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  1. Hi everyone, hope you're all having a great day. Well, I have never quite investigated or properly put my thoughts into words about this so I'm going to try my best, sorry if it's too long or confusing. I'm basically constantly in conflict of what I want, most of the time I'm completely fine by myself and can't be bothered, then the next day I want to make friends, cycle repeats. Then again I mostly limit my interactions online as I moved a while ago and I really don't want to get to know the places around with covid and all, besides I think that's beyond the point since this also happened while I had irl friends anyway. Okay so, with both online and irl friendships (not interested in romantic relationships at all) I always start with this huge energy boost where we constantly talk with each other, message each other, talk about lots of stuff like hobbies, favorite movies, music, all that stuff and it's great! Honestly I do love getting to know people, it's heartwarming. Here's the thing tho, it's like this is a separate version of myself, I often find myself wishing to be back to the "regular" which is minding my own business by myself. Let me try to explain as best as I can. My personality has changed a lot through the years, mostly after learning actual value of friendships, ditching toxic people and overall figuring things out and growing up. Last 7 or 8 years have been a self improvement path that I'm quite proud of, but this is basically what hasn't changed. I fluctuate a lot between wanting to make friends (and actually trying) and minding my own business with zero things bothering me. I think I can't find a balance between both, sooner or later talking and keeping up with friends becomes a huge chore that quite honestly annoys me and often have to retreat into my "selfish self" for a while without any explanation. Legit writing even a short text or giving any explanation, or coming up with one feels like an impossible task even tho I can be working my butt off at the same time, it feels like a huge energy drain to keep up with friends sometimes and it makes me feel stressed and sometimes it combines with stress from work or being tired and my willingness to work out that friendship becomes impossible to deal with. I don't really know why I'm like this, I'm just curious, really. I'd like to find a proper balance and keep friendships for longer, I want I avoid forgetting to reply or even ghosting people accidentally or purposefully. Don't get me wrong I do actually like talking and getting to know people a lot, even tho I'm an introvert I managed to improve this a lot, and still, at some point I just no longer have the energy to keep up. Combined to this, I may also be VERY picky with what kind of people I want to be friends with, I usually avoid A LOT of people with what I consider lame or toxic behaviours, I think I judge lot but never have to say it because I simply don't chase anything with these people, it's simple. I usually avoid people that are overly toxic and loud, people that only wait their paycheck desperately so they can get drunk every week, people who just call you when they need you, and overall just people that don't seem interested in a stronger sense of friendship like I do. It's fine, we all can choose right? I mean maybe my personality might be unlikable to other people too, but what I find most attractive in people is their personality so it's a huge deal for me, and I know being picky and so indecisive about wanting to make friends aren't exactly good personality traits. I do get complimented a lot, my nowadays me is nothing like before! But I have yet another issue on top of the stated above. I also feel like often friendships go nowhere, they eventually turn into boring chit chat everytime or meaningless conversations, not sure if there's someone at fault here o just think it happens naturally but don't know why. Lastly, maybe my expectations or idea or friendship are flawed or unrealistic? Maybe I don't know. If I'm being honest, I don't think I've had a real friend yet, and I just turned 25. I've lost friends or ended friendships mostly when the other person betrays me or something, if there's something I'm good at when dealing with people is dropping my interest, ghosting or ending the friendship very efficiently and with zero remorse or second thoughts really, when people use me or betray me I just no longer feel anything towards them and lose all interest, also I'm too tired after work to involve into any drama haha! I know MBTI might be silly to a lot and to be honest it kinda is to me now, but if it helps as any insight, I'm INTJ. Sorry if this was a bit long and confusing, like I said before I wasn't very sure how to write down se thoughts into words properly. I'm just wondering if this is at least somewhat common or known, I'm very good at many things but at this type of stuff I'm clueless!
  2. I was having a conversation with a friend the other day and I told her about my general life and the rules that I've implemented, she inturn said that I am only building walls. She said "I think my rules will protect me but they are just the excuse to hide and shut out the rest of the world." Do I not have the right to protect myself? And is it not my right to chose the kind persons I want to have relationships with? How I see it, is I have a few standards and they have to be met, not all of them but most and my rules just narrow down my search. I honestly dont think I am shutting anyone out just the people to whom the rules apply. I do believe that there will be situations where my rules should be discarded but until then, they my life is governed by them. My friend argued that my soul mate may fall short by my standards or will I may never find anyone at all, to which I replied "I dont believe in one mate but a soul mate network. Instead of having just one perfect mate for you, there are many personalities that suit your character." If you think you've found your soul mate I'm happy for you but I've met at least four persons I could call soul mates and I'm not with any today. I just want to know, do anyone think its wrong to set a few guide lines about what you desire, do you believe its a way of masking my pain from the past?
  3. I just met a girl online and I thought her personality was awesome and we got along really well and clicked in my mind. I met up with her in person the other day and she was cute but I wouldn't say I was totally physically attracted to her. I guess no one can really answer this, but down the road in a relationship how important is physical attraction? I don't want to seem shallow but I guess it matters a little bit to me, maybe she will begin to look more attractive over time as I get to know her personality more. I wasn't totally unattracted to her, I kinda think she was just really shy around me and I feel confused about how I feel about her, because before I definitely liked her. I don't know, any help? I feel really shallow for posting this but I'm wondering.
  4. How much does a marriage depend on sex??? any married people want to help out with this??? ok you want to know the truth why?? There are two girls that really like me... and they both have different things about them that i find attractive... there is one with a very good body and good personality... but then there is the other with not such a good body... but a personality like no other... i dont know... i have a long time before i get married... but i was still just wondering how much marriage depends on sex... Thx for any help...
  5. well...im the quiet type of guy...hanging out wit friends, laughing at their jokes and once in a blue moon throwing in mine... there a couple of girls i talk to if an opportunity comes up..but otherwise i just sit there...while my other friend pokes them, always making jokes about them and bothering them, now to me it would seem like it bothers them, but he still makes them laugh and i get the feeling that even though he acts like a 10yr old kid...girls like it when he bothers them... so in general do girls like it when they are bothered, poked, tapping them then turning away? Also since im the kind of guy who just sits there, and laughs at jokes they make once in a while...should i change my attitude..start bugging them more and acting a bit more stupid???
  6. Hi, My question is: What are some of the ways that you practice maintaining a positive, lively and sometimes exciting personality? What helps? Better sleeping habits? Reading humorous books? (not jokes, but let's say a witty novel or bio from a comedian) I want to be a better conversationalist, and it's happening..somewhat. I keep learning (but not abiding by the rule) that in a lively conversation between friends or peers, the way you bring your message accross to others can determine whether they'll vibe with you or not. When I talk, sometimes I almost sound like a semi-dead person. I've rarely had moments where I laugh at my own witty sayings. I am not trying to be THE funny guy in my class or work environment, but rather someone who is more personable. Not everyone is a funny guy.. I am literally surrounded by "energetic speakers", people who will tell a story in such vivid detail with enough genuine emotion that draws everyones attention to him or her. Also, surrounded by alot of positive thinkers, who are able to talk about their problems, situations in a easygoing way. Then there are the laidback types..who have that talent of talking to strangers as if they were both friends from way back. I need to do more of all, if I'm to be successful at making stronger friendships. Any suggestions on what I should do? Besides taking a class? I'm not suffering from depression or anything that's affecting me healthwise, I just wish to have a more people-friendly personality. Thanks
  7. Hey all, I'm in a dilemma..and I shouldn't be. I've been separated for about 6 months, with the divorce being finalised. I'm a very attractive 35 year old that looks and dresses late 20's. I'm not conceited; I've always thought less of myself than others have. I'm a romantic and always wear my heart on my shoulder, am a giver and a 1 girl man. I'm a genuinly nice guy, never have been a user. After the split, i got counseling and it really helped me with my self confidence and ability to be happy alone. I've been seeing a lady 1 year my senior for about 2 months now..I met her on the net and we hit it off emotionally BIG time. I was dating to date...not to find true love...yet. When we met, it was magic from an emotional standpoint. She is intelligent, witty, funny, deep, all on a level amazingly equal to my own...like a soul mate...scarry. And...she is pretty, was gorgeous as a younger lady but is showing her age. To me she looks a decade older than me and has a figure a bit larger than what I usually look for and find attractive...and it is becoming an issue with me. Am I being totally juvenile or what?? Everything is there, even when we kiss it's magic...but I'm not sure I can be totally attracted to her physically long term. Maybe my problem is there are many incredibly attractive girls in my area that have expressed interest in me. I draw attention of young 20's girls wherever I go...please understand I'm not being conceited. It just makes it hard for me, almost like a curse. I drive a nice car, have a great job and house...and know I can be picky..but is it worth it? What is wrong with me?? I dated about 10 girls before this one i'm monogamous with but still feel like I have more dating I need to get out of my system...but don't want to lose what could be true love. I can take honest advise!!! thanks...
  8. I'm feeling very hopeless right now because wherever I go and whatever I do, my personality always goes with me. I hate my personality - I hate the way I talk, the way I think, I hate my obsessive eye for detail, I hate my "sense of humor", I hate the way stupid stuff just pops out of my mouth, I hate the attacks of shyness I sometimes get, I hate my weird hand gestures and facial tics. I hate my tastes, and most of all I hate how self-critical I always am. Is it possible for someone's personality to completely change? I feel like the only way I can keep on living is if I somehow find a way to cut loose my current personality and get a new one.
  9. My ex and I lived a dream for a while. I'd never seen a couple who loved each other as much as we seemed to... I had a sleeping disorder, which had a huge effect on my personality and our relationship. I became grumpy all the time with mood swings, depression, getting into arguments frequently, putting her down all the time. All these things are very unlike me. Neither of us at the time really understood that much of this was due to the disorder. She left me in March, saying she needed some time to figure out how she felt. She told me she wanted to be able to come back, but didn't know if she could. It made her cry to think that we might lose what we once had. We both knew how beautiful it was. I made the mistake of sometimes bringing up painful subjects in our conversations. I decided I wouldn't contact her for a while, because it seemed we both needed that. Three weeks later, I got an email from her expressing serious doubts. A week after that she said she wanted to make a clean break. She no longer wanted to make it work -- she just wanted to be done with it. She didn't think she could talk to me without experiencing intense pain. I could send her one email, she said, but no more. It was NOT what I expected. I was completely shocked. From 'I have no idea at all how I feel' to 'My heart tells me I can't be with you' all so suddenly? A week later, she SAID the memories didn't hurt anymore, she SAID that she no longer had doubts about leaving, and that she felt free. But she's the kind of person who doesn't always let on how she feels inside. It seemed like she no longer cared about me, that I was completely out of the picture, and after going through so much with her, I didn't understand how that was possible. Her friends told me she was really cynical and bitter, very unlike her. A few weeks later, she was more like her old self, clearly not missing me, but perhaps ready to listen... and I decided it was near time to send the email. I sent it last week after more than 2 months of NC. I tried to explain how much I really cared about her (without sounding at all desperate), and I told her about the sleeping disorder, and the effect that had on me. I told her I've had treatment and that I feel better than ever. No response yet. I was really hoping she would. When she doesn't respond, I kill myself trying to interpret what that means. Do you think maybe it takes some time for her to process this and figure out how she feels? A part of me fears this is going to have no influence on her whatsoever. I used to think she was a very forgiving and very understanding person. Now, maybe irrationally, I perceive her as cold, distanced, without any capacity to care for me, or even to react emotionally to my words. Is it possible that it won't matter to her when she finds out that my personality changes had nothing to do with her, but were the results of a medical problem? Is it possible, when there was so much love and passion, that not a spark of it remains? I sort of fear this is going to have no influence on her whatsoever. I used to think she was a very forgiving and very understanding person. Now, maybe irrationally, I perceive her as cold, distanced, without any capacity to care for me, or even to react emotionally to my words...
  10. Hey, I just dicovered there may be a problem with the dating situation at my High School. You see, there isn't a real middle in terms of girls to look for in terms of dating. I won Homecoming King for the Juniors (not trying to brag at all) so I know a lot of the "groups" at my school. I'm a different type of the "popular" you might know of. I have a few really good friends, but a million acquaintances that help me out a lot. I'm not flashy or loud but calm, cool and collected. I'll separate these girls by unique categories: The 11/10 girls All of these girls both look good AND have a great personality. Too bad most of them have bf's as well. I happen to get along with a lot of these girls (must be cuz a lot of people r afraid to talk to them) but I don't know if I can really get a relationship with them if the opportunity came cuz they're at the top of the list. I just asked one of them out who seemed interssted in me, but she said no. She gave me a really nice, honest reply and said she's so busy right now she can't have a relationship with anybody and said she really wants us to be friends (it can only build from there, right? I talked to her 2day and it seems she is keeping her end of the deal). The Illusions These girls look good but their personality is, well, crummy. I know a few of these girls, and these are the ones that lead to uneasy relationships after you "like" them - if you ever want to talk to them again. They play you, try to deceive you and then you discover it when it's too late for you to turn back. One of them avoided me because I said hi to her and asked how she was doing. They're bad news. All Action You may be able to guess what this means - They look flashy and hot, but their IQ is under 20. And as the title indicates, their favorite thing is the "action". Invisible In a word, "average". They don't do anything big or small that people notice. They look OK and are good people, but they're not really noticeable in terms of dating. They're good acquaintances/friends, but that's it. This is a lot of the student body though (for girls) and when one slips through the cracks, people may start to know them. AP Girls These are those little, almost "nerdy" girls who get a 100 in all their classes. They're not exactly "dating material" IMO. All Ugly/Weird Pretty much their looks match their personality - ugly. They are also a little goth/weird. That's all the types of girls at my school (I think). I don't know where to find a date - maybe look at the 11/10 girls a little if they show interest, but I'll just chill for now and see what comes towards me - just "do the rockaway, lean back). I'm 0/7 or something lifetime though and I though I knew the "signs" for a girl liking me, so I may need some help. Any advice you can provide on a maybe hopeless situation is greatly appreciated.
  11. My rose of a heart A rose Ever so delicate Breaking with the slightest gust of wind Yet still able to pertain beauty on the highest level Like my heart Its bends yet doesn't break Not until I fell upon you Fell under your spell and gave you my heart For I didn't need it as long as I was with you But you crushed my dreams My heart as well Squeezed it till I had nothing left I was a numb nothingness I floated along Now I am gone Away from the pain and hurt Away from your vain remarks and conceited personality For this I could not see But now as I lay in my white gown and black casket I am dead but my spirit shall rise Haunting your dreams till you open your eyes Hey guys.Another poem from me.Hope you like it. ~Meagan~
  12. Is it true that all guys think about is sex? freshmen boys....like 15 year olds? I mean, do guys even just like girls just because of her personality, or is it always, or the majority of the time because she has big boobs or they think they can get somthing from her? I know about girls, cause I am one, a lot of them care about there personality and stuff, but I know a lot of guys just like, or go out with girls just to see if they can get something from them, or just because of her body....is this true?
  13. I've seen the commercials on TV about Paxil and the chemical imbalance someone can have in there brain that causes social anxiety but couldn't shyness also be a part of your personality? I can be so shy at times in public, but when I'm around "comfortable" places or people I know or if I'm in a positive mood I tend to be more outgoing. Plus when I'm on the phone talking to friends or people I've just met, I can be really open and not be shy at all, so I really wonder at times if shyness or being timid is just a part of my personality or if its really a psychological problem.
  14. Here's my plan, i am going to go into the begel joint, and say hi and leave her with a card in an envelope that says this: Hi, There are just a few things I think you should know. For one I think you are beautiful, smart, funny, and have a one of a kind personality. I also want to thank you for the other night, I had a really good time hanging out with you, "Thank You". Secondly looking back I wish I got your phone #, I had to have been drunk not to. (actually was) I just feel really guilty because I can't stop thinking that because of something really stupid that I said or did, could mean I may never get to know you. So whatever it was I take it back. If you got to this part of the note, I know there is a possibility you might be thinking this; well don't worry, I wont be switching to a begel and coffee only diet, I prefer meat!! Anyway, if you should get the urge to hang out or say whats up, or are boared, or need anything feel free to call me at 222-2222. But whatever the case may be Good Luck P.S. I look at the painting and I still dont get it. (inside thing with her) my name is paul in case you forgot.
  15. Ok, well my bf of about 3 and a half months, he has 2 different personalities. Online, he's always so flirty and always says he misses me, and loves me, and can't wait to see me....but then when I see him in person.....well....lets just say he's a man of few words........ he talks to me, but, barely. Its very uncomfortable, and hard to talk to someone like this! And its not like he's shy or anything, I always see him talking non stop to his friends! Should I be concerend????
  16. K so this guy that digs me(so I was told by himself) wants to "hang out" which we both know means makin out and so on. We've talked about it. He's doesn't have the looks that I would neccesarily go for, but his personality is pretty cool. He's self-conscience a lot also. I'm just not sure if I should hang out with him or not. I would like to see what happens but then also kinda afriad or unsure of what will happen. I don't know if I'll regret it. I don't wana hurt his feelings or anything. It also sucks because I don't talk to him a whole lot at school like I do on instant messenger. I don't know if it's emabaressment or not. It makes me seem like jerk I know but I need to figure out what I need to do. Please give me your advice I need some.
  17. i have this friend .. ian ... hes really nice and we have great convrsations ... hes always flirting with me and i know it ... and i welcome it ... he has a great personality and i love talking to him ... im just not physically atracted to him... he askedme if i was interested in him a few days ago and i didnt know what to say .. i dont want to hurt his feelings ... and also i kinda do like him but .. i dont ... i dont know what to do ... will i eventually learn to be atracted to him cause his personality ... am i this shallow .. i totally want a guy with a personality just like his but .. i also have to be attracted to him in some way shape or form.. and im just not attracted to ian ... what should i do? ... thanks for any help you can give!!!
  18. My girlfriend and i dated for about 7 months and about 3 weeks ago decided to take a break because of constant fighting, not to see other people, but from each other. We're still together yet not going out, we agreed we'd take the time apart to work on the relationship and when we can be together and not argue constantly, then that was the time to go back out. She was going to change what bothered me and I was goin to do the same. we're back together, yet i feel as though she has 2 personalities. Our main problem is that she doesnt show affection in public to me, like in school. Ive talked to her about it on the phone and in person and she agrees with everything i say, yet when were in school, its like i dont exist. i have no problem letting others know were together, not to the ridiculous point, but like holding hands or a kiss here and there. The reason her not showing me affection bothers me so much is because it advertises singleness, which is going to bring unwanted passes by guys, and has. I keep telling her that if we hung out alot more and showed we were together, then naturally people would go on. This is where the double personality thing comes in, shell agree with me and everything but then she doesnt change it. I dont get it, she hates it when guys hit on her and so do i, but she knows how to stop it yet does nothing about it. Also, random people keep telling her i cheat on her and do things behind her back, which is totally false. I still tell her "look if we hung out more, when people come up to you and say i cheated on you last weekend, youll know its a lie because we hung out last weekend" or somehting similar to that, and again she agrees, yet well go weeks without seeing each other. Im not sure anymore, things were going well since we got back together from the break, so its not like she got used to being single, matter of fact we were "together" during the break so its not like she got out there. Im confused, I know its a long post, but please help. Thanks Tony
  19. Hey everyone, For a while now I've been just helping others with their situations and helping them to get better by offering advice and help, but it would seem now I am the one who needs some cheering up and needs to vent. Well I've had quite the opportunity to figure myself out and life in general. I was dating my now ex for quite some time until I found out she lost her love for me and was beginning to think about dumping me for another guy she was developing feelings for. That was 7 months ago now, but that's only leading up to where i am now. Anyways like I was saying, I had the opportunity to just go over things in my life and with me in general and I can honestly say that so much has happened up until now. I look at myself in the miror and I sometimes think to myself that it isn't me. I feel the need to change within, but I'm still trapped inside a world that's been planned out for me. I feel like it wouldn't matter if I was fat, skinny or lean, rich, poor or average that if I'm not myself, it wouldn't make a difference. That even if I had the best body, best looks and was one of the most wealthy men in the world that none of it would matter if I didn't have the personality to back it up. I almost feel like even if I had all those things, the guy with bigger balls and a better attitude working at a grocery store would have better luck than me. Now I know that's not a very happy attitude or approach, but I sometimes still think I finish last in everything. Eventhough I'm a great guy it would still seem I'm alone most days. Like this weekend, I haven't really seen anyone (much like every weekend) and I sometimes feel like I'm just a filler. The guy my friends use when no one else is around to do things with or when it helps them out. I'm really just venting here as a means to maybe have hope that I'm not the only one who feels this way. I often wonder about life in general and what it's all about and what doing things mean in the end. I dunno maybe I'm just upset today because I feel the affects of not having someone anymore and I'm once again reminded of that loneliness I once felt. Max
  20. there is a really totally hot boy that i have liked for a couple of months now and i know that we have a few things in common and he isn't like super popular and out of my reach but i never know how to talk to him and i try to be myself around him but whenever i try to talk to him i can't really find my personality or whatever. i am so stuck and i don't even know what kind of girls he likes. HELP!!!!!!!!
  21. so i met this guy like last week, and we hit it off instantly. He's so funny, and we have so much in common...we like the same music, same political view, both going to school for compuer science, read the same things, its crazy...and so far we both have the same laid back personality...he told me that he likes me and wants to get to no me more and i told him the same thing, but thats where the problem comes in. everytime i try to call him, he doesn't pick up his phone or its turned off. and that wouldn't bother me at all cuz i know how it is, but he tells me to call him, and when i call him when he tells me to he doesn't pick up. and then i'll call him and later talk to him online, and he says he'll call me back, and never does. same thing the last 2 nights, he called me and talked to me for a few minutes, but said he'd call me back, but never did. do you think he's just busy? or that he really doesn't want to talk to me? i kind of joked around with him about not calling me bakc, and he was like i'm sorry, i will call you back this time, i promise...still no call back. Do you think he really likes me or no? i'm confused
  22. Hello ladies, I was wondering if you could help me with a question. As a male, I know how I "matured" between, say the ages of 16 to 24. I changed an awful lot as a person. For example, I become less shy, more interested in people from a "personally" point of view, more prudent financially, more career minded, a better judge of character, less sensitive to criticism, greater foresight and planning, etc. I also changed an awful lot between 24 and my current age now - in fact more (I feel) than I did between 16 and 24. But I am wondering how ladies change between, say, the age of 16 and 24? From my experience ladies mature (generally) far more quickly than do men. So what I am interested in is hearing from ladies in their early to mid 20s or older, and if they would like to share how they matured over the period of say 16 to 24? For example, what was important to you at 16 - 18, but was not so important to you in your early to mid 20s? And what wasn't important to you when you were 16 - 18 but suddenly became important in your early to mid 20s. How did your attitude to males change in this period? Did you judge them on different criteria for example, as you got older? Were you attracted to a different type of personality as you got older, etc. If so, what characteristics (excluding physical ones) became more / less attractive as you got older? Also, did you find you reached a certain age at which whatever you found attractive in males remained consistent, or is this criteria ever changing and evolving? Thank you for any input here.
  23. Personally I think it would be great if men would just stop making so much effort with women, then they would be forced to make some effort of their own. The only reason women can get away with this is because they know that if Man A doesn't ask them out then Man B will. All they have to do is wait. What they don't seem to realise (or what they do realise, but do nothing about) is that they are damaging their chances for happiness by adopting this strategy. There are a lot of men who aren't brazen enough to approach women, but who might be Mr Right or at least Mr Not-A-Jerk. By making it so that only arrogant men feel they can approach them (women) they create a situation where they only meet a certain type of man, and this reduces their chances of finding someone they would be happy with. It also gives them a negative view of men, as they only meet a certain type of man. Let's face facts here, if a man boldly walks up to you and attempts to seduce when you've done nothing to encourage him, he has a very particular personality and is not representative of men in general. By not making any effort to meet other types of men, this is the only type of guy you will meet! Bad luck for us men, and back luck for a lot of you women. If women were willing to give a little effort this would make them more approachable and open up new avenues for relationships. As it is women shoot themselves in the foot then complain it hurts.
  24. Hey, im currently awaiting the call for my first job interview. Its nothing big, just a part time job at a local supermarket. Last week I went in for a personality test kind of thing and they said they would call back to book a time for the interview. Im kinda nervous since Iv never done anything like this before, what kind of questions will they ask me? and what are the answers there looking for? im up against some people older than me who have already done this stuff so I donno if I'll get it, any tips etc would be great. Thanks
  25. Alright. here is the situation as of last night. i met my boyfriend up at bowling where he bowls every tuesday. his best friend meets me up there mostly every time. I started dating him around august and we became good friends too. she came to my bday party etc etc. recently i thought it was just her personality that she didn't talk to me as much. others have said that it is her personality and so did my bf. saturday she came over and i did too. we hung out had fun then met up with some other friends that night. i ended up staying the night and she was going to since she had too much to drink but i think since she noticed that i was she decided to leave and got mad. last night a similar situation happened. we were all watching him bowl, we went to a bar after and she was quiet to me and hugging him like she was tired. well i wanted to talk to him before we left and he told me to meet him at his house. i did, she was there too. she didn't want to come in bc i think i was there. she ended up crying in the family room as we were in the bedroom and i was trying to figure things out. she ended up leaving then coming back and layed in the bed with us. he said not to worry about it as he was falling asleep but what can i do. she said "i loved you" and "have a nice life" and thanks to me. geez whats going on? any suggestions? we've been together for 6 months, took one short break. now i have fallen for him
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