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  1. fffffffffffffff xxxxxxxxxxx I don't know when sounding out the two letters (phonics,) sounds like it could be one word. Is this a friend? Boyfriend? I'm probably off base bec doesn't make sense to send that.
  2. Beautiful... My heart goes out to you at all times Storeys~~ The pain you have endured and continue to feel is like nothing I can imagine... I'm sorry for the pain you feel..
  3. Our relationship was always rocky. We planned on meeting for dinner, I was running behind, he was grouchy at me for some decision I made regarding my children and their schedule. This dinner meeting was unplanned anyway kind of a "hey lets meet for dinner." Added into my other obligations. He gets mad and tells me to just forget dinner. After dropping my kids off, I go to where he is at. Of course he had already eaten and was in his car to leave. (did I mention I was only running 15 minutes late?) Tell him I'd like to have my cd (he'd had for awhile) and I want an answer as to what his intentions with me are and if we are even in a relationship or not. (He always took breaks but then would start acting like we were back together.) He finally responded "I don't know what I want but I know I don't want to be in a relationship!!!!!!" My response: "Great - after all of this and you admit you don't want to be in a darn relationship? Don't you EVER f-in call me! Ever! Even if God Forbid you hear of me losing a family member or if I happen to be sick or something - leave me alone and stop making excuses to contact me!!!" I knew it was over for a long time. I just needed to hear him say that he didn't want to work on things.. That was in January. Even though we didn't communicate much, I seen him twice after that. I've been hearing from him for the past four weeks but it was no contact mostly for several months. (Besides the times of anger when I'd send him a grouchy text, he'd respond, and it was done..)
  4. Got this email yesterday that listed personalities depending on signs... Mine is this: The Cutie MOST AMAZING KISSER. Attractive. Very high appeal. Love is one of a kind. Very romantic. Most caring person you will ever meet! Entirely creative. Extremely random and proud of it. A Freak. Spontaneous. Great telling stories. Not a Fighter, But will Knock y our lights out if it comes down to it. Someone you should hold on to. So the verdict is in! I may as well accept who I am. Just had to post - thought about our discussions of being a freak (as some said) and also about just being ourselves and happy with ourselves. lol
  5. Then what are you like? How do you normally treat her? You're right, it's not bring out a "good side" of you. Since it's only a "side of you" and it's her fault that it's coming out.... then it's not a true reflection of who you are and what you are like. YOU ARE 32 years old. You should be able to control your emotions and words and moods and anger levels. Since this "date" is bringing out this side of you, what side of you will come out if she does indeed end your relationship at some point? Again - I'm entirely worried about both of your well-being and safety. And I'm concerned that not only do you control her but you will react terribly if things do not go your way.
  6. It wasn't just the red words that sounded controlling. It was your whole post. I bolded many lines in red but then went back and changed them leaving only the most unsettling lines in red. Your whole post screams "I have control here. I will manipulate her by telling her how bad it hurts, yelling at her, etc. etc. etc." How do you think her mother would feel or Angel for that matter, if they read that post? Frightened to say the least. Because if she could care less, she would not go. I've been there. I've told people "I really don't want to go but have to because blah blah blah." As an adult, I am more able to stand up for what I want and communicate clearly and being less concerned about what other people want for me. But it wasn't so long ago that I used to make excuses rather than being bluntly honest and saying "I did this/am doing this because I WANT to and DON'T CARE if it hurts you." Your comment about if she wants to go to dances why hasn't she gone to any of the other ones at her own school: Why hasn't she? Maybe because she wasn't interested. So why this one? (I know, I know bec Angel wants her to.) When she originally told you about him asking her, she implied that she would just make up an excuse a few days before the dance. What happened to that plan? And when you told us of the original discussion, you did not mention that she thought he wasn't serious. I'm still wondering.... Why are you dating a 17 yr old? Wouldn't it make sense if you were dating a mature woman that is not concerned with dances and less concerned about keeping their teenage bestfriend happy? Why haven't the two of you met yet? I'm concerned for the well being of you. Because I don't think that this is all realistic. I think it's fantasy land. Illusions. And I'm concerned that you are just refusing to accept that. What will you do if she does start ignoring you? How will you react? I'm concerned for her well being and safety. Seventeen years old! This is a time of exploration. Enjoying life. Learning to make important decisions rather than having someone making all your decisions. Going to school carefree rather than thinking about the 32 year old guy that may or may not yell at her today.
  7. Because she has somehow become attached to you. Finds comfort in the way you "control" her life. Because she has codependent tendencies possibly. Because she's scared of what your reaction would be if she stopped.
  8. You come accross as very controlling. I have no doubt in my mind that she will do what she wants to do - be a teenager - socialize with people her own age - go to dances. After this post (and your next one,) I strongly believe that she is caught up with you and doesn't know how to get away from you - hence doing something that she knows "hurts" you. Please let this young girl go. Unbelievable. Why haven't you met yet? You haven't answered that one yet. I am honestly scared for this little girl.
  9. If you don't mind my asking..... Your gf is highly influenced by her friend, right? That's why she can't turn Chad down. So, what happens when your girlfriends friend talks her into going on another date and another date and wants your girlfriend to get in a relationship with Chad?
  10. Awwww, Ellie! Maybe he was hoping you'd say: Going out with you or since we have class, do you want to go out to dinner?
  11. Can completely relate. It's actually going very well now. Things are really different. I honestly believe we are on the same page. I hesitate to post about it because there have been so many up's and down's already. I think maybe we ironed out most of our conflict. Darned stubborn people we are.
  12. What? You got time out? Aahhh - Sorry to hear that Ghost! I always love to read your posts! And find them quite helpful.
  13. I think you should start practicing being more decisive and assertive. Do you have any hobbies or friends that you really like to do? If so, get back to those things. Don't fear that if you make plans, she will be upset. She'll probably be thankful that you made plans!
  14. I'm so happy to see you are all doing so well!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You go Girls! And Ghost! Keep up the good pep talks!
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