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  1. well ok, it's more like 1 hr of sex then 1 hr of sitting around talking then anothe rhour or sex then another hour of sitting around and then another hour if we're up to it
  2. my sex sessions usually last 4-5 hours with some breaks thrown in
  3. I would be wary about this person. Like Day_Walker said, no effort was made to reschedule. Sounds like you are just the rebound guy - sucks, but it just sounds like the interest level is not that high. If you were Brad Pitt, do you think she'd be upset about anything her ex bf had to say? No, she'd be very eager to go out with you and probably wouldn't have flaked.
  4. I don't know how crazy it will make me. I've never tried this before - I usually just drop all contact at this point for precisely these reasons. But - in addition to being someone I used to date, I consider her a friend. I'm tired of losing good friends to these types of situations, so I thought I'd try being her friend for once. It will probably suck if I see her with somebody else, I'm not going to lie about that. But maybe in the end I'll wind up with a good friend that I get to keep. Yeah, I can see that happening. I'm hoping this will not be the case. Right now, friendship. Although I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't mind sexxing her still. Yes, but - what kind of friend am I if I can just say 'well to hell with you, then. You just want to be friends? Forget it, I never want to talk to you then.' That's not true friendship either. Seems childish and selfish to me.
  5. The crush is not that bad - I'm not in love with her or anything, but I'm still attracted to her. It would suck to lose the friendship we had though. If she wound up dating somebody else I'm not sure how I'd react, I would probably be really upset if I was single. But I don't plan on sitting around obsessing about her, I have some other girls I'm working on.
  6. Have you ever tried this? After LJBF, you say, ok, I'll just be her friend. No expectations for anything, no plan to try to seduce her. No 'ganji games' or 'freezing her out' in order to get her missing you and attracted to you again. Just try to be friends with her. This is a girl you had a serious crush on, and a legitimate shot with before you blew it, but that is another story. Now you just want to try being friends with her. Why? What are the benefits? A female friend, someone you like, possibly a pivot down the line. Maybe she can hook you up with one of her friends, but probably not. Any thoughts on this? Not a good idea? I'm thinking it may be tough seeing her with another guy after you dated her. Also, the old feelings may continue to grow. I'm just trying to be mature about it - and maybe mature in this case means just trying to be friends for once instead of being bitter and cutting her off from your life.
  7. In an ideal world, nobody would play games, we'd call he day after a date, and everything would be much more simple. However, I have tried the direct approach and called the day after a date many times, in general I seem to have much better results when I leave it for at least a few days before reestablishing contact.
  8. I was talking in general - there was no specific circumstance, except maybe long ago. I just want to make sure I know what I'm doing in regards to kissing since I will be going out with a bunch of girls soon. I was once told you should always try to kiss a girl, to make it clear that it is not a 'friends' type situation. I have been following this advice, but it has resulted in some awkward moments.
  9. Put it this way - the longer, the better, but at least a couple days. Gives her time to miss you, makes you seem more like a busy, popular guy who has a lot of things going on in his life - which is the way it should be anyway. Calling is better. Use text to warm her up and eventually get her on the line - then ask her out.
  10. A couple of questions related to kissing and dating: 1. If you try to kiss a girl and you only get her cheek, does that mean that you have been put in the dreaded 'Let's just be friends' zone? I'd imagine that some people will respond - 'well why don't you ask her yourself?' The reason I hesitate to ask her 'am I in the friend zone?', is because the act of asking if you are in the friend zone could be the thing that puts you in the friend zone. 2. Do you always try to kiss a girl on a date? Sometimes I'm on a date and there doesn't seem to be an opportunity, so I force one, and it seems forced and I wonder maybe I should have just held off til the right moment. If you should always try to kiss a girl on a date, when is the best time? at the end of the date? I feel like at the end of the date is too expected and cliche. Thanks.
  11. I'm between a c and a b. The reason I made this thread is I have some muscle head friends who think that all women want them because they have huge 30 inch python arms. I keep telling them that most women don't want a guy that big, but they don't want a beer gut either. I tell them it would be better if they didn't work out so much at the gym and used the extra time to work on other aspects of their lives, like their career and hobbies.
  12. are you talking about his c*ck? how do you know that it's little?
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