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  1. Have you made the committment of saying 'I LOVE YOU'? Does she think that means that she must know of every move you make? If someone does not trust me, and I give them no reason not to, then I have to wonder about the accusers trustworthiness.....By no means do you HAVE to check in with this girl, especially an office function no matter who is there and what is going on, it is an extension of who you are and what you do....Maybe she needs some space and is trying to pick a fight with you so you will back off first and make you look like the bad guy....be careful out there, not all women are wolves, but the ones I have come accross, as a straight woman, they are worse than the whole pack put together and make the rest of us look bad. Good luck. Be careful.
  2. OK here goes. I think your gf keeps "The Rules" on her night stand and hides it when you come over. I never ask my bf for anything...unless it is needed. Not wanted. We live 2 hours from eachother and yes, at 8:30 one night he had a insecure meltdown (early in our relationship..maybe BP I dunno I am not a doc) anyway, I would do anything for this man and he would do anything for me and yes, sometimes you need to ask because the whole mind reading thing is b.s. as we all know, but some men and some women have histories of being afraid to ask for what they want, say what they want to say...hence the phrase 'nothings wrong'...We try very hard to be there emotionally for eachother FIRST, no matter where we are and what we are doing. I hate cell phones but keep mine for when he needs to just say hello! And of course that long ride to see him if I break down...I know all the pseudo feminists are having a fit, but I am me, I am true of heart and I love this guy. He never says 'nothings wrong' anymore, he asks for what he needs from me and I will do everything in my power to give it to him....All I am saying is that all women are different of brain as well as bod. Your girl sounds very needy and manipulative and I am sorry, its just a judgement call and you need to keep yourself safe first. Good luck. LB
  3. I readd your post and my heart broke all over again. I read it twice as I thought my husband may be on this site. I left my husband last year after being married for 11 years, 14 total together. We had moved out West and I was very unhappy, fell into a deep depression that just annoyed him and myself also...One day, not without total warning, I packed as much as I could and drove back East to my 'home' where I am from and where my family is. We spoke through email and on the phone occasionally always believing that I would return. However, as I started to become the woman he had married, I realized that I enjoyed being me and being free. My heart was broken, my spirit, soul, and yes I still feel lost in a sense. I think about him every day as we have not been in contact for about 7 months except through his lawyer as I could not afford one. It feels like a death-defying dance on a tightrope right now but I truly believe that with your honesty (obvious in your post) that this temporary but God-awful pain will be lifted. Pray for her as well as yourself. Try to just keep moving because when you stop...its over. Keep your heart safe. LB
  4. I believe we all have soulmates in the different compartments of our lives. Our Love soulmate is the one that gets the most attention because it is such a fanciful thought.......but a beautiful feeling. If you believe he is your soulmate, why don't you tell him so? Sounds wonderful. Good luck!
  5. My bf and I are going through this now. We just spent the whole week of TG together and been apart since Monday morning.....I think we can go 3-1/2 to 4 days of feeling ok with it, and then we start the weird 'insider' thinking that we both talk about to each other so our heads don't get messed up...Together 5 months. but like someone else said, it really depends on the couple..........take care of you.
  6. I am so sorry you are going through this. My thought is that she is may be toying with you to see if your the man that would die for her............ Keep yourself safe. Life is too short to play games if you don't even know the rules. Good luck
  7. My OOT bf has quite a harem due to his sexual appetites, which for the past 4 months we have been exclusivly sharing together. However, I have heard alot about the ex gf that lasted 3 years (rebound after divorce in 1999) and a recent gf that he says was not exclusive although after poking thru some of his emails (I know, bad girl) it seems she thought it was and honestly I believe he was stringing her along...I think this particular man has insecurity issues and whenever he brings one of these broads up I laugh, then ignore....Silence about this stuff is crucial because I know he loves me, I know he is sensitive and I know that by keeping quiet about the previous relationships keeps him in line because the silence actually gives me the power...This is not a game it is self preservation. So I say, unless he comes home to you smelling like another woman, blow it all off, all those crazy thoughts about how you are not good enough and all the other crap that goes with it. Let him be insecure and brag (in a sense) about these other women if it makes him feel like a man. they try to measure our feelings by our rise in jealousy, don't give it up to him.
  8. Been dating a world class lover, we do it all and enjoy the hell out of it laughing ourselves from our sweaty orgasmic adventures....So here we are he is 49 I am 44, he goes above and beyond pleasing me but I want him to explode so to speak, long story short: sometimes he will shut off the light when he 'wants to cum'...should I be wondering if he is thinking of someone else? Is it my imagination? Help me to not wander/wonder about this....Thanks
  9. ok here goes..we met on a website 4months ago, not your average website. We talked on phone/cyber...then met, had fan-%#$%*&&-sex after I seduced him, because that is what we both wanted, but what we both came up honest with was that what we really wanted was eachother. I professed my love of him in an email in his house in the middle of the night. I wrote it the way I felt. To me life is too short to put any "rules" or time limits on what you need or have to say....say it for gods sake or the walls could tumble down upon you and no one will ever know how you felt.
  10. Please, please, think about this for a moment or two...Have you ever had a bad break up and told the other that they were bad in bed? Whoever you are, you cannot do this, not only will it come back some day to haunt you but it haunts the person you said it to and they bring it to their next relationship and it is a tough brain bash to break....so no more below the belt! Unless of course you can make them better!
  11. Yes I did online dating adn met a few guys, marrieds though, one of them I still call a friend. However, I met the man of any girls dreams on 7/22 and we have been together ever since. We navigated through the sex on the first date and it was first-time awkward but it was chemistry and all the stars aligned and the whole deal. You just have to brace yourself and find the right website as those Harmony-esque ones don't really show the real you. P.S. No pic of me on there only him.
  12. Irish-I love your honesty and I hope this helps you. I am an ex-model, not by choice and no one of any notoriety...I was raped at 15 in the late 70's by my boyfriend and his bf. I was 15 years old. From then til about 4 months ago sex was something that a man did to get off and roll over and let me sleep, phoney-gasms and the works...this was with my husband of 14 years. Who I divorced last year for different reasons. I was raised in a house where no one spoke about sex, no nudity, nuthin. Well recently, June '06 to be precise, I went on the internet to find a blind sex partner so to speak, I do not know what posessed me to do it and I met my share of not the right types, and then, I met a guy, who has rocked my world changed my heart and the world as I see it, I actually seduced him when we met and I am still somewhat proud and shocked at the same time by my actions...We were not on a Harmony type website, it was more precise...sexually, but not perverted, but we agree that by getting the sex out of the way and developing the relationship afterwards kind of got all of those awkward dinner questions and thoughts out of the way....My sister is also a beautiful woman who has problems in the boudoir, afraid to let go and just enjoy and be silly and do not ever be afraid to laugh, sex is funny, truly if you think about it two sweaty hot horny bodies not knowing exactly where to go...it aint the movies honey, its better! So try to get your girl to give up some of her wonderful sense of humor in the bedroom, its the one place we are not monitored and should feel nothing but free and happy and safe with the man/woman we love. Good luck..And believe me, at 44 I never thought I would feel like sex was a wonderful thing or even find humor in it but now I do and I have gained a wonderful partner who I love in the meantime.
  13. can relate to the situation being made worse when you snoop becausse no matter what you find there is no one there but you and your head, ideas, creative thoughts! Bad very bad...I did it and my heart is paying for it....
  14. been there, heard that 'someone I wasn't even interested in' stuff before, like last week and I feel the same way...am I wasting my time here? Did you mean you love me or is it because of the great sex? Does he ever leave sexy messages on your phone?
  15. I, like you am desperately seeking advice, the porn, the messages, the emailing of "old flames' or whatever they are...Could you pose the question of what if it was you online with an old bf? How would he feel? If he says he would be ok with that ask him why?
  16. I have never hated it but for some reason, hmmm, it is always better to give head to someone you love unconditionally, I personally like the reverse 69, still in control and it keeps me quiet!
  17. Long story short, met the man of my childhood to adult(?) dreams 4 months ago and we are inseperable, and except for the 2 hour drive I take every Friday afternoon to spend the weekend with him and his dogs. we have eachothers keys. Seriously, makes all the sense in the world to be in his house with his dogs rather than my apt. Problem is is that while he was cruising 'to get laid' he said, he met a lot of women, one of which was the one he broke up with right before me. Apparently the phrase 'we can still be friends' just does not cut it anymore..I came accross a letter from this woman and she says in it 'you even told me you loved me'...Now, seeing as how I was being that sneaky gf I did not bring this up to my love, and I DO love him, however, there are times when my mind gets away from me, and his 10 calls a day have gone down to about 3 or 4...on the cell to find out where I am etc. Anyway, my nosiness and curiosity have made me sick with distrust and even though he tells me and shows me he loves me, I mean he says things to me I have never heard in a great romantic movie, I just have that little man inside me stabbing at my belly....Please speak up...sorry for all the grammatical errors..time for bed!
  18. Hello 'Irish', Your name caught me because being involved with an intense Irish man with the same bad days that make me shut up about my good ones I wanted to let you know that you have a helluvagirl there...Great forsight too....Wish me luck with my spitfire.
  19. First of all, love your handle, secondly, as a woman I will take full responsibilty for my actions, especially where I shut my lover out without saying what is on my mind because I don't want to ruin the special, weekend only time we can get together....We all have our own crap to deal with and my ex used to shut me out too. This is not just a chick thing. It is a very seroius relationship issue (god I hate that word!) Its cool though that you can see so far ahead that you would miss her. Good luck.
  20. please IM me when you get a chance...I am not quite in the same area as you are but close. Have you ever chosen to say girlfriend yourself?
  21. Well my dear, as much as I admire you holding out to meet this woman, I do believe she may be in a relationship, married? Feels unsightly? Shy? Who knows why we women do what we do, but I think since time is so short in this life that you should maybe let her know that you will be going out on other dates...nicely of course. My saga begins as this: I left my husband after 14 years of mrg. and moved back to CT from AZ (hometown CT). We are divorced no kids. I went on a website to maybe meet someone for casual sex, or occasional dating and met a lot of lets just say NOT MY TYPES! Then, one day I find that a man on this site is interested, I check it out, he has a picture, handsome as all get out, in front of his motorcycle, not afraid of em just never had any interest, so anyway, we meet have amzing mind blowing sex like I have been a virgin my whole life and we say the love word, it was so natural and such a relief for both of us. He needs a lot of attention. I give it freely because I do not lie to him. Thing is, he had quite the harem before me and even though, for the most part I feel he has told me everything, I feel this looming darkness over me as if something will take him away from me...Believe me I knew what I was getting into when I signed up for this web thing but I never thought I would be the seducer on the first date, AND fall in love?! I guess I feel like he may be using me to pump up his volume so to speak. Any responses from men would be welcome also!
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