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  1. Ex-boyfriend broke up with me and lately, I feel like I've been the one who has been pushing for us meeting up. There have been some slightly positive signs of either friendliness or reconciling, we've been speaking on the phone for an hour (something we never used to do) a few times, checking in with each other over Christmas/nye and a few texts here and there. But he's happy to catch up but doesn't want to talk about us as he feels it'll drag things out/rehash things. "I was reluctant before because as I've said a few times it just feels like we'll be rehasing things again and drawing things
  2. So I just left a really awesome guy, he has caring, loving and attentive to me. That was never the problem, the problem was that he lied from the very beginning about how involved his ex wife is in his life. I helped him pick a house to move into in my city - thinking we’d be moving in together. Instead he informs me that his ex-wife will be moving in. He didn’t consult with me, or made sure I was okay with it and made the decision behind my back. So not only did he lie to me, he deferred to his ex and actually took her side against me all the time. Needless to say, I broke it off pretty
  3. Hello guys this is my second thered here, if you already know my ex bf breakup with me few weeks ago, I will take it short and ask for what I want to know now, so since the breakup he wanted to remain best friends as we used to be I agreed because I was afraid of making wrong decision , we talk daily and he said he still have feelings for me but he never bring the come back together thing , however I find myself thinking about him and what he is doing and wondering why he not talking if few hours passed, I also want to mention that I'm not sure if I want him back but this feeling makes me sad
  4. Hello everyone one, me and my ex boyfriend have been dating for 3 years almost , and were close friends for 1 year before we got into relationship, however few weeks ago my bf decided to breakup with me, after he said we want different things in life and future, for example I'm outgoing and like traveling, and he prefers a quiet family, however he said nothing is wrong with me, and just love is not enough, I'm really confused and don't know should I be working on getting him back or just let him go, I also want to mention that he wanted to still be close friends, and he talk to me daily, I don
  5. So my ex boyfriend had a new girlfirend but never metioned it to me. We had a very long relationship. He was always keeping in touch with me after the break up and sending me messages, even if i still had feelings for him i never sent him anything first. Its been long since we broke up and it was my choice. But as we kept in contact , i still harbored feelings for him and started to believe that at some point we can be together again (i didnt move to next relationship even if its been so long). He didnt know that i still want him. The reason that i broke up with him was that the relationship r
  6. me recently 35 and him almost 32)We were together 1,5 years together- broke up nearly 8 months ago due to the fact we both started traveling for work too much and hardly saw each other. We really never went NC- longest we have not spoken is maybe 2 weeks? I went on a couple of dates with diff guys - was not interested at all. and he admitted he downloaded tinder and spoke to 2 diff girls but never met in real life. He asked many times if i were sleeping with other men. Corona happened and we communicated much more- he even got me a thoughtful bday gift- something we could do together
  7. He wanted me back and wanted to meet up with me and when we met he talked about about our past relationship and asked if I have a boyfriend and if I still love him and that he didn't really wanna break up with and that he thinks that I rushed with the desicion to break up and stuff like that... I didn't really answer him at the moment about thoes things even though he insested that I answer and talk but the next day I thought about everything he said to me and texted him and explained to him eveything and told him that I do still love him and he replyed saying he likes me and cares about me ju
  8. A few days ago my ex boyfriend and I got into an argument (except he was kinda just talking at me while I was quite) and he ended up calling me a . I told him to get out of my car and I drove off. Initially he seemed sorry, and I guess he still does. It’s not that he doesn’t care about me either, he just has a really bad temper and can’t handle himself. I miss him a lot, and I love him a lot. But today he called me and told me that although he loved me, he was not going to change for me and that for me was just a clear sign that I have to move on. I so badly just want to call him and tell him
  9. It’s been a long time since I was last on here posting about an ex boyfriend. In an effort to get over THAT ex boyfriend I started dating someone else (big no no, I know). It wasn’t supposed to be a serious thing, but more of a fling. Well almost 3 years later and a rocky relationship, due to several factors, we broke up 15 months ago. Here’s the thing: I haven’t dated anyone seriously since. The person I’m attracted to is unavailable and the few dates I’ve had don’t really go anywhere. My ex still emails me professing his love and asking for another chance, and despite all the problems, h
  10. He literally hasn't missed A SINGLE story i have posted. He is usually one of the first one's who sees it and is number one on the list of views. He broke up with me 2 months ago, even though I didn't want to break up. Last time we spoke was a month ago. I have been doing no contact since then. Spent this time focusing on myself and bettering myself which is evident in my social media accounts. I just don't get why men do that? Does he still care? I know I wouldn't bother looking at my ex's social media if i didn't care anymore. He's haunting me.
  11. I really really really miss my ex boyfriend. We have been broken up 2.5 years and I can’t forget him, I have dated 2 other guys that were nice and funny but didn’t make me feel like he made me feel. I’m getting older (32) and worried that I’m still even thinking of him at all. He has reached out to me three times in the time we have been apart, the most recent was last November saying how he much he missed me and would love the chance to even just be friends, I was scared of getting hurt by him again so brushed it off again and said “maybe” and never got back to him . I don’t know, i know wh
  12. I do not know how to deal with my ex boyfriend anymore I dated him for a year and when we start to have misunderstading i found out i was pregnant we try to sort our differences but it get worst when i deliver he ask for a breakup but expect me to beg him and when i did not it become a problem help!!!
  13. Okay so a little bit of background incase you haven’t read any of my previous threads, thanks ;) So me and my now ex boyfriend broke up about 8 months ago now, we were together for 2 years and we were pretty serious. We still talked and tried to work things out until about 3 months ago when I found out he has a new girlfriend, it was quite sudden as I asked him frequently if anything is happening between them and he always denied until SHE texted me to leave him alone. Long story, we have eachother blocked on everything and haven’t been in touch and I’m feeling really good finally. Anyway, I
  14. I've been with my I guess ex for over 5 months and we love each other but most every time we fight it's centered around his best friend who I feel is very interpersonally ineffective. I feel like he always has some sort of problem with me whether it's my ex not hanging out with him enough, someting I said that he has interpreted negatively, accusing me of things I don't believe I have done etc. I try to be as calm as possible but last night I snapped because yet again my ex invalidated me and told me I was being ridiculous and that he didn't want another petty stupid irrelevant argument. I bro
  15. So me and my ex dated for a year and we've been broken up for almost 2 years. Our relationship is pretty complicated. So... I was his first girlfriend and we had a strong connection. We broke up because I hurt him really bad and we just went our separate ways. When we broke up for a whole year we would have sex and not speak to each other & then we will somehow see each other & not talk to each other etc. we stopped doing this since last year Christmas until now & I texted out of no where in June to see how he was doing. He would delay messages - and recently he called me at 6am &a
  16. My ex boyfriend dumped me a month ago now and i cant seem to move on. We blocked each other on everything but i dont know i cant control myself after a few days of fighting it i end up using another number to message him.. i know we are never gonna work because he cant trust me. He always accuse me of something that i havent even done. In my head all i want is prove to him that he was wrong all this time i been loyal to him..i really do love him and i want him back but i know it wont work. Please help me its like im going mental thinking of him everyday and some days i just had break down..
  17. So if you are like me, then you will hold on as long as you can to the one you love and don’t want to lose. You don’t even realize that you have let all yo ur self respect go out the window. Because you are determined to see any sign of it maybe working out! And if you are like me you also know that you hold on because you know that once you let go that will be the end and you will never go back. I posted on her about a week or so ago, and I took in the comments and advice. It helped me put things in perspective. And I got fed up quick with living with my ex. Because I was jumping
  18. Maybe some of you have read my previous posts and whatnot but the summary of it is im 18 and he is 19, we dated for three years and broke up almost 6 months ago. At first we became fwb but i broke it off in august/early September. Yesterday night my ex and I were talking (we have been in regular contact) and I asked how his party was on friday night and he said it was okay and admitted that while he was out at a party he realised how ungrateful he was. He has jokingly said “can i be your boyfriend” or maybe seriously im not sure but usually I brush it off. Yesterday he asked if we could go
  19. Last night- my ex boyfriend messaged me. We’ve been in an off and on again relationship for a while.. so I know I should not just jump back in and that I should take what he says with a grain of salt.. but what do you make of this ? [ATTACH]11588[/ATTACH] what should I do? All of me wants to message back.. but none of me wants to get hurt again..
  20. Day 7 of NC. And now I am so angry at him. All this while I cried. I felt bad he wasn't there. I spoke to his brother and he was like the entire family was wondering if you guys broke up. Because we had not made it official yet. I loved his family and they all loved me back. But after hearing this, yes blood is thicker than water. I know. I hate my ex. I hate he let me down infront of so many people we both knew. We are 21. I hate how used and abused I feel right now. I was just another girl. I could slap him now. there is so much anger. Is this good? What do I do?
  21. I know many of you are wondering what do I care (to an extent I still do) but why is my ex boyfriend lowered the tone for himself? He's had change of hairstyle and colour (he's middle-age, the haircut is for teens trust me) and dresses way too young for his age. Although he was abusive on many occasions to me, to the rest of the world, he was quiet, shy, calm, mild, - if not a little distant, unemotional and unattached. Now all he seems to be doing is threatening other people online (presumably to impress this young girl he's after) and swearing and name-calling extremely frequently.
  22. Hi, I was hoping you guys could help me out with a minor or major issue-only the future can really tell what the final outcome will be. First, I would like to say that my ex-boyfriend has shown up without informing beforehand to my classes and my car in the past. I was dumped this same month last year and my ex, who is 40 years older than me, actually contacted me the other day. I'm almost 25 years old, btw. may not sound like a big deal but he was so mad at me last year that he threatened me so I wouldn't contact him again; I respected his wishes. On that note, my problem is the fact that i
  23. It was his choice to break up. We don't talk. But recently I saw his profile pic and he still wears my ring. It was a bit loose. It fits in his thumb finger. He had always been careful so that it doesn't fall off while we were together. But even now why would he wear it?
  24. Me and my ex were together a year but have been very close for 3 years. This is my 1st proper relationship and his 2nd proper. We are both 17 (he's turning 18 soon). Throughout the time I've known him he was always a caring guy who always listened to me and helped me when I was upset etc, he used to spend time (especially at the start of the relationship) making me feel loved and wanted, he'd always compliment me and made me feel special. Whenever I was upset he would put on my favourite song and cuddle me until I was fine. However, he did have many bad aspects to himself which his ex girl
  25. Help please, I could really use some advice and reassurance. My ex boyfriend broke up with me back in June after dating for around 10 months. We are both early thirties by the way. From my perspective it was completely out of the blue as I thought everything had been going well (he had only recently properly introduced me to his mum etc). He couldn't really tell me what the problem was other than he didn't know if he felt strongly enough for me and thought I deserved more. It hit me hard, I cried, but I accepted it and didn't beg or anything. He wanted to be friends (and I believe he is ge
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