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  1. Why are all the attractive yet nordicly nice girls all in MI? Seriously.
  2. Could be that he's just interested in sex, or could be that he's very inexperienced and doesn't get how to move. Or maybe a little of both
  3. He could be shy and self-conscious and isn't sure that you're flirting and are interested
  4. No. Here's why: Protein shakes usually contain Protein, Carbs, and sometimes fat. They're usually for people who workout and/or lift, because the extra protein is needed after workouts and the carbs help carry the proteins to the muscle. To lose weight: 1.) You should drink a lot of water throughout the whole day. 2.) Limit your caloric intake which I see that you're doing 3.) Spread out your meals to 6 times a day. Eating large meals at once will create fat even if you're limiting your daily intake. You gotta spread it out. 4.) Eat some lean meats. Skinless chicken, tuna, salm
  5. no no, I like the honesty. This same friend helped me have a better eye for dressing up earlier last year. I used to always buy oversized clothing, and I never liked paying more than 20 bucks for any particular article of clothing. I always figured that all these clothes came from the same sweatshops in Asia, so why pay more when I didn't need to? Well, my metro friend convinced me that my clothing looked crappy on me, and took me to Banana Republic, Gap, Express, Kenneth Cole, and some other places. Tighter fitting clothing looked much better on me and showed off my physique a bit
  6. Well, I was wearing some nice blue jeans with some white new balance running shoes - which my friend and girlfriend said was an eyesore. They said it's what old men / father types wear. So I got some sandy colored wallabees to shut them up.
  7. So.....I just had a nice talk with my friend's girlfriend who tells me that the first things the girl looks at when she sees a guy is: His watch and his shoes. From there she starts deducing his style. I told her that when I see a female, I don't really look at what she's wearing. Rather, I focus on how attractive her face is and then how attractive her figure is. She tells me that it's different with women - that women will observe a guy's attire and style more than his figure. She thinks that having nice pecs are grand and all, but it's clothing attire and style that do it for her.
  8. Welcome to the internet. I am not trying to be condesending or anything, but I've met a lot of guys on the internet that act like this. I find it amusing, but only because I'm another guy who's looking at the interaction without any consequences to myself, but I know it's not amusing for you. It's just that I've run into so many people like that guy you decribed on message boards, online games, etc. I don't know what some people act like that, but you can't let it get to you. People are weird.
  9. I usually find comfort in being alone and away. I dunno if your budget and time permits, but some traveling may be in order. I got a fountain pen, a journal, and a camera and jet set.
  10. I'm sorry to hear about your past experience with intolerance. If that was my wife, I would have verbally back handed her. But it seems your friend didn't have much of a spine. Also, off topic, but how did you hurt yourself? What did you injure? I ask because 3 months ago, I hurt my right knee while hiking. I lost my ACL and will be undergoing reconstructive surgery. I'm going to have a long rehab and I want to prevent arthritis.
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