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  1. So I have an appointment set up tomorrow to do coolsculpting for this double chin I swear just grew in the past two years after my second kid. I'm not going to lie; with two kids, it's been a wash rinse repeat day to day, with very little time for myself. I usually just go with things after some thought, but I'm having second thoughts on coolsculpting. My husband said if I kick start my metabolism, I can get rid of the double chin in a few months with exercise. Is this true, or do I have this chin from age (turned 40 on Monday), and just fat build-up that won't go away with diet and exer
  2. Hey everyone, Not sure if this is an exercise in futility, but I just wanted to comment that as a recent returnee after around a year, I have noticed a significant uptick in what appears to be biased and unwarranted attacks in some of the replies here, including from some longer serving members. This is across several threads as well directed at a variety of OPs and members. I just want to express my disappointment, as when I first discovered this forum I got a lot of positive and constructive feedback, which I really feel helped me. However, I am now reluctant to continue posting or re
  3. Hi all, This is an update on what has happened to the relationship discussed here: https://www.enotalone.com/forum/showthread.php?t=565191& I have maintained my decision not to have any sexual contact or activity with the lady in question. I also told her that I'm not ready for a serious relationship due to my poor mental health, and the fact that I just can't handle the lows and struggles that a serious relationship brings. I told her that we can continue to love each other (as friends). She cried profusely, and I felt absolutely terrible even though I think it was probably the r
  4. hello, idk how to properly start, i just really need to rant right now stuck in quarantine, I have to do college thru online meetings and unfortunately im doing it from home, with my family. which doesnt necessarily unsupportive, BUT this house dynamic just went banana when I'm home. I mean, basically I've never stay at home more than a month (because I study in other city) and now its almost 6months, I really feel like this house is full of people who needs therapy. my mom lash out everytime i do OR dont do chores. If I do, it never meets her 'standards' if I dont, she questions my purp
  5. Hi everyone, I'm in a bit of a transition stage in my life at the mo and to cut a long story short I've moved in with my mum for a few months while I get money together for a house deposit and find a decent place. We have always had a strained relationship but it has gotten better in recent years. When I was growing up she was very critical of me and made daily comments about how I looked, especially my weight. I have carried a bit extra for most if my life except for a couple of stages where I lost an extreme amount of weight in extreme ways. I have recently put some weight back on and
  6. So this is embarrassing my iron infusions did take. I misunderstood her when she said levels were still high she was referring to other labs. I saw her this past Monday. I actually gained 3 liters of iron in my blood I had been missing. She’s rechecking the iron to make sure it sticks six months from now. I still feel sick and my joints and fatigue is still really bad! I see primary and endocrinologist and getting a referral too rheumatologist! The hematologist was thinking bone marrow biopsy if my iron depletes in six months. But luckily I don’t have to deal with that right now.
  7. I just wanna talk about this because it's horrible. I took some antibiotics had a pretty bad reaction to. I thought my ex gave me an STD because even though we were broken up we were still having sex but he said he only received a blow job. But I looked up only and I thought I had herpes(even though I had no bumps and I went on a health forum and they told me it could be it). So anxiety was through the roof and it made me have a really bad flare it a really bad one (I have lupus). For the last year all of my test have come back normal. So then why does my vagina burn almost every day? W
  8. I’m starting my third week of no carbs and no sugar. I’ve been exercising 4 times a week and stayed active every day. The only carbs I eat are from vegetables. I’m a little disappointed that I haven’t lost any weight. I need to lose 10-15 pounds and I’ve seen no change even though I’ve drastically changed my diet and workout routine. Any advice?
  9. My partner (we are a lesbian couple) is 5'7" and 170lbs, used to be an athletic US Marine. She is very self-conscious about her weight gain the past couple years. I tell her I do not care what the scale says, and I am being genuine. I love her just the way she is and just want her to be happy. She frequently talks about wanting to go on a diet and exercise plan, but implies in order for her to go through with it, I have to do it with her. Issue is, I am 5'3" and 108 lbs and don't have much weight to lose. My metabolism is just higher than hers. I have no issue picking up my exercise game
  10. I’m not exactly sure if this is the best place to ask for advice, but It’s one of the only places I know so I’ll just go for it. So to start off, I’m an 18 YO guy and I just started going to the gym about a month ago. At the moment, I’m pretty skinny and still figuring out the gym. While I was doing an exercise, a man who appeared to be about 40ish cane up to me and asked if he could show me a better one. I said of course and he even showed me a few more. He mentioned he could lift more back when he was serving in the army, with my dad being a vet, I decided to ask him a few more questions and
  11. I'm 22 years old, 5'5 and my weight is teetering on 100 pounds. I've been thin my whole life and no matter how much I eat, my body just won't store any fat. It's really bringing down my self-esteem, especially since being super curvy is very "trendy" now and I'm the odd one out. I'm a size zero and have barely any hips, thighs or breasts. Everywhere I go people make insulting comments about my weight. A few months ago I walked past a group of guys and overheard them say I look disgusting... Everyone from total strangers to close family members comment on it. My doctor has even question
  12. Yesterday I started my new diet regimen. A while back, in March-May, I underwent an extensive change in diet and started to exercise intensely. I went from 128-113 in less than 45 days. Two months later, I stopped and started eating normally again. Now I weigh 119-120 and hope to start cardio, walking long distances and HIT again. I hope to get to 110 in the next 45 days. Will be posting what I eat daily, and my exercise routines. If anyone's also hoping to lose weight for christmas, it's a good time to start now! I hope to stick this out until Christmas. Today's breakfast:
  13. hi everyone, I feel like I know what I have to do to achieve a healthy body. Drink more water, eat healthy, avoid carbs late at night or don't eat too late, exercise, meal portions etc. However, I have difficulty implementing what I know... ex. I know I should not eat too much junk but if it's in front of me I will eat it I eat late because I get home late, or when I get home after work I feel hungry and stuff myself with anything in sight I don't drink as much water as I should I eat even when I am full, or when I am stressed or sad I cave into my cravings e
  14. Let me give some background info: I've known this girl for 2-3 years, and asked her out once, very early into meeting her. But that was several years ago, and we've both changed a lot. I left my shroud of clinical depression, began dieting and exercising, (keeping that up for almost a year know), making straight A's, playing basketball, and I have become a lot more confident. She hasn't changed that much, but she has gained weight hich I don't really care about, but has caused her to fall out of attention from nearly all guys, except for those who you would consider bottom of the barrel (1 obe
  15. It's been 2.5 months since my boyfriend of 2 years dumped me. I haven't had an appetite since then, and when I do eat food tastes like nothing. I'm lucky if I force down 2 meals in a day; mostly it's just coffee and lunch. It's gotten to the point where people are commenting to me that I look very skinny (I was a relatively thin person before and I think I just look a lot smaller these days). When I do eat, it's only junk. I can't remember the last time I ate fresh veggies. I don't want to drink those Ensure supplements. But I'm concerned I'm going to get malnourished or worse. Do you have
  16. Hi everyone, Been broken up with my short term girlfriend for about 10 weeks now. I've done the no contact thing, kept away from social media etc. Recently I've started to occasionally see my ex at our gym and she has been civil. I ended up breaking and checking her Facebook and noticed she has a group photo of us on her Facebook. It's me and her with two other people from ages ago. Also, just yesterday she came over and helped me with a group exercise. nothing much was said to each other but it felt friendly. Does this mean she's thinking about me, seeing this photo has really th
  17. Hey, everyone! I haven't posted in years, but I am married, and anticipating my one year anniversary with my husband. I also have an eating disorder, and I'm not sure which one. I don't eat enough, I purge (excessive exercise and fasting after eating only normal amounts...I stopped taking laxatives a couple months ago), and I hardly ever binge. I'm a normal weight. My husband is supportive, and very much involved with my treatment, but I'm getting frustrated with my lack of progress. My normal day to day is restricting, because eating a normal amount for my weight and height, and moderate acti
  18. I feel like my actions define who I am. I didn't exercise strong boundaries with an ex-boyfriend who tried to hoover me back in. We already some back-n-forth history, and I hate thinking of myself as someone so flimsy and inconsistent when in my heart I've known for a long time that we are wrong for each other; yet at these last interactions, I gave him false hope (in the very end I said no, but took about a week to disillusion him back to reality and annoyed both of us by being so untruthful and hesitant). I've looked within and analysed the reasons for my behaviour. I know exactly what I
  19. I am a 23 year old woman who is looking for some help with my self esteem. I've been in counseling for years and I still currently am. I have tried increasing my exercise, doing things to my physical appearance like painting my nails or shaving my legs, but no matter what I try, I feel very badly about myself. I wanted to post this in the person growth category or maybe another better suiting category but I couldn't figure it out.
  20. Hi everyone. I just wanted to post and say I am doing so much better. I have occasional down times, but I am feeling more like myself. Definetely more positive and forward looking. I actually saw a counselor twice last week and she is helping me sort through some stuff. She did actually recommend that I journal at least once a week...and to abstain from dating for a period of at least six months. So I am taking her advice ino account. I strongly recommend others to do the same. That's the good news. The bad news is that during all my heartbreak and mopiness I have let my health go down
  21. i'm 23. during summer i barely worked so i went to the gym 4-5 times a week. and doing this influenced me to eat healthy, because i didn't want to waste the time i spent exercising. however, i started working full time about a month ago and am either too tired or too busy to exercise, and now at dinner time i end up eating until i'm super full and it makes me feel guilty. over the years i have a few times tried to make myself vomit after a big meal, mostly because i'd feel too full or guilty, but i could never physically actually bring up my food so i never actually vomited after a meal. how
  22. I'd like to start by saying that there is no sob story here. I wasn't raped or abused as a kid. I have a job i don't loathe. I have a car, I'm not addicted to anything. My parents are mostly supportive and loving. I haven't had some girlfriend leave me in a traumatic way. My life is far from perfect but it's a hell of a lot better than a lot of other people's lives. Some people have had all that happen and still live their life every day with a get up and go attitude. I just cant be bothered. Life is simply a bad deal. It's not worth waking up to. If i could push a button and remove myself
  23. I have seasonal allergies. I am allergic to both tree and grass pollen. Both can be moderate to very high on spring and summer days. I also have some unmedicated, situational depression. The past few months has made me feel worse and worse. Because these two problems make me feel bad, it's hard knowing which trigger is making me feel worse. The problem affects my job performance, including my performance at new job interviews(I don't act excited, energetic, and enthusiastic, like they want me to.), and home housekeeping performance(keeping-up on processing paper clutter-piles). Here are
  24. Here's a good video with an exercise you can do to become better conversationalist with girls: I find this exercise very useful. I will soon try it out with a friend. What really made impression to me was the COOL AID MAN part I like this guy, because although he's a dating coach and most of them are very weird, he's quite normal. His tips have helped me a lot in the past. Hope you find it helpful. Post your opinions below
  25. Okay, I will lose weight. I want to lose 30 before I go to England in September. I'll start with Monday, March 23, 2009 Breakfast Fat-free strawberry banana yogurt: 90Cal, 0g fat, 14Carb, 0Fiber, 8g Protein Fiber One bar: 140Cal, 3g fat, 29Carb, 9g Fiber, 2g Protein Lunch: Brown rice: 170Cal, 2g fat, 34carb, 2g fiber, 4 protein Chicken breast: 140 Cal, 4g fat, 26g protein Dinner Brown rice: 170Cal, 2g fat, 34carb, 2g fiber, 4 protein Chicken breast: 140 Cal, 4g fat, 26g protein Green beans: 88 Cal, 0 fat, 20 carbs, 8g fiber, 4g protein Snack Triscuits(7): 120Cal, 3g
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