 6-year marriage (she has been single since then). We have been divorced now for 3.5 years and have been in No Contact for nearly 2 years. She is still single, bitter, and
  3. I'm talking about a "child" who's 30 years and moved out since the age of 18. Is it normal for the mother of a 30 year old to still say things like: -Eat all your fruits and vegetables -I hope you’ve gained some weight (What the heck at this, why would I want to gain weight? FYI, I LIKE being slim, I don't WANT to gain weight, why would a mother wish something on me that I wouldn't want to begin with!) What kind of a thing to say is this?? I don't care if it's out of love, I want to scream to her face that "I don't want to gain weight" and to leave me alone! She said this in 4
  4. I thought it would be interesting if i shared my story and then my day to day efforts to be with my exgirlfriend....you can share with me your thoughts of how i may have done well or poorly on a given day. Well, my story follows: We broke up officially on October 16, 2004. She moved out of our apartment at the end of September. She told me about her plans to move out on August 1, 2004. She said the reasons for moving out were: 1. we were having issues that seemed to get out of control since May and could not take a chance of signing a new contract to live with me while she attended a
  5. Hi all, I was wondering if someone out there could help me out with this. I’m sure it’s all in my head but would appreciate others thoughts. I’ve known my girlfriend as a friend for over a decade. We met randomly in a bar and hit it off straight away. Within the last year we got closer and romantically involved. Everything was amazing at first. Texting all the time, texting into the early hours, all that mushy good stuff in a new relationship. I knew it wouldn’t last forever. So when it tailed off and she became a bit less chatty and would leave long gaps between replies, I wasn’t s
  6. Happy Friday Everyone! I am a married female who has had a gay male best friend for over 45 years.....yes, we are getting old. My best friend played the organ at my wedding in 1979. My husband, myself and friend...I will call him Brady, all grew up together. My husband is not jealous so that was never an issue. So Brady and I usually talk everyday on FaceTime. We visit then say the Rosary together as we are Catholics. This year has been mega stressful for me. I had to go to court and take my granddaughter away from my oldest daughter due to abuse and neglect. My Mother went into extr
  7. Hi everyone. Yesterday I was about to check my emails when I realised that my boyfriend was still logged into gmail on my laptop from when he was using it at the weekend. I was about to log out so I could sign in and as my eyes glanced across the screen I noticed an email notification from only fans. For those of u who are unfamiliar with it, it is an an online website where people can sell nude images and videos of themselves. I wasn’t planning on looking through his emails but this surprised me and I was curious to see if there were many more emails from the site. I find out that he has been
  8. Hi everyone. So today I went to log on to my emails and realized that my boyfriend was still logged in to his account from when he was on my laptop at the weekend. I wasn't snooping through his mail but upon a glance at the screen I noticed an email notification from only fans informing him that a girl had sent him a message. For those of you who don't know what only fans is, it is an online platform where women can sell nude images and videos of themselves. Naturally this sparked my curiosity so I scrolled down a bit further to realize that he has been on this site since the start of Octobe
  9. I recently exchanged emails with a guy I work with whom I like very much. I was venting about various work frustrations, which is not something I ordinarily do with anyone in emails, but I suppose that day it reached a point where letting off some steam helped. It was the friendliest we have been with each other in months, and we talked about a few personal matters too, like how he's going to be a first-time dad soon. All of 2020 we have generally only said hello on passing, or a quick conversation about something work-related on a break, but by and large, we tended to avoid each other an
  10. Hi all I’m a newbie. So I was in a 4 year relationship with a man, we spent every weekend, holidays and some midweek days together; he was my best friend too. He sent me a text out of the blue just before my birthday Dec 2019 stating if nothing more he needed time out. I reached out thinking it was work pressures and told him to take as much time as he needed and that I was here for him. He replied saying Geezus H are you not sorry ??? Moving on we met up hoping he was going to explain himself, I asked him outright and emails if there was someone else etc? He said there was not but he needed
  11. In the past 8 years.. My boyfriend has left me several times, many times during his "away time" whilst at a family members house he would assure me that he didnt want to be with anyone else, he needed time to get himself together, and/or he wanted to be away until we could regain trust in our relationship. He has always been a liar, from money to other women. Everytime he has been away he has been on craigslist and a million dating profiles exchanging pictures etc.. Claiming that there was never ang sexual contact.. Which i would like to believe but its extremely difficult.. He will lie un
  12. So my ex broke up with me 2 months ago saying we need to take a step back and focus on ourselves rather someone else. He told me we will always be friends and he won't abondon me. Well 2 weeks ago he blocked my number. I did send him an email telling him my grandma passed away and asked him what I did for him to block me. So he emailed me back the next day saying he empathize with my loss. it is important to be “immediate” oriented, I realized that. In these times it is necessary. So I emailed him back saying what do you mean by Immediate Oriented. So he replied back saying Hitting the "reset
  13. Hi, I've been with my boyfriend for four years, living together for two. We're similar in that we're both introverts with a lot of trouble communicating. We simply can't speak about the troubles we have very effectively. Because of this, and also because of our differing work schedules which keep us apart for days sometimes, we've exchanged emails as a way to get out what's on our minds. We both are better at writing our feelings than we are talking about them. A few weeks ago, he told me he had doubts about us. I share some doubts too...and admitted that...but of course it's still hurtful. I
  14. Six months ago I started studying an Australian Sign Language (Auslan) accredited course at a government community college. My experience of the Auslan course at this community college has been really terrible. The problem is that this community college is the only place in the whole state where you can study sign language which is actually professionally accredited. You can do community courses but you don't get an actual qualification from them. I started studying Certificate 2, which is the lowest level course you can do at this community college. They don't have enough teachers and they ha
  15. I have an old account that I cannot gain access to. Even after resetting the password, it’s still inaccessible. I honestly don’t even remember what the username is (it was created many years ago). Because of this, I created a new account. I then got an email stating I’ve broken a few rules by establishing another account. I don’t have the authority to reply to that message to ask for help. So, the question is, can the old account be deleted?
  16. I need a bit of advice. As a background, my boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 3 years, with the initial 2 years in person (we moved in together soon after dating) and 8 months of long-distance. Recently I finished my undergraduate degree and moved across the country to be with him (he moved initially for graduate school and I finished my degree before following). We have signed a lease together for the following year. Recently however, due to COVID-19 we have been doing long-distance again. We expect to see each other in 2 weeks. I want to make it clear that we love each othe
  17. I received an email from my ex boyfriend (7 years) during Thanksgiving and Christmas. He moved out when i returned from an overseas military deployment - he was supportive but grew very angry in my absence that I volunteered to deploy. His adult children, daughter especially, re-engaged with him during my absence and encouraged him to leave me. They were angry and mostly cut ties with him when he began a relationship with me (live-in). He became regretful after moving out but I was too shocked and hurt to respond to any attempts to see him and soon separated items. It was a very dignified
  18. I am on a yearly contract and my job is dependent on funding. We normally get notified by nov/early dec if our contract is renewed for the following year. I have been at my workplace for over 7 years with the same boss. From Nov I have been asking my boss every week if my contract will be renewed. He said that we were still waiting to hear back. On my last day of work for the year my boss acted like we may still get funding and he was expecting me to come back in the new year if we get the funding. The next day I get an email from HR saying that my contract won’t be renewed as we are unlikely
  19. I got myself into a bit of a weird situation. The company I work for is closing soon so I am avidly seeking new employment. I applied for a job that requires I have a driver license, which I do, just the beginner one, not the level of license they are looking for. Before I applied for this job, I had my G2 (license in Canada where you're allowed to drive on your own - the test is a road test) booked for a few weeks from now. I currently have my G1 learner permit class. It must have listed this requirement somewhere in the job posting, but I missed it as I was really excited about meeting almos
  20. so please keep in mind that this was written at three am, it is an email draft i wanted to send to my friends but never got around to it as i realized how bad it seemed. please dont say how over dramatic it seems or that relationships like these are unbearable and i am truly trying, honestly i just want advie on learning to let go of things, people and emotions. there might be some switches to my mother language but 99% is in english (ps i did not want to edit it as i felt the message would have been heavily altered if id started modifying it now ) so guess whos back, annoying, kinda over
  21. I had a falling out with my best friend of about 15 years. Very long story short, she had become judgmental and gossipy over the years, and I took the total coward’s route by not saying anything about it. Things came to a head when she told people I was bulimic - (I’m not, and I’m actually really proud of how hard I’ve worked to lose weight… or at least, I was.) And I finally wrote her a long email about why I had become distant, which mentioned the aforementioned gossip, negativity, and bulimia rumor. I thought it was a gentle and fair letter, and I even had my husband read it before I hit se
  22. My story is about long distance relationship (LDR) start from i've been oversea (travel alone). And I met this guy on the street and he came to talk to me. Then, he took me to many places and he is really polite and romantic person (make me feel like I'm a princess) like he bought necklace with his name and gave to me to remember him when we apart, gave me rose, asked DJ to sang a song for me, we always hold hands. He asked to spent overnight with me, but I refused (we kissed and hugs). On the last day, I saw he was crying and he told me that our relationship won't end here. So, I gave him my
  23. Why is December always a month of tension? Yeah, I know there a lot of reasons. I just need to get this out there. I took on an Operations role 6 months ago in a totally new industry for me. I dove in enthusiastically, and I am being 100% honest when I say that I have worked harder (and done better work) in this position than I have ever done in any prior role. I've been through the ringer professionally, made a 180 a couple of years ago when I made the decision to leave my artistic/ performing aspirations and I haven't really looked back. After finding my footing in the Dutch workplace
  24. I’ve been dating a guy for 6 weeks now. We are both divorced, have children, full time jobs and live 50 miles from each other, yet, we manage to see each other once or twice a week when we don’t have our kids. I have completely fallen for him so now my emotions are involved and I feel hurt when I’m not with him because he just goes MIA. He was never the next texter, I’d get something maybe every 3 days, but at least when we have plans, I will get a random “good morning beautiful, only two more days :)”. Now, I just don’t get that anymore. What confuses me though, is that when we are on a da
  25. Oh, boy I'm really regretting this. :( My girlfriend of 3 years broke up with me in late June, due to religious reasons. She's a Christian, and I don't really follow any faith. We had issues about this at the start of our relationship and even broke up a few times because of it, but we got to a point where we were happy and fully committed. I was devastated when she broke up with me. I begged and pleaded but she was stuck on her decision. 1.5 months into the break she was still texting and calling me saying that she loved and missed me, but still did not want to get back together.
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