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  1. I was working with this girl for some weeks. I flirted with her and though at the beginning, she didn't show much interest, then I passed some tests, but I made a mistake walking away when I misinterpreted that she had lost interest and she was really chasing me. I can't get over because I like her and I really want to get to know her Now she's in her home country finishing her studies, planning to maybe come back to where I live. She's got some friends in the company. I'm not sure who they are, but I can find them if I want. There are people who speak her language and I can find these other girls to ask for her number if she's agreed to talk to me on the phone. I'm not sure whether I should do it or not, since some friend told me, I'd be showing neediness and that may look creepy and make her freak out. I know she's busy back home at the time. There's a good chance that she's coming back. I want to make up for walking away because I like her, and I don't want to run after her like crazy in case she comes back to my company. I can't forget her and I want to know if I still have a chance. I'm probably not staying working there forever and she may not come back directly to my workplace. Like I said I don't want to go running after her deseperately if I see her, so I don't look dumb, creepy or weak. So I'm wondering if I should try to get her number to talk to her and take my last chance. I like her and I feel bad at not noticing that she was "following" me the last day I saw her. I feel like I lost a great chance of getting a gf and I want to take the last chance. Now... about what I'm saying: is it that creepy/needy/weak in any way or proper? Should I still do these inquiries or is it better to follow my friend's advice to let her go? I don't want to get humilliated or look like a creep at my workplace, so I'd appreciate any advice.
  2. I see you everyday, And remember how it was, I'm trapped within inertia, You went off with him, Not thinking about me, I couldn't give you enough, Why can't it be like before? Before you left me, Before you brought the pain, Now you're alone too, I still long for you, I wonder whether you want me, Always talking and flirting so incessantly, But do you just want to bait me? As you learnt recently, There's so much you don't know about me, I'm the mysterious good-looking man, Why? Why do you torment me? So incessantly…
  3. Ok, so my ex gf told me a week ago she got a new boy friend. I told her thats nice, and its good she found someone. But something that confuses me is her actions. Like, today at school during band we watched a concert choir from a college in Ohio, this state. Well, she started flirting with me. Rubbing her leg against mine and caressing my hand. I mean, I dont really wanna publicly go back out with her but this is just too confusing. Any comments?
  4. K thx 4 coming i need yalls help I know this girl for 2 years now. I really like here.We been good aquaintance friends and i enjoy being with her and i think she enjoys being with me.The other day she tells be she thinks im the funniest guy she knows.This is good but she is kinda shy and i dont do the whole flirting thing and i dont think she does either. Every girl ive ever asked out has always said no.Always something... Not to mention there is this guy trying to get with her.He is constantly around her and hes pissin me off.Because hes probly decreasing my chances.But i am the funny one. I wanna ask her out but i dont know if i should. 1 of my friends asked about 3 months ago if she liked me and she said no.Thats all i know.I dont know if her feelings changed or what.I know her pretty well. and we hav gone out to the movies with friends before AS FRIENDS. so what should i do? ask her out? Need help thx Update: Im gonna ask her out but now i dont know how or when.I know that i am going to.but im going with her to the movies this sunday with a few friends and the day after im gonna ask her out.But i was gonna ask her out to the movies!i dont know what i should say now.I dont want to ask her to go to the movies when we just went "as friends"!
  5. hey all This thread is basically to talk about a trend that I've noticed, and maybe discuss it a bit. There have been several times where I have asked a girl out or somehow let her know my feelings for her, only to have her say that she only thinks of me as a friend. Ok, I can deal with that. But in each instance so far, or practically, the girl has become noticably friendlier, more talkative, and more flirty with me, after she knows that I like her. If I didn't know better, each time I would have guessed that the girl DID like me, but I know it can't be true, because they told me that they didn't. And given that they knew I liked them, they would have said something to me if they developed feelings...I would assume lol. Anyhow, I was wondering if anyone here has seen that kind a trend...where once a girl finds out that you like her, she pays alot more attention to you and puts alot of effort to keep talking to you, even though she doesn't like you back. In a way, I've always felt its like teasing. If a girl told me that she liked me and I didn't return the feelings, I wouldn't flirt with her more, in fact, I'd probably make an effort to talk with her a little less. Not because I'm mean, but because I didn't want to lead her on...I wouldn't want her to get the wrong idea. But all the girls I've noticed, thats exactly what they seem to do. It's also interesting to note that in a few of these instances, about 2 or 3 of the girls, they've had boyfriends while knowing that I liked them, but still flirted pretty blatantly. And no, its not my imagination heh. Is it just my experiences? Have any other guys had this happen? Can any girls maybe offer an explanation? Maybe girls are just naturally teasing witches
  6. Alright So I've posted on here before about me not being able to find a person I was truly happy about and interested in. It has seemed that my standards are really high and I write off too many people. I still kind of think I do this, but here comes a girl all of a sudden that is pretty much awesome in a lot of ways and I actually have no complaints about her. We have been talking online for probably a month and a half and we have been getting closer and whatever else. I'm starting to have strong feelings for her and sometimes I think she feels the same way, but I'm not sure because there are a lot of mixed signals. First off I'll start out by saying that shes always joking around about me breaking her heart. We are very sarcastic people so she will always joke around and tell me that I've broken her heart and there are no second chances and we start talking all dramatically like its a soap opera. She seems to want to do this everytime we talk and I'm thinking she wants to express herself to me, or just express herself about possibly having these feelings. She probably feels more comfortable saying it while being sarcastic and jokey. She will always tell me lots of times that we are soul mates and other things like that. And when shes joking around about me breaking her heart and telling me we are soul mates, I'm like, STOP! I'm like stop being sarcastic for once. And shes always like "How do you know I'm not serious?" And then I'm like are you? And the subject is promptly changed ( freakin girls!) All of this is good news and It sounds like she likes me, and there are actually a few other things I could put in as possible clues, but you get the idea. Thing is though, I have asked her to hang out on about 2-3 occasions. One night being she couldnt because I asked her THAT day and she had something to do. Next time was to go to a show and she wasn't allowed at that specific place. And the next time she supposedly didn't remember or something stupid. She claims she has a horrible memory and has said that we were going to hang out soon, and she was going to make plans. However this hasn't happened yet, and it leads me to believe that shes just all flirt. I believe that if she was really into me she would be trying to hang out ASAP. Another thing is that she is sort of getting over this guy, nothing but a guy she liked for like a little while, and I've been helping her through that. He has been ignoring her for over a month now and sometimes she will talk of missing him. Well sorry for the LONG post, but if anyone has any insight on this issue I would greatly appreciate anything you have to say. I hate girls man
  7. I'm 31 and dating. I've done most of my dating through the internet - which has proved not to work too well for me. First off - i post a profile and explain exactly who I am and exactly what I'm looking for. I post a variety of pictures, so the woman knows exactly who she's going to meet. For the first couple days - after we start talking - everythign is great. She usually starts flirting and showing a lot of interest - then we make a date to meet. We sit, talk, have so many laughs - it would be an overall nice night. Then we say goodbye - i don't usually go in for a kiss on a first date - it's more a first meeting really, just a hug and if there is a second date then take it from there. The next day - things all change - she'll be friendly, but the interest level has changed for sure. I'm left every time wondering WHAT JUST HAPPENED? I mean sure - she didn't BLOW ME AWAY - but i still want to see her again, it's dating - getting to know someone. I can only think it's something physical to do with me - however I have no clue what that could be. My pictures say it all - there are no surprises - it's not as if someone completely different is showing up. From a female perspective - if ur reading this - and have done the internet dating thing - when/if you do this sort of thing - why do you do it? Just simply no physical attraction? I just don't get it - because I get a lot of dates, get a lot of interest shown - then we meet and even though it's a great time, full of laughs, talks, everythign is great...it ends there - GOODNIGHT AND GOODBYE. I just don't get it...i'm real confused and a bit depressed about all this.... thanks
  8. Hello. I have a new situation. This past week I spent four valuable days riding accross the U.S. on Amtrak. There was a bit of fate involved here...I was on a train I was not scheduled to ride, but my first train was delayed due to a tunnel fire. So I scrambled to catch a train in Sacramento, California. On board, I met a group of people also travelling out East. One by one, we all departed at various stops, but one of the group was with me until Syracuse, New York. He was a handsome, outgoing young man who was journeying home after being in California for a week. We didn't speak until Chicago, when we found out we were being transferred to the same train. We talked while we were waiting, and he seemed quite attentive to me,which brightened my day. When we finally boarded, we discovered we had to ride in separate cars due to our differing destinations. As I was herded away, he called out to me, "Meet me in the lounge!" An hour later I went to the lounge and found he had just arrived there,looking for me. We got some food and continued talking. Hours passed and we did not move from our seats. The attendant for my car saw our developing bond and gave us permission to sit in the lounge for the rest of our trip. All night we talked and laughed. My new friend begged me to get off the train with him in Syracuse. In fact, he asked me all night to come with him, but I had to refuse because I had set plans I couldn't break. He was very disappointed, but made me promise to visit him in Syracuse on my way back,which will be on the 29th. It is a crazy event for me,and I am not sure how he climbed into my heart, but he did. He let me sleep in his arms, and his embrace was a light, warm place....He told me this was love at first sight for him,that I was completely unique, that he wanted for me to "be his girl." He marvelled over how much we had in common, and told me he found me intelligent and alluring. I know it all seems so silly and unrealisitc, but I cannot help keeping him on my mind,wondering why he has not called. He told me he would call me last night to see if I arrived, but he did not. Again, my heart is on my sleeve. I was very cautious and did not reveal too much of my heart to him, but I wonder why he has not attempted to contact me. The entire time I was with him I scrutinized his actions to determine if he was being sincere. Maybe he was not, and I was just a few hours of diversion for him. Is this why he has not called? Perhaps men would rather enjoy a woman's company for a brief time, and just find relaxtion and pleasure in flirting heavily with a new girl? I do not know. He litterally pleaded all night for me to deboard the train and come with him. Just a ploy? He made me solemnly promise to visit him on my way back, and asked me to call him. Should I? I have been told that if a woman calls, a man quickly loses interest because there is no more challenge. I would like to call him (I feel in the mood for a romantic adventure, and this man has struck a chord in my being) but is this not advisable? I am always checking my phone in hopes that I will see he has called. Dear me, I am such a hopeless romantic. I need advice desperately...a man's point of view would help me greatly.
  9. Ok, another new topic from me, and this time w/ some good news. But I will get to that in a second. Im shy around people I dont really know (makes dates kinda amussing I guess). I know girls like a sweet guy (after she sees he is not a needy guy). Now, when Im w/ friends who I know, we flirt, cuddle, joke etc. But I just cant seem to do that around new people. I mean, I even have a hard time going up and talking to some one. I know Im a good looking guy, and I can joke w/ the best of them. What should I do to try and stop this string of shyness stopping me from talking to the hotties at a party? I mean, come on, I have what ppl seem to want, but how do I make the ladies want me? Now to the date. I talked to a girl online for no more than 45 min before asking her to lunch. No cemesty what so ever, but I went out on a limb and asked. I felt REALLY odd about this. But it got me a date. Thnx
  10. i had some questions a few weeks ago about my friends brother. i only got one reply, so i am asking for more help. -------------------------------------------------------------- well, one of my best friends has a twin brother and i really like him. i think i've liked him for a while but i kept fighting it b/c he was my friends brother. i think he used to like me a few years ago and i wish i had taken advantage of it back then. we all have the same friends so we we hang out alot. and i spend a lot of time with his family or at his house in the winter b/c we all go snowboarding. i tried to tell him i liked him one time, but he said that was too weird and then later, figured it was just a joke. i want him to know that i like him, but then i am scared if he does find out its true. i really really like him and i want to flirt with him, but i wouldnt know how to keep it from being to weird. im so confused with myself because i also dont think i would ever want to go out w/ him. i dont think my friend would have a problem with it, but i wouldnt know who to hang out with when i went to thier house for a party or to stay over. please help me, im so confused about what i want!! ------------------------------------------------------- i would also like to add that i recently found out one of my other friends likes him too. she knows i like him. we havent really talked about one of us goin out w/ him or anything and there isnt really a whole lot of competition for him or anything. but i will admit i do get jealous if she starts flirting w/ him. well, any other help would be great!
  11. I am an extremely outgoing person with a lot of creative energy. Often, especially when flirting, I tend to be blunt and I think this frightens a lot of shy guys. Unfortunetly, shy guys are usually the type I crush on. A lot. On the other hand, my openness has started quite a few conversations and even relationships I wouldn't have thought possiable had I left it all up to subtle cues. Anyway, my question for shy guys out there (or anyone else!) is what do you think of really outgoing girls? Does it bug you when a girl you barely know strikes up a conversation with you? How would you react if she asked you out? Would you feel better if it was just the two of you or a group of mutual friends? Thanks in advance for your support!!! 8)
  12. All this is taking place at work. I started going for lunch on my own accross the street from my office, just to take a real break, as opposed to eating in the cafeteria. This one good looking guy started coming to the same place and joined me at lunch. Soon enough there were two other guys who used to join us every day. The good looking guy is extremely flirtatious with all the girls, so I always dismissed his advances, and this happened often in front of the other two guys who I think like me but are more reserved. May be the saw it on a positive light the fact that I dismissed the best looking guy in the office, I don't know but I think they really like me a lot I think. The good looking guy went on vacation. Now, another good looking but shy guy started to come and eat with us, Alex . That is three guys, one girl. I have a crush on this last good looking guy Alex, I did not want to show but the other two noticed and have become very rude with me 0X . Every time Alex invites me for lunch, the other two also come . He calls me and the other two are listening to everything he says and does. Whenever he comes to my office, they also come and see whether he is talking to me . The situation has become unbearable sometimes I feel these two are stalking me. They are watching our every move, following us and we are just flirting. And these two are extremely nice with me when I am alone with them, but they act very rude when Alex is there, such as to convey to him the message that I do not deserve any respect and that I am totally unimportant . On top of that, now they have "befriended" Alex and made him believe they are his best friends. They did the same with the other guy. Alex had a crush on me too I think (he is extremely nervous around me) but now he is behaving the way they want him to behave : he does not pay attention to me as much as before. In fact, I think they have told him lies about me because Alex barely wants to talk to me anymore. He does not want to give me a ride anymore. He is distancing himself from me. I wonder whether he is scared of them or what??? Is it peer pressure??? On the other hand, it could just be that I am giving too much importance to this two other guys. I must admit that also I am extremely shy and I don't think I have ever given him a signal that I like him, except for accepting his invitations for lunch. Once he invited me to the pool, and then at the end of the day he changed his mind, I dont know why. I think he likes me because he shivers when he speaks with me, but could it also mean that he is an alcoholic? I really like him but I don't know whether he likes me anymore or what. I wonder if he is worth it or whether he is nothing but a wishy-washy wimp. What do you guys think?
  13. hey, well just recently i started to date this guy named preston. i have always favored older guys. well preston is 18 and i am 14 and he is a senoir and popular and i am a freshman. through the day when i see him @ school he seems like he doesn't want to talk to me in front of his friends. like today after the dissmisal bell rang i was talkin to him and then he was like i will be right back and he walked like 3 feet away and started talkin to this group of cheerleaders and acted like he didn't even know me and he flirted with alot of gurls like right in front of my face. and he does it all the time. like we will be talking and he will see a gurl pass by and call out there name and just start flirting with them and he never introduces me to his friends and when he does he does says anyhting about him dating me his friends probally just think i follow him around or something it almost seems like i am his little secret because i am so young, but on the other side when we talk on the phone he talks to me like i am his gurl friend and we kiss from time to time anmd when i with him i feel like i am on top of the world and every time i see him he takes my breath away and my heart starts beating faster and he says he feel the same way bout me but if he does it surely doesn't show.....please give me some advice about him!!! ~shortstop543
  14. In a nutshell: I used to be crazy about this girl. I have since lost the feelings i had for her. Gone crazy over another girl whos friend has asked me to the prom, although me and her friend have no feelings towards each other as far as i can tell. First girl has suddenly sprung something on me... Ok. Me: From England. Was overweight. Lost 2 and a bit stone in as many months (mainly thanks to me doing a stupid diet that leaves me hungry- but works) But now i am confident in myself and my body. I am popular in high school. Im not a jock or anything like that, but its my humour that has got me my popularity. Not to mention the funny/serious assemblys i have done. I get on with every1 including the chavs, the american equivalent of a jock. Although i do feel like i am a bit of a novelty to some people sometimes. I am 16 Girl 1: Used to be mad crazy about her. Shes flirty with every1 and has a long term boyfriend. I kinda gave up but now she came up to me today and was doing that really sweet stuff, playing with my jacket etc, so now im going to a disco with her in town. Apprently shes inviting quite a few people, but concidering ive never seen her outside of school, i think getting an invite from her counts for something. Me being an excentric kind of guy, i sometimes sing songs out loud, sometimes stupid to make people laugh, but she always likes me singing neways. So neway i was singing a particular favorite of mine while walking down the science corridor and she cought up with me. So i sand the chorus again and she said (and at this point i cant tell what the hell it means) "Ha i love it when you sing, i love you, you will never realise how much" which left me a bit stunned (she is the flirty type, and does play with guys to a certain extent. but that line?). So i dident really know what to do as she walked away to her girlfriends so i just said "cya later" Girl 2: I really like her at the moment, over the past week ive been really trying to get to know her, although she dosent seem interested in that way. But that dosent change how i feel about her. Girl 3: Friend of girl 2. After break up of her and her boyfriend she admitted to girl 2 that out of all the people in our year, i am the only person she wants to go to the prom with. And so, along with girl 2 arranged it so that if neither of us was in a relationship come prom, that we would be going togehter. Thing is we both admit that we dont have feelings for each other, but always have a good laugh and get along. Im afraid any move with girl 2 may conflict with girl 3. This is seriously messing with my head at the moment and really dont know what to do. Do i a) see how this disco thing turns out b) get closer to girl 2 c) other. Any help would be appreciated. thanks Mike.
  15. There`s a guyat my job,he always comes to sit or stand next to me,he rubs my back,and regularly tells me things like,"God...you are so pretty."Is he flirting with me?do you think he could be romantically interested in me?He`s married,though unhappily,and has(older) kids.we`re always locking eyes...I like him,am attracted to him,and could see myself in a relationship with him...however I don`t know how to interpret his actions,and I`m shy about making the first move...
  16. I have been with my boyfriend, Chris, for 1 year 4 months and a week now. We love each other VERY much, but we always fight over little and stupid stuff. And it breaks my heart EVERY time. Chris always thinks I'm flirting with other people and that i like other people and i tell him over and over again that I don't but I dunno he jsut doesn't get it. I Love him more than anything and I NEVER want to lose him. He knows that too. The other day we were fighting over something about how he thinks I flirt with this kid named Bryan. And he like grabbed my throate and I don't really remember what happened. I know he didn't hit me or anything. He just said something and blah blah blah, just being an a**hole like he's been being lately. He's like almost two-faced. Like one day he'll be the nicest guy in the whole world and we just hold each other for hours and stuff like that. And the like the next day or whatever he's Mr. A**hole. I don't understand!!! (guys i need you to tell me why men do this!) I have thought about breaking up with him, but then I don't. I think I'm afraid that I'll be alone forever. I dont want to break up with Chris because I love him more than anything, but then again he can be such a butthead sometimes. I think I just need to hear someone else's opinion. Please help me! This situaution makes me go crazy sometimes to where I think I'm going to do something bad.
  17. Hey, well i'm knew sorta to the forum. I usually browse to find some of the answers to my problems, often can't find all of them. I already posted once, and typed about 3 paragraphs and it ended up not posting, so this one if going to be a little shorter. To make a long story short, i have been bestfriends with this girl for over a year now. It started with me having an attraction for her bestfriend. About 3 months ago, i have started seeing her in a different perspective. I have always been attracted to her, and we flirt, but recently she has become something more meaningful than just a bestfriend. About three days ago she called me crying saying she broke up with her b/f who had been treating her bad. I felt terrible, because she let him walk all over her but was glad that she had broken up with him. They had only been dating a month or two now. She was crying and i did my best comfort her. She said she appreciated me being there for her, and i assured her i would always be there for her. Even though me and her are bestfriends, we are always telling eachother we love eachother, walking together in the hall, we sit together at lunch, and ect. We flirt alot and she always tell's me she is my "french maid"..lol. Well the next day after we got off the phone, i really wanted to tell her i love her but i know better then to do that. Not wanting to take things to quick, and now if ever she needed a friend, so i decided to write her a note. In the note i wrote and told her how much i cared for her, and that i felt bad when she worried, and that i would always be there for her. Well, as soon as i got home she called and told me the note was the sweetest thing she ever heard and that she was glad that she had me, and i told her i was glad that i had her. So her's the thing...I really like her, i think she is showing signs of liking me. I dont wanna take things to fast and i think i'm doing everything right so far. We're supposed to go to the movies next week so anyone know anything i can say or do to tell if she might like me as much as i like her?? Here's some other detail's- * She had other bestfriends that are guys that call her sis. She told me that she could never date a bestfriend because it would be like dating her brother or something. That kinda let me down, but when i asked her if she was my sis, her reaction was "NO,No,No.." and she tells me she's my french maid..(long story).. * I told her i was going to a party one weekend and might ak out this girl i told her about. She was completley objective. She didn't like the ideal of me dating this girl, and she didn't even know her and she still didn't like the idea. Then i told her i'd jsut stay home or go to the movies, and sure enough me nd her went to the movies.. * We go everywhere together more/less at school. We walk together in the halls, sit by eachother at lunch, i have 3 or my 4 classes with her..ect.. * Her family likes me, mom, dad, and brother..i've never really met them except her lil brother, and he's a cool lil kid. * Not to brag, but i'm a decent looking guy..i think..I guess i could say i'm more well known at school, i guess because i play sports, guitar, ect..She is kinda shy, but my friends like her, though they dont really know her. I'm a hopeless romantic..the sweet guy..and thats the kinda guy she says is perfect or, and i think i know how to treat her right.. Any advice, idea's, feedback, or questions is appreciated. I hope to become a regular here on the forums..thanks again, and it's appreciated..also, any test i could do to see if she likes me is appreciated..cya..
  18. This is really getting to me. There is a guy I like, and I thought he liked me, and maybe he does, I don't know. He's one of those guys that EVERYONE at church likes. He's a sweetie. I think I get the idea that he's outgoing and sweet, and kinda flirty. He has tons of friends, outside of church all around the world. Most of his friends are girls...or a good number of them are. What makes me think I am any different? We talk online for all hours, our conversations are very playful, sometimes a little dirty. Mostly playful and light hearted. The first time I met him, he hugged me like 6 times, and was sitting next to me...we were squished in this booth with a bunch of other people from church. He tends to sit close to me, but in person, he talks to all sorts of people, not just me...not that I would want him to talk exclusivley to me. Thing is, online I've had 3 or 4 oppertunities to invite him over to watch a movie. It was one of those hallmark perfect oppertunities "I haven't seen that movie in AGES, I love it." "Oh well I have that movie on DVD" "You're going to have to bust it out soon" I could have said something clever like "hey maybe I am, maybe you'll just have to come on over and see it with me!" There were a couple other times too. I mentioned going shopping, and he said "I love shopping!" and then he asked where I was going shopping, if I had a shopping agenda etc. I could have invited him. The other night he offered me a ride to my car, because I was parked on a dark side street. It wasn't that far, just a block. I did the stupid thing and said "nah, that's ok, I can run." Oh geesh, if he said that to me, I would have been a little sad. Here's where the pressure really gets jacked up. There's another guy who doesn't go to the church I go to, and I don't know him very well...I am nearly 100% sure he DOES like me. We're both child care providers, and he's asked me out for coffee about 6 times. I let him know I am interested, but am real busy with school (true). He's asked me to call him many times too, but I haven't, I am just so shy. I don't know him well, and I have a history of getting involved with "winners" (by that I mean losers) the other guy, the flirt, I know him better. I should be happy that 2 guys seem to like me...or at least enjoy flirting with me, but I am not happy about this. I like 'em both I think. And I am scared. I am so shy I can't do anything...I have some to anticipate being shot down, and I am talking about the first guy here. What am I going to do...gees I am actually crying over this.
  19. I know, I know, being shy wont get me anywhere..But I feeze up at any thought of saying anything. Ok, heres the problem...Theres this guy I think likes me, and I like him back...(I actually posted on the Flirting board, "Unsure (Guy Problems)". Anyway...I was just gunna take it slow, let things happen, see where things go...But he has made some comments, like today when my friend and I were in his room (we live in residence), he asked my friend if her friends were single, and he makes comments like that, which makes me think he is definitely not interested...But then other times he seems to be very interested. Should I say something to him, to let him know how I feel? Or just let things keep going...The problem is, I am extremely shy, and I don't know if I could ever get the courage up to say anything...And even my flirting, though it seems obvious to me, is barely noticeable to anyone else because of my shyness. What should I do? I don't want ot ruin our friendship, but I also want to see this go further...I'm so confused! -Danielle
  20. This girl in my school recently broke up with her bf. She always had a crush on me and I kind of liked her, but now she seems to pay alot of attention to me. Well this only happens when I'm not near her, if I am on the other side of the room I would see her constantly looking at me. But when I am close to her she seems to flirt with other guys. Like if she is standing next to some guy and I come by she would instantly start a conversation with that guy. Is she trying to make me feel jealous? Cuz at first I thought that maybe she just likes that guy, but now she seems to flirt with every guy when I'm near her, I'm sure she can't like all those guys. Another reason for this, I think, maybe that she just got out of a long relationship and she feels free, she feels like she can now flirt with guys. But that is just my opinoin, I want to hear yours. Please. And I've also noticed her talking to her friends about me alot, but again this happens when I am not near her. I can sometimes read their lips, or hear a few words. And sometimes they would all look at me.
  21. jurupa


    Why do married girls and older females flirt with young single guys? I am asking this because I am 20 years old and I seem to get these girls checking me out and flirting almost when ever I am in class or in public. Some have even try making moves on me. If your wondering I live in Los Angeles, California so if its a locational thing that would help. I am just asking becuse it is happening more and more and I have no idea why I am getting this attention from these girls. And when I mean older females I mean 25+ year olds and married girls are various ages (the youngest one I have seen was 19). I am not mad or anything I more like an answer that makes sense as I have yet to come up with one. Hopefully you guys/girls can proved an answer or provide some logic as to why. And if has been ask before please tell me
  22. What is the sexiest thing a girl can do without doing too much?
  23. hi, i have known this girl for 6 months or so now, she is 19, im 17. we worked together for the first few months that we knew each other and flirted all the time we were working. since we stopped working together i have tried to lkeep in contact by text, but its always me starting the conversation and her ending it. i finally plucked up the courage to give her a ring yesterday and she didnt answer the phone. i dont want to stop talking with her, what shold i do?
  24. Alright, one this is my frist post so be gental Alright , a lil background to the problem. I live in pa with my (divorced) mom and am now in va with my dad and his new wife(which have been together for awhile now) anyways thats just the location background. Iv had a weird childhood , from a divorced living to a constantly moving (as in 8 times each year at least if im lucky) to being abused mentaly and in other ways which i dont wana discuss by family members. Theres a lil more background . Now focus on this , the problem. Im 18 finally , had plenty of good relationships but usually eneded in breakups because of moving. I still havent had sex cause Im no that type of guy I guess. Unless I plan on living with you for the rest of my life , your not getten with me , sry love. (Sry iv been drinking if this dosent make since) even if the backgrounds weird , heres the prob. Im with my dad visiting for 2 months. The next door neghibors girl is only 11 but she looks and acts older. We havent done anything really just flirted around , but its getten to the point where she might even wana kiss soon. Iv been thinken bout her and her life to come, iv told myself shes young , got alot to look forward to. For that reason I dont know if im gona take the flirting any further even if she wants 2. Shes just 2 young , some things she does though does get me a lil stupid. Like setting in my lap and leaning back so that her face is less that a foot away and her hairs in my face, tickling etc. No matter what I like/love her , but since shes so young , Im thinken bout pushen myself towards the bigbrother type route. Or (to the girls) do you guys think that 11 is an ok age to flirt , even with the age gap. Im not really thinken bout her in a sexual way , more of a cuddle look at the great view , have a good night, sweat dreams type of thing. She just has a lot to live through and even if the age gap isent a factor I think she deserves to experance love and breakups around her age till shes mine. I dont know god life sux Im in such a weird and new situiation. love is crazy anyways im getten eatn up by dam misquitoes, night. Btw I like her for her. if u know that err to much to drink anyways , give me some good advice , no haters with anger problems please. Lots of love to you all night.
  25. This is my first post...so I'm making it a long one, thanks to all those that actually read it and respond to it. Well for the last three years I have been dating off and on, since my seperation. Now recently I started dating this girl I wasn't really interested in but she asked me out so I said what the hell! anywasy I went out with her for about 3 dates, and well the third one we kinda slept together which I felt bad about cause I didn't really like her...hey I'm a guy, give me a break. So now this other girl at work asks me out, again not really interested, but I'm insecure and need the ego boost, so I say sure, we go out to a movie and that is as far as it has gone to date. right around this time is when this girl I do like and have flirted with in the past I asked out because the opportunity kindof presented itself. I wasn't planning on it. she then says yes...which surprised me, but we were gonna set up a date the next time we both worked which we figured out. Now when this day came she tells me that she doesn't think its a good idea to date at work...so I play it cool and say "thats fair" and carry on....leaving that day the one I made the mistake of sleeping with totally snubs me which is fine I was about to make sure we were done anyways, but it tips me off as to why I'm not getting a date with the other one. I had no intentions of dating more than one girl, but it seems like I have been labeled a player. So I go on vacation and leave this mess at work for a while. Now I'm back and the girl I liked is still flirting and seems to be rubbing in the fact that I can't have her, she is a tease dammit. So I figure I play it cool and leave it alone, but she seems to try and get my attention which I have been trying to avoid doing, cause I don't want to come off as needy or anything. Anyways, I'm basically afraid to ask her out again, You only need to kick me in the balls once and I learn quickly, although I get these mixed kinda signals which I can';t figure out. should I bail and leave it alone or should I play this game? This girl has me hooked by the way I can't get her out of my mind, so I think shes playing me...but it is the first in a long time that has given me a challenge like this. sorry for the long post...and thanks for reading again.
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