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  1. I was just talking to a friend, and shes gotten engaged to this guy shes met up with twice or so...its an arranged sort of thing with the families, happens quite a lot in their society. And apparently shes getting to know him now, and they talk a lot on the phone. ANd he actually told her that she should lose some weight. My friend is hardly a few pounds overweight...maybe a bit like Hilary duff but before she lost all that weight..do you remember her size then? Anyways, what shocks me is that they barely know each other, and he tells her that she needs to pull down. Do all guys think like this? Even if shes a little chubby? If thats the case, I need to hit the gym ASAP!!
  2. So ive just made friends with this girl at university. Shes quite nice and friendly..very feminine, smart and casual. Okay, so about the way she looks, shes got silky black long hair till her hips, shes in perfect shape (no tummy even when she sits!!) and has perfect white clear skin, striking brown eyes, the pinkest lips full of gloss, and yeah ovreall a complete HOTTIE. I would be shocked if a guy didnt check her out. im always with her since Im paired with her for Assignments and projects. Ive never felt like this in a lloooong time, but I feel ugly/stupid in front of her. I dont look anything like her, and I find people always giving her attention, staring at her, talking to HER, and checking HER out. I have guys approaching me just to find out something about her. I was always getting moody after i met her, also irritated/depressed. Now ive sorta figured out why. I have self esteem issues (always did) and this is just highlighting it even more. Im feeling Jealous!!!:shocked!: I dont like it. ADVICE ANYONE!!
  3. Ok so im in my early twenties...and im getting a whole lotta unwanted acne all ofa sudden, and i'm not super fit or hot...infact slightly on the chubby side. and ive just noticed all the girls or friends i know have suddenly become gorgeous. They werent that goodlooking before, all of a sudden they seem to be wearing the best outfits, and looking really hot....getting all the attention. I have to admit im getting a majorrr complex. I cant seem to get that look. People still see me and go "Ohhh my god awwwww isnt she soo cute??". seriously. Ive had many girls and guys say this to me; like im a child or something. I've even had a high school girl who must be 5 years younger than me tell me im the cutest thing ever. so embarrassing....... But never " WOW she is so beautiful or wowee what a babe or shes so hot".....at this age...I feel like cute doesnt cut it!...and when i talk about to my friends..they start with the whole "oh pls ur crazy ur so cute, any guy wud go gaga for you." That is NOT the case. So ...theres no real question here, but gah im just I dont know...getting a complex.
  4. My obsession/crush/infatuation Is FINALLY OVER. It feels so good. The guy probably wasnt interested, even if he was, I really dont care anymore. I've given him an opportunity to keep in touch with me and he hasnt taken it..so im guessingg Not! A small theory could be that hes very shy/not confident enough(like he was always around me) but... im really not placing any bets on that...and its his loss either way. Did i say i dont care anymore? Meanwhile, Ive been making so many more friends, and meeting so many other people. I cant believe it! but I just dont think of him at all anymore! From 24/7 to probably once a month, I think of him, wonder how hes doing. I feel for everyone else who has a frustrating crush...its really draining. My advice is to get distracted, get a life. If he isnt doing something - FORGET IT! Waste of time and energy really!..There are so many better things/people around you. You just dont want to see it!! until I come up with another problem or random opinions to share.... Crazy
  5. Hi laddeedah, Im right there with you...so he still hasnt made a move!?? These guys need to be given a kick! Im sure he likes you, I know you know it. Hes just beating around the bush. My guy did EXACTLY the same stuff your guys doing....EXACTLY. Never asked me personal questions, but kept making lame attempts to talk. Guess what, He just emailed me recently...just to say hi, how are you. The confusion never ends...
  6. I had a crush on this guy when I was a teenager. Infact, I always thought to myself that we would get married when we got older. Anyways I've never seen him since then...(more than 10 years or so), but my parents are always in touch with his parents...(we're family friends). Ive seen pics of him, hes grown up to be quite allright.. still single And just now apparently my mom sent a pic of me to them without my knowledge!!! and I look awful!! And its the first time hes going to see what I look like since then. AAAAAAAAAAH@#$#$@!!!! Just thought I'd rant a bit. Thanks for reading
  7. SIGH...this reminds me of what I used to do with the guy at work who I thought liked me.. Anyways for your info, shes majorly flirting with you, enjoying it. She may be interested, theres a good chance.
  8. Wow..*applause* that was a really nice post, and I very much enjoyed reading it. You're absolutely right about life, and how we get so wrapped up in small insignificant things or problems, and its important to see the big picture. Thank you for that I hope to surround myself with more positive people like yourself!
  9. Its such a shame really. His shyness ruined it all..
  10. No i havent but wow that is one amazing story? Howdu lose all that weight? Thats really good for you, Im sure you're smiling all the time~
  11. NOT. Nothing that i want is happening, ive been feeling quite restless for as long as I can remember...things are just going the other way. why me?
  12. But why didnt he even ask me why I was leaving?
  13. for someone that likes you? Guys, this question is especially directed to you. Say, you find out this adorable girl likes you, is sort of flirting with you, is really shy around you etc. And maybe you dont like her back for some reason/your taken . Would you treat her any differently? Would you like her a little more than any other girl? Would you have a soft corner for her? Just curious on this one....
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