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  1. Nope, I am just so relieved that my back pain is going away. I don't tend to associate massages and sexual arousal together even if it does put you in a situation where you are undressed and touched.
  2. B is probably the most figure flattering of the bunch - I didn't think most men would like that style though. I know my boyfriend wouldn't asides from the boobs.
  3. Now i am just plain confused as to where people are seeing the hair.
  4. I still think for men, option A is the better fit than the one piece black dress. The black dress is really nice - that's not what I am saying (as I am a girl and love it). It's just less form fitting if you know what I mean.
  5. Hahaha! That just reminds me of my older thread about St-V on facebook. I think it's now clear that some people over share I usually get the guys who want to marry me inappropriately early also. I can't stand clingy guys, but I guess my independent attitude sort of draws them in. It definitely has it's downfalls though, even though it seems flattering probably from your side. At first the guy is intriguing and appealing, but he really turns into a cow fly - which probably means I have manure all over me. They just question everything you do and don't let you breathe at all - and get
  6. I agree with the parties which say it's the least interested party which holds the cards - not necessarily the woman. The advantage which most women hold is that they may not be so anxious to jump in bed, and therefore become less vulnerable at the beginning. I notice that my friends which jump into bed very fast and become emotionally needy, usually end up as the weaker person in the relationship. It's really how you play the dance which will determine where you stand.
  7. There seems to be three different opinions about the subject on this thread: 1. Guys should always open doors, it is expected. 2. If the guy or the girl opens the door, it is nice, but not expected. 3. Girls or guys should never open a door for one another because 'we are equals'.
  8. No i agree. Having to wait for someone would be insulting and unpractical. I wouldn't mind for him to get it sometimes. I would definitely get his if he would let me but he gets out of the car faster than I. If I am stuck in the back seat with the child lock on, then I'd rather that he opens the door for me every single time. I don't really like performing car seat jumping with a dress lol. Sometimes I wonder if some women do these tests on purpose early on in the relationship?
  9. Nahn, I just like to give myself more credit than I deserve. (Don't take my comments seriously
  10. Well, I figured men always offered to open doors to do one thing. So take it as a compliment
  11. As opposed to the old dated tradition of women opening doors for men? I'm just poking fun at you. But yeah ok, it seems fairly consistent in the sense that you would expect not to let women open doors for themselves.
  12. I admit my question wasn't intended to be based in reality - it was a hypothetical situation - but that doesn't make it pointless. What if you were no longer with your wife (after enough healing and etc...) and your new date would have performed this? I would assume you would have told her not to as you are 'equals', is that correct?
  13. Pfftt... stop avoiding the question. Fine, what if your wife opened car doors for you during the entire time you've dated until now. Would you tell her tomorrow to stop doing it?
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