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  1. At my age, my bf both in our 40's, bf and gf sound a little young to me but the only other thing I can think of right now, being in that giddy night mode, is: this is the guy I am having sex with! LOL! sorry sometimes I am easily amused....I personally do not like Special Friend as it sounds like a throw away term, not of endearment. I think we are going to have to just accept guy friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, the animal I love, like lust after....don't know, wish I could be more helpful to you....
  2. Hello my dear i1dr....I really do not see it happening although he brought it up just recently, says his ex wife is smitten with me...how often do you hear those words from an ex?? I adore him, love him, he takes me in to his life which is way more adventurous than mine ever was, but we both come from different sides of the rails so to speak...He is my total chemistry laden soulmate warts and all (both of us have em) would I marry him if he asked? right at this moment...yeah I probably would...You are some cool dude you are doc! I like your style....talk soon! Lizzb
  3. Thats what I'll get the bf!!! Vaelntines day SOCKS! Thanks jman!
  4. First time, 8 months...laste 18 months. 2nd time, 2 years, lasted 11 years....not pursuing another cake walk...
  5. Yeah, no media...but then who would know that I am about to come out as the baster parent of Anna Nicoles kid!?!?!
  6. uhhhhhhhhhhhhh....MARRIED!?!?! S.O.?!!!!!!!!!!!! EGOMAINIAC? WANTS SEXY PICS OF ANONYMOUS BABE? Bow out now honey. I recently heard tell a story of a woman I work with who met a guy from Long Island online. They dated 2 months, he was coming to take her to go meet his parents (he always made the trip to see her) she got a call while waiting for him, he said he was in a car accident..The end....No phone listings, cell phone cut off, no address nothin...but probably he had(?) a wife, and the girl has major trust issues with men....
  7. Thanks doc, and believe me, I always knew I had it in me I just did not have anyone to release it to...
  8. One more thing, Eva bf has the same taste in "clothing" as my bf and I love to dress up for him! Loves the seamed stockings, fishnets, crotchless...oooohh....cannot wait til tonight!
  9. i1DR-You got it all correct! He is to die for, I am confident with this man with my sexuality (took awhile to get that feeling but I got it now!) His kisses, touch, body, the way he growls into my ear, just looking at him accross the table gets me wet...never experienced anything like this before....and I am hitting 45 in one month! I feel blessed that we found each other when we did. I call him 'Magic Man'...ahhhhhh Oh, so back to the topic...what was it again? oh yeah foreplay, don't try too hard because we know it and it makes us uncomfortable. We want you to have fun too! Forget about the perfected sexual moves in the movies...it aint like that. Its sloppy, sweaty, funny, klutzy, and sweet. No Don Juan crap unless you are about to propose! Thats another story! Don't leave snale trails of saliva on my face when you kiss me. If you feel the need to apologize, rest assured we understand and we are nervous too. Rock on my friend you only live once and its not for long...so get out there and have fun!
  10. Depends on the guy but I hate it when they come on too smooth or too rehearsed....just be yourself, if you are nervous say so, if you want to compliment her do so without going crazy, be subtle and leave her wanting more a little mystery is always nice!
  11. i1Dr-That is soooo sexy of her to just say it! Loooove it! That is almost like my first date with the man I love. Met on a sex/love site, chat, talk, email, met, drove back to his house and while he was nervously showing me around his house, and this guy is gorgeous I was the nervous one, I came up behind him after already partially undressing, I pressed myself against him and asked 'so where is the bedroom?' He tells me now that he almost had a heart attack...but we spent the next 2 days in bed coming up for food only and the rest is history!
  12. Square-I had to really think about what I should write here for you without giving you my life story with all the outrageous and unbelievable twists and near death experiences, and I am not talkin' Shirley Mclaine here! The reason this site is so powerful, for the most part, is because of the people from all over the globe that need some kind of feed back, whether it be sexual, parenting, parent-problems, and the rest you know...its listed babe. When I come accross a thread or post that seems, uhm, questionable I will just skip over and see if anyone else is needing to REALLY talk about their experiences. So hang in there, have fun, cry, stomp your feet or play a game.
  13. Oh Square For me the kissing....oooh, I never thought french kissing was anything to write home about, but lemme tell ya, my man kisses me and he brings me to my knees every time, so much so that I have asked him to never kiss me like that in public...Truth. Ahhhhh
  14. Oh honey I am so sorry....I know how you feel.....should I stay or should I go? Scary huh? Find a friend, family and get out after you confront him!
  15. I don't even know what to say! I am so sorry that you were hurt by this woman who you bared your soul to AND said that marriage is in the cards! What did she read anyway? Is she ADD skipping through the text and missing that comprehension chip? (Of course to all you VERY serious people worried about throwing mental disorders around I am just being myself, so chill about the ADD ok? Thanks) Anyway, will you see her tonight? will you call her? I don't know what to tell you because waiting for her to call you is almost part of the games that no one wants to play but alas, we do sometimes without realizing it. I hope this makes sense to you or at least helps lessen the pain. You cannot give her a bigger Valentine than what you wrote to her....Maybe she has trust issues? Sorry I could not be more help but let us know what happens...
  16. Hi Big, this was a big topic today at work. But we are all adults (with little kid hearts) and the weather is just awful. No one is seeing their SO tonight. My heart is aching to see my SO but the drive is just too treacherous. She cares about you is all. Celebrate Friday when you can really enjoy the time with her! Happy VD
  17. I used to just want it quick and dirty but since this new man came into my life we can both be energizer bunnies and go forever...multi orgasmic I found out, so no pain here. In fact when the wind has finally gone out of his sails I am still in the blissful I WANT MORE stage....
  18. totally agree with all of the above
  19. First of all, when I give a gift I never expect and sometimes do not even want anything in return. It is from my heart no underlying motives whatsoever. I registered a star for my bf and framed it. He loves it (I gave it to him before today since we would not be seeing each other for obvious reasons, work and the East coast!) To expect anything in this life will always bring you down. Try to be happy from the inside out, I do not need a $3.00 card to tell me what I already know. Take care of you first.
  20. Dear CL-I am also an All American Dog Lover....and I am no kid I am almost 45 going on 33! Sometimes 10! LOL. I too have become close to some of the people here especailly the ones who don't say what I want to hear! Hang in there babe. It all gets better...Now go give your pooches a big sloppy one!
  21. Hi John, I know it has been a very hard road for you and the response from the ex isn't pleasant. Maybe she has her armour on so that she seems stronger than she is. Maybe she does not want you to see any doubt on her face or in her handwriting. Or maybe you should take this chance and use her hostility to YOUR advantage by remembering her just like this so you will not miss this kind of behaviour. I am glad to see you back. I was worried about you during the holidays.
  22. Thanks girls I am getting quite empowered with my lost self esteem since being on this site with the wonderful thoughts and musings of the posters. I really think he is terribly insecure, which does not excuse his behaviuor or make me feel sorry for him in any way, I almost think it is like a computer addiction to go back and look...I admit, I was doing it for awhile and then I just got bored...also the bf and I would get into huge arguments about it as it shows that you were "there" on the site on any given day....I am just going to continue living my life the way I like it. If he truly wants me and me alone then he will just have to show me by his actions, no more I love yous...Hey, isn't that a song!?!? Happy VD
  23. Ok this may seem kind of boggled but when my future bf appeared on my "Cupid List" I was a little unnerved by his appearance what with the bike and leathers and his gorgeous good looks, so I timidly winked at him. If I had seen him in person in public and did not know him I would have subtly gazed but not wink...He winked back and wrote something short and sweet immediately...I guess it is kind of like the phrase 'with a wink and a smile' wink if you wish but follow up as well....good luck
  24. Sorry to burst the bubble here but I too am in the ice storm area and it is our first VDay too. Am I shattered by the fact that I have to work and cannot make the treacherous drive 2 hours away to see my man? OK not shattered but think of it this way, if your bf got into an accident on the way to bring you roses...how would you feel then? VD is just another day but with Hallmark trappings...make your Valentines plans for Friday night instead! You will have that romantic build up and also more time to really BE with your beloved.
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