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  1. I'd have to see your interviewing skills too. The way you present yourself and the confidence you exude is a major influence on if you're hired. You're being a bit too down too...When I was your age, I did a lot of lowend jobs too. My first job was as a canvaseer for the Republican Party. 2nd job was as an arcade attendent. 3rd job was Loss Prevention/Security. 4th job was Data Entry. And on and on. Now I'm a Project Manager for IBM, and part-time real estate appraiser. When I first started working, I was making a few hundred a month. I make well over six figures now, but it took 7 years to get where I am. I picked up life experience, interview experience, and work experience along the way. In the end, it's all up to you. I'll just throw you some suggestions: 1.) Learn how to write up a resume. 2.) Learn how to dress for an interview. 3.) Practice public speaking skills. 4.) List what you're good at. Try applying to temp agencies. They'll help you out in a few ways that I listed, and they're good entry level starting jobs. Look up the following companies: Manpower, Apex Systems Inc, Apple One, Adecco, etc. Look up a staffing agency, and try your hand. I'd help ya out, but you gotta be so negative and defensive. You won't learn anything otherwise. Perk up, kid.
  2. I dunno what advice anyone on this board can give you. I think you need: 1.) To find a good therapist to work on your personal issues. 2.) You may need anger management class 3.) You possibly may need to go onto anti-depressents, if you aren't already. Don't fight me on this. You do need the above things.
  3. Cognative Behavorial Therapy. But you need to want to change. Do you feel happy the way you are?
  4. ENJOY IT MUH FRIEND. You're only old if you want to feel old. 21 is nothing. You can't even rent a car yet. You're still a baby to me d'awww.
  5. Do something called "Cognative Behavioral Therapy". If you have Kaiser Permente insurance, ask your psych about it. Also try picking up books by David Burns. Buy a cheap notebook and do the excercises.
  6. I get friends and associates into jobs all the time as long as I know their qualifications. Tell me about yourself and show me a sample resume. Tell me some positives about yourself. How do you dress and come off? Also, what kind of jobs do you NOT want aside from fast food? At age 18, with no job experience, your options are limited unless you gain a certifiable skill and/or have a social network. Tell me about yourself.
  7. I'm starting to learn, it's not so materialistic....unless you're going after a materialistic girl. I know a guy who lives with his parents, is 29, and dates a lot of women. 3-5 between any certain period. I'm 25, I live on my own, I'm wealthier than most people my age, and I'm in the same boat you are. It's a big boat Skooch on over
  8. Buy him a few cans of "slimfast" or a book about "ab dieting".
  9. I wouldn't because I think I'm physically ugly, but I like my personality )
  10. If you're serious about him in a relationship, this would be dangerous to do with your insecurities.
  11. Gotta nip it in the butt ASAP. I know a girl who started using drugs and had a clean boyfriend. She gets high a lot, their relationship fell apart fast, and she just does stupid things all the time. Probably has other psychological issues, but uses drugs as an outlet.
  12. That's interesting and sucky. Why do abused people go back into abusive relationships?
  13. How well do you know him? Is it that he's being turned off? Or is it that he's just too shy/closed about being more affectionate? If the latter is the case, it takes time for him to respond intime.
  14. Go out for Pho. Go out for Hiking. Go out for Kayaking. Go out for dancing. Go out for Sky Diving. Go out for sailing. I don't think you need to tell amazing stories per say. Just go out and do stuff. If you want a few stories to tell, then go volunteer for awhile for the firefighters or peace corps or something.
  15. It takes time and persistence. And as weird as it may seem, making random friends is also the best way to find good jobs. 70% of the jobs most people get are through references. Keep interviewing and working on your interviewing and job application skills. That's a skill in and of itself.
  16. It's hard. Real hard. It's gonna sting for a long time...
  17. I'm a guy who has no experience personally, but has learned much through read, observation, and listening to those who've had much more experience. Turns out: Good news: Turns out those kinda girls DO exist still in today's day and age. Bad news: It's a numbers game. And some jerk wad might have gotten to them first and have/are messing them up. See, jerk wads operate in way where they have no shame, so the numbers game is in their favor. They'll play the field and weasal out the good women, while guys like you don't date as much and keep trying to make your relationships work when you're not with the best possible gal for you. Remedy: Hell, I have no idea. Maybe make the numbers game go into your favor by dating a lot in college, joining lots of clubs, being social, volunteering, church grouping, getting a seasonal job @ banana republic or some chic store, and just getting your face out there. I've acctually read somewhere that women try harder to find men. Many women will acctually flock to jobs where they think they'll have chances of meeting eligible men.
  18. It's a valid concern. I know one guy who's a player, but he's an honest player, and all his girls know that they're not the *one*. However, you suspect but didn't really know. So accusing him, if not true, kinda puts him into a spot where he then has to defend himself when he really hasn't done anything. Not a confortable position
  19. If you're a woman, online dating will be a boon to you. Just follow precautions and learn how to use pepper spray just in case. As for men......good luck.....lol.
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