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  1. Anytime. Its so easy to get caught up in the tangles of emotions that its hard to see what is really there. Oh heck to the NO! But then I had an awful ex with a worse breakup. I would have steered clear completely. I heard once, breakups are divine intervention. I believe this. I believe that if we believe we are on the course that is best for us in the long run, then times that are hard are there for a purpose, to move us forward to the next phase. A phase that hopefully brings something better. Its natual that you wish you hadn't bumped into her. But you did. You cant change it, so you just need to accept it. That all happened in "yesterday". Tomorrow is another day and another day to move away from yesterday. Think about the day before you saw her and then place you were in, focus on getting back there, versus being in this quasi-negative, anxious space. And what would she do if she knew? I think she probably does sense that. With you she knew she was loved. She knows that you still desire some connection with her, due to your invite. I dont think it would be out of left field for her to know that you would want to give it another shot in the future. Ok hold on here a second. I just need to point something out. While you may not "care" about the texts and the calls, those things are a sign of desire, a way that she (and many others) can show that they care about you and have a desire, a want, to be with you. A call to know how your day went, because they care. A text to see how you are, because they care. Whether you are not a fan of the act, you are a fan of what they represent, and that is ok. Anyone would be. I think for you it was not so much what she didnt do that you wanted her to, as much as it was you wanted her to show that desire for you that you had for her. Its possible that she is just not verbally affectionate, but is that something you would really want to live without, when it is obviously something you need? Why would you want to go back to a relationship where what you need is not something that she can give? You will be strong, because you are strong. You have 365+ days supporting you up through this one bad one. You can and you will get through this. As far as the ring goes, that is only a decision on you can make. Personally I would send it back, for two reasons: 1. She inherited it, its as much her family's as it is hers. 2. When my ex and I ended things, I gave the ring back because I didnt want it as a constant reminder of what wasnt anymore. I dont know what the ex did with it, but at least it wasn't another thing that I had to deal with, and to me, that is what mattered. I know that times are really hard right now, but you are strong, and you will work through this. As hard as this time is, you are not the same woman you were before, you are stronger. Believe in you more than the ideal of what could have been, and you will find instead of wanting to move on, you will already have. All the best, owb
  2. There are times when some books are better left on the shelf. If she had wanted to reconnect, she would have. If she had wanted to have a coffee, she would have agreed to meet with you. In life there are times for looking back, reminiscing, and other times for moving forward to make new memories. You are on a healing road from a relationship that was obviously dysfunctional. If you step back now, the progress you have made will be lost. E needs to figure herself out and to reconcile herself with her sexuality. She can only go that road alone. You are a romantic, you want to go that road with her and take it together, but you cant. She needs to go that road alone. When she gets it all worked out, if she comes back, then you might reconsider, otherwise, I think you should keep looking ahead. Find someone who is as wonderfully romantic as you deserve. Find someone who makes you feel beautiful, sexually desireable, and like an equal partner in your relationship. All the best, owb
  3. Cynder, I was talking with another member and I recalled this thread that you made with your picture of the tree nymph. I saw it when you first posted and I didnt have a minute to post that day, and I apologize but it totally slipped my mind to come back and post. That will teach me to be better about subscribing to threads!! I really love this piece. I love the butterfly detail in her hair, and the texture you were able to get in her arms, and that waterfall looks positively electric! I know virtually nothing about art, so I dont have any constructive criticism, my apologies, but keep it up. Have you been able to finish this since you posted this shot?
  4. Wills, Trusts and Estates Administration. What is sad is I am reviewing it for fun.
  5. I am reading the complete short stories of Miss Marple by Agatha Christie.
  6. Sidehop, she is beautiful!!!! You just want to pick her up and hug her! Love the pink bandana!
  7. That is soo lovely furious! If my backyard looked like that I would never go indoors!
  8. Thank you Lemon! It really is a spectacular piece. It is actually enormous. You cant really tell from that angle though, I will look for a better shot so you can see the scale.
  9. Thanks capbit! Your butterfly shot is amazing!! Here is a few more local shots... image removed My favorite place, the art museum image removed The river image removed Chihuly glass image removed
  10. More River Road shots. The last one is the Piasa bird, its a part of our local Native American foklore, and it is painted on the bluffs. image removed image removed image removed image removed
  11. My day trip up the river road. This is the Mississippi River. image removed image removed image removed image removed
  12. More shots... image removed image removed image removed image removed
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