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  1. You have to let me know if you do that! It's true - the economy out here is booming. I think it's one of the only places on the planet where you can say that right now. We live in a bubble. Both Alberta and Saskatchewan are doing well. Edmonton had the highest job growth in all of Canada over the past year. If you wanted to get back into the health care field, this is probably a great place to do it. link removed I don't think there is a large pool of qualified nurses left on the market, which probably means you'd have a great chance of landing any nursing position you applied for.
  2. You're not renting out your house? I can relate - my husband hasn't been able to find a job here so we'll be spending a few months in his city, paying rent and a mortgage on an empty house. It sucks!
  3. Are you still living on the base, Vic?
  4. I would think a "wedding weekend" would be fun for pretty much everyone but the couple. Generally eloping is the sane thing to do. A wedding evening is bad enough, let alone a weekend.
  5. a wedding weekend sounds fun! Maybe if you had been more drunk, the drunk guys would have seemed cooler. It's all relative after all.
  6. Ahahaha! I want your family! We have some special people too but I think the swan story is gold.
  7. Well happy birthday to the special boy. We only had about 20 people at my daughter's last bday but the stress almost killed me! I was so flustered, I fOrgot to sing happy birthday when I brought the cake and my 3 yr old daughter had to remind me. How embaraasing All that matters is that everyone has a good time though. I'm sure it will be great!
  8. This isn't your party - so whose party is it?
  9. Yeah, I don't know what kinds of heels she's referring to exactly. Of course some shoes look like they belong in a strip club and nowhere else. But that's going toward the extreme. I wear heels - some quite high and others not so much - almost every day. I don't wear super tight clothes, low cut tops, tonnes of makeup, etc. I'm pregnant right now and I LOVE the look of a pregnant woman in nice heels. It makes me feel great. The key is to try on lots of different pairs, walk around in them, and don't take a pair home unless it feels really comfy. It may also take a while to break th
  10. I recently read this. I found myself skimming through the first part of the book, as it was so monotonous inside the Room and I quickly grew tired of the childrens' games. The second and third part were great though.
  11. I was checking out the LS+OG blog and I'm having a hard time understanding why you two can't be together. There are all sorts of option for OG to either go to school in England or work in England, in the meantime, until she's able to stay permanently. Why not just apply to a school in England? Or get an employer to sponsor her?
  12. It seems like the person they are truly angry at is their father. You are a scapegoat. I don't know what happened with Jesse's previous relationship but clearly the family isn't ready to come to terms with the fact that only Jesse and his ex are responsible for that. It's easier to put that on you. There's nothing you can do to fix it, though. Jesse has to make it right on his own.
  13. Maybe you're pregnant. Haha, just kidding. I almost started crying at least 5 times today, mostly over news I heard on the radio. Cheer up. Tomorrow will be better. What can you do to brighten your day? I know when I feel down I like to create something. Do you have a camera? Maybe go on a walking tour of your city and take random photos of things that make you laugh, get them printed out, and make them into a little book. Or plant something. I visited a greenhouse yesterday and it lifted my broken spirits. Go to the dollar store and buy canvas and paint?
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