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  1. Here is an article from a college newspaper. It describes men a "platonic friendships" with women. Being here for the last 7 months i have heard the term "platonic friends" used over and over again by females, but never by males. Why is that? It's because deep down, guys dont want to be JUST friends with a girl they find attractive. A male's only true platonic friends are grossly overweight females that have the power to consume damn near an entire case of beer in two hours. Otherwise, he's just playing the platonic friend card while secretly wanting to hit it in the worst way. Guys are horny. Guys cant be friends with someone they want to have sex with. Sex is the leading space-taker-upper of the male mind. Think about it, anytime women ask for advice about some guy they're crushing on, their guy "friend" will always put down or make fun of the other guy hoping the troubled babe will like them more. And guys, face it, all a platonic male friend is to a woman is a "dick in a jar" we're there if they're desperate or just need some lovin'. The sad thing is we're OK with it, because we're always horny. Sorry to let the secret out ladies, but any guy that you think of as a platonic friend would probably sleep with you in a second if you asked him. Unless you're a beer-guzzling ogre of a gal, then you have no "dick jar". Now all you ladies out there know why boyfriends get so jealous when you're out with your guy friends, because we know how we think. There is no "friend zone" for men so there is always hope. Hope this at least brings a smile to your face if nothing else. P.S. Take this article with a grain of salt please.
  2. When my friend killed himself it changed my life even though I wasnt really close to him. I decided right then and there that under no circumstances would I end my own life and put my friends and family through that hurt, a pain no one should have to feel.
  3. I am a 16 year old guy and I was caught by my parents smoking pot today with some of my friends. My older brother has gone through this sort of thing with drugs and partying and is currently in trouble for a DWI he got last summer. My parents have had to go through a lot with him and I don't want to do that. I don't want to hunt my parents like that but I don't want to stop smoking. It helps me relieve stress and it's just fun to do. I understand the conciquences of getting caught by my parents and the police and I have seen first hand how it can affect a family. Part of being a teenager is experimenting with different things, drugs being one of them, to figure out who they are. I dont really know what I am getting at with all this but I just wanted to vent some of my feelings.
  4. As long as it doesn't hurt anyone else then why not? I smoke marijuana with my friends to relax and have a good time, as long as we arnt affecting anyone else why should they care or make it thier business? Do what makes you happy in life.
  5. I think it's ok for ur mom to make u get the shot. You are still a minor and your parents have the right to do this. You are 14 years old with one baby and another on the way. Your parents trusted you after your first baby and you betrayed that trust and got pregnant again. What reason do your parents have for trusting you right now? This isn't ment to be an attack on you but to help you see your parents situation.
  6. I also have been smoking pot regularly for the past year or two and it has made little negative effect on me if any. I am now a more outgoing and confident person. My grades have always been A's and B's and they remain the same. I don't force people to use drugs because it is everyone personal decision but I feel that weed is not as bad for you as alcohol can be. It is less addictive and it leaves ur motor control relatively untouched, but it is still VERY UNSMART to drive under the influence because of your reduced reaction time and visual acuteness. If you are smart about it, smoking pot can be a great way to relax and have fun with your friends. My personaly opinion is that i should become legalized and but put restrictions on much like alcohol has so not everyone is driving around high all the time. Now as for harder drugs I can't really say. I know some people who used to smoke pot and then progressed to cocaine and have now become pretty much deadbeats, but let me stress that marijuana is NOT A GATEWAY DRUG and just because you smoke it doesn't mean you are going to do other drugs, it's a personal choice. In reply to Nifty_Swifty1, it takes that much weed in that amount of time only because you would die of asfictiation (sp?) or lack of oxygen, so marijuana is impossible to OD from.
  7. You need to settle yourself down. Why do you get mad at your teammates? Maybe it is something you're doing that is contributing to the loss, don't jump to conclusions. Maybe you could talk to your teammates about it. Maybe you could set an example for your teammates and play the hardest game you can and try to encourage your mates to do the same. You arn't going to win every game, some teams are just too good but you can always play to get the upset or at the very least put on a good show for the fans. Soccer is all about having fun and learning to be a team player, and it sounds like you need to do both. I play on my varsity soccer team at my HS and we went 3-15-1 during our school season but during our summer soccer season we went undefeated, something like 13-0-1. Why did we do so good during summer but not school? Who knows, but then again who cares because we all had fun BOTH seasons. Relax and take the game for what it's worth.
  8. Tell him to just stop. If he doesn't want to watch porn then tell him not to. As for fantisizing about women that is a bit more difficult. It is natural for boys going through puberty to fantisize about women and it isn't really in his control. His body is going through changes. Everntually he will learn to deal with it and control his hormones, at least somewhat.
  9. Don't worry about it. Tell him it's normal. A lot of guys watch porn or fantisize about women.
  10. Try working out. Namly bench press, incline, and narrow grip. These will work your pecs and make them bigger. You will want to suppliment these exercises with others as well to give yourself an even workout. Just search the web for some guides and you'll be fine.
  11. I don't see what your problem is exactly? Girls think your cute and you don't want this? If your short there really isn't anything you can do so just grin and bear it.
  12. Next thursday is the 1 year anniversery of the day when one of my friends killed himself. I can tell you from personal experience that it is the worst thing any teen can go through. It tore everyone apart. I know that a day hasn't gone by when I don't think about him. One of the hardest things is that we will never know what he could have done with his life, who's lives he could have changed just by being here. We will never know if we could have helped him if only he had told someone what he was going through. You may feel unwanted but that is so untrue. You may FEEL this way but know that everyday you bring sunshine into someone's life, whether you or them realize it or not. Like the saying goes, you don't know what you have until it's gone. Please tell someone what your going through. Don't let yourself bear these burdens alone because no one in the entire world is strong enough to go through life by themselves. Don't throw your life away. Things will get better. I know people will tell you these things all the time and they lose their meaning but PLEASE take it to heart! Your death would be mourned by more than you know.
  13. Sorry for the generic topic title but I couldn't think of what else to put it as. Anyways on to my question. There is a girl who I am "together" with. We are more than friends but less than bf and gf, you know how it is. We have been together for about 4 months. Now I've never really been a talkative person, especially when it comes to women. I guess you could say I was shy. Well I thought we have had a good relationship but tonight her ex was trying to pick a fight with her for whatever reason (I don't know why exactly) and she was telling me about how she was being a bitch to him. I told her I was glad she's never a bitch to me to which she responded that she never had any reason to. After she said this she told me that there was one thing though, she said that she doesn't really like how we don't talk that much. This is true, we talk a little at school (we're both juniors in HS) but we really never have a chance to talk for more than 2 minutes. For the past 2-3 weeks we havn't been able to see eachother because we have both been EXTREMELY busy with sports and such. We rarely talk to eachother on the phone unless we wanna hang out but when we do hang out then I'm fine and I can carry a conversation just fine. I'm not worried about our relationship falling apart because of this I was just wondering how you would interpet this? Do you think I should start calling her at night or whatever? I just needed to vent a little but any advice or insight would be appreciated!
  14. I always like it when girls wear next to nothing but thats jut me . I don't think what you wear will really affect how a guy looks at you, just be yourself. I know you'll hear that a lot if you havn't already but it is a very important lesson. The sooner you accept who you are and learn to like who you are, the sooner others will accept and like you! I'm not saying people won't like you or whatever before you do but...I'm confusing myself here so yeah.
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