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  1. Save the voicemails and e-mail and seek legal advice. This sounds unpredictable. Need to be prepared if she does other crazy things.....like blame u if she gets pregnant or something weird.
  2. Sounds to me like you both have issues. He seems to be drifting away and you cheated on him before, so there are serious issues there. I would say that for the sake of your daughter, you both go to a family therapist
  3. Right or wrong choice? I dunno. Don't know both your personalities and situation enough. Unable to commit @ 46 though? Yeesh...
  4. Yeah? Did they send YOU off to all boy schools for 8+ years during the prime years of ur teenage life?!??!!?
  5. I've been having those feelings since I was in 7th grade. I'm 25 and still feel this way. I blame parents.
  6. Buddy, my hat goes off to you. If you lived around Southern Cali, I'd buy you a round.
  7. You know what is it? It's because things were going great for you, but she then broke it up. So things will lag in ur own head and you're just going to remember the good times and not all the times she screwed you over. I can't begin to tell you how to clear your mind of it. Maybe meditate or do cognative behavorial therapy. Dwell on all the bad parts and remember how she screwed you over. Then think about how much more successful you'll be without her.
  8. #1.) Illegal. Wrong forums to be posting in lol. #2.) Stalkerish
  9. yick. That's disgusting to me.... and you're together too while he's doing all this stuff. Move on.
  10. you the man! Edit: Although.....then I wonder....is it a good idea to go back to a person that dumped you? History often repeats itself. Would it be a good idea to continue with the ex like nothing happened, or would it be best to continue your path of improvement and get an improved partner?
  11. #1 - He is probably lying, but he's saying it so that you'll like him more or something. # 2 - He's so much into you, that other women don't do it for him anymore. I can happen....it's usually not permenant though.
  12. Exactly what Haven says. And think about it: In that MMORPG you play, what do you do? You pay money every month, so you can be a robot and kill the same damn creature for hours on end just to gain 1 stupid level and be like all the other guys who do the same thing. And after you reach the maximum level....it just keeps going on and on. It's like pushing a boulder up a hill but never reaching the top. And think about it: You should be out having a good time and finding things to do in real life - because IF YOU DO get a GF.....what will you do? Have her watch TV all day while you play your game for hours on end?
  13. YOU'RE 16 YEARS OLD! Play the online RPGs less. I remember when I was your age, I did the same thing....but now at 25, I realize how much of a BLACKHOLE of time that those games were. It's basically a way to withdraw from the world. Making friends and getting a girlfriend will require you to lose focus of the game - you need to get out, join clubs @ your high school and talk to lots of people. Girls included. Join sports, lift weights, join clubs and be outgoing. I know the games are fun and addicting - I was like you at 16. I know one guy I work with who is 35 and still plays these online games all the time and has no GF or life. You're at a GREAT age to be working on your body and meeting people! You won't realize this missed opportunity until your about my age or older - most people don't either. As someone who was in your shoes once, and who is still playing catch-up, I tell you: Get over the online RPGs. They're a waste of precious time and life....especially at your age!
  14. Oh yeah. Many times. Many people do and it's the thing you have to concern yourself when having friends or dealing with people is maintenance or upkeep of same friends/people. It's a chore. For example, I'm in with a new group of people. They went to college together and were in the same clubs and activities. The thing is you got to get really close to some of them - simply just by talking. And most of the talking is YOU trying to drill up information about them. They may not ask you anything about yourself, and that may be disinterest or shyness, but the more you show interest and energy in other people, the more they will gravitate towards you. I think you need to read "How to Make Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie. It will enlighten and guide you in how to attract people through action and really teaches you a lot about yourself and human nature.
  15. It's 2021, Ravenous flesh eating zombies have taken over much of the world. You and a few people are living in an old fortress that has so far managed to keep the zombies at bay...until one day. Edward Lucero, a man whom you've known for 2 years now, is one of those men who have seen the horrors of the zombie horde first hand - he lost his wife and daughter to the undead. However, he's managed to move on with his life and survive there in the tattered remains of an old American fortress living on what MREs are stilll around and drinking rain water. You've come to respect Edward for his resolve and dilligence. On one cold Tuesday morning you are awaked to the sound of a crash. The forward barriers have fallen to the zombie horde! Gunfire rings out as the last human remenants making a fighting retreat to the inner barricades inside the fortress. Edward opens the heavy steel doors to only reveal that what guards were left inside the inner sanctums of the fortress have turned undead! Edward is bitten on the arm, but manages to fight back the undead and slam the steel door shut. You all make your way to the underground parking structure to requisition an old armored bus...it looks like it was used to move prisoners around. You all hurridly load it with supplies, and drive through the gates and horde of undead creatures that try to gnaw at the steel plating. As you all drive down the old abandoned highway towards an uncertain future, one thing remains: Edward is turning. His body temperature has dropped to dangerously low levels. His skin and eyes have gone pale. He has the look of fear and horror in his eyes, and as you gaze into those eyes of his which are slowly glazing over. That is when you realize that you may need to advise suicide as a way out.
  16. O_O gurggllllllllllllll image removed
  17. I spent the weekend nursing a friend back to health I'm a nice guy! Come get coffee with me sometime
  18. Ah. I learned this lesson @ a YOUNG age in Military School. I lent a classmate $20 with the knowledge that he would pay me back. We had become good friends during out time together there, and I figured it would work out. He would always make excuses and never pay me back - infact he'd ask for more. Then at the end of it all, he said he wasn't paying me back because he's catholic and will just go to confession. It showed me at a young age that there are people in this world who are jerks - who do nothing but leech off of other people's work - no matter how close the ties you think there are. Even family members can screw you over in this regard. Bottom line is - never expect a return on investment unless there is a contract.
  19. Hmm.....God's telling me right now that your ex is a douche and that you'll find someone better. He won't tell me tonight's lotto number though
  20. And if you did get back together....how about a few weeks from now? A few years? You sure you want to be throwing time away for this person?
  21. Exactly. She's playing you like a puppet. Cut the strings in your head.
  22. No, she won't think that. Not really. The only time she would think that is if she saw that you're going out with a much more attractive woman - ONLY THEN will she doubt her decisions. I think you should ignore her, but in a sense that "I have no time to talk with you. You are not a special person to me anymore. I have moved on." DO NOT take it in the sense that "I'm withholding myself from you in hopes that you will come crawling back to me." Like I said: Get a life! Join CLUBS, Join FRATs, make good friends, and date other women. Beautiful women who will make ur old girl seem like chump change. She dumped you for someone else. Don't wish to get her back. This hasn't sunk in yet: Move on. She's all wrong for you, because she's just some floozy. You'll find better. In the mean time, make many friends and date all sorts of girls. Even if nothing develops, if you're ex sees you with a bunch of random girls everytime she sees you, her interest will be peaked then....but even then....
  23. This is a tricky thing some women do. She broke it with you and went for some other guy. If she were REALLY into you, she wouldn't have done this! She says this stuff to you to PLAY with your emotions so that JUST IN CASE, she can't find another guy, she has you, her loyal patsy, to be her cuddle b**ch. It's sad, mean, and cruel. Have no more to do with her.
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