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  1. Here's my sob story in a nutshell: Tech geek for IBM. Live @ home with parents. 24 almost 25. Never been kissed or had a girlfriend. Acne. Been in all boy schools since 6th grade. I was sitting at home and it dawned on me. I'm 24. Almost 25. I don't have 1 friend that is still a virgin. I feel like a total loser. I have never asked a girl out though, and it is strange - it gives me comfort knowing that I have never been rejected but I will never get anyone to accept too. I was depressed after reading about the "Ladder Theory" .It seemed to ring true. No sexual experience. No dating or relationship experience. All I do for fun is hike, fish, or bike. I'm getting a personal trainer and joined a gym about 2 hours ago and trying to psych myself into making it a routine to eat healthy and work out constantly. I'm also going to see a shrink that a friend recommended to me as very competent. I need someone to talk to aside from posting my feelings on message boards. $180/hour though. There goes my tax refund. Anyways, how do you people find dates? Where do you go? Where do you look? I'm out of school and I can't imagine hooking up with a girl from a club or bar. I feel like a fish out of water. I always do.
  2. Don't take abuse. But don't dish it out either.
  3. Ignore this person. Don't even talk to her again. Find new friend. A good one.
  4. It's not that hard. College in the same town is good. If it were College far far away, that'd be a different story.
  5. I went through this. Still am. A good book for me is anything written by Vernon Howard.
  6. I heard he's controlling from a mutual friend, so you may be right. I think what I'll do is show up to her door with flowers and cake on her birthday. Just to see what happens haha.
  7. I'm come to realize that my own gut intuition is right 90% of the time. It may be the case. Now, I do think you should ask a bit more into it, but do it tactfully, because overt criticism/accusations will just put her on the defensive. Can't exactly tell you how to pry though...
  8. hmm, I really doubt she fancied me. I'm not the greatest look bird around. Acne and all. But I know she had some other issues before this. I've thought about it, and I've uncovered a bit more in my mind and things said before about what's been going on. I believe this is her ex and she has gotten back with him. Other than that, I still don't understand the secrecy. I'm a bit of a sleuth, so I think I can do a few things to surprise the hell outta her. But I may just say screw it.
  9. Yeah, maybe you're right. I just don't know if I should break off the friendship or not. I feel like I'm just some sort of chump to her. Like I wasn't even really a friend.
  10. I have weird situation going on: A friend has been lying to me and I don't get: why? My friend and I live pretty far from each other, and we usually communicate via Instant Messanging. For the past year, she's been living with some guy as roommates. I figured something was going on there, but whenever I asked her if she he was her boyfriend, she would just deny it. Anyways, she visited me last summer and just acted different. She wouldn't hug me anymore just act generally like she used to act. She was really reserved. I asked her about this and she told me that she was hit by someone on a date, and she now has issues with contact. (Mind you that she is 5'11" and has a 2nd degree blackbelt in Karate). Secondly, I just don't call her anymore. Whenever I did call her to see what's up, she never picks up the phone. Or she would pick up and hang up and turn it off. The only way I talk to her on the phone is if she calls me up. When I asked her about this, she tells me that she was just in an area of bad reception (her room). We've spoken when she was in her room before and reception is fine. Third, I wanted to send her a birthday gift and she told me to send it to her parents. She made up some far fetched story about her boyfriend not knowing their legal status in their apartment. Anyways, when I finally got her to admit she was in a relationship, everything just made sense. All the weird stories she made up. My only question is: Why? Why could she have just said "Hey, I'm in a relationship and it would be awkward when you contact me." Why did she just make up all these weird lies? I've written a thought out letter to her to basically tell her how I feel and how I'm ending our friendship, but I haven't sent it off yet. I have deleted her from my address book. I just can't figure out why a friend had to lie to me so, and why she would even talk to me, when most everything she talked to me about was just a lie? And recently, she even messaged me about travelling together abroad or at least come over to her place, but why? What the heck does she want from me? I feel like....a fool. Why all the lies? The truth would have just made sense. No wonder it's easier to get along with guys.
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