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  1. so. i just went to a party to let go of some stress and finally see my friends again and guess who showed up, and wouldnt stop staring at me all night? My ex. Its not like i knew he was going to be there, he goes out of his way to "coincidentally" cross my path... i already told my dad, now im just scared. and tired. of him. god.
  2. and i love this article. i wish he would read it... even though i doubt it would help him much...
  3. everyone keeps saying that, and at first i thought they were just overreacting but i can see it now... the threats dont work on me anymore. and can you believe he is still trying to control me? gah. i just wish he would go away.
  4. true... i tried asking him what his exs did that was so wrong and if they really even cheated on him [because he accuses me so much, he might have made up their infidelities] but it was a different story every time... *sigh* now i wish he would just stop texting me and trying to make me feel bad thank you guys for the quick replies
  5. So. My boyfriend is crazy. In his previous relationships, his girlfriends lied to him and cheated on him. I thought this wouldnt be a problem between us, right? Wrong. He told me he trusted me and was willing to make our relationship work, but inside of his mind apparently he was living the opposite. A few weeks ago, we were on the phone, and i got off to take a shower. Instead of calling him back when i got out of the shower, i just went to sleep. I was woken up at 4 am that morning [ON A SCHOOL NIGHT] by my father, looking for me. My boyfriend called my phone 47 times, left 23 text messages and filled up my voicemail inbox with psycho messages ranging from "im worried" to " * * * ARE YOU DOING I KNOW YOU ARE CHEATING ON ME" type messages. sooooooo we talked about it and i thought it was over, but just today he calls me, yelling saying that he just seen me driving past his job with a guy in my car. Im at home chasing my cat out of the office. I call him from the house number and he STILL DOESNT BELIEVE ME. [this happens twice a week every week, just different scenarios. i go downstairs to watch a dvd, i go to a friends house just to sit around and talk... i talk to my little brother, and somehow im cheating on him.] i broke up with him today but hes making me feel terrible, like i gave up on him. he says im selfish because i said "id rather be alone and happy than with you and going crazy" your opinions please?
  6. I agree. I was on pro-activ for 2 months and didnt see a change my face just got really dry and peely which made my bumps shiny. yay. but im starting my accutane treatment this week [would have done it earlier if it didnt freak my hippie father out] and im soooooooo excited. i gotta clear this crap up before spring. good luck with ur treatment!
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