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  1. Archie was a fave and there was a very explicit detective comic I liked, don't remember the name though!
  2. One day at a time my friends and yes, I will toast you all with a hot fudge sundae and a piece of my b-day cake...live and let live...get out of our heads and enjoy the beautiful day!
  3. Myspace blows, but thats my opinion...I met my bf online and have never been happier, however, we both had some trust issues early on because of this. He even asked me about being on ENA all of the time! I welcomed him to join in...He demurred. Trust is trust...it's different for everyone and every relationship....
  4. Thanks doc, and believe me, I always knew I had it in me I just did not have anyone to release it to...
  5. One more thing, Eva bf has the same taste in "clothing" as my bf and I love to dress up for him! Loves the seamed stockings, fishnets, crotchless...oooohh....cannot wait til tonight!
  6. i1DR-You got it all correct! He is to die for, I am confident with this man with my sexuality (took awhile to get that feeling but I got it now!) His kisses, touch, body, the way he growls into my ear, just looking at him accross the table gets me wet...never experienced anything like this before....and I am hitting 45 in one month! I feel blessed that we found each other when we did. I call him 'Magic Man'...ahhhhhh Oh, so back to the topic...what was it again? oh yeah foreplay, don't try too hard because we know it and it makes us uncomfortable. We want you to have fun too! Forget about t
  7. Depends on the guy but I hate it when they come on too smooth or too rehearsed....just be yourself, if you are nervous say so, if you want to compliment her do so without going crazy, be subtle and leave her wanting more a little mystery is always nice!
  8. i1Dr-That is soooo sexy of her to just say it! Loooove it! That is almost like my first date with the man I love. Met on a sex/love site, chat, talk, email, met, drove back to his house and while he was nervously showing me around his house, and this guy is gorgeous I was the nervous one, I came up behind him after already partially undressing, I pressed myself against him and asked 'so where is the bedroom?' He tells me now that he almost had a heart attack...but we spent the next 2 days in bed coming up for food only and the rest is history!
  9. Oh Square For me the kissing....oooh, I never thought french kissing was anything to write home about, but lemme tell ya, my man kisses me and he brings me to my knees every time, so much so that I have asked him to never kiss me like that in public...Truth. Ahhhhh
  10. Dear CL-I am also an All American Dog Lover....and I am no kid I am almost 45 going on 33! Sometimes 10! LOL. I too have become close to some of the people here especailly the ones who don't say what I want to hear! Hang in there babe. It all gets better...Now go give your pooches a big sloppy one!
  11. Ok this may seem kind of boggled but when my future bf appeared on my "Cupid List" I was a little unnerved by his appearance what with the bike and leathers and his gorgeous good looks, so I timidly winked at him. If I had seen him in person in public and did not know him I would have subtly gazed but not wink...He winked back and wrote something short and sweet immediately...I guess it is kind of like the phrase 'with a wink and a smile' wink if you wish but follow up as well....good luck
  12. Ok what is a key tracker? I found my bf intensely e-boffing serious FLIRTING with some babes(?) from the website we met on....I too grabbed his password but only because he wrote it down. I am practically living here and he goes on this site and gets nude pics, and serious come ons and this is starting to effect my sleep, my day, my normal Lizzie life style...Like depression because if I confront him he will say the same thing: "don't you trust me"? He could easily have cheated on me on a few occasions and I just found out today that this may be probable...Is he a sex maniac? Ego maniac? What
  13. In love and madness - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics - February 14, 2005
  14. I am so sorry about your loss. I know that crushing feeling of your insides feeling like you cannot move and feeling if you do you may collapse...I was in the room with the vet when he had to put my beloved cocker down (cancer). I was destroyed, and the sounds that came from deep inside of me I did not even recognize...God bless your baby and go to the thread that Belladonna has posted. The Rainbow bridge, I believe is in Utah, Pets Friends...wonderful place and wonderful stories....Take care and God bless both of you.
  15. I don't even know where to start but here goes and please bear with me. My b/f of 7 months has asked me to move in with him-LDR of about 1.45- He initially said that it was because I was there most of the time anyway, I would be able to get a better job with benefits - all stuff that is outside of us/love. When I told him that the only reason I would consider moving in with him is because we love each other he said he does not want to go through life without me. So I started moving my stuff to his place. It is very small and out of the way, perfect for one person as he built it that way, but t
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