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About Me

  1. I have been going through a motivational slump off-late, and it hit me a few days ago when I saw how I had wasted the weekend. I text my Mom to share this with her, and my Dad chimes in and gives me a long sermon about what would help my mental woes. While it was all good, healthy stuff he was telling me, I was really not in the head space to listen to any of it and I was kind of worn out by the call. I video call my fiance and joke about how Dads are always the ones to give us the "Dad talk" when we go to them with problems. His Dad is kind of similar, and we share a couple of jokes. My fi
  2. I don’t like them and want to add things to them which would suit my personality. The woman who did them lives across the street from me. 😓 Would you change them? I don’t want to hurt her feelings but at the same time I can’t stomach them I guess she didn’t understand what I meant.
  3. Hi everyone! I am new on here and I'm looking for some advice on my relationship predicament. I apologize it is somewhat complicated/lengthy. I have been with this guy for 4 years. Our personalities are basically the same and we like all of the same stuff. But, lately we have been drifting apart and he doesn't communicate well at all. His major downfalls are that he cannot seem to get his life together. His license got suspended, he has no car insurance, a theft on this record, and he cannot find a stable job. I have been paying for our rent, groceries, and I have put myself in debt to k
  4. Hi all, this is my first time posting and I am seeking some advice. I have been with my male partner for about a year and a half. He moved in with me in July. I feel so discontent and dissatisfied with this relationship. I want more laughter, more conversational flow, more joy and playfulness. He's quite serious and quiet. He's a good man, and I'm feeling terrible about this. I have so much shame around it... I feel like I may have moved forward when I had doubts and now he's fully living in my home and has no idea how unhappy I am in this. I don't know how to start this conversation. I know I
  5. by skinny i don't mean anorexic, but overall petite figure. but this seems to limit my chances. i don't exactly know why i feel this way. of course looks and personality is also important. grrr this is like a huge catch 22, i just want to get a gf so we can make each other happy but if she's not what i want physically i will always want more. sigh...
  6. Hello, this is my first post here and not sure in the right place. I am in my mid twenties and I have a big problem with building relashionships. I think my biggest failure is communication and low confidence. I can barely be present inside groups of people. I have always this feeling that they are better than me and that I can be forgoten in the group and not heard because I deserve it. I really feel so sorry that people do not get to see my true perdonality as I get trapped in emotions and nervous when around people. But dont get me wrong I have a good bavkground in every topic of conver
  7. Hello, I thought I would post on here because I feel I can't talk to any of my friends about some of the things that have been going on and been feeling very isolated and been losing my confidence. I moved back home from university in June and in late June I received some bad news that made me feel horrendous. Living with my family has been difficult. There is a drama every other day- yesterday we had to pick up my brother from the police station because he had assaulted someone alongside other things. Every other day we are dealing with him and his constant issues. I am the youngest o
  8. I been tading my boyfriend for 2.5 yrs now. To me it seems one side relationship and what i mean by that is i am the one who tries everything to make him happy. I cant get anywhere with him and am tired of trying. I been thinking about breaking up a lot but dont know how. I am 34 yrs old and he is my only serious relationship i had. We have different personalities yet, i am not a needy woman. I am very layback active person and for the last two yrs i been watching him coming back ftom work always tired and all what he wants to do either watch TV or play video games. The house is a mess all th
  9. I'm a 29 year old man who's in an increasingly serious relationship with a wonderful 25 year old woman, we've been together for about 6 months now, with talks of moving in together before long. We spend a lot of time together, most of which is great, I can see myself living with her for the rest of my life, though one of her personality traits has me on edge and I feel like I have to be cautious. I've only been with 3 different girls, including one 7 year relationship that was smooth-sailing until the end, I've never had senseless fights before somehow, they always had a reason and in retro
  10. My situation might be quite weird compared to the average poster. I'm an avid gamer, it's my main hobby and it's how I spend most of my time. Through this I've had the luck of meeting an incredible girl: she's selfless, responsible, smart, we are absolutely on the same wavelength, have similar life experiences and we just connected in a beautiful way that made us fall in love. We live in different countries which, of course, makes things hard, but we call every day and try doing different things together when we both have time. Caring so much for one another, we've made plans to meet and no
  11. Hi, I'm Male, sixteen and I recently had a bad fallout with a friend. For this story to make any sense I have to start from the very beginning. So I'm an only child and I live quite far away from anybody my age. I went to primary school and I was often semi-excluded because I didn't know anybody and I was smarter than everyone there. I kind of grew up to be narcissistic and competitive. For my first year of secondary school this continued although then I met this guy who I'll call X. For the first time I felt like somebody cared for me and I truly felt like over the next two years I grew a di
  12. Hey guys, I wanted to tell you a little about my personality. I started university 2 days ago and I am like never confident. At school, it was the same. Even when I studied, I always thought that I would fail. Before exams, I spend a week crying, thinking I will fail. I started university and I feel the same way. I don't know what to do to beat this. It's really tiring and makes me depressed. I don't know what to do about it. I always think I am not good enough.. not only at school/university. I am like that in everything. It has nothing to do with my look, my boyfriend is crazy about me, I
  13. Good time of the day, I've have the following situation, In March I was forced to find a job with a better salary, due to some circumstances. I was introduced to my new manager, the woman that I'm currently working with and going to speak about. I was working on my new place for 2 months and she didn't care much about me. Meaning that I didn't make any problems, such as being late, doing my tasks wrong and etc. Quite the opposite, I've managed to do most of the tasks correctly and earlier than they should be done. And after doing so for some time, I seemed to drag her attention. We start
  14. I usually find it lame when people come to a message board and say, "I'm leaving," because it's typically either out of anger or a cry to be asked to stay. Yet I also have been part of many where people disappeared and I always wonder what happened. So figured I'd share what's going on, uninteresting as it may be. I lurked here and on other relationship forums for years off and on. Finally jumped in the fray one slow afternoon at work, and I've been coming on every workday for the last 4 months. Between this site and a couple of dumb flash games, I figure I've been spending roughly 3 hour
  15. The last couple of months have been awful for me, as I have been played along by another woman the same age as me who turned out to be nothing more than an attention-seeker. My question however is this... I am in my 40s now and would have liked to think that dating is easier in middle age...? Do the things to watch out for (ie Red Flags) in someones personality remain as you get older, or do the rules change from being in your teens/twenties?
  16. I want to apologize in advance if this post is long. If you stay to read, I am very grateful. So, my boyfriend and I have been together for 9 1/2 years, since I was 15 and he was 14. We grew up together and have had a wonderful relationship. He is my best friend. He has always been attentive, affectionate and caring. Since we grew up together and were together during a time in our lives where our personalities are shaped, we are alike in many ways in terms of personality. Meaning we think the same things are funny, etc. He is a firefighter, works at 2 different departments, and is in paramedic
  17. Background I am 15 years old and I am a very smart guy (I don't like bragging or showing off but I put it for the sake of background). I have great deal of friends in Poland where I come from. However I don't have any friends here in America because of one guy that bullied me for accent long time ago. Even though I ignored him it was imprinted into my mind. So, now I came to a point that I have two personalities. One, social, outgoing, and lively in Poland, and other shy, unconfident, quiet and depressing in America. Problem In last times I was trying to end my shy, and quiet life i
  18. I am looking for people who went through the same thing. I am a 28 y.o. woman and going to psychiatry education myself I discovered in the past year my mother has clear Narcissistic personality traits, if not personality disorder. I always knew something was not right in the way I have been raised, with the family I grew up in. My mother showed mood swings ranging from severe depression to outright mania. However what makes me believe she does not have bipolar disorder but more of a personality disorder is she ticks all the boxes: -Having an exaggerated sense of self-importance: my mothe
  19. This girl I thought was my best friend, constantly ignores me and people tell me that she calls me her "fake friend." My freshman year of high school, me and this girl was not very close... at all. I would talk to my friends about her because she'd always jump from one friend to another. My Sophmore year and my best friend moved to Texas. I'd just hang out with my old friends. I surf a lot, so she asked me if I wanted to go beach with her. I said sure, it was kind of awkward, but I just tried to be myself and make her laugh. So we went out multiple times. Whenever we'd be at school, her
  20. Will people fall in love with you after you change (personality wise)? I don't mean a woman changing herself in order to get a man who was not originally into her, into her. I am asking if a woman has some red flag issues - such as being incredibly insecure, negative and clingy. If such a woman one day transforms and become completely healthy, confident and positive by and for herself. Will this make someone who dated her before when she had issues, who found her physically attractive, likes her but not into her enough to call her gf, into her and want to be with her now? Or is it mo
  21. I'm probably the millionth person to make a post like this. So I apologize in advance. There will likely be those of you out there who will try to write me off as depressed. All I can do is tell you that this post is my attempt to take an objective look at myself and my environment. I am 23 years old. I am the most socially and politically conservative person I know living in a notoriously liberal state... Needless to say I feel disconnected from people in general, but the challenges I feel I face in finding a satisfying romantic relationship are insurmountable given the social paradigm I a
  22. So my question is a bit long I'll start with this scenario . I just started a new job after leaving my previous job a few months ago because my boss was sexually inappropriate around the office. As I was talking excitedly with my boyfriend about my new job I mentioned hoping that I don't have the same issues that I did before. His response was "well your personality attracts perverts." Is that rude?!? This happens often the insults the criticisms he followed up with this comment the next morning (today) by telling me that if I don't see what is wrong with my personality then I am sick i
  23. So I got quite a shock this morning. My Husband, who we've been living together for 10 years and married a year ago, and I was cuddling an playing on the bed. He had his jeans on and as we were goofing around I noticed something sticking out of his pocket. I pulled it and and found a used meth pipe. My jaw dropped to the ground. For background, we don't have a major history of drug use in our relationship. Maybe some pot here and there, and I know he's done coke a long time ago when he was hanging out with some bad friends, which he no longer sees. We don't have drug using friends, we don'
  24. Last week i was trying to locate a place and trying to get some help. I noticed an attractive female and I went up to her and asked whether she knew where the place was located. She said she was walking by that side and she can take me there.. so we walked and had a small chat. Once we reached the place i said bye and was about to leave.. but this girl took me by surprise, she said "i really like your personality and would like to keep in touch. can i get ur email?". I gave it to her and also got hers.. later we also exchanged numbers... then i called her up for lunch and she agreed... and gue
  25. Over the past week or so I have made several posts regarding my relationship. I apologize for posting so frequently but I have no one else to talk to about this and I am really needing some advice right now. If you haven't read my past posts, here is a brief explanation of what is going on: My girlfriend has been hot and cold with me. Recently, she has canceled several of our dates, some with legitimate reasons, others not. Sometimes she will make plans and then when the day comes not want to do anything. I had a brief talk with her about things on Thursday afternoon and she apologized for
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