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  1. I recently read this. I found myself skimming through the first part of the book, as it was so monotonous inside the Room and I quickly grew tired of the childrens' games. The second and third part were great though.
  2. Four years goes by so quickly, doesn't it?
  3. As with most things in life, both are good in moderation and both are disasterous when abused.
  4. The less often you wash your hair, the less oily it will become over 2 days. It adjusts to your washing schedule. I only wash my hair every 2-3 days, which some people might find gross, but it doesn't look oily and I always put product in to keep it smelling nice. Aveda sells this powder that you can sprinkle on your roots to soak up the grease and give you volume if you want to transition to washing your hair less often. You know, you don't have to get your hair wet each time you shower. Invest in a shower cap.
  5. I'm testing out the new forum features and you seem like the perfect candidate ;)

  6. apparently the study people did a study and found that we have a limited amount of self-control. In other words, if you restrain yourself in certain parts of your life, you will let loose in others. Decide what is really important to you and focus on controlling that. Let yourself enjoy life. Potatoe chips are yummy.
  7. I'm not surprised by the statistic on sexless marriages. Sex is something that's very intimate, exposed, makes you vulnerable. If you've fallen out of love with each other or have lost trust in each other, sex would be quite uncomfortable, to say the least. We do it whenever we can (read: whenever the baby is sleeping and we're both awake!) Not that you guys want to know this or anything, but we just had a quicky on the sofa - 4pm. We take it when we can get it. Anywhere from 2-5 times a week, I guess.
  8. In response to the original post (which I do remember from WAY back), I would think that the great majority of straight men would say, "no way, not in a million years". But if they meet one, get to know her, and fall for her, I bet many (or even most?) men would give it a shot.
  9. Who suggested this - you or him? Is it truly something you`d like to try? If so, I think you should go ahead and try it. You`re still young. There`s still lots of time for you to learn from your mistakes and grow as a person. There are couples out there who are happy and secure in their relationships, and are able to integrate open intimacy. You need to find the lifestyle that`s right for you. Strangers on a forum can`t know what`s right for you.
  10. aha! sounds like fun. Lemme see what kinds of old dirt I can dig up...
  11. I'm hoping they've figured out by now whether the guy is gay or not.
  12. video game controllers that vibrate are fun.
  13. I'm scared for you, BTR. I don't think I'd be trying to breastfeed again after all that, even if the doctor said it was best.
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