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  1. My standards are high, but certainly not unattainable. No need to alter them. I think 30 or 35 was way off. I think it's more like, no more than 20/50, tops. Even that may have been a high number. I don't think I was thinking straight this morning. So no one else here feels that their options are even slightly limited? You have more than enough women/men to choose from, huh? You guys are very lucky!
  2. Well, I am picky, in that I know what I like and what I don't, and I don't want to settle (probably why I'm still single). But I tend to be attracted to the majority of (though not ALL, of course lol) girls I encounter in my day at school. There are exceptions to all things. Yeah, it can be downright tough. I've done the net dating before too (twice, in fact) and I'm NOT doing that again! Neither time worked out well. I think face to face interaction is far superior to net dating. But that's just me. I'll post the results. I sit at the back, so it shouldn't be hard to count. I'll just count the first 50 who come in, out of the class of 300 or so. Shouldn't be so hard. I'm estimating it'll be between 32 - 35. I wonder if I'm right? lol But remember, that's just on the basis of appearance; not counting personality, beliefs, faith, whether or not she is single, or whether or not she would date me. Plus where she lives factors in, so whatever number I get, will be a lot higher than the ACTUAL number of potential dates, from that sample (science term lol).
  3. That's honestly not a question I can answer right off the bat, because there are so many things I look for in a mate (not just looks). Are you asking just based on how they LOOK? I could probably answer that, I suppose. [edit] I can do you one better, if you like, and count - in my head, of course - how many girls out of fifty I'd consider dating, in my class this afternoon. Then post the results. [/edit] I'm curious, myself, to see what I'll find! I'm guessing somewhere in the thirties, I suppose. (Just a guess...)
  4. Has anyone else felt like their options of who to date are somewhat limited? I do. There's a multitude of reasons why I feel this way, what about you? With me, I'm not going to rant, but I sometimes feel like there are only a very small handful of girls I'd actually want to go out with. And I'm concerned that once I leave school, that number will only diminish further. I can't honestly see how it would increase and frankly, that scares me. That's not good. Plus, even if I met someone where everything was "go" on my part, she'd have to like and be attracted to me, as well. And even if I did actually hit it off with a girl at school, chances are, she'd end up living on residence (which is fine) except for the part about her going home on the holidays and during the summer. I'm not doing the long distance relationship thing again, so I don't see how that could even work. Finding someone I like where things could work has some fairly steep odds, I suppose. I'm not complaining, it's not as though I'm looking for a solution, just expressing my thoughts at the moment and wondering if anyone else feels like this? I doubt I am the only one who feels like this.
  5. I think it will matter to many. On the one hand, you have the fundamentalist advocate of their faith, and on their other, you have the fundamentalist advocate of their atheism. To either, finding someone to share their beliefs with will be important. I suppose the ones who might not care would be the ones that are in the middle on what they believe. They probably would not mind much either way, I'd think.
  6. Yes, charley's got it right on. In comparison to my peers, I stand out a lot. And with the coat, I stand out even more so. It's more of a statement, than it is anything else. I just wanna be different. And charley, don't even get me started on the guys who wear their pants down past their behind and that are so baggy you could put three people in one leg. lol That's very common thing where I'm from. I think it looks silly.
  7. Myles, consider getting news friends. If they're REALLY your friends, then they should be a little kinder to you. ("A little" isn't asking too much.) You said you have acne, have you ever considered getting treatment for it? Don't let something you can fix go on.
  8. Sure. I'm "shallow" enough to care about how a girl looks in basing my decision on dating her. Shallow, I may be; hypocrite, I am not. Oh yeah, I'm honest too.
  9. Well, I decided to keep the coat based on that. Sure, I don't want to be seen as something I'm not, but I also like being the minority. I like being different and I like being able to stand out from the crowd in a big way. People see me coming a mile away, and that was my goal in the first place, I think. I want to be someone who is an individual and this helps me to express that very well, I believe. Call me a "non-conformist." I guess. Not that I'm a goth or anything, 'cuz I'm not. I can only be... me. I'll take it. For better or worse, with me; what you see is definitely what you get.
  10. My opinion is it's better to meet people in real life, face-to-face situations rather than over the internet. Personal experience speaking.
  11. I am going to tell you there is about a 0% chance of you going out with this girl.
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