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  1. Not really,generally speaking I am always the guy who will talk quietly with the person next to them but never speaks in a group setting.
  2. Being drunk isn't an exuse in my book.Ultimately it's your call but I don't think I would want to stay in the relationship.
  3. Perhaps you need time on your own ,away from your husband and your friend. Niether man may be the right man for you now .The fact you were so unsatisfied in your marriage led you to this other man but he wants to work on things with his live in girlriend.There isn't much you can do about his decision,I wouldn't wait around in the hopes he will break up with his girlfriend .
  4. I think having a desire to cheat means there are problems in one's current relationship.
  5. I am shy for a lot of reasons Dad is shy],typical adolecent difficulties,I was small as a teenager and bullied as a result,I had acne for a while.Ironically none of my siblings are particularly shy but then again they didn't experience life the way I did.
  6. Just move on .Actually nothing in her email response suggested to me that she was romantically interested in you[sorry!!]
  7. I feel so much like you, in so many respects. I know in the past, you complimented me on my appearance, and I thank you, but at the same time, let's be real here. If I were at all attractive, I'd have a girlfriend by now. But I don't. So I know what you're going through. I don't buy that.I know a lot of attractive people who are single for a variety of reasons:shyness,introversion,,lack of a social network ,poor social skills.
  8. In my opinion no guy is going to be forgetful in regards to calling up some girl who he may or may not be interested in.
  9. If he hasn't called in a week I would forget about him.Personally I think a woman should only approach a guy if she has a pretty good idea that he is interested.I was approached by a woman at work a few days ago [who I am totally incompatible with]and she asked me out point blank if I wanted to go out sometime.Up to this point we had hardly ever conversed .She gave me her number but I have no intentions of calling her up.Hopefully she will accept my noninterest gracefully and be professional enough to not let it interfere with work.If you are going to approach some guy you are obviously going to have to accept the fact he may reject you but as I said I would try to build a little rapport with him first [unlike the woman who asked me out]to see if you think he might be interested.
  10. Read a book at a nightclub? That's insane,no offence.Reading a book at the club tells the women there at the time that you have no interest in meeting them.If you want to become less shy and more social,you have to force yourself.It takes a lot of hard work,I am trying to do that myself now.Breaking lifelong patterns isn't easy.If you can't talk to women in bars[i can't,not yet] then practice in other settings.
  11. I am over 30 and still looking for Ms.Right.Would it bother me if I never find her? It would only bother me if I had never tried.I haven't asked out that many women in my life but lately I have asked out a few,unfortunately it didn't go the way I would have liked ,but that's life.I try to look at issues objectively,most people assume men who have a hard time meeting women must be unattractive but I don't think that is the case.I am trying to improve my situation everyday.Yes,I am shy and socially awkward and don't have much experience but at least I am now trying. I wonder if those of us who have always had trouble meeting women/men have you ever honestly asked yourself what you think you are doing wrong?
  12. I think it depends on the guy.This guy sounds pretty obnoxious so saying something like,'' I am not interested in dating you'' would be acceptable, I guess but if it is some quiet,shy guy do you really want to ripp his heart out by saying something like that.It would probably be more acceptable to say you have a boyfriend ,even if you don't.A little white lie to spare someone's feelings isn't a bad move in my opinion.
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