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  1. So happy to actually here the happy ending to an online meet story! Thanks for the boost for I too am in a LDR from an online meet. Today is 6 months for us.
  2. Hope 123 where ya been? I have the same issue with my bf. But it seems it was just this one particular girl...She apparently cheated on him, and I can only believe half of what i hear right? He has tremendous trust issues...ok thats another post...Anyway, as for the other women, if he brings something up I will ask him about it, after all this is a part of his history bad or good, and he feels like sharing it with me I will tell him to go ahead an elaborate. Because I am supremely curious and fascinated by how men think. I think this fascination came with my mid life crisis at 44 and after 14 years of marriage, nevertheless, I find comfort on this site navigating through all of our relationship issues. Remember, there has always been someone else before us...Can't erase the past, but how I would love to..in certain situations.
  3. I cannot tell you how wonderful this site is and being able to hear it from the guy's side. I know there are women that like to play by "The Rules" and other women will make the first call after the first date, I have gotten to a point where I feel that life is way too short and there is so much going on around us, life and all...so go ahead, make the call, let her know you are interested. She may be shy, she may think you may not be interested, he...she..it... * * *!? Do what is in your head/heart about this girl. She may be on this site wondering why doesn't he call me? My only advice thought? Do not bombard her with calls. Pick your day and either she is there or not, leave a message and don't dwell....we will be waiting to hear from ya!
  4. What a perfect description! Thank you for that...mmmmmmmmmmmmm
  5. I would only frown upon this behaviour if 2 people were in a serious relationship and one was wandering around still getting phone numbers, which would mean one person is not being honest or has the presumption of being exclusive. Otherwise, its a short life, go have fun!
  6. Totally agree with what Anne says...trust your gut. Let us know..
  7. Hi D- I have a personal understanding of ADD and ADHD, it is real, it is not something to be embarrassed about and something that can be helped. Please talk to your Dr. and go from there.
  8. I truly believe that the site we met on was one that would allow the user to be more on target with their fellow cruisers instead of having someone at the site putting us together. His profile was serious and to the point, whereas mine was pretty funny when I think about it but also very honest in what I was looking for...He still says it was the humor that made him contact me...still is!
  9. Oh Anne, you slay me LOL! Yeah, you are right about that but we have come up with a way to target our weakness'...Brutal honesty, as in, I need to be with you right now, can I come over, or I needed to talk to tell you how much I appreciate who you are and stuff like that...Instead of all the accusatory cr**....So we will see how we do with the positive and HONEST reinforcements and I will let you know...Thanks for everything Anne!
  10. Orlander is absolutely right and buddy that is almost the same profile title my bf had on his site...he also put 'no mind games'...good luck and have fun, and stay sincere...she will show up when you least expect it!
  11. Oh my, I too must disagree with you my dear Robo. I myself am not ugly/fat or anywhere near shy. I do not drink and thereforeeee have outlived the bar scene that I am sure a lot of us can go off on what that is like (when the ligths go on). I went on a site with no picture mind you, only because I did not have a current one to post, but I am quite the how do you say? Oh yeah, 'smokin hot' babe and my friends both men and women would agree. As did Anne, I modeled in the early 80's for quite awhile, so yadda yadda, I met my current smokin hot in every way bf on this particular site and we are about 1.5 hours from each other and you will see by my other posts all is not perfect but I am glad I am with this man, who is as adventurous, sweet (when not jealous) and who has enlightened my world. We have been together for 6 months. Now for our new cyber dater. Be wary of the pics, they could be 10 years old. Be careful where you meet especailly if you live in a small town (married men won't necessarily tell you they are and I bet that goes for the ladies too), give out your personal email address only after YOU feel comfortable doing so. Do not play games...it just is not fair to either of you and it is a waste of time. I was on AFF site for 3 months before meeting this man, and did not kiss one single toad..if you will, because I knew that what I was looking for would be elusive. It was and it still is. Sorry so long. Good luck! Exit stage right...
  12. My dear Ren-friend, There is nothing annoying about you, you are honest, helpful, intelligent, a tad insecure (and aren't we all!?), you have good insight. I think maybe you should take a look at your "friends". Sometimes they will project their negatives on us so they will feel better about themselves or of course vice versa...It is a tricky thing, this walk through life with strangers and friends. Take care of you and stay pure of heart.
  13. Thank you Blender and Hope for your eloquence. I did not think I got my thought accross on this one but Blender you hit it when you took that ball of yarn and totally analyzed it (I by no means mean this in a bad way!) thank you. Dog usually gets my stuff and helps me alot too but his first post/reaction to it made me think maybe I don't elaborate as much as I should when I try to express myself. Anyway, you guys are my rocks...serious. I can always count on the 3 of you and a few others to get it, and be thoughtful about it enough to spell it out for me! Take care of you.
  14. I was thinking today that for all my jealousy (well warranted for those of you that helped me through it) We will never be the first girl or guy in the bed...so to speak. There has always been someone before us. Human nature brings out the questions, was he/she better than me at sex, cooking, cleaning, driving, joke telling, dressing, education....don't want to go to far off here but I just wanted to remind myself and everyone else who may have some, er, valid jealousy issues....lets just think about who was in our bedroom, kitchen, car, heads before the current SO.... Stand in your truth
  15. Do you take Imitrex pills or the shot? Only the shot works for me and I have been having them since I was a child. When the shot came out I was mortified that my doc would even suggest sticking myself but he said 'when you have that migraine a little needle in your thigh will be the least of your worries' He was right the shot is painless, you don't really see the needle since it is encased in a fear-of-needles rocket type injector....try it. In the meantime...CALL YOUR MD. Imitrex is non narcotic and there is no reason why you should not be allowed a refill unless this is the work of the illustrious insurance company.
  16. I cannot tell you how personally thrilling it is to read all of these male comments...you are all so thoughtful and true....rare these days....And its not like you are celebrities trying to get off the hook and look like a nice, normal guy either....I am so damn happy that I subscribe to this site. You guys make my heart go ahhhhh.....
  17. My first orgasm was in my 40's (just recently) the man I am with is so wonderful and loving, I have had those crying jags every once in awhile. We too have sex at least 4 times a day and do the change up every time. We teach each other new things and try out things we have read about....my guess is that it is normal for women to cry during or after orgasm...enjoy yourselves...oh, thats right...YOU ARE!
  18. I am now 5'9" and 135 I used to be 179 back in the days of wine and roses. If my weight dips down to far, like in the Summer, to about 120-125 I look like a cadaver...I have fat clothes and slim clothes and do not own a scale. It is all about the way you carry yourself and the attitude you put out into the universe.
  19. Don't forget, everyone is there for the same reasons...to meet someone special, or their soulmate or maybe just a friend...go with your intuition.
  20. I have become so attached to this site because I feel that it is kind of a little world of my own (don't get those white coats just yet!) I mean where else can I get totally and sometimes brutally honest advice, thoughts and feelings from men and women? For me? NOWHERE! This is it honey...for me anyway. If you go to your family, they tell you what you want to hear, a shrink will just listen, put it into perspective and hand it back to you neatly packaged for $200.00. I love to hear different thoughts and opinions from people of all ages about my plight, your plight...all of it.
  21. lmtl-some sites have a filter on it so that it will filter out ones that don't meet your profile or there is also sometimes a "cupid setting" to tell you that whatever little quizzie you took is a similar match to someone elses....that said, when I took the plunge I did not post a photo and would not allow any messages from undressed men.(This was not Harmony or Match). Do not post suggestively, just be youself when you do the whole 'who am I' bit. Anyway, I met some very nice guys-on the site only and one guy that stalked me to find out why I did not want to go out with him! Finally I had to hit him between the eyes. It worked but I felt bad for him. The one that I have been posting about have been togetherr since the summer. First we swapped emails, the phone chats and when that went well and we got familiar with each others conversation pulse, we met somewhere between here and where he lives. An the rest is hist...ahhh we will see....
  22. Hi RW You seem to have a very upbeat attitude even though you feel as if you are missing something, and honey lemme tell ya, if you think you NEED to be in a relationship just check out the site! That will sober your thoughts for awhile. You sound like a busy woman already, stay that way and shoot for the stars...Thats how I 'read' you when I read your posts...enjoy it all now, the rest will come. What is that phrase? Do we get what we need or need what we want? I forget...sounds good though huh!
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