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  1. Why, when our exes are happy or have moved on, why do we feel like we have to validate ourselves by seeing if we might not be able to get him/her back? He is happy. Leave him be. He did not want to hurt you so he is sending mixed messages not realizing just how mixed they are. If you break his relationship up with this new woman, do you think maybe there may be some resentment? And how would you feel if you were in his shoes? Seems you only became fervent about being with him again when you found out about the new woman...Sometimes the holidaze bring up old emotions etc. and make us more vulnerable and we act out of selfishness. Tread Carefully and take care of you in the New Year.
  2. I have always told any man I go out with, go ahead and look, but don't let the other woman know you are looking, to me that is a notch in certain womens belts. However, I see women of all ages checking out my man everywhere we go! Tweens, older women, all females, even a very adorable, very gay man flirted with him right in front of me...egads! Kidding. I always laugh, outloud when I see this, and I always tell him about it and he gets a kick out of it...Don't let it bother you or he will become uncomfortable as will you...
  3. All the men I have dated or married (2) have been 10 minute men..or less. My current b/f can go forever which is sometimes exhausting but always fun. When I start losing interest or my mind starts to drift I will quickly change positions, throw him on his back, tell him I want to lick him all over, anything to get the fire roaring....
  4. We have sex whenever we can. If we are together on the weekends (LDR) usually 3 or 4 times a day, the full menu always for both of us...phone sex during the week if we are up and into it....I am usually the aggressor as I cannot wait for his wonderful kisses.....!
  5. I appreciate Hope123's post. The exact same thing happened to me and he lied about who it was. In this day and age of all kinds of snoop technology women like me, who has some trust issues because of my own self esteem and a divorce after 14 years, a year ago, well, my bf had quite the dating life before me, but it is HIS rebound relationship that haunts me. The girl he dated less than one month after his divorce called once that I know of in December, he lied about it, and again early New Years day, he ran for the phone to turn it off while I was in the shower....BUT, I am the snooper. I cannot confront him because I am as bad as he is. Maybe he did not tell me because he new it would or might put us in jeopardy....Don't know, but I try to be the confident woman I am....LOL!
  6. Slacker, I know maybe 2, count 'em TWO women who are comfortable with their bodies....I am not one of them even though I am tall and slender. But my response to you is this, my bf at 49 y/o is very insecure about his body, which I love and he is trying hard to accept the compliments without any back talk. He rarely ever compliments me, the bod, whatever except to say I am sexy....I am ok with that...But for someone fishing for compliments, totally insecure not just about her body but something else. When women reach an age where they don't turn heads when they walk into a cocktail party like they did when they were 18 walking into the bar, the insecurities boil over. Ask her 'isn't it enough that I think you are a babe' or something to that effect....lemme know!
  7. I do not think of it as a 'bad sign' I think of it more like he is not listening to you! Does he think he can bend you to see how wonderful his band is? Wait til xmas, maybe he will surprise you with something that you do want that may have filtered through his 'me' brain. Good luck and let us know!
  8. I can relate to your gf as I have very good reason not to trust my bf. Y'all have your laugh when I tell you we met online......but we fell in love, are in love etc. No sh**. Anyway, he has quite a sexual and dating past (yes we all know there is a difference) I see him mostly on the weekends as he lives quite a ways from me. He get calls and IM's while I am there from 'don't worry about her honey' girls. Well, there is one girl I do worry about and that is his rebound gf 1 month after hi '99 divorce. He saw her til 2004 and recently, while 'investigating' I saw her # on his caller ID when he had told me when I had called him after I got home (2 hours drive) that he had fallen asleep....lie. Yes he knows that I do not get upset at all about the ex wife calling as they have a nice relationship and we even had a nice ordinary chat. But I digress....SO, after checking to make sure he is still not on the site we met on occasionally, I check his CID every time I am there and can do it without him seeing me...God forbid I act like a jealous 'chick'! He thinks I am confident and strong and can handle it all, yes I want him to think this but not to the point where he thinks I can handle him sweet talking or God forbid sweet f****** someone else! Yeah, he is a flirt and I think we all are in some way....I'll stop babbling and tell you that you have opened the door for your girl to do her biz on your cell, computer, etc...and good for you, but now its time to give her the talk, the one from Lipostudio above. Good luck and take care and if you all have any input for me and my insecurities please jump right in!!!
  9. It does not matter to me, never has, tall, short beard not....I am with a man now that has a gorgeous face with beard, mustasche, burns, love it because it goes with his personality...just remember we don't want to taste what you ate for lunch!
  10. I love to tie him up when I am feeling out and out like the ROARING lion that I can be if I feel good about myself, I can also fake that feeling and blow off the self awarenss * * * * too and go to town on him. I love it when comes up behind me when it is least expected and pulls down whatever I am wearing, bends me over and just spanks me hard on my a** (make sure you have the exact area or otherwise it can be a disaster!) Makes me wet instantly, and he knows that after that he can do whatever he wants. Dressing up as a tart at heart, or crotchless under my suit when I see him after work....He is very into the stockings.
  11. OK now that we are past all of our bedroom shyness, I have one for the guys and girls out there. Here goes: Any woman out there ever have, oh I don't know, and onion pizza or something and find that they smell like that down south afterwards? Or after your man gives you the full fountain of love, sorry about that!, do you ever feel like you cannot get the smell off you? It used to be a great musky pure raw sex smell now it smells -well lets just say...it aint great! I do not have any ititis' or any other funky thing going on...We are both very aware of our bods and I go to the gyno for the least little thing, but I just wanted some thoughts on this as there aren't any honest speaking people in this oh-so-whitebread town I live in! Thanks!
  12. If I wanted PC I would be on a pseudo-political site. Ok..Cardinal, Dog, here is the deal. I do everything in my sexy, naughty but honest way to get him to cum to me, inside me on me I don't care but you are right, the oral pleasure he gives me makes me want him inside me that much more! I did not mean to raise cane about the taste or the length of time or whatever I just wanted to know from men out there if you go down on a woman, bring her to multiple orgasms and then walk away...hard! Thank you and goodnight!
  13. one more thing....I love this man unconditionally.
  14. Hi Red- I was raised in a very affluent community (that I still make fun of) and went to a private school. After 2 marriages and many relationships I met a REAL MAN. Ok, so he is from the Bronx and my dear old dad would refer to him as a 'dees, dems and does' guy but you know what? He is not at all embarrassed to ask me what a word means, he actually looks it up in the dictionary sometimes and he is not afraid of asking questions, just as I have no fear asking him about the things in his Irish culture that I have no clue about, or anything else for that matter. We teach each other things and if people were more honest about who they are then this whole issue would not be a problem and we could all benefit from what we learn from other people who are not considered well read or well schooled or well bred for that matter. Please keep in mind that I would never correct him on any subject in public as that is just rude.
  15. Being one who met the love of her life online (insert wisecracks here for you naysayers) I carefully screened the guys and kind of read between the lines in emails IM's etc. When I finally got the nerve I asked this guy, THE ONE, if he had a spare bedroom as I did not want to be way up in NY state and have to drive back if it did not work out. I was very honest about it. Ok, so when we got to his house (we met halfway and he took me the rest of the way and friends knew where I was going) Yep, I jumped HIS bones when we got there. He still laughs about the spare bedroom thing...Actually we laugh about a lot of things...still...6 months later. For men it is tricky meeting someone online, I met another man who was married and I would not go there, but we became friends and he told me some absolute horror stories about the women he met, asking for money, weird sexual requests (on the highway!) and other stuff. There is no "correct" timeline for love and there are no rules. Take care of you. Good luck and let us know.
  16. Hi Straw- We always look at someone on their 'outside' and think wow, they really have it together...or not....We have no idea what is under their bed, or in the closets of their 'perfect' looking lives. Sometimes out of cowardice or fear of confrontation, we just leave and hope the person we care about will somehow understand....we don't so what we do is re-live and interject all kinds of crazy scenarios into the mix...Don't forget where those stories in our heads come from....US. Take it easy on yourself and try to be "ok" yourself. Great luck to you.
  17. Cardinal, thanks again for this post. I must say that it is a 'job' for a reason and usually it turns into a sexual romp when he knows I am getting tired etc. Lucky for me (and him) that multiple orgasms have been bestowed upon me by the sex gods..LOL. He can get me off pretty quickly and then turns it into a orgasm bonanza! Honestly though, when he asks me how many orgasms I had afterwards, I can only stare at him and tell him that what with all the waves crashing and head spinning I really was not thinking about counting the orgasms!
  18. Thanks Dog. I will continue as is....and I do ask him to Name his Game, there is no problem with communication in the bedroom, only occasionally outside it! Take care of you. And thanks again.
  19. I believe you are correct in this thought Cardinal. He has mentioned that he does get so much pleasure watching me get off, and the fact that when he does orgasm he almost passes out...I have just never in my entire sexual life, which trust me, is not a very populated area, I have never had a man make me feel, make me want to do anything, anytime, anywhere...Just the thought that someone knows me, my body, the way I think, I guess it could become disturbing(!) Anyway, thanks for all your help. This site is so much better than asking a 'friend' who will probably just screw things up anyway! Happy Holidays all!
  20. Oh honey, I DO I DO enjoy it!!!! But there is that slight guilt, sex guilt? that I feel when he does not cum. He says it is because it 'wastes' him but we have gone 5 or 6 times a day in 2 different states even and we both shall I say, exploded with pleasure?! Too romance novel? Sorry! I will try to tone it down! LOL!
  21. we do 69, 96 (as I call it but I love having hime on top) and yes it is satisfying for both but I have never been with a man who is so into oral.
  22. correct, he will walk away with a nice hard on, which I thought was for me....oh please keep in mind there is no Viagra involved here...Anyway, sometimes I can turn the tables and nail him, but most of all he just wants whats down south....any ideas?
  23. I have just discovered that recieving oral sex is not about getting a woman wet so well, you know the rest. My bf, enjoys getting me off orally than any other bedroom acrobatics or play (dress up etc)...In fact, he will count my orgasms and when I start to have trouble breathing and talking he is 'finished', says he gets off getting me off....but I love the challenge and the feeling of power getting him off....Are there truly men out there that exist like this? And what can I do for him while he is having the time of his life?
  24. Same thing happened to me. I know he was going on there as a "gold" member to show all his friends how he got me (LOL) But one day I was showing a friend the site where he and I met and there he was! I was horribly upset and finally asked him about the next day, he sincerely (?!) said he thought he had taken it off...as far as I know it is off...Now. I try to check myself but my membership is expired...Go ahead, test the waters of trust now and ask him about it.
  25. Blow it off, I am sure you are quite the babe and his insecurities make hime whiplash in front of you to piss you off, pretend it does not bother you. What bothers me is when a woman shakes her a** and flirts outrageously with my man from accross the street, the room, wherever, and he checks it out....Pisses me off that she gets the satisfaction, in front of me, that he checked it out, ya know?
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