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About Me

  1. So I went to the hospital at 2:30 AM. They gave me a 30mg shot of Toradol. That only reduced it a bit. They sent me home. I took 2 Tylenol 1 and got in bed at 5:45. I woke up before 7:30 screaming in pain. My husband took me back to the hospital. This time it was another dr. He said he is sure I have Trigeminal Neuralgia and gave me another shot of Toradol 60mg. He gave me 200 mg of carbamazepine . I have to take 400 mg a day. It is an anti seizure medication that will relax the nerve. And he have me hydromorhone 2 mg for pain. They have me lined up to see a specialist. Sorry I am not maki
  2. I left my husband and I'm a mess, but I finally left. I'm only taking comfort in that it was the right thing to do, or else I would struggle and wonder the rest of my life. But I'm not doing well at all. I started therapy, I have a doctor's appointment as well to get back on medication, but I'm terrified and crying on and off and so unsure if things will get better for me. I'll have to post more in detail later but I'm struggling so much I wanted to post at least something.
  3. I've always had some anxiety, but it's gotten extremely bad this year. I have a psychiatrist appointment in a couple of weeks, but meanwhile I'm feeling this desperate loneliness and worry. I know it's partly situational- working at home, not being able to go out much, and having a lot of time with my thoughts. I'm thinking such scary things though, I'm questioning if I'm ever going to work a job that doesn't drain my soul, I'm wondering if I can be happy in my marriage for a lifetime, and I'm wondering if maybe life is a lot more boring and meaningless than I realized before. I don't know if
  4. Hello everyone. I need your professional advice. First of all, I hope everyone is coping up well in this pandemic crisis. Recently, I received the result of my neuro-psychiatric exam. According to the results, I have ADHD with symptoms of anxiety and depression. Before I knew the result, I didn't that I have been experiencing depression. The diagnosis worsens my emotional state which caused me not to perform well in my work. Then, I sought help from my neuro-psychiatrist as I have been crying while I am working and I felt each day is very gloomy. She referred me to a psychiatrist. I a
  5. By how much has the protection decreased? When I was up to the middle of the last week of my combined pill pack, I missed a pill. I took two pills at the same time the next day to "make up for it". A few days into the sugar pill week, I got withdrawal bleeding as normal. In retrospect, I really should have just skipped the placebo pills completely and started a new pack, but I seldom have sex (like I then had protected sex (with a condom) 2 days into a new pack. At the time I thought a condom would be enough, but now I'm freaking out. I really cannot risk getting pregnant at this st
  6. During badminton practice (for high school), we were practicing girls doubles, when both my partner and I went for the birdie at the same time. My partner was a strong player, and when she swung, the racket hit me right in the mouth, causing my lips to start bleeding (both upper and bottom) and immediately sending me into tears of pain. She didn't apologize, and acted as if nothing had happened. I think she might have genuinely not known that she had hit me, but it still hurts a lot and still causes me some trouble when eating (my parents applied medication, but the effect is slow). I kind of
  7. Hi everyone, I'm a little embarrassed and shy to go to friends and family on this one so here I go. My bf and I have been together for years. He's a very anxious man and worries about everything, even when it comes to sex. He is afraid of me getting pregnant. When we first started dating, it took him 1.5 years until we finally had sex. One stipulation to this was that I would need to tell him what future medications I take since some interfere with birth control. Simple enough, so I agreed. I am on birth control pills by the way. Fast forward 4 years. There was a time I got extremely sic
  8. I don't know what I can do to help in this situation. Any input would be great. I'm dating this guy just over a month. We have become really close quickly. It's a weird situation- he's been friends with this girl for 14 years. They have a 4 month old baby together. It's just one of those things that happened. He choose to live with her to help bring up the baby. There is nothing romantic there 💯. They sleep in separate rooms. So although this might seem like my problem... It's strangely not. It's a weird situation but I'm ok with it. All his money goes to the baby. He's such a great
  9. Hi everyone, I'm in a bit of a transition stage in my life at the mo and to cut a long story short I've moved in with my mum for a few months while I get money together for a house deposit and find a decent place. We have always had a strained relationship but it has gotten better in recent years. When I was growing up she was very critical of me and made daily comments about how I looked, especially my weight. I have carried a bit extra for most if my life except for a couple of stages where I lost an extreme amount of weight in extreme ways. I have recently put some weight back on and
  10. So, my girlfriend and I (both 29) have been together for two and a half years but we've been having a few issues (pretty much the same things that keep being mentioned). This is my first real relationship and I absolutely love her and I'm very sure that I'm still IN love with her but lately I've been finding myself a little more irritated when she brings up problems with me/our relationship. We have also started arguing a lot more too. It has got to the point where I'm considering taking a bit of time out just to clear my head. Most of the time we're really happy together - laughing at
  11. I have quite a bad depression for which I have to take medication. As far as I can tell it's mostly due to my loneliness. When you're nearing 30 and still hoping for your first kiss it just really wears on you. As long as there is someone I can view as a potential partner, I can manage it decently thanks to my medication, but as I recently faced rejection all my usual depressive symptoms came back in full force. I usually get stuck in a situation where I'm unable to do anything but lay down and cry and it can last hours. It is at these points, that suicide feels like the only option. As unfort
  12. I know I have depression and I do take meds for it. However, even with the medication I have absolutely no compunction or drive or whatever you want to call it to leave my house. I used to get excited to do things, now I am not. I am a new grandma, my grandbaby makes me happy, which hopefully means that part of me is still there, I just cannot access it for everything. I want to get excited to go on outings. I want to find events that I really WANT to go to..... I am just newly disabled due to back issue that has plagued me since I was a teenager, so that is one reason I stay at home. W
  13. I have never slept so good in my life except when I was on anti-seizure meds. One of the side effects of one of my blood pressure meds is feeling tired. I am a write off by 8:30. However, true I wake up at 5:30 AM. Most nights I am unconscious by close to 930. And I sleep rock solid till 530. I have never been like that in my life.
  14. I'm dating someone casually, and this is what I need right now. We've started dating this summer. He's a very wise and self-aware person but God help me his cold logic attitude can be hard to bear. We agreed to date without expectations. We've also talked about getting pregnant scenario - he said multiple times he's against having children now and would support me only in decision of abortion. We've jokingly called him "a fan of abortion". I'm not "a fan" myself and I'm 31 (but not in hurry to have a family if I ever want that), so in case of unwanted pregnancy I would strongly think about kee
  15. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but it's something I've been struggling with post break up. I'm not going to go through all the grueling details of the break up because it's an incredibly long story, but my main issue is the sleeping part. I have had sleeping issues for years now. I don't take prescription sleeping pills, but I switch off between a few of the non-habit forming brands. Once we got more into the relationship, I didn't need to take them anymore. We would spend multiple nights a week with each other and it was just... relaxing and comfortable. It's hard for m
  16. Hi guys, I met a girl in a nice bar a few weeks ago; we ended up getting together that night as I brought her home. We continued to hang out together the next few days until the weekend was over. I stated overtly as we were getting to know each other that I didn't want anything serious. She acknowledged and was fine with it. We contacted each other over the next few days, and this became an extended fling. I came out the following weekend and we spent some more time together. Everything was quite nice. I told her I wasn't in a place to be beginning something; I've got a LOT going o
  17. Its been 36 hours since my partner of 11 years left. I've gotten probably 2 hours of sleep. Fuuuuhhh, I just want to sleep right now. But I'm wide awake. No sleeping pills or anything of the sort in the house. Sheesh. I just want to rest.
  18. Some of you might remember my thread about my step sister whose baby was supposed to die in utero. The doctors were pushing her to abort because the baby had a serious heart defect. My new niece was born very early this morning and it seems they can fix her heart defect either by medication or surgery in a few days if the medication doesn't work. This is neice #9 for me.
  19. His excuse of little or no sex is because of his heart medication as he had a heart attack five years ago. Our first year of dating was definitely no problem and I mean no problem.....now going into the third year, I'd be lucky and I am serious lucky if I did get any? Is it true....heart medication can do this to you? (I feel deprived)
  20. I have been dating a woman for one month and she disclosed after about four dates that she takes medication for diagnosed major depressive disorder and anxiety. I noticed shortly after she told me that she is emotionally high maintenance. Her intelligence is matched by her pattern of drama and you can get a real handle on her genius when she is making her point, reading my thoughts or arguing. She suffered a nervous break-down over two years ago and she says that it was caused by a high stress job and a bad relationship. She takes a heavy dose of medication (Paxil and Seroquel) but she dri
  21. Hi, I am a forty five year old lady and my partner of 22yrs is fifty, we have had the usual ups and downs like most relationships but for the past year I began to notice that we don't really have intercourse that often sometimes we can go a month without even a kiss, or any kind of effect ion at the time I thought it was just a relationship dip he was always tired I was always tired and it became all to easy to slip into can't be bothered mode, I also thought I was going through the change too and I also put it down to as we age in a long relationship it's bound to get its dull moments, so I w
  22. So there is this girl that I fell in love with. When I met her 2 years ago she decided it was not right because she began going to church and had a new faith in God. Some three months ago we had started seeing each other again But she quickly ended things because she was dealing with a recent diagnosis of leukemia. For the last two years I have always stuck by her despite her uncertainty about me and the back and forth always. Even when she ended things 3 months ago I told her I would still support her as a friend which is what I did. I even helped her afford some of her medication from cancer
  23. Hi there, Firstly, excuse the long post - I am going completely mad and really, really need to get this off my chest. One week ago, I had vaginal sex with a sex worker. About a minute into the intercourse, the condom broke. Prostitution is legal where I live and she assured me she practices safe sex (she wouldn't even perform unprotected oral sex) and that she was clean. In fact, she seemed more preoccupied with whether I came or not (I didn't). On Wednesday, I went to see a doctor who told me that my odds of having contracted HIV are quite low (his estimate was 1 in 10,000, based on
  24. My Girlfriend and I are doing great. We are really at a solid point in our relationship, its not about sex holding us together... we are more solid than that. But I do enjoy the intimacy in sex and find her wildly attractive. We cuddle a lot, but there is a bonding that sharing that happens with sex. Ya know, everyone who has had sex knows what Im talking about. Its natural. Here is the thing. My girlfriend is almost like trying to tell me wanting sex is not normal. Ill explain: For the first 2 months of dating, we had sex regularly (I made the mistake of using the word "regular" to her wh
  25. Okay so a little backstory, It's quite embarrassing to talk about. I have anxiety and depression in which treatment has been ongoing for, I was with my ex partner for a year and during that time I hadn't seen a therapist in a couple of years it wasn't until it was too late I started seeing my therapist again. I had a lot of underlying trust issues and self esteem issues. I was clingy she was my first love and I was head over heels, terrified of losing her etc so a lot of the time if she would talk to a guy I would get a bit jealous not that she liked them but that I felt they had something I
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