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  1. I think I'd like to get involved in learning a fighting technique. I'm a small guy, 5'5" and 24 years old. I've heard it can help build confidence (which I need), and it can't hurt to know how to defend yourself. I am trying to get in better shape (I'm not overweight, just kinda scrawny) I was thinking of something pretty serious, but the group class method of learning to fight doesn't appeal to me. Are there still ways to learn a fighting style one-on-one with a teacher? If so, how much does it usually cost?
  2. I met this girl (friend of my roomate's) several weeks ago. occasionally I see her around campus and we talk on the shuttleride to campus. Weird thing is she seems to like talking to me. I mean, I'm no Rico Suave, but I'd also say I'm not intimidate by women. I just don't have that charm that other guys do. I think it's because I don't seem "fun" not that kind of exciting fun guy that most girls are into. Anyway, back on track. when i first met her I didn't really do/say anything different than I normally would first talking to a girl. Just make casual conversation, we talk about school an
  3. exactly, but it just seems that every attractive girl is like this. They all seem to have guy friends they are so close to that I wonder why guys who are interested would even bother talking to them. Like you said, I hesitate even to bother getting to know them because I feel like I'd have to fight their friends just to get their attention; and even if I did get somewhere with them I'd be paranoid about her behavior with those guy friends. That might appear to be jealousy but not to me, especially considering circumstances I described.
  4. I've become somewhat more easy-going with talking to girls, but it seems that most beautiful girls are constantly surrounded by "guy friends" who get territorial when other guys try to talk to those girls. Why do girls surround themselves with guy friends even when they want to meet new guys? It always seems like even girls that are single act like everyone of her guy friends is her boyfriend. They sit in their laps, give them kisses etc. I'd have to take their word for it if they told me that it is just innocent friendly behavior; but to me it contributes to that situation where girls wonder
  5. Hey allie, I remember you posting around here and you always seemed like a nice girl with a lot of sense, so hear me out. Being a guy, I of course can understand having that need for physical intimacy like you described, even though I'm a virgin myself. But being a guy I know the kinds of guys out there and you REALLY need to be careful if you're having those kinds of urges. I don't see anything wrong with having a "sexual appitite" but if thats all you are looking for then you will probably only find all the wrong kinds of guys, cause they'll take advantage of you. You seem to have run into t
  6. I'm short as well, and I never understood why other short guys really bulk up and try to compensate. Though it may be only that they enjoy the exercise, I think it makes them look even shorter. I used to blame my height/looks for my lack of girls but I realized it is just my confidence. (though now i have that to work on that!) I believe that going through that turmoil has helped me grow as a person (no pun intended) that I can be more in control of my life than I thought. You should just realize that confidence has nothing to do with your looks. That is kind of assuming that people who are ph
  7. Not that I doubt what you heard, but somehow it is hard for me to believe those results. I still see girls hanging with guys who may be funny, but are immature and more about flirting and playing games than actually talking. From what I've witnessed I see more girls reacting to guys who act crazy and are "life of the party" type and less to a guy like me trying to talk to them and show his intelligence and maturity. I find it hard to be funny with people I don't know well. Especially with girls, they never appear enthusiastic enough when talking to me for me to use humor anyway. I guess it wou
  8. so there's a cute girls that goes to my college, I don't see her that often but when I do I try to make conversation. I guess it is pretty obvious she isn't interested since she'll barely look at me when we're talking, and if I don't keep asking her questions or making comments she won't say anything. She isn't shy in fact she is pretty outgoing compared to most. This has happened to me when talking to virtually all girls. I'm a lot less shy than I used to be and I don't think that it is my confidence level; I'll make eye contact and try to keep my tone/manerisms casual and relaxed. It is star
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