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    on line sex

    This thread is 5 years old haha and the person who started it joined enotalone in 1978???!!
  2. I know this is an old thread but if the original poster is still about, how did things turn out? is your friend okay?
  3. Im sorry too. Feeling angry is normal, its part of the grieving process. You will experience a whole mix of different emotions. Its good that you are feeling something and not bottling it all up. Take comfort that your father passed peacefully, it sounds like he went in his sleep. Im sure the doctors did their best for him. He was elderly and you are lucky that you were so close and he was there for you while growing up. Take comfort that his suffering is now over and he is at peace. I lost my father very young, he was only 44 and me and my brother were just kids. I too blamed the hospital but now im older im sure that they did all they could for him. My thoughts are with you and your mother at this sad time xx
  4. I split up with my boyfriend recently, he has just asked me this via an email. I was horrified that he thought so little of me and it made me wonder if the whole relationship to him was just about sex. I think if you did ask her, be prepared for a big fat NO. Especially if you wanted something more serious, she might not want to encourage you. But who knows she could say yes, if you dont ask you dont get! I think its a bad idea sleeping with an ex though, as more often than not, one person will have stronger feelings than the other, and someones gonna end up getting hurt.
  5. And change your phone number too! I think you definitely made the right decision here, he has issues and you dont deserve to be on the recieving end of them.
  6. Aaah Houdini, thankyou for giving me a male perspective. I guess i never thought of things from his point of view. The reason we split up was because he showed me a side i didnt like when he was drunk. He lives in the same town as me, so i cant get my head around the fact he has not been to see me in person to apologise or even spoken to me on the phone. I tried to call him but he wouldnt pick up, so the only communication we have had has all been done via text messaging and emails, which is just ridiculous for two fully grown adults!! I guess i was expecting a fairytale ending where he would come round, apologise, kiss me to death and everything would be alright!! Had he done this within the first couple of days, we probably could have worked things out. I guess i have been stubborn and hardheaded like your ex, but i feel he was the one in the wrong and that is why i have expected him to make the effort. But emails are impersonal to me and just dont cut it, and the suggestion of calling him for no strings sex says it all really, sex is all he probably ever wanted from me. Sorry if im coming accross as a spoilt brat here lol! And Bataya33... okay hands up, fair do's i WAS confusing "normal" with "typical".
  7. I dont think you're stupid. just still in love with her and hanging on with every hope. I feel for you, i think we've all been there at some point in our lives. I know i have. Maybe you'll never know why, but it sounds like her feelings for you changed and she simply isnt the one for you. Dont try and second guess her emotions, and over analyse the things she says to you, because it sounds as if she is trying to let you down gently to me. You've done really well for four months, thats great that you haven't gone back to your old habits and you have a new career to look forward to. From experience on/off relationships dont work out for me, i only go forwards and onwards now! never go backwards. Look to the future, all sounds bright for yours x
  8. Aha i suppose it does sound bad, but over here in the uk its the norm im afraid! He doesnt drink in the week, just likes to go out with his mates on a saturday. I think the terms binge drinking? He's not an alcoholic though and yeah i guess im best off out of this one.
  9. Bataya he got drunk every weekend, which wasnt really an issue to me, I enjoy a social drink myself. He works hard and thats how he chooses to unwind at the weekend. The problem i had was his abusive behaviour when drunk, which made me call things off. I only saw this behaviour once, but it was enough to put me off! I was having doubts thinking it was just one mistake,i was too hasty, maybe we can fix things. Mavis i dont know why i posted it in this section lol I was just having a rant! I was seriously considering trying to sort things out with him until that last email i received. That makes me mad too...email. Big red flag in my books. I want a man who has the balls to speak to me, he's had all this time (if he loves and misses me so much) to pick up a phone or better still knock on my door and tell me that in person! I guess im relieved now and can move on properly. No more what ifs, we werent meant to be end of! If he wants a f*** buddy good luck to him, it wont be me though thats for sure.
  10. I used to read Buster, The Beano and The Dandy when i was a lass!
  11. A few weeks ago i split up with my boyfriend, we had a lot of history together (known each other 10 years+) we had been in no contact up until this weekend. I had been having serious doubts about wether we should have split up, if i was too hasty, should we try again? etc. I have thought about him every day, everything reminds me of him, songs on the radio, things at work (we both have the same career!) just everything triggers memories and although i was seriously considering getting back together, i never contacted him. Last night i received an email from him, telling me he loves me and misses me so much. I was sooo happy to read that. I replied this morning telling him i missed him too and maybe i was hasty in the way things ended but im soo confused right now, my heads a mess. Then i get one back saying he was drunk last night and hopes we can be friends, he hasnt called because he deleted my number, but if ever i want no strings sex to give him a call!!!! Needless to say i havent replied to that, and dont intend to. The thing that gets me is we havent spoken face to face, or over the telephone, about any of this (the whole breakup) It was all done over emails and txt messages, yet he lives 5 mins away from me!! Im 27 and he's mid 30's for gawds sake, its ridiculous! I guess i feel a bit better now because my doubts have gone and i guess i DID make the right desicion.....ok rant over now.....
  12. Maybe someone was watching HIM??? like his girlfriend perhaps?! I wouldn't worry about him, he sounds like a bit of a player for getting your phone number so quick. No offence but i wonder how many other girls numbers he got that night?! Dont let him make you feel unnattractive, im sure your not! Chin up and onto the next one lol
  13. My daughters 7 and my sons 4 and they make me laugh so much. Just recently i split up with my boyfriend and was really worried about how they'd take it. My daughter hugged me and said "its ok mum he had wonky teeth anyway" LOL I guess im lucky as most of my friends have kids too, its nice to catch up and watch all our children play together. I forgot to mention playdo haha, mmm i love the smell of that stuff!
  14. In the past when ive been in serious relationships and had sex without condoms, i love it when a man comes inside me! Maybe not everyone can feel it, but i certainly could. It used to trigger my orgasm off. But like other people have said, you have to watch out for unwanted pregnancies and STDs.
  15. Hey im a single mum with 2 little cherubs! Its hard work sometimes but rewarding We're into arts and crafts at the moment, the living room ended up covered in feathers last night! We bake cakes and go into town to feed the ducks a lot. Ive found you dont have to spend a lot of money to keep small minds amused. Board games as well, we love those. My daughter had a limbo game for her birthday (how low can you go?!) Thats good fun, they find it rather amusing to see mummy in a heap on the floor! I woke up on saturday morning to find my son was BRIGHT yellow, from head to toe...he'd coloured himself in with a felt tip pen. After i'd told him off he looked up at me with puppy dog eyes and said "But mum...I just wanted to be like Homer" Hahaha kids, you gotta love em!
  16. You never know she might have been waiting for you to make a move! Drop her a line if thats the only way you can do it and tell her how much you've been thinking about her. I've got a cyber buddy who i've never met, but he doesnt live very far away. We chat online frequently and swapped phone numbers etc. Just recently i realised i like him a lot more than a friend. It IS scary to initiate something romantic in case i spoil our friendship, so rather than be direct, im testing the waters at the moment and have stepped up the flirting with him (to which he seems to be responding, but maybe im misinterpreting things) We've chatted online for months now and he asked me out once, but the timing was off, i'd just started dating someone so i couldnt go. I hope he gets my hints and asks me again!
  17. Yes my mum was with me at both of my births, she waited outside in the corridor for my first child but i wouldnt let her escape for the second one, she was with me every step of the way for that one! She was glad she stayed and said it was the most amazing experience of her life
  18. I would say its a good sign he likes you, kind of like marking his territory by using that kind of body language!
  19. Sorry to hear what your going through. As i understand, the herpes virus can lay dormant for a long time without flaring up. When it does flareup i believe you can be lucky and have just the one outbreak or it can be the opposite and you can be prone to regular flareups. I think its only contagious if there are blisters and sores present at the time of body contact? But this is just from what i read on google im no doctor! That girl really should have told you beforehand. I would say as you used a condom you are likely to be pretty safe.
  20. Welcome to wee wee world haha!! When the head engages it makes you feel like you need to pee all the time as your bladders getting extra pressure on it. Not long to go now hazey amber, good luck
  21. Sorry orlander but everything you said in your post answered your own question really. She must be mad to choose a tv show over dinner with you! Ditch her, fly over to the uk and i'll take you for dinner instead lol
  22. Same here, its been a week since things went down the pan for me and my boyfriend (ouch...ive gotta stop calling him that) Im feeling really sad today and cant stop thinking about him. And yes im having a lot of regrets, im starting to think i gave up too easily on him. He made one mistake and i walked because of it instead of trying to work things out.
  23. Right now im feeling horrible. Im feeling confused, and wondering if i made the right desicion or if i was a little too hasty. It's early days since we broke up and im starting to doubt my desicion and keep thinking what if we could have worked things out, maybe discussed things better, what if he was the ONE and i gave up on him too easily? Aaaagh, i think i prefer getting dumped? aaaagh the're both horrible......im becoming a nun
  24. have you tried using ice cubes? suck it first (the ice cube that is lol) then gently tease it over her, she might like it.
  25. Okay another tactic haha! Pee him off by constantly talking about your boyfriend, how fab he is and how much you love him etc! He'll soon get the message and start bugging someone else.
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