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  1. Women go to the club to bevalidated by men. The guys want them, it feels good. The girls ignore them,though, b/c they want a relationship, not a one night stand and youdon't meet good guys at clubs. My two cents.
  2. Ifpeoplethink negatively about you, you prove themwrong. with love, its not that hard.
  3. Make it right. Effort is everything, not natural ability. You need to talk to him and admit you were way out of line.
  4. Caterina


    I was just curious. I'm too poor to ask people out right now.
  5. I think I'd make it very clear that you are not up for a FWB.
  6. Caterina


    He's attractive and funny.I'd be interested in casually seeing him- but nothing serious. He lives far away and will move back soon and is younger than I am. Plus, I'm not sure if he's just feigning interest.
  7. Caterina


    So this guy talks to me all the time. We're friends. Well, he was acting weird last time I saw him. This friend of mine said that he said something sexual about me. And when I saw him later he said something along the lines of, "why would you want him when you could have something better?" and pointed at himself andwalked away. What does he want? Don't you think if he was actually interested, he'd ask me for a normal date?
  8. Obviously you do. The point was, its not a large number. I'm not going to get into this with you guys, think what you want. I really don't give a flip.
  9. 1) Again, I said "about". 2) Interesting that there are no whites in Asian movies but whites are always purchasing Asian products/movies like anime and the like. 3)I really have no motivation to prove to you otherwise. I'm just pointing out the truth. 4) Fellow Asians are "clueless" about it, b/c you just want to whine about something that has no basis in reality. Just taking advantage of the fact that being Asian is a racial distinction in the Americas. But so it being white. I said "about". California isn't representative of America.
  10. Give me a break. The one Philipino in my school was the homecoming king and every girl wanted him, including me. Asians make up about less than 1% of the population in America, hence the lack of roles in American movies. Why are there no whites in Japanese/Indian/Korean/"Asian" movies? Are they racist? They're catering to a market.
  11. Ghost was being sarcastic. Asian American men are in few numbers in america, thats the only reason they aren't the main love character. But, look at Jet Li, he's Asian and the romantic lead. And so is that one guy from Jungle Book. The guy who played Superman is half Asian (Dean Cain). I'm sure there are more.
  12. I'm still a virgin. I was actually thinking about that today. So many teenagers, even, aren't virgins. I wonder a lot about what I'm missing out on. I've wondered if sex would be a cure-all. I tend to be very anxious...I wonder if it would stabilize me a little. Thing about sex is that it carries a lot of weight when you do it...whether emotional or psychological etc. Thats why I've waited...that, and religious reasons. I'm waiting for marriage, but sometimes I fear that I'm going to be a cat-lady spinster because I won't compromise my religious beliefs and I haven't met many guys worth it for the long-haul. Its a genuine fear.
  13. I know you've made some posts about body language in the past...maybe you can give her a link? Those were pretty good.
  14. Oh god me to. I love a man in a suit.
  15. I usually notice the way he holds himself...and a mature, stable, sexy, confident aura....difficult to explain I like it when they dress nice, but if he's naturally fine it doesn't matter
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