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  1. Online Dating is much more successful for women than men. All women need to do is post profiles, and sort out the responses and take their pick. Guys still need to chase....problem with online is that there are lots of other guys around to also chase. Gotta stand out somehow....and even then. I dunno..
  2. I feel for you man. 7 years is a long time. It isn't easy, but you need to find someone new...or at least break contact with her for a bit and do some soul searching. Right now, with you in this state, the power is with her. If you beg/plead, it'll just drive her further away: she'll have less respect for you and see you as less. You need to dwell on why you guys break up...and all the CRAP that she's done to you. She's done you wrong many times my friend! From there, you can get up, improve yourself by treating yourself right and seeing that she doesn't matter. You're going to find a better woman for yourself, because your a good guy with lots to offer to the RIGHT girl.
  3. Yeah, that's really it. There really isn't a "perfect" person. People change - even YOU change. It's all about compromise and finding common ground. A lot of people who keep aiming for some idealized person in their brain will just end up alone at 40 with a house full of cats. Children will call you the creepy cat lady. When baseballs are knocked into your yard, dares will be made as to who must fetch it. You gotta date a lot and find that someone who you find attractive, treats you well, and share common interests with. It's all about compromise and learning I believe.
  4. If only you people knew how depressed these statements make me. Being an Asian-American male is HARD. Even harder if I keep thoughts like that in my mind. *sigh*
  5. At work, this is this one lady who is pretty cute. She has a husband and child, but she is cheating with another coworker. We asked her why she was cheating, and she just states "I don't know why." We asked if she stilll loves her husband and she says "yes." We ask her if she finds him attractive. She says she finds him very attractive. But why she cheats? Hell if we...or even she seems to know. Some girls...people....just need more drama in their lives. I don't know why.
  6. If he isn't contacting you and just browsing a lot....he just misses you or is into you. He just doesn't see a relationship with you with how things are currently going I think.
  7. B. Race usually isn't the beginning or end for me. Intelligence and class(not social status, but attitude) are the clinchers.
  8. You don't want a relationship....but you don't want sex...... Just make some male friends
  9. She's playing with you. She still doesn't want you in THAT way, but she wants you around for the attention and if you're still into her, it's flattering for her - she likes the thought of you being attracted to her without anything else. It's an ego boost.
  10. I only have trouble sleeping when I think too much. I try to focus and picture myself at the beach. I imagine the waves and water. I hold the image and focus on then clearing my mind completely.
  11. Sounds like something I should be doing more of....he's on the ball.
  12. Time to notify authorities and get yourself some tools to defend yourself. I recommend notifying local law enforcement, then buying yourself a can of pepper spray, stun gun, or air tazer. Buy a firearm if you want, but you'll need to know a lot about local laws in your area about self-defense with a firearm: it varies widely.
  13. Buddy, I ask myself the same damn question all the time. I just don't get it! And it's weird. There are guys who I thought were the most attractive looking guys around with cute girls....and then there's very handsome guys who aren't hooked up! I has to be a combination of looks and technique as well as timing+luck.
  14. Can I see your picture? I don't mean to suggest anything. I just can't imagine a girl who can't land a relationship easily.
  15. Hey everyone. It's me again from this this post: It's been months, and I still haven't had much success. Where is the best place to meet good single women? I'm acctually thinking about getting my Masters degree and try hard to meet girls while in school. What do you guys think I should do to meet more single women? I've tried the following: parties, clubs, yoga, gym. Maybe I'm just a total moron when it comes to picking up hints though.
  16. ugh. That's horrible that this happens.
  17. Yes. It's a weird issue for me though. 3 Catagories: Girls I'm not attracted to, i can joke around with and be completely goofy with and be cool with, but I don't go away thinking much about them. It's like they're one of my guy friends kinda. Girls I'm attracted to but I think are "out of my league" are girls I think are modelesque, but wouldn't want anything to do with me - I mentally distance myself from the attraction and speak and act in a professional way and hide my feelings. This isn't a good thing....I think I come off as cold and arrogant. And a certain person I've confessed this to has asked me "What league?! Relationships are about people getting to know each other as people." Something for me to ponder more on.... Girls I'm attracted to and think I have a chance - is the worst for me. I'll say stupid things and do things that would distance me from them. To hide my feelings. Probably a mix of insecurity and mental block. I can't think of the right things to say. I can honestly say I'm a shy guy when it comes to the opposite sex - and much of it has to do with influence that I've received from parents and the media. I'm trying very hard to break this hold it has on me. I think shyness is mostly fear of rejection, humiliation, and caring too much about what others think to act in a way that one wants. So even around someone I'm very attracted to, I can act cold and uninterested....just because it's a defense mechanism. I'm sure it's true for many people. Edit: Whoops, I was lost in my thoughts and ramblings. Anyways, if he's looking away and acting nervous around you, then it's a tell tale sign that he is interested - because if he wasn't he'd have no problem just being normal around you.
  18. I agree with everyone else. She's baiting YOU. She's not caring how you feel in this, she just wants to satisfaction of knowing that you just talk to her so she can have someone to chat with, with no strings attached. Keep up the NC until you find someone else solid in your life.
  19. I would document things in a journal of her antics to be used as ammo against her. She seems to have some sort of mental problems. I would suggest you both see a therapist, if you're able to drag her to one. Else, you're old enough that you don't need to put up with her anymore.
  20. Endurance will build up over time. Remain consistent.
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