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  1. Long story. We do trips on acid which are beautiful and sensual. Weve been together 6 years and its the best relationship ive ever had. She tries to work on things and have our relationship be healthy. She deals with body issues and so do I. Most of the time we are symbiotic. She asked last year if her sister could move in because she was having trouble. She moved in july of last year and was supposed to leave october then december and now its in limbo but they are looking for an apartment. I said yes because duh family first. SO we had tripped on acid quite a few times before this situation.
  2. My fiancé and I have been together for almost 5 years and we got engaged a couple months ago before Christmas. When we first started dating, I never had any issues with his sister (I actually thought she was the coolest!). However, as time went on, I realized she really didn’t like me. She looked at me like the person taking him away from family because he was spending all his time with me (we moved in together, moved to another state together for work). She would make snide comments and just generally rude to me (to my face and behind my back). I let it roll off my shoulders because I’m not
  3. My girlfriend has been talking to an old friend of hers as she claims. The messages are very flirty and he thinks I'm just her baby daddy. She went to the bar with her sister the other day and I found out that afterthe bar, her and another friend went to a fire at his place, her and my girlfriend ended up in this guys room. He then decided to bang the one while trying to get his hands down my girlfriend's pants who then claims to have left. I feel the situation is in appropriate considering we have a child. She thinks I'm crazy for being upset. She didn't tell me any of this I was shown the m
  4. My sister dated a boy for about 2 weeks(broke up because of mutual agreement) this was a year ago and me and my sister know each others friends because we are close in age I've closely started liking him and he had told me he likes me but I never agreed due to it being my sisters ex also I didn't meet him because they were dating but also before that FYI but I dont know what to do and they still talk they are friends/enemies and she know he likes me but never said if she was cool with it
  5. My name is Rob, I'm 38 years old and live in NY. I'm incredibly sad due to my fiance leaving me, which was on November 9th, one month prior, my mother passed away from lung cancer. I was her caretaker. During this time prior and and after my mothers death I was very emotionally unavailable to my fiance, and couldn't give her the love and affection she deserved. I came home to find her gone, with our pet rabbit, yet all of her belonging were still there, her jewelery, family photos, diarys, and all of her clothing, her engagement ring. Amazon packages she had ordered are still arriving. Her wh
  6. I thought it would be interesting if i shared my story and then my day to day efforts to be with my exgirlfriend....you can share with me your thoughts of how i may have done well or poorly on a given day. Well, my story follows: We broke up officially on October 16, 2004. She moved out of our apartment at the end of September. She told me about her plans to move out on August 1, 2004. She said the reasons for moving out were: 1. we were having issues that seemed to get out of control since May and could not take a chance of signing a new contract to live with me while she attended a
  7. Let's just say that COVID-19 has made a lot of people do a lot of stupid things, and attempting to pull off double in-laws (not technically, as no marriage was involved but I don't know another term for one sibling pair dating another) was one of mine. The older couple has been together for ~18 months now, and the four of us have always been friendly but the crush is recent. The crush wore off recently, but her and I will always be friends. The older couple knows (but wasn't supposed to); crush (AFAIK) doesn't. I feel like things are SUPER awkward now between the four of us, especially since t
  8. My name is Rob, I'm 38 years old and live in NY. I'm incredibly sad due to my fiance leaving me, which was on November 9th, one month prior, my mother passed away from lung cancer. I was her caretaker. During this time prior and and after my mothers death I was very emotionally unavailable to my fiance, and couldn't give her the love and affection she deserved. I came home to find her gone, with our pet rabbit, yet all of her belonging were still there, her jewelery, family photos, diarys, and all of her clothing, her engagement ring. Amazon packages she had ordered are still arriving. Her wh
  9. My dad left me a tiny bit of life insurance money. There were 4 beneficiaries of the policy one being my dad’s youngest sister. One of the questions to claim the policy is they asked if the policyholder had at one time smoked. Now of course my aunt put yes , but that my dad quit in the 1980’s which he did. So now of course we all have to put that . My dad did not die of lung related illness but from kidney failure. Would that disqualify his policy?
  10. Disclaimer... my spell check add-on doesn't work on this forum and I'm about to leave for work so I don't have time to re-read everything. If there are mistakes, sorry. My birthday, my Mom's birthday, and my brother's birthday all fall within a week of each other. So my family usually gets together for dinner sometime that week to celebrate. Well, that get together is happening this weekend. My brother and my Mom have both met my girlfriend in passing. They haven't really hung out with her though, it was just a quick Hi nice to meet you kind of thing when they were at my house.
  11. Hi all, If you’ve been reading my posts you all know that I like to read too much into social media. I can’t help myself. My boyfriend and I have been together for 6 months. We’re Facebook official, and Everyone knows that we’re together. However, I happened to look on his ex girlfriends page and I can see that both of his sisters are still friends with her. They’ll comment on her posts telling her she’s beautiful, wishing her a happy birthday. My boyfriend isnt friends with her on social media, he’ll only talk of her occasionally, if the topic arises. He’s also told me that he used to think
  12. My fiance and I got engaged in February of last year before lockdowns after five years together. We had set the date to March of 2021, and I honestly thought things would be so much better by now. I thought I'd be able to have a normal wedding. Well, my town in Texas has rapidly climbed in hospitalization rate up to 31% and so many people either refuse to wear masks entirely or wear them really improperly. In September, my fiance and I and my mom and dad caught covid. He ended up taking a turn for the worse, and he was in the ICU for 7 days and in the hospital a total of 10. Thankfully, he pul
  13. So i've recently met a girl who i currently have strong feelings for. Lets call her N. She's my sister's classmate at university and i've seen her around for a little over a year but hardly ever talked etc as i had a gf then.. but since then ive become single. So anyway.. this all began about a month ago. My sister invited her to my bday party. I added her on FB and we began to hit it off. She would drive everyday to our office (where i work) every single day for 2 weeks even though she hated driving and just hung out with my sister studying or whatnot in my sisters room while i work. Messagin
  14. My mom and I are very close, but the roles have always felt reversed, which has totally drained me. I guess you can say we are codependent. Even when I was a kid, I felt it was my duty to look after her. My sister is 4 years older. I know the term “Narcissists” gets used a lot these days. But let me tell you, she truly truly is. I’ve studied Narcissists for years and she is IT to the text. I’d love to tell you about all the drama she and her family have caused in our family, but I’ll spare the details. She’s toxic, SNEAKY and full of JEALOUSY. I’ll leave it at that. Everyone in my fam
  15. Hi all! Sorry to bother you guys but I can't seem to understand the conveniences versus the negative impacts behind such initiatives and quite frankly I am appalled that members of my family (let alone anyone) would even lay a thought on using my diagnosis for their benefit. To give you a detailed description of the situation, my mum was talking to my Aunty (in-law) over the phone. My Aunty informed my mum that there is a particular service available for people with disabilities where a carer/companion can help out within the house as well as doing shopping (and probably other activities
  16. Hello! Wow, it’s probably been a good 7-8 years since I’ve been on here. I always would get sound advice on here, so I am glad to see this website is still up and running. It’s been a rough year for me. Laid off from my job in Nov 2017. Not a big deal to me. Was actively interviewing for opportunities when my father passed away in March unexpectedly. As his only child, everything got put on hold to take care of his estate. I received an inheritance of roughly 250k. This money was used to pay off my bills, my car, bought a new car, took a few vacations, and the rest has been put in
  17. M25 here I'm not good in writing such posts so I will get straight to the point. I'm having doubts, more and more doubts with the time passing by. Recently we started to argue more and more about 'little' things, at least thats how she sees it and that it is completely my fault. To make it clear, I'm not saying its just her fault. For obvious reasons lets name my SO (F20) as S, her sister (F17) as O and her SO (M23) as N, and my SO girl friend (F20) as J. I will start from the very beginning. It was all fine when we started dating and finally were officially together, she wanted me de
  18. So I wrote here before about my estranged half sister, if anyone cares to read the backstory about my first contact from her: https://www.enotalone.com/forum/showthread.php?t=526758 Now I am in a very good place in life. I moved out of my family home soon after that post, to start at a wonderful job and move into my own place. After a few months of a scary adjustment period, I finally felt safe and became completely independent from my parents, who then permanently moved out of state eventually. My relationship with them improved greatly, after naturally becoming less involved in their l
  19. So, this has bothered me for a long time and I dont know why. My younger sister is 31 and still lives in my parents basement. Doesn't pay for a damn thing, drives a brand new car, works part time (when she feels like it) and doesnt lift a finger around the house, at all. The worst part is, my parents think it's perfectly normal and okay for her to still be living in their basement because "it's harder for kids now adays to live on their own". That's their excuse.... I'm 33 and have been on my own since I was 19, I struggled yes, but it got me where I am today, which is a home owner, grea
  20. Hi! Gonna try getting this as short as possible. I will really appreciate all input. I've been best friends with my sister a big part of my life. But a few years back she just quit answering my calls, text, and would never call back. She got a new friend (which I was happy about, no bad feelings because we had an unbreakable bond) and it was when she started seeing this new friend she dissapeared on me. A few months later my life got really difficult because of my anxiety getting worse. I fell into servere depression.I would tell her how I felt and I how I just wanted some support and someone
  21. I met her through her sister, a good friend of mine, about 10 months ago. She lives out of state, I’ve seen her 6 or 7 times when she has come to visit her sister. I’ve been talking with her everyday now for about 8 months straight. We haven’t had sex, but we’ve made out a few times and I can’t explain how it feels when we’ve touched each other. We’ve both agreed that it’s not right to have sex while she is still married, but it’s weighing on us both because of the chemistry we share when we are around each other. We both get butterflies whenever we know we are about to see each other, and
  22. I cant sleep until I browse the net and found this site. Im so sad and hurt. My mom who is sick and still bedrest after her operation last month, she is crying and confessed to me that my younger sister and my husband have an affair. She told it to me the way that she is really sure of. She said to me that one time in the morning, she go downstairs and had to go to toilet. She saw my husband and my sister kissing infront of our main door house. She pretend she didnt see and went inside the toilet room . She then felt that two of them saw her. My mom felt that there is something wrong b
  23. I am on a journey of healing from abuse and in recovery from addiction. I have made strides and am feeling better than ever. My family won't let go. I am living with them at almost 30 years old, and as the scapegoat I am told that this is because I am too sick to take care of myself. That might be why I moved back home initially, yet that was YEARS ago--and since then I have completed a certification to change careers and paid off loads of debt. Plus I'm sober and the only one in my family in therapy (how is that possible). As I grow more and more capable, their sickness becomes more apparent.
  24. Hello all! I am new here. I am really rattled and angry because my supposed friend totally crapped on me for no reason I can think of. I was dating her brother for four years, her brother is an alcoholic and recently relapsed. She was ALWAYS telling me I could do better, he's an abuser, he's messed up, etc. She was never on his side. Well she hit a rough patch where she had to get an abortion (that's a long story) but only she and I knew about it because her family is very pro-life, so she felt that she could only turn to me. My LIPS were SEALED. I kept her secret, but her brother, the guy I w
  25. I’m wondering if I am making a big deal for being hurt that a trip to Vegas my sister and I were planning on taking together, my sister, instead, plans it with her boyfriend? Granted that she and I did not book anything, yet, we were just waiting for when she had the time and money. I booked a room for us to go this December, but something came up for her that she won’t be able to go. I cancelled the room. No problem. We then talked about going during spring break. Later, her boyfriend invites her to go on a cruise with him and his family during that time. She said it to me in passin
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