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  1. I split up with my boyfriend recently, he has just asked me this via an email. I was horrified that he thought so little of me and it made me wonder if the whole relationship to him was just about sex. I think if you did ask her, be prepared for a big fat NO. Especially if you wanted something more serious, she might not want to encourage you. But who knows she could say yes, if you dont ask you dont get! I think its a bad idea sleeping with an ex though, as more often than not, one person will have stronger feelings than the other, and someones gonna end up getting hurt.
  2. And change your phone number too! I think you definitely made the right decision here, he has issues and you dont deserve to be on the recieving end of them.
  3. I used to read Buster, The Beano and The Dandy when i was a lass!
  4. I had a boyfriend a couple of years back, who used to say things like this. We dated for about 2 months. One day he was meant to be coming round mine and didnt show up. I called him...no answer....so i text him...no answer. I never saw or heard from him ever again! And no he's not dead haha cos my mate still sees him round town! I'm not saying that this is going to happen to you, but i would trust your instincts, they never fail.
  5. You dont say if your male or female? I would just recommend experimenting, everyone is different so just do what feels nice for YOU. If you find something that feels nice, keep on going with the same rythym and you'll be in for a very pleasant surprise haha!
  6. Aaaah congratulations, well done you! I agree with everyone else Benjamins a lovely name. My first child was born on Feb 7th, when they're older they'll get lots of birthday presents, then a week later its valentines day Sorry to hear about the father and meddling mother in law. Obviously they want to see your baby, but there are better ways to go about it and you dont need stress right now. Think very carefully about giving your son his surname. Both of my children have my surname as their father made it very clear we would never be married. I didnt want to go through life with different names from my children. All the best and enjoy these precious, early days with your new son
  7. What the heck is poking?!! Over here in the uk it means something ENTIRELY different to what i think you mean lol
  8. Well me personally, ive had bad on/off relationships in the past so now i tend to go forwards and not backwards, but thats just me! I suppose if you give it another try and it doesnt work out, you wont be left wondering "what if?" and you never know it might work out this time. Its up to you at the end of the day, if you want to take her out, go for it!
  9. Hi, ive been lucky enough to never suffer from frostbite, so dont know much about it! When i was a kid and used to come in from the cold, i used to put my hands on the radiator to warm up. My mum used to tell me off and say "Dont do that you'll get chillblains" Dont ask me what they are either haha cos i dont know! Sorry im not much help here am i?! lol Hope you feet feel better soon, until then its a good excuse to put em up!
  10. LMAO!!! Ive never heard that before, but i am soooo using that from now on hahahahaha!!! As for the original poster i have to agree with desert_rose26. I think that If she was really interested, she would see that she had a missed call and she would have rang you back. Well thats what i would have done anyway.
  11. Sounds like it was just a bit of fun, yeah maybe could be called flirting, i wouldnt class you as a player though! If anything, the phrase i would use is being a tease I disagree with ghost69 there, its not being whorish....she kept her clothes on!! Why does his opinion bother you, do you like this "steve"??
  12. He sounds like he wants to get to know you better, now you've had that first convo it should be easy to strike up other conversations with him in future. If you want to know if he has a girlfriend, why not say something next time you see him like "How was your weekend? Did you and your girlfriend have fun?" If he's single he'll correct that statement and if he's taken you'll know by his response.
  13. Hmmm i wouldn't ask her out in an email, but thats just me personally. I would prefer to be asked out in person. I suppose you could exchange a few friendly, flirty emails first though, to test the waters? see what sort of response you get from her. When i was that age, i didnt have a computer, but if i did, i would have probably shown the email to all my friends (us girls are like that!) so bear that in mind if you do decide to do it via an email.
  14. well you'd look pretty silly for wasting police time, filing a report because you had sellotape on your handbag. I really think this thread is getting out of hand, and like aqua said, you can have the last word now. All the best aqualibre777
  15. Sheeesh, this girl has had SIX pages of people telling her off over something that was a JOKE!!! NO harm was done people, everyone stop stressing! Whats done is done, she cant take it back. Theres another thread on here where a girl has KEYED her boyfriends car, that topic only has 2 pages???!?
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