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  1. Alright, some of you may know my thing here and that I am in the midst of a blossoming relationship that could be really sweet. We seem to have a good deal in common as for what we like and are kinda interested in. Well that's how it was with my last bf, so it seemed to me. He didn't think so, he said it got boring, I wasn't interested in the same sophisticated, intellectual things he was interested in; like worshiping the almighty science world. The new guy asked me out for a thrid date on sunday day, and I was like "of course!" the thing is it's like "ok what do you want to do?" "Ummm, I don't know!" I mean the cities aren't boring! We saw a movie last saturday, I like going to see movies, I like going out to eat or to little places that make it easy to talk and stuff. I like to play board games and video games (which apparently makes me unappealing as a girlfriend says one guy...sorry I like video games I guess) I like hanging out and watching movies, I like being with mutual friends and doing stuff. (We have like, 1 mutual friend which is how we met) I don't want to be stuck in this "I'm boring" thing. I mean what I like to do seems kinda dull. But I really am not one of those extreme girls who likes to go out to loud clubs and bars and whatnot. Any suggestions here?
  2. i found this totally awesome girl, and we both hit it off so well. her previous boyfriends totally screwed her over, and litteraly changed her so that she has a hard time even trusing guys. She isnt mean about it, she told me she wants to be able to trust me, that it will just take time. The prob is that almost immediately i kissed her, and we kiss a LOT, like to the point where its litteraly all we do. we talked about it, and i think that it would be better for me to back off a little bit. I know people say that all the time, but it never happens. would our relationship really be screwed over if we move that quickly? Its not a physical thing, because we never do anything beyond that. We are both virgins and arent ready to just give it away, so i dont think that we are going to be messing around like sexually for a very long time. I dunno, i just need some help for what i should do. She is so special, and i dont want to lose her.
  3. Hey... As you probly know if you've read my last posts, me and my (now ex)bf broke up over the w/e. My problem right now is that I've got a bunch of stuff I need to study, but everytime I sit down to study, I start crying( or if I'm lucky, I'll just space out a couple of minutes before crying). I have got to study, but I just can't!!!! Does anyone have any ideas/advice as to how I could get myself to concentrate? Please help me, or else I'm going to fail everything this week, and then I'll be even worst off!!!
  4. I had an extra martital affair with my ex bf which lasted for about 1 month but I quitted before anything disaster happened. I repent on what I had done and thought I could move on to re-build the relationship with my husband. However, Thing turn out quite out of control now. My ex bf called me one day and started asking for money but I reluctant to give him any. He turns out quite nasty and started calling my home and messaged to my mobile phone those recorded intimate conversations we once made. I m worry cos I do not know what he is up to and definitely dont want my husband to know. I am dead worry now as I really don't want to have anything to do with him anymore and I want to focus on providing for my family. I thought I had paid for my mistake as the guilt and fear of losing my family almost ate me up. I was never spiritual but now I started to pray and crying for help from God, as I am really desperate. Pls help.
  5. I met a really nice guy and we get on really well and we have lots of things in common. We can talk about anything and stuff, and it could work out to be the perfect relationship. However, my heart is still aching and pining for my ex boyfriend called Ricky. He's a guy I met about 1 year 4 months ago, and I am still majorly in love with him. It's been ages since me and Ricky have been apart, and I am still NOT ready to get into a new relationship. I've just recently broke up with my ex, Dave and I'm sort of still hurting for him too. I'm torn into two pieces. I really like this this new guy and stuff, but the thing is, I don't think I can be with him. I'm still crazily in love with Ricky even though Ricky is completely out of my life. I should by over it by now, shouldn't I? I don't know what to do. I don't want to hurt this new guys feelings by telling him that I am still hurting about Ricky. What can I do?
  6. So there I was the other day, settling down to a nice cup of tea and a copy of a certain national newspaper and then all of a sudden beaming out at me from one of the first few pages is my ex boyfriend`s big face!! Ahhh!! Accompanying an article about voters in the forthcoming (we think) elections. Oh my God!! It was all such guff, him waffling on about income tax and who he might vote for. His quotes were so cheesy and pathetic too. Just when you think you might be moving on!!! The worst part though was when he was described as `single`. Seeing that in a national newspaper really sucks I have to say He knows I read that paper so I can just imagine how smug he would be. What are the chances eh?! Opening up a paper and then WHAM!! Lol the worst part is that I was going out on the tiles that night and one of my drunken friends phoned his flat then hung up. Oops! Then, after that, to my eternal shame, I sent him an awful text message saying that I loved him `like my own flesh` That is pretty embarrassing. Lol in my drunken state I remember thinking that it was really profound though but looking at it now it is just awful. Well I suppose you have to laugh Can anyone go on better than that?
  7. last night I saw my ex-boyfriend for the first time in 6 months since we broke up we had been together for 5 years. We both immediately went into other relationships and now those new relationships or ending. Seeing him brought all those same feelings and emotions back. I still love him. the thing is both of us are very confused and hurt and dont know if we ran to each other because of the comfort or realized we really did have something special and didnt realize it until it was gone. both of us are torn between what we feel in our heart and what are head is telling us. there is some many fears and wether or not we can repair the trust that was broken. So now I am more confused. One part on me is pulling me away and the other wont let me
  8. Well I have just uncovered a bombshell courtesy of my friend. Turns out the person I was seeing was abused by her jerk ex-boyfriend. My friend said something to the effect of she saying "well I can see how she feels loved when shes beaten" when describing her friends ordeal regarding being beaten. Yeah. So here I come along and I'm a complete 180, totally nice and caring and wind up dumped. I'm just at a loss for words. Can someone explain this to me? I just... I dont know.
  9. Me and my ex boyfriend have known each other for about 3 years, we were a real couple for almost a year. He is my best friend and knows me better than anybody. I love him with everything in me still, but the sad thing is, it will never work. See, he has his whole life planned out, and its something that i dont agree with, and know that i wont be happy with. I want to be with him so much, but this thing is keeping us apart. Should i tell him how i feel?
  10. Over the past week, I seem to have picked up an eating problem. Me and my ex boyfriend were going through a rough patch around last Thursday, and we broke up on Sunday. Now, this has affected me pretty bad and is making me not eat. I feel hungry all the time, but when I go for something to eat, I quickly close the cupboard or fridge and walk away. I've been to the doctor and he has told me that I need to eat, and he has noticed some change in the size of my heart. I'm not sure what will happen to me if I carry on like this. I'm frightened and I feel like this is seriously going to do some damage. I can't live like this and I feel this is taking over my life. I need to eat, but I can't! Help!
  11. Me and my ex-boyfriend were such good friend at the very beginning of our first meeting at college. I assumed he was the perfect man for me because he agreed to meet my parent's to ask permission to take me out to dinner (Family tradition). He made me feel very confident and very happy, and sometimes he would say that he wants to marry me someday. I was in love. He became my boyfriend a few days later because he said that it was faith we met; however, he did mention he has ADD (Attention deficit), but I did not discriminate him about his condition. Although after half the month of our relationship it took a down hill, I did not know how severe his disorder. He would just say things bluntly at me, such as "YOUR Stupid", "Typical Asian, your race are all the same", "Shut up!", and just say things out of proportion. He was just becoming verbably abusive, which I will not include some of the words, but he did use every negative words in the dictionary to me. HE would say "I love you" sometimes, but I knew that he was only saying those words to get into my pants, although he never had the chance to devirginized me. I tried my best to make the relationship work although I do not know why I stayed for a while? He was very inaffectionate and starving me from simple affection (A simple kiss and holding hands), so I was always craving intimacy and affection. I never asked him for sex because I don't want him that way. I want him as a boyfriend that I could love, I don't want him in a sex way yet. It was not the right time to lose it, I'm catholic and asian I have moral values. He also won't let me hold his hand in public because he said it is gay. Then All of a sudden I was in class, and my psychology professor was talking about if a relationship is not working out you have to let them go no matter how much you love the person. I ended it even though my heart does not want to end it. Probably I was just hoping that the man I met in the beginning will appear soon, but I know he was long gone. I was crying, and he has no reaction. Just a cold hearted face (He was on medication). I tried to understand, but it was hard for me to undersatnd. I was emotionally and mentally traumatized. I tried to call him in the summer, but I could not pick up the phone. I just waited for him to call, but he never did. I have spent three months crying and isolating myself in my room. Then on After four months of waiting I called him to retain our friendly relationship I guess, although he was interested at first to talk to me. I just want a sense of closure. All of a sudden he said he has a girlfriend. I was heartbroken which conclude I still love him. I started crying which I have no clue why. I guess a part of me still loves him. He did apoligized for mistreating me, and told me to move on. He asked if I have a boyfriend and I replied that I am still single. I always turn my back to all the men who asked me out to dinner. I was having a hard time eradicating him in my mind. I could not move on and ahving a difficult time moving on. We talk a few minutes more and we both said good-bye. I was still crying and hurt. The next day I saw him, and he gave me a hug. My eyes was still puffy from last nights tears, and he asked why I looked sad. I just replied "I always look sad." He walked away to go to his college class. I waited for him after his class, but I was ignored like he did not see me sitting down. Do I still have a chance with him? Does he still want me? Why am I pursuing something that does not exist in his heart? Why am I like this? Help me...
  12. Ok my ex and i broke up for a lot of reasons one is the fact that he hit me more than once and knocked me out for so long that i didnt remember the next day another being he was starting to use a whole bunch of crack and crystal meth and well thats just no good. So my cousin shared a cell with him (sounds bad i know but really were a lot better than we sound) and a few weeks before he was released he was saying how he was going to come and get me back when he got out and kill whoever i broke up with him for and if i refused to be with him that "the grave would just have to be twice as deep" my cousin called me as soon as he could well now my ex is out of jail and looking for me a while back he found me and he tried to rape me but i fought him off and suddenly without explanation he just left. He is quite buff and was more than likely hyped up on some drug and i know that if he wanted to he could have rapped me. My bf has basically welded himself to me to try and protect me but i dont know if he can see i dont think his flesh will substane from a bullet. Any rational person would have gone to the police by now but i am not rational see he will just get out in a little bit anyway and come for me again a restraining order would mean i would have to know where he lives for his address and i dont so i just want advice on what to do please help[/code]
  13. If you ever decide to run an online personal ad, make sure your ex-boyfriend is not in any of your photos. We guys hate that. Crop out his head, arms, hands, fingers, feet, shoulders, ALL of him. Or better yet, use a photo that he was not in.
  14. They just looove to mess with our heads don't they? I Broke-up almost 2 months ago and had no contact with my ex at all I was doing well. I started going out recently and meeting new people. I am now talking with a few on phone lately. Now Bang! Last night out of the blue my ex-called me to see how I was doing. He used his roomate as an excuse to call me. His roomate is interested in meeting my girlfriend. Mind you his roomate did call my girlfriend twice before. He lied by saying he didn't save her number. That was the reason for the call. Well, my ex broke-up with me cause he's going back to his country in two months. thereforeeee he had to end it. He expressed that he wanted to remain friends. I have never ever being able to do such a thing with an ex before. Can this actually be achieved? I really do not think so. I have to be honest I still have some feelings for him. I am trying to get over the break-up still. This is why I have ignored him and not have taken his calls before. Why do they do this? Can they just leave it alone if they break-up with you? I would not dare to call if i was doing the breaking up!
  15. So my ex bf and I hadn't spoken since April when he started dating someone out of nowhere and dropped me for her. He just imed me today after all this time of nothing...and started to tell me what happened. We end up taking for like 2 hrs. And during the convo he apologized a few times, said i deserved better from him, and that he was looking to talk to a friend, and misses the friend part of our relationship and said somethin that we were better as friends... and this talk confused me. I was tryin got be the better person and talk to him normally to try to gain some closure. BUt i have no idea why he kept sayin the friend thing so much? For someone who was just dumped last nite after a 6 month relationship (and he really liked her) this seemed weird. Any thoughts? Should I meet with him for a drink to catch up if he persues? We are back at school for the last year living 2 blcoks away. See previous posts if you need more info. Thanks!
  16. My ex-boyfriend had M.E (also known as chronic fatigue syndrome). I hold it totally responsible for the break-up of our relationship. I wonder is there any way someone can maintain a relationship while suffering from this life-long illness. All the other sufferers I know of are single. Was it wrong of him to ask me ouy in the first place?
  17. Hi guys, I have to go to a function this weekend that my ex-boyfriend will also probably be attending, so I need your advice on how I should approach the evening! We broke up months ago now (he ended it) but I'm okay with it now. The only problem is that I get really anxious on the few occaisions I have to see him Just seeing his face and seeing him chatting away happily makes me a bit upset, and it usually gets me down for a few days afterwards. So - any advice for this function? I know I should just act really gracious and happy (even if I'm feeling bad). My friends think I should really 'hot it up' and wear my most flattering outfit/makeup etc. I'm definitely going so there's no question of chickening out (I really want to go - it's going to be a great function). I'd appreciate any advice you can give me
  18. Im not sure if I am posting this under the right topic, but I feel like total crap emotionally so that was the best I could do. So anyway, my boyfriend and I broke up 2 weeks ago (I was the dumpee). I have accepted that he isn't worth missing/being upset over. But then a question came to mind: If he is that "low", as everybody insists, why would anybody better come along? If you don't see where I'm coming from, let me elaborate. There is a bum and a king. You fell inlove with the bum, but the bum rejects you. If somebody as insignificant as the bum rejects you, why would someone like a king desire you? If I go any lower, I won't have anymore dignity. It just completely fries me that when people say "Theres someone better for you", that somebody "better" would want me in the first place if my potsmoking moronic ex boyfriend didnt want me either?
  19. My ex boyfriend and I of 7 months just broke up. He said that he needed to be alone, he has a lot of personal conflicts to sort out and he doesnt want to taint me because of his self hatred. He told me to stop clinging and to let him go, he didn't want to drag me through the mud anymore, etc. Does anyone else feel completely numb after being dumped?Like, I don't feel anything at all.
  20. yup, we're at it again, this time over something minor, or at least I feel it is... I could use some input. My boyfriend and I are having relationship issues, and if you've been following my previous posts, you'll know why. Well, Easter weekend was a bad one, I broke up with him, but he then swore that as long as we're together he won't drink so I took him back - hopeful, once again that he'd conquer this illness... I think he made it 2 days... ANYWAYS - an ex-boyfriend got in touch with me on Monday, he called my work... pretty much told me he has never found anyone as fun as me, and pretty much wanted me to stay overnight with him in a Presidential suite. I said no, that I'm happy being "married" (we're not married - just a silly term we use for a ltr) He called me on my cell, yeah I told him to so I could take the phone call on my break. I then was honest with my "boyfriend" and let him know that yes, I had talked with so and so, but that I let him know I was still in a relationship and no, I wasn't going to meet up with him. Well, now my "boyfriend" I use this term loosely, is pissed. Saying that he needs to "think about my character" and if he wants to be with a cheater like ME!!! A cheater like me??!!! Ugh, whatever! Yes, I talked with an ex on the phone for about 20 minutes, mainly just catching up after I told him I wasn't available. I explained to my boyfriend that if I WASN"T honest with him THAT would be omission and thus, I couldn't be trusted - but that I WAS honest with him, told him I loved him about the call and that opportunities will always present themselves in life but what we do with those temptations that defines a person's character. I did not take my ex up on his offer, I told him I was still in the relationship AND told my boyfriend about it - that was it!!!! I can understand why he'd be UPSET that my ex-boyfriend wants me back, but not that he'd be pissed enough at ME to want to "think about whether or not he wants to be with someone like me". Am I wrong??? Was I wrong??? Am I THAT awful because I spoke with an ex on the phone??? Please tell me...
  21. boyfriend and i broke up 1 month ago..we both cried..and he said he would call me to keep in touch.I started to move on with no expectations.we were Very close, but couldn't seem to get it together because there was alot on our plates at the time and we are only 23, &24.well...he called me last night and we went out for coffee and just talked about our lives..WHY WOULD HE CALL ME AFTER A MONTHS TIME..does anyone have an answer as to why Ex boyfriend call their ex girlfriends back..he's making me miss him ALL over again..we really click and he's makin' me wonder what he's thinkin????
  22. I hope I'm not breaking any rules in posting a new topic... Here's the background- Well, he's mad... he found out I'm dating. I put in my blog that "I got another date" and he doesn't sound too happy for me He doesn't know that it's just an old friend and we're going to a movie. I did email him last night, it simply stated that I forgave him for the hurt he caused my daughter, and I forgave myself for allowing it to happen. In our emails I told him that was the only beef I had with him, and that in time it will be forgiven. Well, I was sick of hurting from it, even though my daughter still grieves his loss... so I forgave him. I thought maybe it would give him some closure because I know he doesn't want us to hurt anymore. He responded last night to that email that he didn't know if he should be reading into that (me forgiving him) and that he was glad that all was forgiven. I haven't responded to it yet. I mean, I meant what I said when I sent it... nothing more. Then at noon today he wrote that he "made the mistake of checking my blog" to figure out what my forgiveness email was about... and this- " I assumed since you sent me the link, that there wouldn't be anything in there that I really wouldn't want to see. Thanks a million. I don't think I'm justified in being an unhappy camper, or what my point is in telling you." I don't get it... I thought he wanted me to get over him? I haven't replied to any of those emails and I don't know if I should or not... prolly a mistake to send anything about finally totally forgiving him in the first place. SOS HELP! Should I keep my mouth shut or what? ...I do want him back but I've accepted that it won't happen.. ugh, I'm so confused!
  23. Hi everyone, It's been almost a year since I last spoke to my ex-boyfriend of five years. I have never stopped thinking about him though. Even though he had put me through tough times. In order for me to get over him I just left him alone for good. But we were also really good friends. Lately, I've been needing his friendship but his girlfriend now and soon to be the mother of his child does not like me because he was cheating on me with her. I recently sent him a tex message congrats. him and telling him that I hope I hear form him. He called me back the next day but I was at work, so I missed his call. I called him back and he was at home. I asked him if he was busy and he said no but he was at home and that he was going to get in trouble. He said he was going to call me the next day and he never did. It's been three day and no call from him. I feel bad because I really wanted to hear from him. I really miss his friendship. But I'm not going to call him again. I tried, I got the hint that he doesn't miss me as much as I miss him. What should I do? How can I get over it? Our friendship was like no one elses I have now?
  24. hello to you all i think this is stupid to ask but i do hope someone would give me some insights on my questions I am just wonderin which gender more likely comes back with their partner, Ex-Girlfriends or Ex-Boyfriends? if a girl tells you its "OVER" is it really over? or if a guy tells you its "OVER" is it really over also? is there any statistics for these things?
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