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  1. There is no point doing this ](*,), realize this is somethings how life works. Its a cruel fate. I feel she is going to regret this as the weeks, and months pass by. Did you guys get married young?? Maybe she feels (with the excessive partying) that she missed out on her life and wants to experience being single. I am sorry, I dont have a solution for you. Just a friendly and a ear to listen to.
  2. I cried the first time, and the very last time i had it with the ex. First time because it was realization of actually having sex and it was a shock. Also because it hurt. Very last time, because i felt that I shouldnt have sex with someone I didnt love. However, being young back then I did and it was the worst.
  3. Go back and re-read your post. There are a lot of helpful answers from what you have just written. My question is why do you let him walk all over you? Realize that although you love him, you deserve to be loved too. If things arent going his way maybe thats too bad, he needs to learn to comparise because believe or not relatiosionships are a two way street.
  4. This is a great product!!! Ive used it and it really cleared up my acne. What is it??? 1) Face wash This has benzoyl peroxide 2.5% as its active ingredient. It contains tiny grains that gets rid of dead skin. I find it very gentle. 2) Tonner This is a good toner because it is alcohol free, so it doesnt dry up your skin. 3) Repairing lotion This is the one that makes the most difference. Its oil free and contains benzoyl peroxide that helps to clear up your skin. Sometimes you watch infomericals and the products arent as good as they say. But this is really worth the money. Where I live you can get it at the kiosks at some malls. But try this website link removed. Hope it helps you too, I know the woes of acne all to well!
  5. Reading your post, I couldnt help but chuckle a bit!! Your boyfriend sounds exactly like mine!!! Guys would come up and talk to me, he'd see it and automatically assume its flirting for sure!!! LOL!! No, I dont think it was flirting. When people are flirting there is an intent on your behalf and if it was just being friendly then no. Could it be he doesnt trust you?? I mean that man was married, what did he really think was going to happen!
  6. My ex, every time we would walk by another female would stare her down and compare me against her. He wasn't and still isn't the hottest man alive and he had the nerve to do that!!! LOL, I know this is extremely mean, but thinking back to it, I am glad he is balding!!! I felt so horrible in that relationship. I love this thread!!! It feel really good to release the inner anger!!!
  7. Tell her how lucky she is!!! Im asian, so naturally short and lanky. How I would trade to be in her position. Besides breast reduction, going to the gym could help. Try cardio because that is the first place I see decreasing. Go with her, and encourage her! Dark clothing, in solid colours is really sliming. But, even if she does any of this, if she doesnt love her body, she will never see the "perfect" image she wants.
  8. Thanks all for the wonderful advice. I will definitely look into the things you guys have said. It is scary going into the unknown especially with the possiblity of losing money!!!
  9. I am 22 and still in school. (school money isnt an issue) No, I dont have a retirement account. ( I thought i didnt have to worry about that yet!!)
  10. Hm... I live in Alberta, Canada.... real estate here is so expensive. A descent house is $300k+. Should I get an financial advisor or stock broker?? Or do they just eat up your money in commissions?? Very lost as you can see
  11. I have a bit of money saved up. I would like to start some long term investing, but dont know where to start. I have over $10k but dont know what to do with it. Any advice??
  12. Can any of you explain this to me please!!!!!! Ive been going over it in my mind and I dont know why. When my bf and us started out 1 year ago, we took a profile picture of us kissing. After we took that picture, a few weeks later I said jokingly that wouldnt it be funny if a year from now that is the only picture we have of each other??? Well, a year has passed, and I should have watched what I said because that is the only picture I have of him and I together. I always ask him to take pictures with me (I have a camera phone). He would come up with some lame excuse not to. If we do take pictures together it would be on his camera and he would never send them to me (yes, ive asked, many times). Worse yet, today I asked him to take a picture with me with my phone. Finally after having to get mad at him he agreed. A while later he takes my phone and starts playing with it. He starts taking random pictures of himself, which I thought was odd, because he hates me having pictures of him... (strange?? yeah, thats what i think too). Anyway, so long story short, memory runs out, he decides to delete some pictures on my phone. He deletes the two pictures of him and I that we just took. I check my phone later on and notice that they are gone. When I confront him about it, he comes up with a lame excuse that he didnt know that it was important.... I start getting mad (obviously!) and he starts getting defensive, asking why I am mad. I dont get it, honestly, why do I put him number 1 on my list, above everyone else, my family, friends. I hate to be selfish, but I hate coming number 2 after his mom. Dont get me wrong, she is a wonderful person. ARGGH!!! Im so frustrated and tired of this BS!
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