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  1. You have to let me know if you do that! It's true - the economy out here is booming. I think it's one of the only places on the planet where you can say that right now. We live in a bubble. Both Alberta and Saskatchewan are doing well. Edmonton had the highest job growth in all of Canada over the past year. If you wanted to get back into the health care field, this is probably a great place to do it. link removed I don't think there is a large pool of qualified nurses left on the market, which probably means you'd have a great chance of landing any nursing position you applied for.
  2. You're not renting out your house? I can relate - my husband hasn't been able to find a job here so we'll be spending a few months in his city, paying rent and a mortgage on an empty house. It sucks!
  3. Are you still living on the base, Vic?
  4. I would think a "wedding weekend" would be fun for pretty much everyone but the couple. Generally eloping is the sane thing to do. A wedding evening is bad enough, let alone a weekend.
  5. a wedding weekend sounds fun! Maybe if you had been more drunk, the drunk guys would have seemed cooler. It's all relative after all.
  6. I recently read this. I found myself skimming through the first part of the book, as it was so monotonous inside the Room and I quickly grew tired of the childrens' games. The second and third part were great though.
  7. It seems like the person they are truly angry at is their father. You are a scapegoat. I don't know what happened with Jesse's previous relationship but clearly the family isn't ready to come to terms with the fact that only Jesse and his ex are responsible for that. It's easier to put that on you. There's nothing you can do to fix it, though. Jesse has to make it right on his own.
  8. I like to see Camilla at royal engagements. I think it's romantic that Charles fell in love with a less than attractive woman (thus proving that beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder). The Charles and Camilla story is a messy one but now that the dust has settled, that couple stands proud and in love. I think it's the ultimate story of romance.
  9. That sucks. If I lived on base, we'd go for a walk and I'd cheer you up. Hope your day gets better!
  10. Oh, that's just awful. I had a dream last night that I was at some kind of huge conference and all my classmates from high school were there. Someone started mocking me over the speakers and the crowd started cheering. I tried to defend myself and they booed me. It sucked. Do you often have suck scary dreams Victoria?
  11. Pregnancies have a funny way of influencing your decisions.
  12. No, he doesn't sound like a bad person at all, or at least you don't portray him that way.
  13. I know for both my mother and my grandmother, their first marriage was terrible, the second was wonderful and the third was just companionship. I think a lot of first marriages can be pretty unfulfilling because, when you got married, you just didn't know yourself well enough to know what you would need in a partner over the span of several decades.
  14. Oh, I completely agree with you that there's no point trying to force someone to live their life according to your standards or according to what's convenient for you. But doesn't that go both ways? You're still young, Victoria. And I haven't seen your picture but somehow I have this idea that you're quite a looker. Now is probably a good time to release yourself from this "arrangement" and find someone to grow old with. Modern medicine is such that you're probably about half way through your life right now. Wouldn't you like to live the next half with someone who will be home to laugh at your jokes in the evenings? Your son is old enough now and the father-son bond is strong enough now that their relationship will be solid regardless.
  15. No, I totally agree. That's why I asked. It was a genuine question and I really didn't mean for it to sound like an accusation. I apologise.
  16. Did you ask him to bring you back something special at least?
  17. Well, what's the background here? Have you ever given her reason not to trust you? Are you interested in someone at work? Or has your wife always been jealous? I'm not accusing you, obviously, since I know nothing about your situation. But from my experience, the flirty men at work are usually the ones with jealous wives. No surprise there.
  18. I hope they can find peace. Last year a toddler was killed when a relative backed up in the driveway. It actually didn't happen too far from our home. My heart just broke for the family.
  19. Yeah I heard about the little boy in Quebec. So sad!
  20. You're his mom. Only you know what's best for him. You wouldn't want to become a foster mom? How about even short term? They need a safe home for the child to spend the first few nights after being removed from a bad situation, until they can find a long term solution. I always thought that you feel really rewarding. Being there for a child when they really need a haven. You would probably be awesome with a kid like that.
  21. I'm horrible to be around today as well. I think I scared everyone off from my thread. oops. Tomorrow will be better.
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