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  1. Hey y’all, i’m a female and i’m currently deployed out in the desert for the next 7 months. With COVID going around, I am restricted to base and they discontinued social gatherings or alcohol consumption. The food sucks, it’s hot outside, i’m missing my family, and every day is like ground hogs day. I feel like i’m getting really sad/angry and it’s only been 6 weeks. My bf is also deployed but he’s in Europe and he’s able to go off base to pubs, explore Europe, and have fun with his friends. With my situation, I feel like it’s causing strain on our relationship a little bit. I get annoyed easily when we’re on the phone and recently when he asked what was wrong, I told him my current situation and he tries to understand but he has no idea the level of suck i’m experiencing and I still have 6 months to go. He says i’m comparing myself too much to his deployment experience. How can I explain to him my feelings? And if anyone has been deployed, is there any advice on staying mentally healthy?
  2. The abusive alcoholic Its been a while since i’ve been here but i need help. Im suffering as the guy i’ve been with for a year has been awful to me. Im embarrassed and ashamed. He is a functioning narcissistic alcoholic who refuses to acknowledge it. He says he drinks to relax. Well large bottles of straight liquor a day to me is not relaxing as one glass of wine is. He”s an angry drunk too. He refuses to spend time with me now, has poor hygiene won’t tend to his foot odor, won’t brush his teeth, spends only about 2 minutes in shower so he never really smells good, has verbally abused me, taken food out of my hand and thrown it to the floor and expected me to eat it he felt it was ok to eat it since it was still in a box. Im always to blame for everything. He said I was breaking him financially when he has never paid a bill of mine or bought me anything and we don’t Go anywhere so how is it me!?!? He said I was weak and fake when he’s the alcoholic (weak) and lied about how he wanted to do this and do that for me in the beginning only to never do anything but degrade me. He criticizes my food and praises the food of other mens wives. And honestly some of there food was bland. The gifts ive gotten him for birthday and Xmas were not worn because he said he already had clothes or he would question the item and say what made you buy that. So he was ungrateful as well. He got mad once because i never took him to meet any family other than my parents yet he’s always too drunk or smelly or working so how could i!??! I think he’s even gone to work after drinking because now he can’t operate the company machines anymore because they’ve been getting damaged. He got defensive with his boss about that and i think he’s guilty of damaging the machines. Typing this i see I have endured a lot and now its like i have to beg him for time when I really should be glad he doesn’t wanna be around but im at battle with myself and ashamed for allowing this and just wish he would see the person i am and have been to him. I want to block him without saying why i just want to be done without the feelings and tears. Who i met last year is noT who he is today so i feel like he was the fake one.
  3. Hi all, here's some backstory. I recently decided to start fresh with school after completing one year of college, I am now coming back home to a community college to play soccer for the school and switch majors essentially deeming myself a freshman again. with school and soccer as my main focus plus being back at home with no potential dates on my mind, I though I would end up spending the next two years working, playing, and doing school with no GF, which I was bummed about, but I figured it would be for the better as my last relationship took up the majority of my time and Money often distracting me from more important things, which in retrospect seems bad but it felt right at the time so I can't complain. Anyways... I am training at my new fast food job, handing food out the window to customers when a girl calls me by name (I wear a name tag) and asked if I have a GF, I responded no to which she asked if I wanted one. already flustered worrying about getting orders correct and having my bosses around me, I said come back at 8 (when I got off) and we'll talk. To my surprise, when I got off work and went out to my car, she pulled up. I formally introduced myself and got her name. She's a very pretty girl that I think I would like to have a relationship with, but I then asked her how old she is. She's 17, I'm 19, so she's a HS senior and I'm essentially a college freshman again, only a one year school difference. I was super nervous so I didn't have much time to think so after she said that we both kinda awkwardly smiled at each other, I told her that I'm 19 and that she should come back when she turns 18. she didn't immediately leave so I asked her if she went to school in the area, and coincidentally, she goes to HS in the same town as my Community College. With that info in mind, we ended the convo and went our separate ways. After having a day to reflect though, I am starting to wonder if I made the wrong decision. With the given info I was able to do some online snooping to find a social media account just so I could see her face again as everything was kinda a blur due to me being nervous, so I do have a form of contact if I do decide to change my mind. I have a few concerns that I would like input on though. First and most importantly, she is 17 and I am 19, according to socials, she just turned 17 and I just turned 19 so we are almost exactly two years apart, I really have no issue with this, my grandparents are like 10 yrs apart so 2 is really no big deal, but with the age gap being at such a significant time legally, me being over 18 and her under , I am wondering if this would cause issues or lead to harsh judgement from others. legally, I think I could only get into trouble if there was a sexual side to the relationship, I would being willing to wait the extra year especially b/c I feel like that stuff is much better when you know your partner better anyways, but would this still lead to assumptions from friends and family anyways. I also don't know for sure that she is okay with the age gap, she didn't immediately leave when I told her my age which is a good sign but I could risk total rejection if I were to reach out. next, I would have to reach out through social media and somehow explain that I had to do some digging to find her which might make her feel weird/ creeped out as well. I also don't even know her or anything about her which means we may be polar opposites anyways. Finally, I am not sure if I am obsessing over this because I am truly attracted to her or because its just the fact that Ive never had girl be that forward with me and then show the dedication to drive all the way back 5 hrs later that I am attracted to. I don't want to miss out on something that could turn into a really great relationship, but with all of these complicating factors, I am wondering if it is something that is really worth it. any help is appreciated. thanks.
  4. Hello everyone, I need some advice. So I have been with my partner for going on 4 years this August. He is a very nice guy who I love. There a just a few issues that I am not happy about. I just turned 27 and he is 28 years old . Both are entrepreneurs ( just explaining this for a little background). He can be a bit selfish in some ways. If we go to get some food and the bill is $20 he asks me to send him $10 which I don’t mind doing however, I used to treat him to dinner all the time just being nice. I stopped doing that because he barely reciprocates. He literally tries to split everything down the middle. I remember going to the laundromat one time and I had 2 dollars in cash and my debit card. My wash was 2.75 he asked me if I had the $2.75, I said I have $2 but I could take money out of the ATM. His wash was $8 and he had a $20 bill on him. Instead of him loaning me a $1 he let me take out $20 from the atm with a $4 transaction fee. When it comes to sex he hasn’t went down on me in almost a year but he always just pulls his pants down and expects oral which I do smh. I told him that he hasn’t gone down on me in almost a year and he said he will start doing it. This was almost two months ago. He said we can hold out until my birthday which was on April 16th, 2020. My birthday comes he gave me a card that he got from the dollar store the day before. Which I was thankful for. Then he said we were going to get lunch and took me to McDonald’s. He then said we were going to eat somewhere for dinner and when we went to the Columbian restaurant the restaurant was out of food. He winded up getting himself something and I didn’t get anything for dinner on my birthday. I asked him could we try to eat at the Columbian place the next day to make it up and he said yes. The days came and went and he has not mentioned treating me to dinner. Remind you it is quarantine time so I get that things are closed. However, him taking the extra effort to see if some other restaurants had food or even cooking me dinner would’ve been so appreciated. I cook everyday and I go down on him whenever he wants. I talked to him about 4 times about why he doesn’t go down on me and he says he will do it next time. He doesn’t aim to please me during sex at all. We never have date nights only if I suggest them. I used to get him gifts throughout the year but I stopped because he was always taking but never randomly did nice things for me. Every time we have alone time he’s always talking about his business 24/7. He never asks how I’m feeling emotionally or if he does he turns the question back around to it being about him. He is funny, smart and attractive. I never have to worry about other women and when I complain about something he does try sometimes. Am I wrong for not feeling satisfied in the relationship? Or even calling off the engagement? Please let me know. Thank you
  5. its been over a month am making my own food now, sharing some insights on few fast food restaurants. Stay safe eat healthy https://www.delish.com/food-news/g3336/what-you-should-never-order-at-fast-food-restaurants/
  6. I am very frustrated. I have been with my wife for 12 years, and in that time she refuses to eat healthy. She will reluctantly eat a little healthier, but not healthy. As a result, I end up eating lots of bad foods. My weight went up to higher then it has ever been. I have gone on diets and done well for while, but ultimately fall off because she brings bad foods into the house, cooks bad food (I cook also and cook healthy options). She will barely eat what I cook, even though a normal person would find it delicious (grilled chicken with sauteed onions, for example). I am foodie and always have been, so having bad foods around is like bringing alcohol into an alcoholics house. I may be able to resist for a while, but in the end, the food wins out. Currently, I have lost 30 lbs on my way to a 80 lbs weight loss goal and have flattened out on the diet, no longer losing. Every meal she makes is breaded, fried, pasta, lots of starches and so forth. I have tried to discuss this with her and she just gets mad, and says that "she is so tired of everyone getting on her about her eating". She will not eat any vegetables, ever. We are not young, her having just turned 40 and we had our first child 5 months ago. She is classified as obese, and I have never gotten on her about that, only my own weight. However, we are older first time parents and I want to ensure we are both here as long as possible for our son and hopefully future children. Her diet aided in a very difficult time in getting pregnant which ended up taking years. She simply will not change and I am beyond frustrated as I want to be healthy. I am tired of feeling like crap, and realize a part of this is on myself, as I have to refrain from eating the crap she brings in, but its difficult when there are few healthy options in the house when she does the shopping, or my own will power waning when she brings in unhealthy stuff after I do the shopping. I thought with our son here now, she would jump on board and be all about getting as healthy as possible, but unfortunately she has not altered her eating in any way. I just don't know what to do anymore as I find myself feeling angry a lot, whenever she prepares a meal or comes home with groceries.
  7. My fiance and I have been together for 11 years. We been engaged for 10. We treat eachother as husband and wife. We have 2 kids together. 10 and 7. Over the last 10 years my man has been emailing women calling them sexy/beautiful. Now the last 4 years he has been on dating websites. We been thru being homeless twice and once for over 3 years. During both those times he's been on the dating sites saying he's single and looking. I have caught him more than once. It's been a couple months since he's been on one. I did see that he's still looking for single milfs and crap. I mentioned to him saying I'm going to leave if he keeps it up. I gave him 5 chances due to our children. I'm not doing anything wrong that i know of. I cook, clean, 24/7 withour kids, we have sex, I'm trending to him wether is food, coffee, cleaning anything! I'm not hurt anymore seeing this but just annoyed and tired of it. I feel selfish for leaving or thinking about it. I don't need to feel like this right? He keeps saying he well stop, but doesn't. What is your opinion? My mom and sis say just leave him! My kids don't like him and it's their dad. He always cusses at them and i feel bad. If i have a bad day it's my fault. He talks to me rude it's all in my head. The last 4 years he hasn't complimented me in anyway besides food. I haven't been told i look good or I'm beautiful. I only get a "this dinner is good" and that's not often. I'm depressed and confused. 😶
  8. Hi All, First off, I want to take the time to thank anyone who is willing to over me some advice. Okay, so to start my ex-boyfriend and I were in a strong and committed relationship for a bit over 4.5 years. We recently broke up on March 27th of this year due to something I did, an active of extreme impulses. We are both in our 20s, him 23 and me going on 21 in a few months. This particular incident began when I called him to see if he’d be able to send me a few dollars to order UberEats around noon. With the pandemic going on, I lost my job working at an elementary school and have been low on funds. I live with my grand currently and also attend college. Anyways, he sent me the money because our kitchen sink was broken at the time. My grandparents felt that if the sink was broken, the whole kitchen was too, lol. After that discussion and him sending the money, he asked if I wanted to go to the mall. I explained to him that it was closed due to the lockdown and perhaps we could grab food instead. He shared that he’d think about it and let me know later. I never bought food because around 3 pm, my grandma cooked after my grandpa temporarily fixed the sink. Anyway, he called around 5:30 pm to see if I was still interested in spending time with him, and I agreed. Around 6 pm, I was heading to his place to pick him up and on the way had informed him that I ate earlier, but wouldn’t mind a bit of snacking. About 5-10 after saying that, he began to think about what I said and changed his mind after I arrived. He instead wanted to just go to the gas station and head home. I have been going to therapy twice a week for two months now, but still have a minor issue with my extreme reactions. So, I got more upset that necessary and called him out of his name and yelled. I apologized immediately, and headed to the gas station. I was still a bit upset at him and asked for him to remove the pump from my car since it was on the passenger side. He said no multiple times, and I kicked him out of my car. He only walked half a block before I gave him a ride, but he told me later that evening that it was too late, and he was done. I have been around way too many toxic relationships and traumatic experiences, and unfortunately, took things out on him. He is very strong, a wonderful man, and I so much want him in my life for good. I’ve made those kind of mistakes throughout our relationship, but just recently seemed therapy and psychiatry. I had trust issues that stemmed from unhealthy marriages throughout my family and an abusive mother. I wasn’t always dependent upon him to make me happy, but I did a bit towards the end of our relationship. He has given me so many changes, and just recently I have been working positively and hard to better myself. We have broken up some times before, not nearly as long, but I would always beg and plead for his return. He would always love me just as much too. I believe that he is the right person that came at the wrong time. I was physically, verbally and emotionally abused by my mother for years and he would always comfort me. I was there for him a lot too. He is an excellent compliment in my life. Currently I have been doing no contact for about 3-4 days, not much, but he doesn’t have me blocked on anything. I jus want to know that as I continue to better myself and let go of the trauma and other people’s experiences, is there a chance that we could get back together and make it work the right way? We have the same life end goals, support each other and have loved each other hard. We never cheated or anything to that extreme. I love him very much, and I do pray for his return. What should I continue to do? Thank you all.
  9. Hi everyone, My boyfriend got a great job on the other side of the country and I accepted to follow him. We have been together for two years. I had to quit my job and I am currently unemployed. Before leaving he told me he will pay for rent and food until I can find a job. He gave me a two month time frame to find one. The issue we are currently facing is he wants me to pay half of the food even if I still did not find a job. He said it is fair as I eat half of the food, actually not really but whatever. I tried to explain that it was unfair to me and that it was not the initial plan. He started telling me that it is what everybody has to do pay for their food. I agree with that but in our case I feel like it is a bit different as I am in this situation because I decided to follow him for his job opportunity, not because I am lazy and not willing to work. He mentioned that I should use my savings for education the time I find work to pay for food. He also added that a boyfriend should not pay for a girlfriend financially, that he was not in a stage of his life where he was willing to "subsidize" me. But he wants to be there for me emotionally. He also added that he thought my behavior was coming from entitlement and that I was a spoiled child. I was flabbergasted as I do not think it has anything to do with entitlement in our case. I would like to point out that I have always paid for my own things and never asked him any money. He wanted to do 50/50 at first on everything but I had to battle to get a 40/60 when we were both working even if the income percentage was not accurate. It was more like 30/70 but he said that the best it was willing to do. I am actually quite surprised he was willing to pay the full amount of rent until I find work but it was my condition to move. He offered me when I am a student to pay 70/30 for all expenses as I plan on doing my master next year. Do you think I am being entitled and unreasonable in this case? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. Are these common in the US? I am having troubles finding them here .
  11. Hi all, Hoping you can help me with some advice. A few months ago I decided to try online dating again. I went on two "first meetings", don't want to call them dates as to me it was just a meeting to see if there was mutual attraction or interest. The first one we met at a local beach and went for a really nice long walk. We went to a market and watched a busker/magician act which was really funny then walked back. It was very pleasant. We talked about how we both like hiking and at the end agreed we would meet up again and go on a hike together this summer. I think this was maybe in May. After our exchange on the evening of the date talking about hikes we might do, I never heard from him again. I didn't bother to follow up because I wasn't really certain if there was a connection or not. I was willing to go on another meeting/date to see but didn't pursue it as he clearly wasn't interested. The second one we met at patio and had a drink/appetizer. During that time he mentioned he has a lot of food allergies and doesn't drink. I don't think that has to be a deal breaker but I am a big foodie and enjoy food and drinks. We went for ice cream (gluten and dairy free for him!) after and had a good talk. At the end of the night he texted me and said he'd like to meet up again and I agreed. Again, after that, nothing. I just let it go because I wasn't too sure about the connection myself. I've been ghosted so many times now that I don't really have the energy to follow up if I didn't feel immediate sparks but wonder if I am being too picky. I figure if a guy just never texts you back, why bother to follow up? But the again, I've been single for a long time so I don't really know the "rules" of dating. Anyway, it's been at least three or four months and suddenly this week I get a text from both these guys, saying sorry for the long absence and asking how am I and would I like to meet up again. What?? Am I the only one that thinks this is weird? I have a feeling maybe they were pursuing other women and that ended so they are looking at back up plans? Or maybe something happened in their lives, who knows. I don't want to judge but to me months of silence like that doesn't bode well. What do you think, should I give them a chance? I think I at least want to write and ask what happened but I don't really know if I want to go on a date with either of them again. I don't want to be rude either but... What would you do?
  12. is it normal to just eat and eat and eat even when ur full? i eat almost 4 or five big meals aday and i still weight 110 pounds, thats not the thing, the thing i am worried about is why am i just eating so much? i fantasize about dominos double melt pizza and chicken wings all dayyy long even when i am full is this normal or have tunred into a eating hog?
  13. Hey everyone! I know there is no perfect way to lose weight...and what I have done is just started eating better. I have not counted calories or fat grams...and I WILL NOT lower good carbs (IE whole grain bread). Pretty much my take is, getting lots of fiber and I have completely eliminated fast food and junk. I have been staying away from foods that are processed as well. So far, I have lost 40 pounds. With my body type...I have gone down 4 dress sizes. What I want to do now is start exercising more. I have tried going to the gym...and it is really out of the way for me, and I find it really boring. So after doing some checking around I have found an indoor pool that would be pretty easy to access...and since I picked up another job while in school, the price shouldn't be a problem. I think I can squeeze in 2-3 times a week...for about an hour and a half to two and a half hours at a time. Obviously any exercise is better than none...but will that be enough to lose more weight? I chose swimming because I greatly enjoy it, I find it soothing and relaxing....and find it far more enjoyable than the gym. It is easier on my joints (I have tendonitus in my wrists and elbows), and I get a cardio workout while toning. So...any info anyone? Thanks for your help!
  14. Has anyone else heard of these? They are little particles of food and saliva that gather in your tonsils. They smell horrible and make you feel like you have something stuck in your throat. They look like tiny yellowish white clumps, and sometimes I can get them out. If anyone has any advice about them please let me know.
  15. Hello. I have a new situation. This past week I spent four valuable days riding accross the U.S. on Amtrak. There was a bit of fate involved here...I was on a train I was not scheduled to ride, but my first train was delayed due to a tunnel fire. So I scrambled to catch a train in Sacramento, California. On board, I met a group of people also travelling out East. One by one, we all departed at various stops, but one of the group was with me until Syracuse, New York. He was a handsome, outgoing young man who was journeying home after being in California for a week. We didn't speak until Chicago, when we found out we were being transferred to the same train. We talked while we were waiting, and he seemed quite attentive to me,which brightened my day. When we finally boarded, we discovered we had to ride in separate cars due to our differing destinations. As I was herded away, he called out to me, "Meet me in the lounge!" An hour later I went to the lounge and found he had just arrived there,looking for me. We got some food and continued talking. Hours passed and we did not move from our seats. The attendant for my car saw our developing bond and gave us permission to sit in the lounge for the rest of our trip. All night we talked and laughed. My new friend begged me to get off the train with him in Syracuse. In fact, he asked me all night to come with him, but I had to refuse because I had set plans I couldn't break. He was very disappointed, but made me promise to visit him in Syracuse on my way back,which will be on the 29th. It is a crazy event for me,and I am not sure how he climbed into my heart, but he did. He let me sleep in his arms, and his embrace was a light, warm place....He told me this was love at first sight for him,that I was completely unique, that he wanted for me to "be his girl." He marvelled over how much we had in common, and told me he found me intelligent and alluring. I know it all seems so silly and unrealisitc, but I cannot help keeping him on my mind,wondering why he has not called. He told me he would call me last night to see if I arrived, but he did not. Again, my heart is on my sleeve. I was very cautious and did not reveal too much of my heart to him, but I wonder why he has not attempted to contact me. The entire time I was with him I scrutinized his actions to determine if he was being sincere. Maybe he was not, and I was just a few hours of diversion for him. Is this why he has not called? Perhaps men would rather enjoy a woman's company for a brief time, and just find relaxtion and pleasure in flirting heavily with a new girl? I do not know. He litterally pleaded all night for me to deboard the train and come with him. Just a ploy? He made me solemnly promise to visit him on my way back, and asked me to call him. Should I? I have been told that if a woman calls, a man quickly loses interest because there is no more challenge. I would like to call him (I feel in the mood for a romantic adventure, and this man has struck a chord in my being) but is this not advisable? I am always checking my phone in hopes that I will see he has called. Dear me, I am such a hopeless romantic. I need advice desperately...a man's point of view would help me greatly.
  16. hey, ok i have another problem and with u geussed it guys!!!! ok well i just started high skool as a freshman. and i met a guy in my 2nd period class and i have been talking with him and we exchanged phone numbers but heres the catch he is a senoir, 4 years older than me. and after we talked on the phone and hung out some more we started to like each other, and last night he asked me if i wanted to start dating him and i didn't kno what to say i mean i want to but for one what will my friends think of me? the last time i dated an older guy they were like he doesn't really like you he just wants u for ur body and i was like w/e then he cheated on me and that crushed my heart and my friends were right i mean i dont want them to think something bad of me. and for 2 i don't want to get hurt...again but i am almost certain that that wont happen b/c he is a christain and kno that but there is still a possibility that it could happen.and 3rd b/c of my parents mainly my dad he is so over protective he doesn't even like me going out on dates with guys the same age as me and i dont know what he would say or think about this guy...probaly NO i mean he is so sweet and kind he walks me to class and we flirt.....alot and he has even told me u kno i kno what ur friends think about me and they think i just want to get down ur pants and he said that that is the farthest thing from his mind and i truly do think he was telling the truth and plus if we do start dating after this skool year he will be @ college hopfully and i will only get to see him every once in a while.....but that is in the future i am just worried about the present for right kno but i just want to kno what ur thinking while ur reading this i dont care how harsh it may be tell me what u think of this whole situation and be honest.....thanks ~shortstop543
  17. I would appreciate any replies on this post. The other day I rode by my girl's house and noticed she was on the phone, so I stopped by. I walk up the driveway and she pretends to be surprised to see me. She was just sitting there on the phone when I noticed a guy's full name written on her leg. Her ex. I knew she was on the phone with him by her body language. She continues to talk on the phone as if I wasn't standing there. Then she gets off and asks me what I want. I was never so shocked. I asked her if there was anything she wanted to tell me. She claims it was her cousin on the phone. no one talks to a cousin in that manner. At that point I was fed up. Even though it was hard, I managed to get my stuff back (bracelet, bellyring, pictures, etc.) I came back later to return her stuff and talked to her mom. I let her know that I was giving up. She wasn't happy about that at all. As I was leaving my girl followed me out her house saying she wanted to talk. I told her I don't want to deal with her. There were plenty of chances to talk in the past, so why now. It got to the point where she was blocking me from getting to my car. Then she started getting physical by pushing me repeatedly. I eventually got to my car and she still wouldn't let me leave. She grabbed my hair as I started the car, so I rolled her arms up in the window and thought about taking off. Couldn't do it. Next thing I know she tries to choke me out. She knew I wouldn't hit back. In the midst of that she took my phone. I told her to let me check her. At this point I realized she had an urge for me to touch her. I made her check herself. She showed me the phone and said she wouldn't give it back unless I gave her a hug. (I can't say what went through my mind on this post). I was shocked. I left after that and she's been calling me all last night, this morning, afternoon, and evening nonstop using different people's phones. This morning she was begging me to get the phone (voice mail). It even sounded like she was crying. Later she sent a message and apologized for the other night telling me she loves me and wants me in her life. I think she can change, but we've been through this so many times. Does she really care that much? Should I leave her? Thanks for reading.
  18. I just started seriously working out again, and I was wondering what foods have lots of protein in them so as to help me out. I know meats do, but if there is anything else please let me know. Also, is it true that more reps with low weight tones muscle, while low reps with high weight builds muscle?
  19. Okay, so I met this girl online 2 weeks ago and sent messeges back and forth for a day or two, then we chatted. She told me she has never met and is not interested in meeting someone off the net. At the end of our chat, I now have her phone number and she wants to meet me. So she calls me later and reaffirms that she wants to "hang out". We meet. I took her to a lake to feed ducks. We talked a lot. Then we went out for some chinese, then went back to her place, and then walked to get some ice cream. Then we came back and watched a movie at her place. We didn't sit next to each other. She sat in her fav recliner and I sat on the couch. I REALLY wanted to ask if she'd sit next to me, but my instincts told me if she wanted to, and was comfortable enough, she would somehow move closer over time. Or she could just be shy and is waiting for me to ask her to do it cuz that's happened to me before as well. Anyway, the movie is over and we get online and we show each other's photo albums of when were were kids...and she showed me her parent's pictures and stuff. She gently kicked my foot a few times and then said "Oh, was that your foot?". lol Anyway, I asked if she wanted to go to the state fair with me...and she said she'd like it. Then we talked about going trick or treating together. And then I mentioned some other ideas, and she was ALL for doing those things with me! When I was about to leave, I opened my arms for a hug and she opened hers right back and we had a tight 2 second hug. I definitely didn't feel it was time for "the kiss" yet. I normally have a pretty good gut instinct on when to do thinsg. She had to leave town the next day for a few days, but I got a surprise text message of a smiley face from her. So I'm THINKING that she does like me for more than "just friends". I just need some affirmation. BECAUSE THIS GIRL SWEPT ME OFF MY FEET!!! And it would suck to be "just friends", but I would rather take that than nothing. What do you guys think? I also should mention that she emailed me the next day and said she had a fun time. She said that when we met, it felt like we were old friends. Is that a sign of "Hey let's just be friends" or does it just mean that she felt really comfortable around me for a first meeting and I shouldn't think much of it?
  20. This is kind of an odd question....adn i dont plan on actually doing it netime soon. I am just wondering...wat does eating out a girl taste like? To me it seems liek it would taste nasty like jewish food. I need an experienced opinion on this one.
  21. I just ordered this light coverup for my face beacuse for some reason a started to brake out more lately. I got fed up and just ordered the foundation. Kind of shamed that i did because im a guy and i never thoughtit would get this seriouse I ordered the foundation in "light" skin tone. Im thinking i got the right one, but then my dad thought i should get medium instead. How can i tell what tone i am? There is fair, light, meduim, tan, and dark. Im european and i think im light but im just not sure. Whats the difference between fair, light, and etc...
  22. Okay Ive broken up with my bf of 3yrs that Ive lived together with..he told me he never loved me, never intended to marry me and was relieved I did it. In the heat of the argument I learn he's cheated on me and I was stunned I had thought all this time he had been faithful, I was very wrong. So I went and made plans to move out..I had him sign a roommate release agreement which is legal and binding in my state. I agreed in writing to stay at our town home till February 5th and then Im moving out. So legally I am responsable for only the first week of rent that's pro-rated. Problem is he wont accept the agreement and can't grasp he signed it and gave his okay to the whole thing. He wants to hold me to paying my share of half of the rent. When that failed he then tried to force me to pay half of the half..but still no luck. Finally he has resorted to threatening me and my new car. He has threatened to take my bed that he bought me as a gift to replace the one he didnt like sleeping on 2yrs ago. The law firm told me it would cost him 3x that of what the 2yr old bed is worth and the lawyers would get a 33.3% cut and once its all done and said he'd really have nothing to show for putting himself further into debt. They told me he is tossing a fit over a mere $90.00 difference and that its not worth getting upset over. Besides they said your moving to an undisclosed new address how is he going to get a bed back if he doesnt know where to look?. He doesnt know the true date Im leaving and is thinking its on the weekend so Im advised to let him continue thinking that. He has not yet become aware he cant sue me for rent after signing the release agreement and when he does it will come as a shock to him. Ive spoken to the apartment's law team and they told me he has no legal grounds when he signed it he became the soul party responsable and Im no longer even on the lease. Im free to move and not look back on the cheating runt. Here is my problem...I only have to pay for one week. What Im doing is legal and binding and I owe him nothing. If I choose to pay anything more its out of the kindness of my heart and right now after learning about the "other woman" I dont feel inclined to be so generous. He knows he's now obligated to pay for the townhome now on his own be he somehow thinks he can bully me into paying. So he is still is tossing a tantrum about the whole deal. Ive got one more day and Im avoiding him at all cost. Advised not to anwser any calls he may make to me on my cell so he cant keep track of my location or activity. How would you deal with this situation if it were you?
  23. I have posted a few time after going through hell with my bf for 3yrs we broke up a few days ago. He gave me no reasons told me he was over it and that he didnt love me and hasnt for a long time. He was very distant when i asked why he jus dismissed me. So i thought i had better not make a fool of myself and went on my merry way. Needless to say it feels like i have been crying for three days i have forgotten what food is and when sleep does finally come i dream of him. Anyway he rang me yesterday on a private number and said that he is sorry and the reason he broke up with me was because he could never marry me anyway (he is muslim and i am christian) and he was making up excuses to make me let go. This hurt me even more because he dragged me along for so long so i politely excused myself from the conversation and am hoping he doesnt cause any trouble for me. Im finding it so hard after 3yrs of being togther every day to nothing. I kno i am better off without him, he cheated on me, he called me names and he was abusive. But i got so used to hanging out for any scrap of affection i became more attatched. How do i stop crying and move on with life and forget about him?
  24. I walk down the street and comtiplate I feel nothing but humbleness for you and hate Its not like i remember our first slow dance When i first met you i couldn't believe u gave me a chance The seconde time around was supose to go more smooth The seconde time around was not at all in the groove The third time around was even worse than the seconde time when i wrote about us everything seemed to ryhme they say third times the charm but now i know its all a lie I write these last words while i say Goodbye ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Good bye is a hard thing to say for me ive been putting it on delay Our relationship is like a load of decay Ive been lookin for ways to say goodbye But all i want to say to u is HI Its hard to let things go sometimes, like a toy uve had since childhood like on thanksgiving when u cant get anough of gmas great food The cookin is great but u know its not healthy to overload your plate Your can't seem to look away yet u cant seem to believe its fate a Little like letting go Of love but u dont wanna stop kissing The seconde u stop and look away u think about what u r missing You dont want the good times to pass before your eyes Your afraid of finding our varies of lies
  25. I just don't get it. I broke up with my gf a few weeks ago because I found out she was cheating on me. I tried to get back with her, but I couldn't really trust her because she was doing alot of stupid stuff, like alot of partying and I think she's on some drugs. So finally I just got fed up with the running around and the lying. So now I have started seeing other girls and she is pissed. She won't leave me alone, she calls all the time, she bangs at my door, I am dealing with a pyscho chic. What I don't get is after all of this why can't she just leave me alone. She had her chance she blew it! ......... sorry babe were through.........
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